Moans of a MotherMoans of a Mother


Incest was something I actually didn’t know anything about. I first read the word in the newspaper while browsing an article about a father raping his adult daughter. I looked up the word in the dictionary. The meaning was:

sexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other.

I did the most mainstream thing; I googled it and came across a plethora of websites. One thing led to another and I landed on this hentai site that had a shitload of animated incest videos. It began with that and then I started reading the hentai manga. From there I moved on to 3D incest comics. You guys get the gist. Till then I’d never thought of my mother as a woman. One night I had a wet dream and when I came across the face of the woman, it was that of my mom. It was then I started to see her as more than a mother, as a woman, as someone I was attracted to.

Drishti Nair was 42 years old. She had hypothyroidism due to which she’d gained weight, majority of which was concentrated on her breasts and hips. She went from a cup size of 30C to a cup size 34DD. Now my mom always had very nice skin due to which she looked really young. No one could tell she was in her forties; Some even mistaking her for my elder sister. This growth spurt of her breasts made her all the more desirable. My mom was short, a total of 5 ft 5 in which made her breasts all the more accentuated. To give a clearer mental image, picture Kat Dennings with black hair that ran down up to the waist. I’d say her measurements were 38-27-34. She had really expressive eyes, whitish skin and large full lips.

She used to be a classical dancer and due to her diagnosis, we encouraged her to it up again so that she has some kind of exercise incorporated in her routine. Mom was adept in kathak, an Indian dance form that communicated stories from the great epics and ancient mythology through dance, songs and music in a manner similar to early Greek theatre. She used to head home early from office in order to work this in her schedule. I too started landing home at that time because that gave me some alone time with mom. I would watch her dance, my eyes attuned to the swaying of her breasts. I would be perpetually hard during those sessions.

I encouraged her to take part in competitions, but she would always change the topic. Finally, I convinced her, but she let me know she’d need a partner. Now I used to be a plump kid who usually was immersed in video games. But this newfound obsession with mom’s boobs had motivated me to get myself in shape. I suggested my name, but she wasn’t convinced. I promised that I’d work ass off, but she still had her apprehensions. I started eating healthy and trust me it truly took an effort to avoid junk food. I sometimes nearly cheated on my regime, but the thought of touching mom’s boobs would pop in my mind jolting me back to determination.

I didn’t want to bulk up and so just stuck to running, push and pull ups and stretching. Stretching is something I did in mom’s presence. The purpose of this was to make me more elastic so my repertoire of movements would see an increase. This would help me pull of those really tricky dance moves that requirement me to turn on one leg and whatnot. Mom would be holding me down from my shoulders so I could do a complete split. It was tough and at the onset my inner thighs would really pain. To improve my flexibility mom introduced me to yoga and God every bit of my body screamed with pain.

The other area I worked diligently were the abs. Crunches, planks and every exercise conceivable was performed my me. Though I didn’t have a 6 pack I had a flat and toned stomach. Seeing my perseverance mom doubled as my chef and made the meals specified as per my dietary requirements. The results were starting to show, and I was now in great shape. The next thing I did was convince my mom to take salsa lessons. Dad wouldn’t go so I was up to be my mom’s partner. I was ecstatic as salsa would be the perfect excuse to rub against her boobs.

We both joined the class and it was fun. We started learning the basic steps which entailed shifting the weight to either foot, breaking forward, rocking forward, stepping back and so on. There was a time when this would’ve been difficult for me since I had 2 right feet, but all those lessons with mom had changed me and I took to it like a moth takes to a flame. Mom had her inhibitions as salsa involved grinding our bodies to each other. I explained that even if he changed her partner, she’d had to do that with someone or an another.

“But you are my son.” she said trying to explain her stand.

“I’m 20 years old, an adult if you may. So, let’s talk about this as adults.” I shot back.

“But that is the…” she tried to mutter a reply, but I cut her off midway.

I asked point blank “Who would you prefer, a stranger or someone you know?”

Her reply was prompt “Someone I know.”

