Mother Finally Gets Her Man Pt. 02Mother Finally Gets Her Man Pt. 02

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This IS a story involving incest between family members. If you’re squeamish concerning this subject…perhaps you shouldn’t read it. Then again, maybe it’s just the right story for you to read. Only you can know what’s right for you.

All participants engaging in anything sexual are age eighteen, and above.

I want to sincerely thank Kenji Sato for his awesome editing skills!!!

A Mother Finally Gets Her Man

…and it’s her son

Part 2

Nineteen years and one day. That’s how old I was, on the day that mom and I finally took it all the way with each other.

Looking back at it all now, it still kinda makes my head spin. There I was, a teenager who had the hots for his own mother, and I never had a clue that she was also longing for me, too.

At that time, I was totally ignorant of the things that had been going on in my mother’s life, and the temptations she was facing concerning her relationship with me, her son.

She told me about the many times she’d hear me while I was masturbating in my room. I couldn’t stop thinking about mom, and the many ways that I wanted to be with her as mothers and sons aren’t supposed to be.

After I’d borrowed that magazine from my cousin, Robby, I’d just sit and read it, dreaming and fantasizing about fucking mom. When I’d look at her face, I would often think about how I wanted her to suck my cock, or if she’d let me eat her pussy. Something else that was covered somewhat in that magazine, was anal sex.

Many times while jacking off, I’d think about doing mom up the ass. She has such a lovely looking ass, too. When I’d watch her walk, I’d just gaze at her jiggling ass cheeks as she was walking away from me. It used to drive me fucking crazy, just wondering what would it be like for my mother to present it to me, to have me fuck her ass, and then for me to cum inside her there.

To have her laying underneath me, and to give me her body like that. My hard cock moving in and out her backdoor, ooooohhhh, it was something I thought about often when I’d masturbate.

But the really interesting thing about finally going all the way with my mother…was…I finally got to know her much better. To understand she wasn’t just a fuck-toy. She was a woman…a person…with real needs, and desires. Yes, I finally experienced the ultimate taboo with her…there’s that word…it’s called incest…and we can’t talk to others about what we have at home with each other. But anyway, I love the fact that mom has become…my friend!!

Do I enjoy being mom’s sexual partner? You better fucking believe I do!! But also what I love is her trusting me with her heart, with her longings, with her pains, and with her passions.

It took awhile to earn mom’s trust. After all, there were those times when I was trying to be a ‘macho man’, but in truth, I was actually being an absolute dick to the one person who was looking out for me the most, my mother.

If I could just go back and change all that, I’d most likely try to do it. But…I can’t, and hopefully, I’ve learned that I can’t ever go back to being the fuck-up that I was for too long.

That day, the day we celebrated my nineteenth birthday, really was a game changer for me. Especially what mom had to do to make sure I wasn’t trying to fake it, when I apologized about my behavior to her. She put me through hell that night, taking me so far, sexually…and then…just stopping dead in her tracks–as far as her and I going all the way that evening.

Was I frustrated about it? You’re damn right I was. I really thought mom and I were gonna have sex that night. But she felt she needed to make sure I had really changed for the better.

Thankfully, we got through that. Because the next morning when I woke up and mom was laying there in my bed naked, and sucking her son’s cock. It’s still mind-blowing thinking back on that morning…even in my sleep, I could feel something happening to me; at first, I couldn’t tell where the sensations on my body were. And then, a split-second later, I could tell the feelings were of my cock…something…somebody…was doing something to me there.

Well, then I opened my eyes, and mom had her tongue licking my penis. WOW!! Mind blown big time in the A.M.!!!

But what was really cool, was when I had the opportunity to perform cunnilingus on mom. My mom has been so good to me all my life, so when she was done sucking me, I knew it was a chance for me to give her what she really needed…and deserved.

I couldn’t believe how good she tasted. Mom’s pussy was such a treat to get my mouth on and my tongue into. I loved how she just opened herself…her body…opened her legs…her cunt to me, her son. And when I was the one, it was me…her son, that pushed her over the orgasmic edge…that made me feel so good. I was and am so in love yalova escort with my mom!!!

