Sister-In-Law Says Thanks Pt. 04Sister-In-Law Says Thanks Pt. 04


Friday evening, I’m on my way back home from work. It’s been a few weeks since my “encounter” with Zoe. The phone buzzes. A text from my wife, Lisa: “Zoe is over to stay the night, she says she wanted to show me something, hope that’s ok!”

Shit. I haven’t spoken to Zoe since our little adventure. I have no idea what Zoe is up to coming over, wanting to “show” something. This could end badly…

“Of course, that’s fine!” I text back. I’m about half an hour away, I try to think of something, but if Zoe shows Lisa the video of me filling every one of her holes, showering her in cum first before unloading in her ass, there is no way I can talk myself out of this.

But would she really be this crazy and destroy our marriage?

As I come through the door, I’m greeted by Lisa, wearing just her bathrobe, nothing out of the ordinary to be honest. We have a pretty active sex life, so it’s no surprise to her that I reach into her bathrobe and give her huge boobs a quick squeeze while I kiss her hello.

Although they’re sisters, Lisa and Zoe look not much alike. Lisa has this hourglass figure, small shoulders, enormous, soft but surprisingly firm G-cup breasts, a tight little waist ending in a slightly wide, perfectly round ass. She has a gorgeous face surrounded by thick, black curly hair. A dream of a curvy woman.

Zoe however is this sporty little girl, slightly taller than Lisa. Her boobs are much smaller, more like B-cups, but incredibly firm and somehow always just a bit on display. She has a cracking body, perfectly toned, amazing legs and ass. She’s the kinda girl that everyone had a crush on in school. She’s nice, smart, super-cute with a smile that’ll make you melt. And as I just found out, she does some amazing things with her mouth other than smile.

I follow Lisa into the living room. Zoe is sitting on the sofa, glass of wine in hand, her head resting in her palm, smiling over at me as I enter as if nothing ever happened.

So far, so good, I think.

There’s a cold beer waiting for me on the coffee table – perfect.

I sit down on the sofa, Lisa and Zoe to either side as I go through the usual “how was your day” kind of nonsense. Lisa’s arm is resting behind my shoulders, gently caressing my shoulders Turgutreis Escort and head.

While speaking to Zoe, I can’t help but notice her tight white blouse. Her tits are driving apart the spaces between the buttons, allowing me a few naughty glances at her bra.

In the middle of the conversation, Lisa turns my head to her, leans in and starts kissing me passionately. I’m trying to keep cool, but Lisa is really going for it. I feel a tuck on my belt. Completely unaware, I’m thinking Lisa is opening my belt and about to take me upstairs – pretty awkward, but not unusual for Lisa to get caught in a moment of heat.

My belt is off.

I interrupt our kiss, expecting we’d excuse ourselves for the night. At that point I realise, both of Lisa’s hands are around my neck – and Zoe is undoing my pants! Lisa looks me in the eyes and says “It was my idea for Zoe to give you a little treat. I can tell from the video you liked it!”


Lisa’s robe opens up and she drives my face into her breasts. I take in as much of them as I can. I feel a little tuck between my legs – Zoe has pulled out my already semi-hard dick.

Zoe doesn’t hesitate one moment and immediately engulfs my penis in her full lips, circling the tip with her pierced tongue. As I become fully erect, her head starts to bop up and down my shaft.

Lisa lifts up my shirt and begins biting my chest, making her way down towards where her sister is going full speed up and down my throbbing dick. She grabs Zoe’s head and guides it up and down, a little deeper each time, making her choke just a tiny little bit every time she goes down fully and her nose reaches my pelvis.

“My turn” Lisa says as Zoe comes off my dick, her mouth covered in saliva. She tries to go as deep as Zoe but she can’t get there. “Here, let me help you!” Zoe says. She pulls me up from the sofa to stand in front of the two, both kneeling before my rock hard cock. Lisa comes up close to me, placed right before my penis. Zoe sets up behind her and grabs her head. “Let me guide you.” Zoe instructs her older sister.

First, Lisa doesn’t get much further than before. But each time, Zoe adds a little push at the end to see how far she can press Escort Turgutreis her throat down my cock. She realises this won’t do and decides to try a different technique.

