Working at a Hucow Farm Ch. 02Working at a Hucow Farm Ch. 02


Allow me to retcon the epilogue from the previous story. Instead of it taking place 3 years later, it will instead be 2 years later. Trying to fit this story over 3 years was too much. I didn’t plan to write a sequel at the time and I kind of wrote myself into a corner. With that out of the way…

All characters in this story are over the age of eighteen.


‘Good morning,


Jodie opened the pen gate to find Melissa already sitting up and waiting for her. She pulled desperately at her teats, trying to milk herself. She had managed to get some droplets to leak.

‘Are you that full girl? Come on.’

Melissa happily padded behind Jodie toward the milking machine. Before putting her onto it, Jodie felt her breasts.

‘They’re firm! You sure do fill up fast overnight. Maybe you were born for this.’

She mulled those words over silently as she pulled Melissa onto the milking frame and secured the pumps over her long teats. It had only been a month ago when this girl had blurted out in the middle of her shift that she wanted to become livestock here. It hadn’t been the first time an employee had wanted to join the livestock, mindlessly mating and milking for the rest of their lives. It was a disappointment for Jodie when she had asked. She thought that this girl had more fortitude than that. At the time, she had rushed her off to fill out the forms and get her processed, not wanting to argue with another silly girl allured at the thought of being treated like livestock, but she now wished she had picked her brains a bit.

What type of girl was seduced by this lifestyle? She had barely known anything about Melissa. Had she been promiscuous? Was she such a horny girl that being around breeding hucows made her want to join in? Or had she been a sheltered girl to whom livestock doing it was the most she had ever seen?

Either way, it didn’t matter anymore. She was no longer Melissa. She was

375 now. Another hucow at this milk farm. A bred hucow after her mating a few weeks ago.

‘Did you enjoy your breeding the other week?’

375 just moaned as the pumps pulled on her teats.

‘Well, I’m sure you remember that once they’ve been successfully bred, we can’t let hucows mate with the bulls. That big cock of theirs will damage the baby, spearing into your womb like it does. So, unfortunately, you’re onto the rod until your next breeding.’

She stood up and brought something bollard shaped into the pen. Attached to one side was a fat dildo. They couldn’t give the hucows anything as long as a bull’s cock, but they could give them something as thick, if not thicker. It was so big, Jodie couldn’t even wrap both of her hands around it, but the hucows loved it. She positioned it behind

375 and lined it up. She gave her pussy a few rubs to get her ready.

One of the first things she had noticed the day that Melissa was led out on a leash was that she was fully shaven down there. It was funny the things her mind chose to pay attention to. Whenever she processed a woman to become a hucow, she always tried to predict if she would be shaven or natural down there. Melissa didn’t seem the type to be the former, but she had been proven wrong. However, after a month of being a hucow, her pubic hair had grown back in. She looked more like proper livestock now. They never looked quite right without a hairy pussy.

375’s juices clung to her hair, matting it around her flushed, red lips. She moved the dildo forward until the tip met the entrance of her pussy. It took a few pokes before something in her slow, hucow brain registered it and she pushed her hips back, spearing herself on the fat dildo.

Jodie steadied the bollard as

375 began forcing her weight back onto it, pushing as much of the fat dildo into her pussy as she could. Her moans grew louder and more guttural as she satiated that primal need heightened by her hucow hormones. Jodie was reminded for a moment of how Melissa had so brazenly rubbed her pussy in front of her while begging to be made a hucow. Her eyes had been full of such wild desire then.

‘I guess you never had much shame, did you?’


Melissa woke to the morning sun. She rolled onto her side, the weight of her breasts falling onto the hay beside her. Heavy. Need be milked.

She slid her thigh over as she adjusted her hips. A little pop in her brain went off as something felt good. She moved her leg back again. Another pop of good. She did it again, and again, until her hand sought it out.

Her fingers found her pussy and explored around, finding the areas that felt best. She lifted her leg as she tried to plunge her hand inside. Feels good. Feels good. The need to be milked left her mind, replaced by something even better. But she couldn’t quite get the right angle.

Her arm rubbed against her belly. Big belly. Big belly in way! She tried to reach further toward her needy pussy, but couldn’t.

