The Bare NecessityThe Bare Necessity


At that late evening, the coffee bar in that multiplex was almost crowd less. Every one was either watching a movie, or having dinner in the restaurant just opposite the café in which a fairly attractive girl with long black hairs and dusky skin, named Kiran, used to work in the evening shift after her college. Kiran was there that night too, behind the counter, idly sitting yet waiting eagerly for the manager to come and close the café, then to go home and sleep as she had a long day next.

Kiran sighed slight and yawned as she looked at her wristwatch again. Thinking, ” 10 minute more to go, than one more boring day comes to an end.”

As she expected none to come in the café and ask for a coffee, She started packing up to leave. Her hand moved to her small shiny nametag, hanging topleft at her skimpy uniform, to pull it off. She smiled as she just brushed the metal and the first name emblazoned on the tag, thinking how wonderful it felt to wear a name so openly.

She thought, for everyone the first and most crucially important part of the communication was to know the name. And in her case, no one even needed to ask. She had always felt vulnerable and that made her shine with secret pleasure. May be that was the next reason after easy money, to have accepted this part-time job while doing her masters in commerce.

She remembered how she always consciously tried to nudge customers to say their names, while taking the orders. It was a silly game, but it made her feel strangely aroused when someone had deliberately deny her the very simple yet important detail while at the same time knowing her name and calling her by that. She had to then stick to Sir or Ma’am for addressing, and she liked it. Of course, She liked the way that person had exerted the control over the communication by denying her the name. She loved the fact that the person had guts and drive to do so very freely.

But to her unfortunate, she came to realize that many men couldn’t resist to her question, thinking that this was an invite for date, and they would get the phone number eventually after giving the name. It was may be the way that she looked so seductive, or the way that she manipulated them with her charming smile. The ones who did deny her, well, they didn’t even look at her in first place. She didn’t like that though. She, as every human being on earth, wanted to be liked, and appreciated, even after being denied. And so her search to find someone, someone perfect for her who can give her both, was Maltepe Grup Escort on since she understood the whole dynamic of the situation.

The wind chimes jingled, heralding the opening of the door, as she looked up to see someone coming in. A lady, in her early twenties. She thought again, how could she think of her as a lady instead of a girl when the person who entered looked so young. What was about her that was lady like? Kiran found an answer instantly as she lay eyes on her whole attire again. The Stranger had an aura of power and sophistication around her, and that made Kiran think of her as a lady. She smiled as the lady Stood in front of the counter, browsing in the menu, not even noticing Kiran, who was almost staring at her.

The lady looked up after making a choice, and gazed at Kiran with a small formal smile, saying, ” A Hot Black coffee with no sugar… And yes, make it fast.” She finished the instructions and turned opposite, reaching for the corner table, placed extremely close to the AC. After sitting there, that lady punched in the number on her cell phone, and started talking to someone as she opened her Daily planner.

Kiran stood there motionless, still looking at her. There was something about that lady that was superbly attractive to Kiran. The lady was averagely fair, but quite tall for girls of her age. She wore black formal wear, and her shoulder length burgundy black hairs accentuated her bright face. Her eyes were big, and expressive. And her full lips had a tired curve to it cause of the workload she seems to be wearing instead of make-up.

Kiran turned the other way, as she remembered that she was ordered to do something. She swiftly prepared the coffee with a smile at the pun of her own thoughts. As she finished and placed the cup on the counter, she realized it was a self-service café. She also realized that while taking the order, she didn’t even ask for the payment, nor told her to pick the order up from the counter. She blushed with embarrassment at her own disorderly manner of her work. But now there was no way out. She couldn’t ask her to come and get the coffee, cause well, she hasn’t even asked her the name!

After some thinking, she thought the best thing was to go to the lady’s table and give her the coffee and an apology. And then explain her the self-service policy of the café as Kiran wouldn’t want the lady to suffer the consequences for Kiran’s mistakes the next time she comes to the café.

