we have more fun at the farmwe have more fun at the farm


It had been awhile since we had met Les, and his animals, so I was more than happy when we arranged another night at his place, we had met Lewis a few times since, his big black cock and his dog were used to us now. Grant made a lot of calls to let guys know when and where.

We set off. aiming to be at Les’s around 6 pm Saturday night as planned, a few cars already there, as we walked to his play room, Les all to happy to see us again, was naked and hard, my mouth found his cock, and I began to play, as I did a cock filled my pussy, as Grant was bent over and used.

It was great, as more guys turned up, we really got going, with both of us doing dp, and being fisted, then after we had taken quite a few loads of sperm, Les said he had a surprise, but that can wait, until Lewis’s dog has had his way with you.

I knelt up with Lewis under me fucking my pussy, then, Spot came up and licked the fresh cum from my pussy and butt, then quickly jumped up and thrust his cock at me, I held it and slipped it in my arse, I just love the feeling of his cock going in, as my orgasm got going, he began to pound me harder, my butt gripping his cock, makes him fuck quicker now.

It was a push, but his knot went in, Lewis loves the feeling, the pressure of both cocks, he nearly blew his balls off, but kept him cum inside his sacks for awhile longer, then Spot growled, his cock jerked and shot loads of hot cum inside my bowlels, that was to much for Leiws, his cock added to the sperm in my pussy.

We waited for Spot’s knot to pull out, then Lewis got up, eating the fresh cum in my butt, another cock soon found my arse and fucked me before he took filled my anus.

Then Les said, “right ready for your surprise”, I jumped up, as we walked towards the frame, I knew the night was going to get much better very soon, I was straped in, and I heard a horse being walked up behind me, Les told me to hang on and take a huge sniff of the poppers, just as I did, he gave the horse a sniff of mares scent, I saw his legs up next to me, and felt his cock banging agaisnt my arse, Les asking which hole, I told him my arse please.

The legs were Saadetdere Escort differnt to the other horse’s I had been with, these were jet black, and when his cock started in, I knew he was big, very big, with one push he had sent me into a near constant orgasm the thickness of his cock much bigger than the other two, I was in pain, so more poppers were called for.

Very soon the poppers took control, my mind now nearly blank, as more cock forced its way inside my body, the guy giving me the poppers held them at my nose, as I kept sniffing them, that helped, as I felt more still enter me. Guys all around were making gasp’s and wow’s, so I knew I was doing well, my orgasm now lost in noise’s, who was making them I dont know.

Then I must have blacked out, the next thing I knew was his cock ripping me a new hole, I took more poppers, my head saying get him out, my butt saying keep going, I have never had any thing this big in me, the head felt like it was a saucer, the shaft a basball bat, but my anus was on fire, I held on tight gritting my teeth.

Then as Les gave him another sniff of the mare’s scent, he cum, and lots of it, my stomarch distended, as gallons raced up deep into my body, my orgasm took over, my mind kind of in a world of its own, the feeling, when your body feels disconented from your brain, but oh boy it was good.

He was still coming as he pulled his cock out, cum shot up over my hair, and ran down my face, I turned a bit to get more of it, as I saw white juices speed past my head, then more hit my back and head.

How to make one feel like a slut, he just walked backwards after he finnished cuming, not even a thank you, his cum smeared over every inch of me. as guys began to play with me and one fucked my pussy.

I just lay there, several guys now unloaded in me, either hole, my face also took a few loads as guys kept saying how horny I looked covered in horse’s cum.

When I though I might be able to stand, I got them to let me loose, my legs only just held me with help, then they gave out, so I lay down, with a smile I said who wants to clean me off.

Most Escort Saadetdere of the guys knew, as cocks began to piss over me, my face and boobs got most, some happy to try and get me to drink thiers. which I did, then I asked one to piss in my pussy and fill that with fluid too. I was held up, then inpaled on a cock, his piss going right up, as he was doing that another stuck his cock in my butt and pissed in that too, horse cum flowed out with his piss.

I was ready for a shower, and slowly walked off, looking back to see a beatiful black horse. and what was hanging between his legs, oh wow, it was huge too.

As I washed of a few more guys took turns pissing over me, or filling a hole with their piss,

Grant was still being fucked by several guys, so I made my way over to him, as I did Jake made his way in, and Grant got him to fuck his butt while he still had a guys cock in too, both cocks made Grant work for it, as Jake began to knot the guy under Grant let out a loud grown, his cum shot forth, and his cock slipped out.

Jake knotted fully now, his cock hitting the right spots as Grant had orgasm after orgasm, then Jake let fly, his doggy cum filling Grant’s butt to over flowing, then he turned back to back, pulling against Grant’s hole. They stayed knotted for some 10 minutes, then Jake walked of, his cum running free, as I went down to eat some, then took it to Grant.

Now that Grant was open, I told him to get in the frame, as Les got Flame out to fuck his arse, I looked to see the black horse still with a huge cock, and asked Les how quick he recoups, “very” Les said, I said lead him over instead of Flame then Les.

Grant knew I was up to no good, as he took huge sniffs of the poppers, he had missed me taking this horse, so he didnt know how big he was, as Les lead him up, Grant began to move around, his butt stuck up high, ready for the horse’s cock to gain entry.

I knew my boy was good, but as this large cock began to sink inside his butt, Grant took more poppers, then pushed back, trying to get more cock in his arse, the head of the cock was huge, but soft, so Saadetdere Escort Bayan as it went in, it bent back, but spread out inside his anus, the shaft was bigger than a basball bat, it looked more like a tenpin bowling pin, it was huge.

Grant now lost in orgasms, as just about all this cock disapeared inisde him, I was impressed, as he still pushed back for more, he was taking more poppers as Les gave the stallion more mare scent, he reared up, sending his cock deeper still, then we could all see him snort, his cock jerking wilding inside Grant began to flood him with cum, then after the pressure built up, his cock was forced out, horse sperm shooting over every one around, Grant was white with cum.

Then just as quickly, the horse walked off, Grant now just lay groaning his arse open for all to see the cum still inside him, It was then I told les to bring up Flame, while Grant was still strapped in, Flame mounted him, his cock went in easy, as Grant went into one long orgasm. I gave him more poppers, then Flame pushed in deep, his cum let fly and Grants butt took another hot load. Flame’s cock also slipped out shooting cum over us all, Grant was a mess,

I got the guys to free him, and stand him up, I lay under him, mouth open as the fluid run from his butt. I was chocking on it, so much run out, then some one stuck his cock up his arse, and filled it again his cum. Then I told the guys to empty their bladders on him, Grant took a pee wash, as guys stood over him washing of the horses cum, when they finished he wobbled of for a shower

I was so proud of Grant, this cock certainly made him work hard, and I’m sure he got more in than I did, but we were both more than happy with our new found cock. We took more guys, dogs and the horses each again before the night finished, Grant sat on my fist and shot his cum over my face for his cock cum, then we once more got the guys to wash us off with their piss, as Les said, bend over and I will fill your butt with piss too, other guys followed his lead, taking turns pissing in me or Grant.

We stayed over once more, after a few guys had fucked us again, I also had one of the dogs fuck me again, this time my pussy was used, and the guys ate the cum from me.

Tomorrow we should be able to have more fun, with them all again, a lot of the guys now wanted to stay over too, as blankets were pulled out and we tried to get some sleep

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