Her pen gate opened and someone stepped inside. Pussy. Maltepe Fetiş Escort Pussy, good! Her hand still worked between her legs, making wet schlicks.

They said something, though her brain couldn’t comprehend the words. Pussy! Good!

The person who entered pulled her hand away and replaced it with their own. Her eyes rolled back into her head and this new hand slid inside her, satisfying her burning need. Her own hand rested against her huge belly, still wet. Her small mind couldn’t comprehend how much time had passed since she became a hucow. Every day had just been a string of base instincts being satisfied until she fell asleep that night. Over the months her belly had swelled after her successful breeding. Long gone were her days as a human. Now with her nine-month pregnant belly matching the size of her huge, milk filled breasts, she looked like a proper breeding hucow.

The hand pulled itself out of her wet pussy and she was rolled onto her hands and knees. For the first time her mind registered that there was someone in her pen. It was the lady worker she liked! She walked away and Melissa padded after her. She wanted to be close to her. She made her pussy feel good!

She was lifted and lowered onto a frame that rested just under her breasts, above her big belly. Something was strapped over her back. She looked around, confused. A sensation came to her teats as something was put over them. She liked her teats. They were so long and felt so good. She felt proud of them.

A whirring sound suddenly started and her teats exploded with pleasure. She couldn’t keep any focus, drifting between waves of pleasure. Dots of tiny pleasure. So many dots. All being pulled from within her breasts, out her teats.

A loud moan suddenly fell from her lips, spilling out with little control like the pleasure from her teats. Her voice was a mystical thing that she couldn’t understand. She wasn’t like the workers who could make all kinds of sounds from their mouths. But it didn’t matter. She liked this sound as it came with such a great feeling. She just wanted to be milked and moan like this forever.

She suddenly noticed something pressing against her pussy. It was big. She felt a rising urge build within her as it rubbed up and down her pussy lips. An important and familiar urge! She felt smart to have recognised it. Mating! Her pussy burned as she recognised the urge. She pushed her hips back, feeling the object bounce off her ass until it finally hit home. She melted as it speared into her, stretching the walls of her pussy around its girth.

Mating! Mating! Breeding! She was a good hucow! She thrust back as hard as she could, driven wild at the thought of being bred. Breeding! Breeding! She wanted so desperately to be bred by this bull fucking her. Her heavily pregnant belly slapped against her thighs on each thrust as she obliviously drove to be bred by the dildo.

Her breasts jostled against the frame as the strap held her in place. She once more became lost to the pleasure, her mind filled with dopamine as she did what she thought a good hucow should do.

After she had fucked herself to multiple orgasms, the haze of her lust began to clear as she rested on the milking frame. Bred… Bred… The large pressure in her womb told her that she had been bred well. Her pussy still twitched around the fat dildo lodged inside her. A hand grabbed her ass and she felt the object slide from within her, leaving a lonely, empty space as her gaping pussy slowly puckered back up.

The whirring stopped and the objects were removed from her teats. The cool air tickled them, sending a shiver down her at how sensitive they were. A click came from behind her back and she was pulled out of the milking frame and back onto all fours. A pop of pleasure hit her as her heavy breasts squished her teats into the ground, though it was a sharper pop of pleasure than the one before.

She padded over to the corner on shaky thighs before squatting down and letting urine drip down from her swollen pussy lips. The lady worker watched her as she peed, holding something in her hands. She reached down and rubbed her lips as the urine let out. She didn’t mind that it dripped over her fingers, it felt good. Her pussy was still sensitive.

After she finished a collar was put around her neck. A tug from the lead made it dig in until she turned to follow the lady worked.

Her teats sent little pops of pleasure up her with each step as they dragged along. Her breasts were big enough to touch the ground. She was proud of them.

She padded on all fours behind the lady worker, past other workers. Her long, curly hair fell down her neck tickling her breasts as they swung into the strands. Different smells met her as they walked. Some were smells like her, others muskier.

As they turned a corner, a bull on a leash came into view. Her heart leapt as she saw it. That familiar burning within her returning. The collar dug into her neck, but she still turned to point her ass at the Maltepe Gecelik Escort bull. She spread her knees as wide as they would go, hoping that he would see her needy pussy, ready to be bred. The collar pulled hard against her neck again as the workers made loud noises. She peered over her should and grew excited to see the bull straining to get to her.

