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“The doctor will see you now,” Miko, the sultry brunette American born Asian(Japanese) nurse-practitioner said as she stood in the doorway clothed in her traditional white nurse’s uniform.

For a moment I was caught off guard, having been engrossed in an article that was printed in the latest news magazine lying around in the doctors waiting room. At first it didn’t register that my name had been called and then she politely repeated, “Mr. Miller, you may come on back now.”

I got up from where I was sitting and by now it was almost a quarter past 5 and all the other patients had already left and as I was going back, Becky, the sexy 23 year old 5’7″ 125 pound 34C-22-34 blonde secretary was on her way out.

“Just go ahead and lock the door Becky honey,” Miko said with a sweet voice. ” I will take care of everything.”

Very well,” Becky said smiling. “Have a good weekend.”

“You too sweetie,” Miko replied and with that Becky locked the door and pulled the blinds as she closed the door behind her

As for me, Miko took me to the back area and led me the last exam room.

“So what are we here for today,” Miko said smiling at me.

I told her that I was here for physical as part of the insurance coverage for my new Executive position as Senior Network Administrator for a large multinational shipping firm in town and that Dr. Phillips was of doctors recommended by the insurance carrier.

“You’re kinda new around here aren’t ya hun,” Miko with a slight accent said as she began unbuttoning my sleeve and beginning the roll it up. “I think I would remember someone as handsome as you,” she added smiling.

I could tell there was some definite interest in me on her part and the feeling was mutual towards her. What Miko would say next took me a bit by surprise, not some much for what she said or why she said it but more for a person in her professional position.

“I hope you don’t mind sweetie, but I need to pull off this god awful belt and loosen this uniform, it’s about to kill me.”

“Be my guest,” I said. After all, I was no prude and I was hoping I could get a better glimpse of that tight sweet little 5’4″ 120 pound 34B-24-34 body located under that nurse’s outfit.

Miko unbuckled and removed the white belt and unbuttoned the top part of her uniform shirt so that the first three buttons were open. She then kicked off her white tennis shoes, turned and hiked her skirt a bit and grabbed her white pantyhose and pulled them down and stepped out of them. Lastly, she grabbed the beret that was holding her raven colored hair up in a bun and removed it, allowing her hair fall to her shoulders and shook it out as she leaned forward and shook her head from side to side.

” Oh god that’s so-o-o-o-o much better,” she crooned as she stood up. This uniform is ok but it’s so good to be out of it after having it on since 7:30 this morning. Now where were we sweetie, oh yeah I was getting your vitals.” With that, Miko went back to doing what she had been doing.

I don’t know whether or not this was intentional or whether it was a case of just being overworked but Miko said with a sweet almost little girl’s voice: “Silly me, I forgot to write down your blood pressure. I guess I will have to get another reading.” This time however, Miko would be, lets just say, “more friendly,” if you catch my meaning.

As Miko was taking my blood pressure, she positioned herself so that now she was closer to me and that my left arm was pressed up tightly to the side of her body, just under her supple breasts. The way she had her body facing mine allowed me to see inside her unbuttoned blouse and get a full glimpse of her nice cleavage.

Miko pulled my arm closer to her and as she was pumping up my arm to read my blood pressure, she came in by my legs as I was sitting on the table and stuck a thermometer into my mouth and began taking my temperature. Now I was able to look completely down her shirt and she had positioned herself so that my left knee was now under her skirt and between her slightly parted legs.

Miko just smiled as she took my vitals and removed the thermometer and un cuffed the blood pressure unit and wrote down the stats. She then took my arm and placed her soft hand on my wrist as she counted my pulse.

As she was taking my pulse she slowly pushed her way closer to my body and rested herself on my leg with her crotch on the top of my thigh. It was here I could ankara escort tell Miko wasn’t wearing any panties because I felt the distinct smoothness of skin on her cleanly shaven pussy.

After she wrote down my pulse, she said “I need for you to pull off your shirt for me handsome,” Miko said with a sweet voice. “I need to get a better look of that gorgeous body of yours,” she added with a naughty wink and grin.

I unbuttoned my shirt and she helped me out of it and placed it on the chair.

“Could you remove your t-shirt to,” Miko said smiling. “Don’t worry hun, I won’t bite ya, well not unless you REALLY want me to,” she grinned and winked as she helped me pull my white undershirt over my head, exposing my bare well toned muscular chest, tight, ripped washboard abs and well toned muscular arms.

I could tell Miko was definitely turned on by my handsome 32 year old, 5″11″ 180 pound muscular physique. She also didn’t object to my ruggedly handsome good looks with my short sandy brownish-blonde hair steel grey eyes and “iron jaw”.

I looked like I had come straight off a Marine Recruiting poster. The looks did fit me seeing that I had spent the last 12 years in the Marines working in computers and the last 5 as Senior Network Administrator in charge of training and base computer operations.

I told her all about my life as a Marine and the places I had been. I also told her how they trained me in computers and even paid my way through college where I obtained my masters in Computer Science, on the stipulation that I would give them at least six years of active service.