So, we both realized I was the obvious choice. We started dancing and it was fun. We would Kasımpaşa Escort swoon to Latin music. Our salsa classes were on the weekends since during the week we would practice kathak. Mom usually wore t-shirts and track pants for our salsa lessons. I made it a point to wear a jock supporter during those lessons so that she would not feel my hard-on’s.

During those sessions our relation saw a transformation where we went from mother and son to friends. We started hanging out more where we go to have a milkshake or coffee after our lessons. We scheduled our cheat days to match our salsa sessions so we could hog without guilt. I even started picking her up from the subway station on her way back from work. I’d take the bike though the car would be lying around.

Mom would initially sit with both her legs on one side. I took me a while to convince her that she had to sit with legs placed on either side. I sited security concerns but in reality, I wanted her boobs grazing on my back to remain a possibility. Initially she would sit a little back and hold my hips, but with time the distance between us was becoming non-existent. Her one hand would now rest on hip while the other hand would be on my stomach.

“Ohh…it’s tight.” she would coo in my ear while her hand rested on my abs.

I would blush and remain silent.

Her boobs would jiggle during the salsa lessons and so I suggested she wear a sports bra. She said that would be too revealing. I stated that it was the need of the hour and it would make her boobs stop jiggling.

“Is it that noticeable?” she said.

“It is. Not that I mind.” I replied with a flirty undertone.

She mock punched me and we both laughed.

It was decided that sports bra was the way to go. Mom decided to go shopping and I decided to tag along. She tried to reason with me that she needed to go alone but I said that since dad wasn’t coming, she’ll need a man’s perspective and I don’t see anyone else around. We decided to go to one of those clothing departmental stores so we would get a huge collection to select from. I choose a weekday so that the rush would be minimal and I’d something in mind.

When we got there, mom’s basic response was to choose something that bares minimal skin. I suggested that we try out a few before we come to a decision. We decided to go for a high-impact sports bra as mom planned to join me in running too and this would be an ideal fit for both activities. She wanted something that revealed less cleavage, but I suggested that there’s no harm in trying everything before buying what we want.

“A smart woman once said you don’t what you dislike unless you’ve tried it.” I said.

She laughed. “You can’t quote what I said to get you to eat your veggies!” she replied.

We picked a few styles. She tried them on liking them all but a little worried about the one’s deep necklines. We settled for 2 with medium necklines and the other 2 with high necklines. She moved to pay the bill. I asked her to pay the bill and head towards the bike while I quickly glance at the collection to see if there’s something I like. She proceeded to the counter. Once she was out of sight, I picked the bra with the deep neckline along with crop top and headed to the counter. I quickly paid and headed to meet her at the rendezvous point.

When we arrived home, it was still fairly early in the evening; Dad had still not arrived. I asked mom to model the sport bras for me.

“I haven’t been able to offer the male perspective yet.” I said sporting a naught smile.

“Isn’t someone being a tad too bold today?” she shot back a grin on her face too.

I reasoned that I’d anyway see them in the salsa sessions, so might as well see them now. She laughed saying I’d been a fool to think that she would wear them in the sessions without an overlying t-shirt.

“That defeats the purpose of getting them. You can totally pull them off. You most certainly have the body for it.” I said.

“What the purpose you tell me, and what about my body?” this was her answer

“Comfort. That’s the purpose. To be comfortable in your own skin. And come on I’ve seen the looks guys give you when we hang out. You’re totally a babe.”

“You’re calling your old mom a babe” she laughed while iterating these words.

“I’m calling my hot mom a babe. All my friends think you’re a MILF do you know that.”

“What’s a MILF?”

I paused. “Mom I Love to Fuck.”

Her eyes widened with surprise.

“You’ve no idea how gorgeous you are. I’m not saying you should succumb to the excessive skin show trend, but you should dress to match the occasion and this attire is apt for the salsa session.”

“But what will people…” I cut her off midway.

“To hell with them. They don’t have the right to define who you are, only you do”

She smiled. She now took out of the bras and headed inside.

When she came back to the living room, she truly looked as a sight soothing Escort Kasımpaşa to sore eyes. The black bra went perfectly with the fitting yoga pants. The neckline was not too low, but it clearly showed off her ample bosom. I thought the cup would be a teeny bit too large, but it spread perfectly against mom’s boobs.

