Shopping Trip Pt. 02 – Another DateShopping Trip Pt. 02 – Another Date


A couple of nights later as you lay in your bunk at the station your mind drifts back to the incredible time you had with Sonya and as you relive some of the more intense moments your hand automatically goes to your groin and you begin to stroke your cock. Meanwhile, Sonya is just finishing getting ready for her date. For tonight she is wearing her mauve Basque with demi cups, suntan nylons and her new CFM heels.

On top of it all she dons a simple black sweater dress. Her make up is simple, yet sexy, with her red lipstick matching her nail polish for both her hands and toes. As she finishes opening up a bottle of wine, the door bell chimes and she smiles to herself as she goes to answer the door. Sonya opens the door and asks her guest inside and takes their coat.

She returns to the living room with two glasses of wine and the bottle and she can tell her guest is a bit nervous. You see her guest is Sara from the shoe store. As Sonya gives Sara her wine she sits down next to her on the couch.

They chit chat for a bit, during which Sonya shifts so her dress rides up, exposing her stocking tops. She also nonchalantly puts her hand on the back of the couch so she can stroke Sara’s neck. After starting her second glass of wine, Sara starts to relax more and Sonya can tell she is enjoying the intimate touch.

She also notices that Sara’s gaze keeps lingering on her stocking tops more and more. Sara herself is wearing a very short satin red dress, with a very deep neck line, which shows her red lacy bra underneath. Sonya can see she is wearing some sort of black hose and that she also has on a pair of red CFM pumps.

Sonya can’t hold back anymore and so she leans forward, places her hand on Sara’s nylon covered thighs and kisses Sara on the lips. As she pulls back she sees a look of surprise on Sara’s face, but it quickly changes to one of lust and Sara leans in and begins kissing Sonya back.

As the two women draw closer to each other their hands roam all over each others bodies, feeling, touching, cupping. After 20 minutes of passionate kissing, Sonya stands up and takes Sara by the hand and leads her back to her bedroom.

Once there, Sonya turns and deeply kisses Sara while she reaches in front and unbuttons Sara’s dress. Once done she pushes the material over her shoulders so that it can fall to the floor. Standing there in a red lacy bra, matching garter belt, black nylons and red CFM pumps is one of the most beautiful women, Sonya has seen in awhile.

Sara is slightly shorter than Sonya, has brown curly hair, medium sized tits and a beautiful backside. It is now Sonya’s turn to undress and she quickly loses her sweater dress. She then leads Sara over to the bed and as they lay down together they begin kissing and touching once again.

Sonya can’t help but tease Sara as she traces her finger up the back of Sara’s leg and all over her ass. At the touch, Sara seems to act as if electricity is coursing through her and she thrusts her groin forward. alsancak escort Sara decides to focus her attention on Sonya’s very perky nipples and gently brushes her finger tips across the ends, which causes Sonya to moan and grab Sara’s ass.

Before long both women have removed their bras and as Sonya teases closer and closer to Sara’s crack Sara begins to lick and suck on Sonya’s nipples. The passion continues to increase until Sonya decides to taste what is between Sara’s legs.

She knows she is getting Sara wet as she can smell the scent of sex. As Sonya lowers herself down to Sara’s mound she has her lay back on the bed. As she spreads Sara’s legs, Sara’s outer lips begin to spread apart and Sonya can see the moisture glistening. She licks her lips and slowly traces up and down the creases of Sara’s legs, working her way closer and closer to Sara’s sweet smelling slit.

As Sonya gets nearer and nearer she continues to tease Sara making her more and more wet. Finally, she can’t take it anymore and pushes the tip of her tongue into Sara’s slit and drags it up and down.

Sonya retrieves her tongue and savors the flavor as Sara reaches down and guides Sonya’s head back to her honey pot. Sonya doesn’t need any more encouragement and eagerly begins to lick, suck and nibble Sara’s pussy. As she plays with her clit, she allows her fingers to probe and slide into Sara’s wet gash.

It isn’t too long before Sara is bucking and moaning and repeating ‘Yes!’ over and over. As her first orgasm rips through her Sara goes rigid and clamps her thighs around Sonya’s head. As her orgasm subsides, she relaxes, but Sonya is not done yet and continues to eat out her pussy and brings her to 2 more orgasms over the next hour.

While Sara lays there very sexually sated, Sonya crawls up next to her and leans in and gives her a deep, long kiss, which Sara returns. Sara then reaches down and begins to finger Sonya’s extremely wet pussy and pulls her up so that she can straddle her face.

Sonya settles in for a wonderful ride and Sara hungrily attacks Sonya’s sex and it isn’t too long before Sonya is screaming at the top of her lungs and cumming. Sara continues to eat out Sonya and she too brings Sonya to two more orgasms. Sonya slides in next to Sara as they cuddle and drift off to sleep.

The next day you get a text from Sonya asking you if you have any plans for tonight. Since you are getting off shift you reply back with no and ask her what she had in mind. She tells you that she would love for you to take her out to dinner at Amore’s.

