V_Squared Ch. 03V_Squared Ch. 03


Chapter 3: I Can Sit On Them?

Edited by Oldnakedad.

The clock struck nine on a bright Saturday morning. Delma, after having a hardy breakfast, peaked in on Valia, who was still sleeping.

“Well, um, wow,” she stammered, looking at the girl’s bare chest for the first time.

“I guess I should wake her?”

She pondered, thinking of the food that awaited her little roomie. As she approached the sleeping dwarf, she looked on, in further awe, as Valia’s left breast was pooling off the side of the bed while the right acted as a counterweight keeping the rest of her body on the bed. ‘I knew she was big but this is kind of silly!’ Delma thought as she tapped Valia on the shoulder. To her surprise, Valia didn’t stir.

“Hmmm, um, she’s a deep sleeper, I guess?”

Delma scratched her head, confused, as she shook Valia around a bit. However, Delma’s white little roomie remained in a deep slumber.

“Well, I could at least put the rest of her on the bed.”

Delma, with a little hesitation, cupped the bottom of Valia’s left breast and began to hoist it onto the bed.

“Oh! Oh, wow! How is it, a tit is this heavy?” she gasped under her breath as she struggled to push the bag of flesh upwards.

“Come on, come on!”

After many attempts and no success, Delma sighed, falling to the floor with a quaking thud and shaking most of the objects in the room.

“Whew, this is pointless. Maybe I should just let her sleep and make her lunch instead?”

Valia rolled out of the bed and onto the floor with a heavy thud.

“Woah!” istanbul escort Delma jumped, a little scared for Valia as she went to check on her.

“Okay, okay, she’s not hurt but she’s still sleeping?”

Confused by this, Delma looked at the exposed breasts before her.

“Well, mmm, I wonder?”

Delma arose and stood before the breast. She stepped over it so that the breast now laid between the gaps of the heavy woman’s legs. Delma lowered herself and, with a small plop, she seated herself atop the massive breast. Valia did not stir and, despite Delma’s size, Valia’s left breast held Delma’s girth with ease.

“Oh my god, they’re couch cushions!” Delma gasped, holding a hand over her mouth.

She looked down as the mass of white flesh continued to support her weight. The feeling was satisfying. ‘I feel like a topping melting into a sea of ice cream,’ thought Delma as she cherished the moment. Taking a deep breath, Delma relaxed. Perched on her roomie’s breast was no different than being on a hot water bed.

“This is great! Wait, oh, no!”

It was therapeutic, so much so, that Delma found she had flooded her panties. Embarrassed, Delma rose from her warm seat and excused herself as Valia remained fast asleep.

Valia, now awake, found herself on the floor. She got to her feet and stretched.

“Aww, mmm, wait, is that drool on my tit?”

Shaking her head, she walked out of her room. Her tiny feet slapped against the wooden floors as she sought out Delma.

“Delma! Where are you?”

“In the kitchen making lunch!” Delma shouted, escort bayan dressing meatball subs for the two.

“Lunch? Wow, I must’ve slept in!” Valia yawned, scratching her back.

Now in the kitchen, Delma looked to spot Valia and paused as she saw that the smaller woman was still topless.

“Oh, well. We’re both girls here. Be a free spirit, hehe.”

Valia was confused until she, herself, noticed her lack of upper body apparel.

“Haha, my bad. I guess I forgot to grab it.”

Delma bit her lip as she topped off the meatball subs with an extra layer of tomato sauce. ‘They hang to her knees?’ she thought, turning her attention back to the subs. ‘How in the hell is she going to look when she reaches full term?’ Delma thought as she pictured Valia being able to use her breasts like a bridal trail and she having to haul them.

Valia took her seat, the massive sacks of fat taking residence in her lap, pooling out to the sides. Delma, on the other hand, filled her seat…her massive, cellulite filled ass hanging off of its edges. The two continued to eat. Delma made herself two meatball subs while Valia had one. Tomato paste smeared her face as her mouth chomped another chunk out of the saucy sandwich. Delma glanced over at Valia chomping away at her sandwich. ‘Jeez, is it a good idea to keep giving her these fatty foods?’

Valia looked at Delma, smiling, her little-upturned nose smeared with sauce. Delma, on the other hand, continued to ponder. ‘Is she going to be even mobile in her later stages? I mean, just on our daily walks to work she seems Maltepe escort to be puffing along. If they’re knee length when unbound now, by her full term they’ll weigh more than she does!’ Delma started on her second sandwich, while Valia was nearing the half way mark of her first. ‘When she starts work this coming week, I mean, is she going to even be able to fit the uniform? Valia doesn’t seem to be bothered by Delma’s constant glances, too occupied with her sandwich to care. ‘I mean, she’s a grown woman but, even though, we’re not that many years apart. I feel responsible for her wellbeing.’

“Hey, um, Valia?”

“Yes?” Valia peeped with a meatball in her mouth.

“Well, um, are you going to be comfortable wearing the uniform? I mean, the bra isn’t going to do you any favors, ya know.”

“Well, can’t we just paint my boobie circles to look like coconuts?” Valia laughed.

“Um, wait, for what?” Delma looks to the little white-faced girl, slack-jawed.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m pale so painting on me would be super easy!”

“Wait, no, that’s, I mean, hmm, but no,” she said recoiling.

Valia giggled, snorting out tomato sauce.

“Come on! We can cover my nip-nips, or whatever, with a pad thingy and paint the rest brown!”

Delma sucked in her lips and looked at her for a moment.

“Alright, fine. But you’re going to wear the skirt, though!”

“Of course!” Valia giggled.

“I’ll pick up the paint, tomorrow, for Monday. You aren’t allergic to anything are you?” Delma asked, not really knowing if the girl was sensitive or not.

Valia thought for a moment.

“Um, I don’t know.”

“Well, that’s okay. I’ll just get a hypoallergenic brand.” Delma smiled, waving away the issue.

Valia, though unsure about the words that came out of Delma’s mouth, assumed they were filled with care.

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