Once I knew I was going to the private sector, I trained my successor and taught her everything she needed to know and for my last night before I left, she gave me a “personal” review session which lets just say gave new meaning to customer support and satisfaction.

Anyhow, back to the story. Miko was very much impressed by my looks and didn’t hide her feelings a bit.

“My, my aren’t you service boys big,” she said with a sultry smile. “I guess you marine fellows get plenty of exercise,” Miko added.

“We stay pretty much in shape,” I replied. “We do PT drills almost every day, and some like myself pump iron and run to stay in shape and some find various other ways to keep healthy.”

“So I guess a handsome hunk like yourself has your share of girlfriends,” Miko said not knowing for sure whether or not she wanted to hear the answer to that question.

“Well I have had my share of fun with the ladies,” I said with a sly grin and I could tell Miko was a bit disheartened.

“I bet there is some lucky special lady who enjoys that fun huh,” she added trying to keep her feelings inside.

Sensing her concern I said “Well not at this moment,” and at those words, Miko’s face perked back up and she smiled.

Miko continued with her exam as she listened to my heart and felt of my muscles and tested my reflexes. I thought it was odd that a nurse was doing what a doctor would normally do but then I happened to get another glimpse of her badge and it read “Miko Osaka, C.R.N.P.” I casually struck up the question to ask her about her job seeing that she knew all about mine

“Just curious, What do those letters mean after your name,” I said pointing to the initials after her name.

“Oh, those mean Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner,” Miko replied with a smile. “That means I can do almost as much as a doctor but not all that he/she can do. “Having me her helps out Dr. Phillips a lot and she has come to depend a great deal when she is in surgery.”

After Miko was finished with the top of my body she smiled and said “Well sweetie, it looks like you are going to need to remove your pants for me and let me check the rest of you, that is if you don’t mind a sexy lady looking down below,” Miko said grinning.

“Not at all,” I replied and I unzipped my pants and let them drop to the floor as I pulled them over my socks.

My cock was at its full eight inches inside my white briefs and I know Miko had to see it, I could tell by the look on her face and the wicked grin on her lips.

“Now just lay back sweetie while Nurse Miko does her work, she said with a smile.

Miko poked and prodded around my abdomen area and then she placed her hands on my briefs and said “I am afraid I am still going to need to ask you to remove your briefs hun. After all, this is a complete physical” ankara escort bayan she said smiling, anxious to see the raging hard-on under my briefs.

“Do you want to set up and do it yourself or shall I do it for you,” Miko added politely, hoping that I would say the latter.

Sensing what she wanted, I consented to let her undress me and said with a smile “Well Miko, I trust you. I place myself in your capable hands.”

Miko pulled my briefs off and my 8 inch cock was fully erect.

Her eyes lit up like a child’s on Christmas morning and I heard Miko say with a sultry voice “Oh my, we are a big boy, aren’t we.”

Miko did the standard prostate exam and hernia test where she had me cough and then she wrote down on her chart. Miko would also handle my cock with her hands stroking it and just feeling it and even measured its girth after which she left the room.

She returned with an opaque white plastic bag with some articles in it, along with a tray with blood drawing needles and tubes, and a couple of specimen cups.

First of all, Miko told me that she was going to have to draw blood for “An Executive Profile” where they checked all the blood levels plus a liver enzyme test and a STD test. She told me she hated doing it but insurance required it.

I told her I didn’t mind and after she drew the blood work she put a bandage on it with a cotton ball underneath it and as a playful gesture she kissed the spot where she drew the blood and said “There, that ought to make it feel much better now.”

Next Miko handed me one of the specimen cups and with a sly grin said Well honey, I guess you know what this is for don’t you sweetie?”

“Yeah” I replied. “It’s the ole pee in the cup test, huh,”

“Yep, I’m afraid so darling. I tell you what,” she added “I will let you go do your business in the bathroom across the hall and will finish up here and then I will tell you about the last exam.”

Miko showed me where the bathroom was and I took the cup, proceeded to do the ole pee in the cup routine. I guess I had always been nervous about doing these tests and it took me a few extra minutes to produce but I was able to get out a good half of cup and deposited the rest in the toilet and flushed it.

After I placed it in the window as instructed, I went back into the room and I was surprised by what was waiting for me in the exam room. As I opened the door, I didn’t see Miko at first so I decided to close the door and have a seat on the exam table, figuring that she stepped out of the room for a moment.

As I closed the door, I turned to sit on the table and shocked at what I saw lying on the table. There was Miko lying on the bed back on her elbows. She was dressed in red lace lingerie set with a red bra, crotchless panties and thigh high stockings with matching garters.

“Come over here hun,” Miko said in a seductive voice raising up so that she was now sitting up. “There is only one more sample that I need from you, and I think you know what that is don’t you?”

I had a good idea. “A sperm sample isn’t it,” I said gulping, still not believe what was happening.

