Saga of Littown Ch. 05Saga of Littown Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: While this story and its various chapters are primarily incest themed, it will often contain things such as excessive cum, anal play/pegging, and whatever else amuses me at the time. Reader discretion is advised.


Emily awoke securely cuddled with her naked brother. She reached around to her ass to make sure her brand new, bejewled butt plug was still in place. She couldn’t think of a more romantic gesture than Jaime’s proposal to her the night before. She was now officially her brother’s butt slut. She loved him so goddamn much.

The one curious thing was how empty she felt. She’d gone to sleep absolutely packed full of brother-cum, and it seemed to have vanished. It couldn’t have leaked out of her butt with the plug in place, and besides the bed was still dry. Her body must have absorbed it. That was the only possible explanation.

Jaime looked so cute all sound asleep. Emily wanted to let him rest, but she didn’t have the willpower for that. She needed to do something naughty to him.

Emily started by licking his hard cock all over. Jaime twitched and moaned, but didn’t stir from his slumber. She then had a better idea, and sat down on his face with her pussy right over his mouth. She felt his tongue sleepily probe her slit. Even unconscious, his body wanted to do sexy things to hers.

Emily rode her sleeping brother’s tongue for a while before bending down toward his cock again. It was leaking a copious amount of precum, so she started licking it all up. Jaime’s sex-juice was so tasty, but there wasn’t enough yet to satisfy Emily’s craving. She needed to properly suck him off if she was going to get a proper incesty breakfast out of her brother.

Jaime woke up already eating his sister’s pussy, with her throat wrapped around his cock. He didn’t question this development. It was getting to be the standard state of affairs. He kept licking away at her, while also grabbing her ass with both hands. With one finger, he toyed with the heart-shaped base of the butt plug inside her.

The tongue in Emily’s pussy and the plug in her ass both suddenly came to life. Whereas before Jaime had been licking her on autopilot, now dedication and enthusiasm were felt. She moaned around his cock as he licked and sucked on her clit, while simultaneously wiggling her butt plug.

Emily came hard in her brother’s mouth. The flood of pussy cream down his throat, plus the involuntary tightening of his sister’s lips, made Jaime cum seconds later. Emily expertly swallowed his massive load as fast as he pumped it out. She drank down so much that it started leaking back out her pussy, and then back into Jaime.

The siblings were caught in an endless loop of cumming and swallowing. Everything they drank cycled through their bodies and back out through their cock or pussy, only to then be consumed by the other. They had inadvertently created a perpetual incest machine. They felt a little panicked by the constant flow, and the way it cut off their ability to breathe, but neither could bear to pull their mouth away from the other.

Eventually Jaime shot a burst of mixed cum so large that it knocked Emily’s head away. A shower of mixed penis and pussy juices geysered into the air, then rained down on the conjoined sibling bodies below. Emily lay down beside her brother and waited for the flow to subside.

“That seemed biologically improbable,” Jaime said.

“Mmm, sexy though,” Emily said.

She kissed her brother. His mouth tasted like her pussy. Even though her tummy was stuffed full of cum already, Emily tasted sex juices on his face and couldn’t help licking them off. She had to stop when her belly ached in protest.

“I’m all sticky,” Jaime said.

“Yeah, me too.”

“And we’re going to have to throw out another mattress.”

“Yep.” Emily kissed her brother again. “Totally worth it.”

Jaime smiled. “Sure was.”


After getting cleaned up and dressed, Jaime hauled the newly sex-ruined mattress downstairs. He was going to throw it in the backyard mattress incinerator, but only made it to the kitchen before he had to stop.

His mom and Aunt Krissy were having coffee together at the breakfast table. They were each wearing one of Christine’s robes, and everything about them screamed that they’d been having sex basically all day yesterday. Jaime smirked wickedly at the pair of them. Christine blushed and tried to ignore his stare, Krissy didn’t seem fazed.

“Good morning,” Jaime said cheerfully. “How’d you two sleep?”

“Fine, thanks,” Krissy said. “How about getting that mattress out of the kitchen before it drips all over the floor.”

Christine mumbled something and refused to look at her son. Jaime kept smiling as he dragged the sex-sodden mattress outside and disposed of it.

“Hey, neighbour boy.”

Jaime had been just about to head back inside when he heard Alyssa greet him. She was leaning up against the fence between their yards, with her head and shoulders visible over the Vefa Escort top. Her hair was up in pigtails, and her shirt was sufficiently low-cut to reveal some lovely cleavage.