Kiran came out Maltepe Manken Escort from behind the counter, clad in the skimpy Apron that was her uniform, and picked the cup and went to the lady’s table. There she stood waiting for the lady to acknowledge, as on the table there were papers cluttered over. The lady noticed and looked at her, with a smile, and took the cup from Kiran’s hand directly, saying, “Thanks, Kiran.” Then she turned back to her papers sipping the coffee. Kiran stood there, unable to say anything more. The lady turned to her again, and said it in a firm voice, still with a smile, “Could you not disturb me for… say… next fifteen minutes?”

Kiran nodded. And turned to move away. Kiran’s legs were shaking slightly. What was happening to her? Why she couldn’t tell that lady anything? Kiran was already getting late, and the host of the café would be arriving soon, and then close the café after they leave. But this lady here wanted more 15 minutes, and by then the manager would come and see all of Kiran’s errors.

Kiran stood there, at the counter again, this time straight and concentrated. She had to save her impression of efficiency for the manager. She looked at the wristwatch, praying that something bad should happen to the manager and thus he arrive late. Lost in thought, it also seemed to her that the second hand on the watch was moving fast, yet the minute hand was not moving as fast as it should. After ten minutes or so, she had the intuition that manager would be there then. So she picked up her bag from inside the counter and brisk-walked to the lady’s table. Next moment the manager entered before the lady registered Kiran’s standing there at the table. But she did eventually, and then she turned back to her papers as Kiran pulled the chair opposite her.

Kiran sat, smiling at the manager and nodding him to come forward. The lady ignored them both, still busy in her work. Manager came and inquired about the delay. Kiran replied saying that the lady was her friend and they were just having a coffee together. She knew she didn’t have to say anything more, as the bill would be deducted from Kiran’s salary. And because Manager had given her these favors before, he would not ask more questions. Manager smiled and just asked her to finish soon, so that he can leave too.

Kiran took a deep breath, with a smirk that she out-smarted her self at this idea of not letting him know the blunder. And that lady also didn’t react to fuck the plan. Maltepe Masöz Escort But Her thought process was halted when she heard the rustling of paper in front of her. Kiran looked ahead, and the lady looked back at her with a straight face, saying, “If you’ve to lie to save something then that’s actually not worth saving.” Then she began packing up her papers in her bag. Kiran was startled at the statement, embarrassed before her, as she knew what has just happened.

The lady got up and walked off after saying, “Come with me.” Kiran stood up, and followed her out, as it was the right thing to do after that lie. At the Door of the café as the lady and Kiran walked together, Lady got hold of Kiran’s hand, and softly closed her fingers around Kiran’s arm, pulling her close, as she said ” Wave goodbye at the manager, Kiran.”

Kiran turned and said Goodbye with a smile, as the lady clutched her arm tighter and almost dragged her to the car in parking lot. Kiran didn’t resist. She even couldn’t resist. The whole thing had her aroused and interested to experience what could happen next in this scenario. Lady opened the passenger door, motioned her to get inside. Kiran got in. Lady walked to the driver’s and hopped in to start the car at once and drove off.

On the whole way, none said anything. The lady was fully concentrated on driving, and Kiran was fully concentrated on thinking why she was going along with this, as she stared aimlessly out of the car window.

As they stopped inside another parking lot of a high building, the lady tapped her fingers on Kiran’s thigh, taking her out of the lost state. Kiran was more aroused at the subtle freedom the lady was taking, like touching her thigh at the excuse of talking, it made her feel open to her.

The lady said, “We’re home.” Kiran tried to find the meaning out of what the lady just said.

Lady continued with another smile, at Kiran’s bewildered state, ” Would you like to get inside and prepare a coffee for me, Kiran?”

Kiran replied this time, after a long silence, trying to calm down,” Yes…” She then continued with a smile, ” but hey, would you tell me your name at least??”

The lady smirked, as she touched Kiran’s shoulder, and then the hairs, intertwining her fingers in Kiran’s smooth velvety hairs… ” You don’t need to know that, do you?”

Kiran closed her eyes at the intimacy, breathing a little deep and heavy, as she replied, ” No, Ma’am.”

The lady smiled, ” Then everything is settled, lets go up to my flat.”

Kiran smiled, to hide the blush of arousal on her face. She stood up and went ahead after her. The thoughts in her head said, this was not an end to the boring day, rather a start.

But yes, something else did came to and end… her search for that perfect one.

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