“Yep,” Miko said. “I hope you don’t mind,” Miko added as scooted her scantily clad body next to mine and placed her arms around my neck. I just figured it would be more relaxing this way.”

“Now you know most places just give you a magazine and a cup and tell you to go into a room and do your business. However, I prefer the more personal touch, if you know what I mean,” Miko added as she placed her soft hand on my cock and rubbed it with her hands. “I just figured it would be more relaxing this way than going into a room by yourself and whacking off to some unknown model who would never share the pleasure.”

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Miko added as she kissed me and began to rub my balls. “You don’t have to do a thing. Nurse Miko will take care of everything,” and with that, she laid me back on the exam table and proceeded to work her magic.

Miko first laid her lingerie clad body on mine and embraced me as she gave me a long wet French kiss, her tongue probing deep into my mouth. Her body rubbed up against mine, her breasts pressed up against my chest and her crotch pressed up against my cock.

Miko then leaned up and removed her bra top and then placed her breasts on my mouth as she rubbed both of them on the sides of my face. They were so soft and supple and escort ankara she even let me suck on them.

As she was doing that, I could feel her hand grab my cock and begin to pump it and stroke it. Miko would then kiss her way down my torso until she reached my cock and for the next 15 minutes she would give me the best hand and blow job I had ever received.

Miko first started by placing the edge of her tongue around the head of my cock and licking around the edges of my cock head. This sent tingles up and down my cock, causing my pre-cum to ooze out and not wanting it to go to waist she placed her lips on it and slurped it up.

Strangely enough, allowing that little excess of pre-cum to escaped helped “vent my valve” and I was able to hold out a while before I would explode my load.

Miko took my cock in her mouth and went all the way down on it, deep throating it until she would almost gag. She sucked me like a vacuum cleaner and every few minutes would come up for air and keep me hard by pumping my cock.

However Miko, not wanting to be selfish wasn’t the only one that would have fun. After about 5 minutes of sucking my cock, she switched positions and laid her crotch on my face as we got into the 69 position. Taking off her panties, I pulled her pussy to my face and began to eat her out as she sucked me off.

We went at each other for another good 10 minutes. I know I must have made her cum at least twice because I felt her pussy flood my face with her sticky cream at least that much if not more. I wasn’t that far behind her. I could feel my cock swell with cum and soon it wouldn’t be long until I was ready to explode my monster load.

“Oh god Miko here I cum,” I panted as I took a gasping breath.

“Give it all to Nurse Miko baby,” Miko crooned. I want to feel your hot manhood slide down my throat as I drink you dry.”

Just then I exploded sending my hot manhood down her throat as Miko had her mouth all the way down on my cock. She drunk every bit of my cum, not missing a drop. However she wouldn’t stop there, she would continue to suck on me for another good 10 minutes until I was hard again.

“Now comes what I call the stress test sweetie,” Miko said with a smile as she laid me back on the table. After all, they say the best cardio work out is good hot unbridled sex and as your private nurse I need to make sure your heart is in good shape and what better way than to do a ‘hands on’ test.”

Miko took my cock in her hands and lowered her newly shaven snatch on to my tool as I sunk ever so slowly into her tight little wet box. Oh it felt so good, like the finest velvet and silk surrounding my “little general.” Miko then proceeded to bump and grind ever so slowly as she rode me at a moderate methodical pace.

Miko’s tight wet pussy gripped the sides of my cock and milked it dry. As she rode me, she pulled me up so that now we were embraced. We passionately French kiss as our tongues probed each other’s mouths. We rocked back and forth as we continued to fuck and I could feel my rock hard tool probe deep into her wet tight pussy.

At the same time, I could feel Miko’s pussy begin to quake and contract. I could feel her wetness trickle over my cock and I figured it wouldn’t be long until she was ready to explode. I was right, and with in minutes, Miko was crooning as she gasped for breath and flooded my cock with her sweet sticky cream.

“Oh god yes-s-s-s-s, Jason,” Miko cried out in pleasure as she writhed in pleasure. “Make me cum more.”

We continued to fuck as she rode me faster and with more intensity. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I was ready to cum. I could feel my cock swell with cum and it was all I could do to hold back.

I let Miko know that I was on the verge of cumming and Miko just crooned saying “Oh god, give yourself to me baby. I want to feel your hot manhood deep inside of me”

I spunked my load deep inside of her and she just purred with delight as I filled her with my cum. However, she wouldn’t stop with that. It was evident that she wanted more so she continued to ride me for another 15 minutes until we both came again.

I don’t know how it was possible but I was still able to stay hard and gave her another big load of my hot sticky cum. Miko then laid on top of me as we embraced and came down from our orgasmic high.

“Now sweetie, wasn’t that better than spanking your monkey in some cold room by yourself,” Miko said with a sexy smile.

“Yeah,” I replied, “however, there’s only one small problem. You never got that sperm sample you needed from me.”

“Oh well, ” Miko said with a naughty grin, “I guess you will have to come back and we will have to try it again.”

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