She was still a little shy, apprehensive perhaps and so had her palms covering her godly globes. I was hard the moment I’d laid eyes on her. I walked towards her slowly turning on the music on my phone, moving her hands to the side while holding them, our fingers entangled. We looked into each other’s eyes, immersed completely in the moment.

I nudged her a little back and pulled her forward thus assuming the salsa pose. My hands move were nestled against the bare skin of her waist. I pulled her close, her boobs clearly stacked against my chest and we broke into our salsa routine. We had eyes just for each other and we danced without a care in the world. Our lifts were perfect and as I lowered her down my face brushed against her bra, I clearly sensing her breast against the skin of my face. Our eyes met at it was nothing but magical.

We continued to sway to a tune of our own as the music had stopped, in perfect sync as though we were one. Time flew but we did not realize that. Finally, we got a little weary from all the dancing. We continued to sway her back now rested against my chest, while I held her waist. Her hand rested on mine; Our fingers intertwined. I bent a bit so that our cheeks remained glued to one another.

I had a hard on and it clearly was poking her in the ass, but she didn’t seem to mind. We continued holding each other in delicate embrace while we continued to slow sway. I slowly moved my face up and down, so my cheeks grazed against that of mom’s. I now broke the embrace and walked towards the bags that mom thought contained what I got for myself. I got the bra and crop top out.

“Look what I got you.” I said holding the items up for mom to see.

Mom was surprised and she did not say a word.

“I knew these would look good on you and hence got you these. There’s no hurry, you can try them when you want. I knew you needed that nudge, and so I’m giving you that push.”

I walked and placed both items in mom’s hands. She smiled. We continued our kathak as well our salsa lessons. Mom would wear a t-shirt on the sport bra when we headed towards the academy and would remove it once practice starts. During our kathak lessons she practiced in salwars. Our rapport was getting better as each passing day and she was much more comfortable with me.

During salsa practices at the house she always wore a sport bra’s and the sessions were getting raunchier with each passing day. I made no effort to hide my hard on and mom too wouldn’t mind when it rubbed against her. I even could see her nipples get hard as we swayed to the upbeat music. She would sometimes grind her ass on me while we performed the intimate steps. Her confidence had certainly seen a spike. I’d suggested a few times that she try on the bra I got her, but she’d always change the topic, so I didn’t bring it up much now.

Mom now felt more comfortable in her own skin with this increased confidence. We hung out more, held hands while we walked together sometimes. We’d now begun running together and I would get really turned on when mom’s clothes would hug her heavenly frame due to all the perspiration. She even caught me staring a few times.

“What are you looking at?” she would say making a mocking angry face.

“What do you suppose?” I would answer with a wide grin.

She would mockingly pull my ear, but her cheeks would also turn red from that comment.

One day when I got home mom asked me to wait in the living room and close my eyes. I enquired about the reason, but she said it was a surprise. She entered the room and asked me to open my eyes. She wore grey track pants and there was this huge towel that covered her upper body. In one swift motion she yanked it off and threw it backwards. She’d worn the bra I’d gotten her.

I stood there dumbfounded gawking away. I took a while before I came to my senses.

“Liked it…?” she said stretching the sentence a bit.

“I’ve seen nothing like it.” I answered still enamored by the beholden sight.

“I don’t know how I should take that?” she replied still not making eye contact, her eyes pinned to the floor.

“It’s the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen.” I shot back.

She raised her eyes with an urgency, and they met mine. There were no words exchanged, we communicated with only our eyes. This bra revealed a deep neckline and her ample bosom was now openly visible to be admired. After what felt liked eternity, I walked towards her removing my shirt as I approached her. We danced without any inhibitions, our hands roaming every nook and corner of our partner’s body. There were no barriers between us that day, we danced as man and woman and at that Kasımpaşa Escort Bayan instant ceased to be mother and son.