“Hey, Allie. How’s it going?”

“Oh, not bad. You and Em didn’t catch the bus with me yesterday though. I heard you were out sick and I got kinda of worried.”

“Sorry we worried you. It wasn’t anything serious.”

“Yeah, I figured. You definitely look recovered to me.”

Alyssa grinned at the massive tent in Jaime’s pants. He was getting used the leering by now, and he was fine with letting her stare if it made her happy.

“Em should be out any minute now, then I guess we’ll be ready to go.”

“Sounds good. Hang on, let me come over.”

Alyssa held on to the top of the fence and hopped up. She got one of her feet up, then swung gracefully over to Jaime’s side. She almost made it, except her pants got caught on a splinter and tore completely off her as she landed. She went bright red as she realized her bottom half was covered only by her panties.

“Oh no!” Alyssa squeaked. “My pants have come off!”

“Boy, that was unlucky,” said Jaime. “What are the odds a hot girl would end up losing some of her clothing around me?”

“It’s this stupid fence’s fault,” Alyssa said.

She turned and kicked ineffectually at the wooden structure. In doing so, she gave Jaime a good look at her ass, since her panties only partly covered her bottom.

“You have a very nice butt,” Jaime said.

“Aw, thanks. But there’s no time for perving on me right now. I need to do something about my pants.”

Alyssa retrieved her pants from the fence. She held them up to show Jaime the big tear in them thanks to her unlucky jump. They’d never stay on her in that condition.

“You could always just go without pants.”

Alyssa snorted derisively. “Ha, yeah, right. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Me showing off my little panties for you all day. So predictable.”

“Well I kinda would. But if that’s not an option, you might just have to go and get another pair.”

“I suppose I must. Give me a boost this time, would you?”

Jaime held his hands entwined so Alyssa could step on them. He lifted her up so she could get her foot on top of the fence. Unfortunately, she slipped and fell back, and her panties got caught on the way down this time. They stretched and built up tension so that when they snapped, the slingshotted away into the distance.

Alyssa knocked Jaime over as she fell, and they sprawled together on the ground. Her bare pussy landed right on his face, much to her embarrassment and his arousal.

“You’re perving on me again, aren’t you?” Alyssa asked, though she was already resigned to the answer.

“Kind of hard not to when I get such a pretty little pussy within tonguing distance,” Jaime said.

He gave Alyssa’s slit a quick lick to prove his point. She squealed and pretended to be outraged by the liberty he was taking.

“You can’t just lick me like that,” she protested.

“I think you’ll find that I can, actually.”

Jaime licked his neighbour’s pussy some more. He could taste her arousal whether she wanted to admit to it or not.

“You’re taking such advantage of me,” Alyssa said, merely for form’s sake. She had yet to make any attempt at getting off of Jaime. “I’ve had a serious accident with my wardrobe, and all you can think about it sex.”

Protest officially made, Alyssa let her eyes half-close and bit her lip. Jaime was doing some wonderful things to her. She should have stripped her bottoms off and thrown her pussy at him days ago. Apparently that’s all it took to get some sweet cunnilingus action going.

Emily wasn’t sure where her brother had gone. She looked everywhere for him in the house, but eventually had to resort to looking outside. Her heightened sexual senses quickly zeroed in on Jaime and Alyssa on the ground beside the fence. Emily smiled when she saw them locked in some sort of sexy oral embrace.

Alyssa spotted Emily approaching, and was somewhat worried what her friend’s response to the scene would be. Jaime’s tongue was working hard on her clit, and she couldn’t bear to get off him, so she hoped Emily wouldn’t be upset.

“Hey, Allie,” Emily said.

She sat down next to Alyssa and Jaime. She was wearing one of her new skirts, and she’d positioned herself such that Jaime could almost see right up it. Emily idly picked at some blades of grass while she waited for her brother to finish Alyssa off.

Alyssa came on Jaime’s face shortly thereafter. It was her first outdoor orgasm, as well as her first in front of an audience. It was a deliciously naughty experience. Such was her pleasure that she forgot to feel embarrassed about being bottomless.

“That looked like fun,” Emily said.

“Mmm, it was,” Alyssa said, finally clambering off of Jaime. “I’d say you should try it except, you know….”

“Because Jaime’s my brother and having him lick Escort Vefa my pussy would be super-duper bad and stuff?”

“Yes. Exactly.”