She stands up, my wife’s head – cock in mouth – wedged between me and her sister, she puts her arms around my hips and pulls them towards her, driving my cock deep into my wife’s mouth while holding her head against her pelvis as a backstop.

Wedged in like that and Zoe pulling me in while pressing her hips forward, Lisa has no chance but to swallow my whole dick. She gags heavily, but Zoe ups the pace and begins to make a thrusting motion with her hips driving Lisa’s head back and forth.

They can tell I get really close to exploding from this so Zoe stops to give Lisa a moment to breath and for me to calm down.

I look down at Lisa, covered in hers and Zoe’s saliva, smiling at me saying “I did it!” We did freaky stuff before, but this is by far the freakiest and best…

Zoe bends over from behind Lisa and begins to lick the saliva off her face, giving her passionate kisses in the process while massaging her tits.

“Damn, these two are really into each other!” I’m thinking.

“Come on, time to fuck our brains out!” Lisa tells me and kneels down on the sofa, spreading her magnificent ass into my face.

Zoe places herself on top of the sofa’s backrest, spreading her legs in front of Lisa’s face who instantly dives into Zoe’s steaming pussy face first. As she begins to eat out her sister, I come up close behind my wife, placing my throbbing, saliva-covered cock on her pussy and driving it gently.

Fucking my wife from behind, reaching out to squeeze her sister’s tits must be the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.

My wife is licking Zoe’s pussy so good, with me squeezing her tits, gently pinching her nipples, she begins to moan louder and louder.

Time to switch positions!

My throbbing dick is craving Zoe’s tight little pussy, so I lift her of the back rest and place her on her back. She doesn’t waste a second and spreads her legs as wide as they go, her dripping pussy ready to take a good pounding.

Lisa, looking to have her pussy licked clean after that hard Turgutreis Escort Bayan fucking, straddles her sister’s face and sits down with her pussy right on top of Zoe’s mouth. Zoe sticks her tongue out far to break into her sister’s juicy pussy, who starts to grind back and forth.

I grab Zoe by her ankles, spreading her wide open and drive my cock deep into her tight hot pussy. Muffled by Lisa’s pussy, I can her Zoe moan out loudly as I bounce in an out of her.

She is so tight around my cock, I know I won’t last long. I look up where my wife is having the time of her life getting eaten out. I can tell by her face she is close to cumming all over her sister’s face, so to help things along I lean over begin to gently bite her nipples, knowing she can’t hold back when I do this.

A few gently bites into Lisa’s massive breasts and her rock-hard nipples, and she begins to moan, louder and louder, grinding harder and harder on Zoe’s face, almost screaming as she climaxes, gushing out a massive stream of pussy juice straight into Zoe’s mouth, who gladly swallows as much as she can get.

“Oh. My. God.” Lisa exhales, climbing off her sister. I continue to give Zoe all of my dick, pounding her harder and harder. Lisa rests her head on Zoe’s pelvis, watching closely as my dick is going in and out of her sister rapidly. She places her thumb on Zoe’s clitoris, giving it gentle circular rubs.

“That’s it! Harder now! Fuck my brains out! YEAH!” Zoe screams, as I pound her as hard as I can, our bodies smacking against each other at full speed. “Yes, yes yes, FUUUUUUCK!” she screams as her body shivers with waves of orgasm shooting through her entire body.

Zoe’s pussy is so soft and hot, I can barely hold it anymore as I announce “I’m ready, it’s coming!” and Lisa commands “All over my face! Drench my face in your hot juice!” Two, three more thrusts and I pull my dripping cock out of Zoe’s pussy, blasting a massive jet of cum straight into my wife’s face. She opens her mouth wide as another blast goes straight onto her tongue. Another lands on her cheek and forehead, covering the majority of her face in my steaming cum. She leans forward to take the tip of my throbbing cock into her mouth sucking out the last drops of cum.

“I want some, too!” Zoe says. My wife moves up and begins to passionately kiss her sister, sharing my cum with her. Zoe licks the remaining load off Lisa’s face, giving it right back to her by spitting it into her mouth. The two can’t stop kissing as I fall back onto the sofa, watching these two enjoy sharing my cum…

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