We danced to a tune of our own and when we were exhausted swayed slowly holding each other in a loving embrace. Our bodies nestled against each other, her hands pulling me towards her and my hands on her ass pulling her towards me. My nose was nestled into her nape such that with every breath I could smell her intoxicating scent. Her face rested against my chest. I slowly turned her around thus making her back rest on my chest. Now while holding her by her waist, I slowed let my hands rise up her sides while she gasped as my hands rose.

I was sporting a massive hard on, my cock overflowing with precum. It kept twitching with excitement, buried deep into her bubble butt. On reaching her bra I slid by hand to move along its strap, in the direction of its hook. I unhooked the bra letting it fall to the ground. I now let my hands slide along her back in the direction of her boobs. On reaching them I gave them a mighty squeeze. She cooed in reciprocation.

I pinched her nipples and could see her biting her lips. Her knees started to buckle a bit, so I supported her by holding her boobs pressing her closely against my body. I ran my tongue along her nape slowly letting it rise. On reaching her ear I let my tongue run along the lobule, rising to the antihelical fold and finally to the upper crux of the helix. I now inserted my tongue into the helix root.

After licking that for a bit I moved my tongue along the cartilage, nibbling it for a bit finally biting a little harder on the lobule. She gasped with pleasure. I now moved my right hand down her cleavage letting it go into her pants. I played with her vulva, slowly inserting 2 fingers in her vagina. I lowered the trackpants all the way to the base of her feet. Now slowly I turned her drawing her into a kiss while we embraced each other like we never wanted to let go.

This embrace was finally interrupted with the sound of doorbell which signaled dad’s arrival. She scooped everything and headed inside while I donned by shirt and went to open the door.

It was now around 8 months since we first began practice. We’d now started performing kathak at local events and had been received well by the audience. We usually would enact tales from Mahabharat or Ramayana. Me and mom never spoke about the incident, we acted as if nothing happened. I would say we’d gotten all the closer after it. We started hanging out more. While at the café if mom would have some coffee left over at the side of the lip, I would wipe it off with my hand slowly. We would glance at each other seductively during this act.

Holding hands hand become the new normal, almost like a second nature. I would sometimes hold her by her waist, while sometimes while walking with my hand on her shoulder I would let it casually drop down to rest on her breasts. I would just me mindful that we are in someplace where no one knows us we wouldn’t want to be called out for anything.

Now around that time dad went out on a business trip. The weekend was fast arriving and I asked mom if there was a plan. She seemed clueless and I suggested that we go to a nightclub to celebrate our recent success. She suggested she had nothing to wear but I reminded her of the crop top I’d gotten her. She showed some apprehension, worrying that the people living in the apartment building would gossip, but I suggested she don a jacket and once we were outside the vicinity of our building, she makes the jacket sparse. We decided to do this, Saturday being chosen at appointed day.

She wore the crop top and she looked drop dead gorgeous. It clearly outlined her most pristine assets, making her look like a diva. She covered up with a jacket when we left the building, but we reached the club she left the jacket in the car. I choose a club that was away from our house so that no one would know us. It was packed but we managed to get in.

“Drishti let’s head over to the bar.” I said

“So that how it’s going to be huh?” she said with a grin.

“We don’t want to people dying out of shock, don’t we?” I replied, she blushing at my reply.

I told her I’ll just go to the restroom and she nodded in acknowledgment. On my way back I see this guy flirting with mom. I could tell from his body language. I got really jealous and walked straight in-between them, thus eclipsing mom completely from him.

“Excuse me?” said the guy.

I paid no heed. He violently turned me so as to face him. While turning I use the momentum and punched him. Mom let out a surprised gasp. The bouncers’ stepped in. I calmly explained that he was hitting on my girl and was even the one who started it. They let us go with a warning.

“Jealousy…I didn’t know that emotion was so strong in you.” she said smiling.

“I didn’t like the way he looked at you.” I said.

“But I only have eyes for you.” she said reassuringly rubbing my shoulders.

“You flirted back. I saw you smiling.” I said.

“I just replied to whatever he asked. I smiled because he thought I was 20-something” she said now planting a kiss on my cheek to make my anger disburse while rubbing the other one with her fingertips. How could I say no to this?

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