Emily stood and brushed off the back of her skirt. “I kinda wish I could do sexy things with my brother,” she said with a surreptitious wink to Jaime. “He’s so sweet to me sometimes, just like an awesome boyfriend.”

Alyssa was intrigued. “Sweet how?”

“Oh, like this totally cute piece of jewelry he got me.”

Emily pulled her skirt up and stuck her butt out. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and the base of her butt plug was clearly visible to both her brother and Alyssa. Jaime’s cock burst out the front of his pants at his sister’s wanton display. Luckily, Alyssa was too focused on Emily to notice.

“Oh my god, that’s so cute!” Alyssa said. “A little jeweled heart that sticks right out of your butt.”

“Mmhm, I love it,” Emily said.

“I don’t blame you. It’s so romantic too, because since Jaime’s your brother, you know there was nothing sexual about a present like that. He must have just really wanted to make you happy.”

Alyssa reached out to touch Emily’s new piece of ‘jewelry.’ Emily was perfectly content to let Alyssa play with it; partly because it felt good, and partly because it was a way to secretly flaunt Jaime’s pure, undying love for her without actually giving it away. She wanted to tell everybody, but the potential penalties were far too severe.

“I wish we could stand here and play with your butt some more, Em,” Alyssa said. “But I have to get home and get some new pants.”

“Nonsense,” said Emily. “We have to catch the bus. There’s no time for shenanigans, unless they’re sexy ones.”

“But I can’t go to school bottomless! Everyone will be able to see my naughty bits. And I’ll get in such trouble too.”

“Don’t worry. I can sew your pants back up, no problem. I’ll have to do it on the bus though, because we don’t have any time to waste.”

Alyssa was still unsure about Emily’s plan. “I’d have to walk down the street half-naked though. And ride to school that way too. I don’t think I can do that.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll help. Won’t we, Jai?”

“Sure we will,” Jaime agreed. “How?”

“We’ll go bottomless too, so Allie won’t be alone.”

Emily whipped off her skirt without a second thought. Any flimsy excuse was enough for her to take clothes off around her brother. Jaime had been staring at two amazingly sexy asses for a few minutes now, and there was no way his cock was staying in his pants even if he left them on. He stripped his lower half so that he matched the girls.

With the siblings now matching her state of undress, Alyssa felt a lot less shy. She’d only be drawing a third of the attention now, instead of all of it. Plus seeing Jaime with his cock out was getting her all horny again, and it was much harder to worry about consequences when she was crazy turned on.

Emily and Alyssa gave Jaime their clothes to hold. Alyssa grabbed his erect cock like a leash and led him down the street. Emily grabbed his butt and squeezed it when no cars were going by. A few times she even ran her finger up his ass crack, and toyed with his tight little hole.

The three sexy, half-naked teens strolling casually along played havoc with the morning traffic. None of the passing drivers could help gaping at the boner-inducing, panty-flooding sight. An eight car pile up formed at one point, but it was all in good, wholesome, exhibitionist fun, so it was alright.

They just made it in time to catch their bus, and took their usual seat together. It was a little bit less squished than usual, since none of them had pants on and that saved some space. There still wasn’t very much room to move around.

“I’ll need some room to work,” Emily said.

“Maybe I could just sit across the aisle?” Alyssa suggested. “That would make it less cramped for you.”

Jaime didn’t much like that idea. His cock hadn’t been in a girl for almost half an hour, and it was throbbing dangerously. His sister was busy, and besides they were in public, so they couldn’t play with each other. He didn’t know how much Alyssa would be up for, but he definitely wouldn’t find out if they weren’t sitting together.

“There’s no need to go to all the trouble of moving to another seat,” Jaime said. “We’ll just sit closer together.”

“Our butts are already touching. How can we possibly get any closer?”

“Like this.”

Jaime picked Alyssa up and sat her in his lap. She gasped as his hard cock slid against her pussy. It stuck up between her thighs, grinding against her with every bump and turn of the bus.

Emily took out her portable sewing machine and some thread. Alyssa’s pants only needed some fairly straight-forward, if extensive, repairs. Emily was pretty sure she could manage even with the bus moving, and the distraction of the sexy genital rubbing going on beside her.

The bus went over a particularly large bump, and Alyssa was bounced into Vefa Escort Bayan the air. Jaime’s cock went into pussy-seeking mode and adjusted itself automatically. Its aim was true, and Alyssa was penetrated as she landed back in Jaime’s lap. In an instant she was filled up.