One more pull on her collar unbalanced her and she padded along behind the lady worker, trying to see where the bull had gone. Her heart slowed from its rapid beating as she could no longer see the bull anywhere.

She suddenly felt a soft prickliness under her hands and knees as sunlight warmed her naked skin. The lady worker led her through a gate and reached around her neck before a click sounded. A hand slapped her ass and she padded ahead before exploring the grass. Another hucow padded over to her and she followed her, led by the familiar smell.

Jodie leant against the wooden fence and watched.

375 padded after the other hucow with glee. Her pussy was still gaping a bit from the rod this morning. She and the other hucow rubbed against each other playfully.

‘Dominant or submissive…?’ Jodie wondered under her breath as she watched the two play.

They both stopped and

375 reached out a tentative hand to caress the breast of the other hucow. She dropped her shoulders and suckled the teat of the other hucow into her mouth. The hucow tilted her head back and closed her eyes as

375 drank from her.

‘Submissive. I should have guessed.’

‘I didn’t expect to find you out here.’

Jodie turned to see Daryl, the other half to Sydeny’s antics, approaching her.

‘I’m surprised you’re not timing the bulls again.’

‘Not today. Although I heard that #988 had his fastest time when breeding Melissa.’

375. She’s

375 now.’

‘Oh, yeah, you’re right. Sorry boss.’

375 let the other hucow’s teat fall from her mouth and they began to playfully roll around in the grass. They tumbled until

375’s face found itself right up against the other’s pussy. She hesitated a bit before beginning to lick it, lapping up the juices of the other hucow. She really was the submissive one. Jodie felt a little insulted. Why couldn’t her former trainee have exhibited dominant hucow personality traits?

‘It’s fine, but it’s been almost a year. You should be up to speed by now.’

‘Well, you know. It’s just that Mel- I mean

375 is a special case.’

‘Then un-make her a special case. She’s just like any of the other livestock now.’

She turned to leave.

‘Keep an eye on them while I go get a coffee.’

‘Wait, before you go, I came looking for you. You have a client.’

‘A client?’

‘Yeah, some rich guy waiting in your office.’

She thought for a moment before realising.’

‘Oh… Fine, take over for me here. Once they’ve had some exercise, bring them in and feed them.’

‘Will do, boss.’

She left him in the paddock and headed toward the offices, already soured to the experience ahead.


A man in an expensive suit waited in her office as Jodie opened the door. She sighed.

‘Good morning, mr. Langley.’

He turned as she entered, a big smile on his face.

‘Ah, good morning. I was hoping you’d be working today.’

‘And what can we do for you today?’

He stepped to the side and motioned to a beautiful, petite woman sitting behind him. She looked like a runway model. Far prettier than Jodie could ever hope to look.

Mr Langley continued. ‘We’ve just spent a wonderful honeymoon together in the Mediterranean. Yachting. Dining. Taking in the sights. Oh, you should see some of the villas down there. Magnificent! We had our wedding ceremony in a private one. You should have seen the sunset over the water…’

‘You don’t say. Now this was about?’

‘…And we found ourselves talking about many things. Some of which I won’t repeat here. You don’t need to know those details.’

If only she could be so lucky.

‘But Tiffani and I were discussing… well, just how much she loves me. So much so that she wants to serve me unquestioningly. A true expression of love.’

Jodie raised an eyebrow. ‘Oh?’

Tiffani stood up and hurried over to Jodie. She was even more overwhelming up close.

‘This isn’t some rushed thing. Like, we’ve been talking about it all the way home. I want nothing more than to be his pet hucow. It sounds so wonderful! Doesn’t it?’

Jodie leant away from her as she gushed about what she thought of as “wonderful”. She wasn’t sure how to deal with such enthusiasm over this. Most clients were at least nervous about what they were signing up to. No matter the age, promiscuity or even the number of past pregnancies, Jodie could always see the weight of the decision to become breeding livestock affect the woman. Not so much here. Though if she was going to be kept as a pet, then she might never be bred. One question still bothered Maltepe Genç Escort her, though.

‘Uh, well… Sorry, I have to ask… I mean, you could be a model. Why choose this instead?’