You readily agree and tell her that you will pick her up at 6:30. The rest of the day all you can think about is Sonya’s sweet body and how you can’t wait to touch, taste and fill it. That night as you stand on her porch waiting for her, she opens the door wearing a very short, sexy coat and tells you she is ready to go. You think it a bit odd that she didn’t invite you in, but dismiss aliağa escort it as you take in the beauty that is standing before you.

The maître de seats you at a small table for two, and you help Sonya off with her coat and see that she is wearing a stunning black satin dress with a very long slit up the side that shows off the fact that she is wearing a garter belt and suntan nylons.

You also notice that she is wearing her new heels and as memories return to you; your cock begins to stir and grow. You quickly finish seating her so you yourself can sit down and try to hide the bulge that is rapidly growing in your pants.

As you slide into your chair, it seems that Sonya also noticed your bulge and places her foot in your lap teasing your semi hard member. As you look at her pleadingly she merely smiles as if nothing is amiss.

Her teasing and taunting continue through out dinner and at one point she actually slides her heel off so she can rub your hard on with her nylon covered foot. You thought for sure you were going to blow your load right there and as much as you would have liked it, didn’t relish the idea of trying to leave a very upscale, busy restaurant with a wet stain on your crotch.

Thankfully, Sonya only teases you so far and there are no miss fires. As you chit chat over after dinner coffee, Sonya asks you if you would like to come back to her place for a night cap. You readily agree and head to her home.

Once there she gets your drinks and joins you on the couch, sitting in such a way as to allow the slit in her dress to show you nearly the top of her garter belt. You are trying desperately to not look so anxious, but the sight of her bare thigh above the nylons just about drives you over the edge.

You decide to take a chance and lean in and kiss her. She returns the kiss, pulls back and tells you, ‘It’s about time.’ and kisses you.

You seem shocked at her comment, but continue to kiss her and allow your hands to roam over her body. As you brush her nipples she shivers and lets out a moan.

You break your kiss, stand up and bring her with you as you tell her to lead you to the bedroom, where you can take care of her proper. She gives you a coy smile and saunters toward her bedroom. As you enter you notice that she has several candles lit and that the atmosphere is one of romance.

She approaches the bed then she quickly turns around, kisses you and asks if you are ready for a full night. You tell her yes and as she steps aside when you finally notice another woman laying scantily clad on the bed looking up at you. You just stand there and stare with your mouth open and don’t know what to do or say.

Sonya smiles and tells you that this is Sara the salesgirl from the shoe store. You just nod and feebly raise your hand in acknowledgement. You are at such a loss for words due to the fact that Sara is wearing a red baby doll, matching red garter belt, black fishnet nylons tire escort and 6″ red CFM pumps.

As you stand there staring at her and getting hard, Sonya slides behind you and begins to undress you while Sara sits up on the edge of the bed and works on the front of you. She hooks her thumbs in the waistband of your underwear and pulls out and down and your monster cock springs forward and Sara expertly snags it with her mouth and begins to suck on the tip.

This causes your knees to buckle, however, Sonya has reached around you from behind and is playing with your nipples and is able to keep you up. Sonya then lets one of her hands drift down to your ass and begins to caress and play with it, while Sara takes your entire cock down her throat and bobs back and forth on it.

With all of this attention you aren’t able to last very long and start to shoot your load down Sara’s throat. After your initial spurt she pulls back some, so that your cock is just in her mouth and as you spurt once again it fills her mouth. As you finish, she stands up, pulls Sonya around to her and gives me a deep passionate kiss that includes feeding her your cum. Sonya eagerly swallows it down and tells her my turn.

They have you lay down in the middle of the bed and once there, Sara climbs on top of your face but instead of facing your head, she is facing your feet. You think this is odd, but don’t complain as you see her neatly trimmed pussy approach your lips.

Once in place you begin to lick and suck on her lips enjoying every drop of her sex. You suddenly give a jump as you feel Sonya’s fingernails rake down your legs and you feel her lips take your semi hard cock into her mouth. As you continue to eat out Sara, Sonya continues to suck and tease you back to life until you are rock hard once again. You figure she is going to keep going until you deposit your load in her mouth, but you are mistaken as she removes her hunger mouth from your cock and straddles you.

As you eat out Sara you can feel Sonya holding your cock in her hands as she uses it to tease her pussy lips. The anticipation causes you to gasp for breathe. Finally, Sonya holds your monster steady and impales herself on it, burying it to the hilt until your pubic areas mesh together.

Sonya sits there filled with your cock, basking in the feeling of fullness, when Sara leans over and begins to kiss her while pinching and pulling on her nipples. This gets Sonya going and starts to quickly move her hips up and down as she fucks your cock.

With Sara leaning forward it presents her clit at a different angle and it isn’t too long before you feel her body racked with spasms. While that is going on, you also feel Sonya’s body tense and sense that she is close to cumming too.

As if on cue all three of you erupt in simultaneous orgasms. As the sexual high subsides, Sara climbs off of your face and Sonya slides forward so you can enjoy the results of your love making. You lap at your mixture of cum and you feel Sara begin to lick and suck your balls and flaccid cock clean.

Once everyone is done cleaning up, Sara and Sonya snuggle next to you and all three of you drift off to sleep. As you lay there with a beautiful woman on either side of you, you smile at yourself and can’t wait to see what happens next.


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