“Oh god,” Alyssa hissed urgently. “Your cock just went in me, right here on the school bus. And your sister’s sitting right next to us!”

“It was an accident,” said Jaime, even though he suspected his penis had done it on purpose. “Em understands that. Don’t you, Em?”

“Mmhm, sure. Accident,” Emily agreed without looking up from her work.

In fact, Emily was having an even more difficult time focusing on her sewing than before. She was already horny from being half-naked and having people stare at her, not to mention having her brother’s hard cock within easy reach. Now Jaime and Alyssa were fucking right next to her. How was a girl supposed to concentrate with such sexy distractions?

Jaime wasn’t actually sure if he was having sex or not. Alyssa was riding his cock, and the motion of the bus made her bounce and grind on it no matter how still she tried to hold herself. There wasn’t actually any conscious intent by either of them, was the thing. It was just sort of happening.

“We can’t do this here,” Alyssa said regretfully.

The longer Jaime’s cock was inside her, the less she wanted to get off it. It felt so good filling up her tight little hole. Somehow, it even turned her on that Emily was right there too. Obviously Emily wouldn’t enjoy seeing her brother do sexual things, because that would be weird and stuff. The wrongness of it cause strange, fluttery feelings in Alyssa’s tummy.

Alyssa finally tried to pull herself off of Jaime’s shaft. She felt a sense of loss and emptiness as her pussy was vacated, but she resolvedly sat down again while making sure she wouldn’t land right back on his cock. Jaime’s penis had a different opinion, and simply adjusted itself at the last second so that it was resheathed inside Alyssa. She tried again, and again she remained befucked. She was very confused, but it felt good and she was so horny that she just gave in.

Emily tried in vain to both sew and play with herself at the same time. She needed both hands, but her poor little pussy was so wet, and was demanding some attention. Why did her stupid brother have to make her so damn hot and bothered all the time?

Jaime noticed his sister’s plight. Her pussy had created a waterfall off the seat and onto the floor. Alyssa was bouncing on his cock and wasn’t paying attention to anything other than her own pleasure. Jaime was pretty sure she wouldn’t notice some light incest in her vicinity. He hoped she wouldn’t, anyway.

Emily jumped at the sudden foreign contact on her clit. Jaime had sneakily reached over to finger her while Alyssa was distracted. Emily melted at her brother’s loving touch.

“Thank you,” she mouthed silently.

Jaime smiled and winked.

It took the rest of the trip for Emily to finish patching up Alyssa’s pants. She finished them just before being brought to orgasm by her brother’s nimble fingers. She had to hold in her pleasure overload as best as she could, since she couldn’t let anyone find out what Jaime had been doing to her. Alyssa came at almost the same time, and so remained blissfully ignorant of the sibling transgression.

The three of them put their bottoms back on before leaving the bus. As far as everyone at school was concerned, they were just three normal eighteen year old teenagers, fresh off a perfectly normal bus ride.

“Thanks so much for fixing my pants, Em,” Alyssa said. She gave Emily a big hug, and stealthily fingered her butt plug one more time in the process. “You’re such a good friend.”

“Aw, you’re welcome, Allie. Catch you later, alright?” Emily smacked Alyssa’s butt just before she danced away, then turned back to Jaime. “So, you really got into the neighbour girl’s pants this morning, huh?”

“Ha, I suppose I did,” Jaime said. “Funny thing is hardly any of it was on purpose. Her vagina kinda just kept getting thrown at me.”

“That’ll happen.” Emily leaned in close so no one else could hear. “Thank you for the lovely brotherly finger-fucking.”

“Any time, sis. Any time at all.”


Emily was forced to reconsider her new choice of wardrobe. She spent the morning even hornier than usual thanks to her skirt, her lack of panties, and her butt plug. She felt a constant rush from the risk of someone seeing right up her skirt, though she did her best to prevent that from happening. She couldn’t do anything about the way her plug made itself known every time she sat down, shifted in her seat, or sometimes even just while she was walking.

Usually, if she needed to get off, she could hold out until she got home after school. If things were really bad, she could find a quiet spot at lunch and rub one out. Today, she was already a horny wreck after first period. There was no way she was getting through the day at this rate.

Lindsay, observant and caring friend that she was, noted that something was amiss. She pulled Emily aside between classes to check in with her.

“Hey, Em? You kinda left a puddle on your chair last class,” Lindsay said.

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