Mr Langley pulled his wife close to his side. ‘She’s been there and done that. How do you think I found her? No, she’s looking for something new. Something less stressful.’

‘I could still be a hucow model too. It’s the best of both worlds.’

Mr Langley grinned. ‘The most beautiful hucow model there could be! With big hucow tits on you, you’d look divine!’

Tiffani turned her attention back to Jodie. ‘So where do I sign?’


Jodie hesitated for a moment before fetching the paperwork from her desk draw. The thought that he might be coaching this woman hung on her mind. She didn’t appear coerced, but she wasn’t sure. As she went over the legal clauses with her, the only conclusion that seemed to be apparent was that she was happy to do this. It seemed outlandish to her, though the decision of the girls who came through here to become livestock was equally as outlandish to her.

It was rarer, but they did occasionally get girls wanting to become pets. They would be processed at the milk farm’s clinic before being licensed to a pet store. It was only young girls, though. Older women who came in always opted for the breeding livestock option. Just some of the odd trends you pick up on when working at a place like this.

She flipped through the paperwork until she found the right spot.

‘Okay, now we just need to fill out who the ownership of the hucow will be transferred to. I assume that will be you?’

Mr Langley grinned and reached for the papers. Jodie started to point out where to sign before he waved her away.

‘Don’t worry. I know my way around these papers. I wrote half of them.’

His pen flew across the pages, making scribbles here and there.

‘We do keep updating them.’

‘Why should you? My team made them airtight. Not that it really matters. Give any of those cows you have down there the choice between getting milked right now or sitting through a lengthy legal battle and they’ll pick the former. Hell, throw in one of them, what do you call them? Bulls. Yeah, throw in one of them and it’s a done deal.’

He twirled the pen in his fingers and pushed the papers toward his wife. ‘And much like real livestock, a lap kitty gets treated far better than the rest. I’d just offer you a life in luxury as the only contract, but it’s a legal nightmare of ownership without one of these signed by the hucow. I’d hate for them to try and take you from me.’

She quickly signed the papers and pushed them back to Jodie.

‘Actually, those are for me to take.’

He scooped up the papers and folded them into his jacket pocket. He then rose from his chair and pulled his wife to her feet. They locked lips passionately and without a care for Jodie’s presence. As they broke apart, she overheard him whisper how much he was going to fuck her when she came home tomorrow.

‘Well, with that all settled, I’ll be off. Still have a lot of work left to do today. Take good care of her.’

He waved and backed out of the office, leaving Jodie alone with the model.

‘This way, please. We’ll get you processed.’

As they walked through the corridors to the clinic side of the farms, Tiffani talked endlessly.

‘Oh my god, this is going to be so much fun. I’ve heard that hucow’s have the best orgasms. Is that true? Oh my god, I just realised that I’m pretty much a hucow now! Is the procedure painful or anything? Cause I don’t do pain. Hey hucows are naked right? Should I be stripping down yet?’

Jodie turned to see the top half of her dress already pulled down around her waist. Her bare, perky tits staring back at her.

‘Whoa! No, no. You can keep your clothes on until we get there. The doctor will advise you when to remove them.’

‘Oh, Sorry! I guess it doesn’t matter that much since I’ll be a hucow pet soon anyway. Did you notice that I’m not wearing any underwear? Smart, right? I thought of that when I was getting dressed this morning. Less to carry back tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I hope that you’ll be taking me straight to Hector after the procedure. There’s no way that I’ll wait down there in a pen with those… disgusting livestock while I wait for him.’

Jodie wanted to tell her that she’d be no different than the livestock down there by tomorrow, but there was no point in arguing.

Finally, they arrived at the clinic and Jodie handed a piece of paper with Tiffani’s details on it to the woman working administration.

‘Well this is where I leave you. I’ll take you back to mr. Langley tomorrow morning.’

She could still hear Tiffani’s voice carrying down the corridor after her as she left, complaining that she didn’t want to wait in the clinic while they prepared a room for her.


Daryl watched the hucows frolic in the field as the hours drifted by. Paddock work was the best. Jodie usually kept it for herself, but he got lucky today.




378! Come on girls!’

He grabbed their leashes and strolled across the field to where the pile of hucows lay, resting their heads on each other’s bountiful breasts.

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