Subject: Days of our Lives – Sexual Urgess 17 This is a fanfiction story with the characters Johnny Dimera (Carson Boatman) and EJ Dimera (Daniel Feuerriegel). This story says nothing about the actors’ sexual references; it’s just fiction. Copyrights © NBC DAYS OF OUR LIVES ********************************* EJ Dimera just came home from a long work day, he enters his bedroom and starts to strip, gets completely naked and then goes to the bathroom in the hallway, just wearing a towel around his waist, in the hallway Johnny just came out of the bathroom, his upper body still wet from the shower. “Son, you’re dripping all of that water on the floor” EJ warns his son. “Sorry dad” Johnny replies and goes to his room. EJ follows Johnny with his eyes till Johnny closes the door. To EJ’s surprise he notices Johnny didn’t close the door completely, something inside EJ makes him want to peek through the door. EJ walks to the door and looks inside, seeing Johnny take his towel off and EJ gets a full view of his son’s fine ass. Johnny is feeling quite horny and grabs his dick in his hand, starting to stroke it. EJ notices seeing his son shaking his arm, realizing Johnny must be giving himself a handjob, he decides to walk into the room and closes the door with a hard slam. Johnny is startled and surprised by the noise he hears, he turns around to see his dead, he fastly grabs the towel from the floor to put it around himself “Dad, I uhm…” EJ can bursa escort see right away the towel at Johnny’s crotch side having a bulge “Damn boy, you must be very horny” “Dad, I’m sorry” Johnny starts. “Nothing to be sorry about son, everyone needs some release now and then” EJ sas. Johnny smiles and is relieved. EJ grins at his son and let’s his towel drop “I need some release of my own as well” Johnny stands with his mouth open. “What’s wrong son?” EJ asks. Johnny just stares at his dad’s dick. EJ is quite hung and he knows it, he takes his dick in his hand and starts to stroke it. Johnny seems to be in a trance, just staring at his dad’s dick getting hard. “Why don’t you drop that towel and stroke your own dick” EJ suggests. Johnny looks at his dad, he can’t believe what his father is suggesting but somehow the excitement of stroking his dick gives some reaction to his dick. EJ keeps looking at his son and strokes his dick “it will stay our secret” he promises. Johnny looks at his father’s dick getting hard in his fist. Slowly Johnny reaches for his own dick and wraps his hand around it, making a fist around his dick and starts to stroke. EJ smiles and looks at his son “Doesn’t it feel good” Johnny looks at his dad and nods yes. EJ reaches his free hand out and lays it on Johnny’s abs “You’re in great shape son” Johnny is frozen for a moment, he looks at his dad. “Go ahead, you can also feel me up if escort bayan you like” EJ says. Johnny looks at his dad’s masculine body, he reaches his free hand out to also feel his father’s abs up. “If you like you can also reach more up” EJ tells Johnny. Johnny slowly rubs his hand over his father’s hairy trail, up to EJ’s hairy chest, feeling his dad’s firm pecs. “Let’s compare our dicks now we are completely hard” EJ suddenly suggests. Johnny looks in awe how his dad takes over the hold of his dick. EJ brings his and his son’s dick against each other. Both father and son stand close to each other, their dicks against each other and EJ grabs with both hands around their big dicks and starts to frot them. Johnny moans, feeling his dick rubbing against his dad’s dick. “Must have that big sized dick from my side of the family” EJ says winking at his son. Johnny looks down at his and his dad’s big dicks rubbing against each other. EJ strokes both of them with his hand and starts to add his second hand to stroke them faster and better. All of this frotting turns them on, both start to moan louder. Johnny looks at his dad and they share some eye contact, they are quiet, just feeling the pleasure of their dicks being stroked. “Why don’t you take over for a while” EJ suggests and let’s go off their dicks. Johnny looks at his dad and then at their dicks, he first grabs his own dick in his hand and then slowly reaches bursa escort for his dad’s dick, taking it in his hand and places them against each other. “That’s it son, take them in a firm grip and rub them against each other” EJ says. Johnny grabs hold of both dicks and frot them just like his dad did, first with 1 hand and then uses his second hand. EJ smiles, enjoying the pleasure he’s feeling and the bond he has growing with his son. “Stroke them hard son” EJ says, releasing a little moan. Johnny strokes them harder and faster. EJ hangs his head back, enjoying the stroking his son is giving him. The lust takes over from EJ and he looks back at his son, he takes over from him and starts to stroke them both hard. Johnny feels he’s getting close, his dad frotting their dicks. Clearly EJ is also close, starting to breathe heavier and harder. Then both father and son cums together, shooting both their loads on each other. EJ releases a big growl when he cums. Johnny can’t believe this is actually happening. “That was amazing” Johnny blurts out. “Well glad to have helped you out son” EJ says and winks at his son. Johnny is a little blushed to have blurted that out. EJ let’s go of both their dicks, he steps away, grabbing his clothes and without saying a word he leaves the room. “What was that” Johnny says, confused by what he and his dad just experienced together. EJ walks through the hallway towards his own room, he closes the door and grins. ********************************* If you enjoyed the story or have a request please send me a message For more stories from me, ook/groups/480903845719867 Please donate to Nifty for support to let this great site and it’s archive free.

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