And how can someone explain what it’s like…to fuck your own mother?? I mean, every nineteen-year-old male fantasizes about sex. But…to actually have had the opportunity to fuck your own mother? And to have had the chance to make love to her, AND she WANTED to make love to her son…THAT is fucking fantastic.

Thinking back on that experience still gives me goosebumps. There we were, dancing downstairs, and then she took my hand and led me up to her bedroom. When mom undressed me, I thought I was gonna cream a pint right there. I was SO geeked up at that moment. But the biggie for me, was when she took off my underwear, and my cock was right there, my hard, erect cock was right there, with my mom looking at it. Even though she had given me that awesome blowjob in the morning, it was still almost unreal, to be stripped naked by my own beautiful mother; with the realization that she and I were getting ready to fuck. I was going to fuck my own mother!!! And it was her…taking my clothes off, so that it could happen.

And then, once we were in bed, and she let me get on top of her…even taking her son’s cock in her own hand and guiding it to her pussy, so I’ll fuck her…WOW…can this get any better?

But it did get better…once my cock was in mom…and we’re really fucking…and we’re making out…and my cock is sliding in and out of her…and it feels like NOTHING I’ve ever experienced before…how I didn’t faint because of that…I probably will never know.

But I guess the topper of all of that, was when I realized mom wanted me to cum in her. After all of those many times of masturbating thinking about it…THIS was really going to happen. My mother wanted her son, not only to fuck her, but to fucking CUM in her, too. Oh God, I still think I’m fucking dreaming and mom is going to wake me up in my bed, and then I’ll want to take a gun and blow my fucking brains out because it’s all been a dream.

But…it isn’t. Mom and I are a couple now. I still laugh when she calls me her boyfriend. And she tells me she’s my girlfriend. I LOVE it.

Having sex…NO…making LOVE with mom, has rocked my world more than I’ll ever be able to explain. I know I’m not yet where I need to be, as far as having it all together is concerned. But my perspective has definitely changed. I know I’m not the asshole punk that I was, anymore. Having the role of being the man of the house, with the responsibility of protecting and guarding my precious mother has helped me to finally see that I have to keep important things, important.

I don’t ever want to let my mother, my sweetie, my girlfriend down…ever again.


After mom and I woke up from the nap we took, on the day when we first made love, I was a little hungry, so we put our robes on and went downstairs, and made ourselves a couple of sandwiches.

When we were in the kitchen, every time I’d walk past mom, if it wasn’t me giving her kisses, it would be her giving them to me. We were really having trouble keeping our hands off of each other.

I guess, at first, it was a little hard to get used to the fact that we had finally crossed that line together.

The line that was mother/son incest…

As mom was eating her sandwich, I approached her and opened her robe. I just couldn’t seem to help myself and I began playing with her bodacious titties. She didn’t try to stop me either. I then pulled the top of her robe back so she then was, basically, topless. The way she looked at me then was like a fucking green light had been turned on, and there was nothing that was going to be denied me. At least that’s how I took it.

I aimed my lips at her nipples and areolas sucking on them. Mom just held the back of my head to her tit…

“Those are all just for you, Matt. Suck on my tits, honey. Love on those motherfuckers, you sweet son of a bitch. Mommy needs you to make me feel really good right now.”

I just kept going back and forth, from the right to the left, and back again.

“Aww, honey, let’s hurry up and eat. We need to get back upstairs, because I want to fuck some more. Are you ready to fuck mommy again?”

“You’re really asking me that question, mom? I can’t wait to get back up there and show you just how ready I am.”

Once I’d said that to her, she put the rest of her sandwich down. And then kneeling down in front of me, she opened my robe and gripped my semi-hard cock, telling me she was going to make me prove I was ready to fuck her again.

“Let’s see how hard my baby’s cock is right now. Because if it isn’t at least somewhat hard, you’re only fooling around with me, and you’re not serious about fucking the shit out of your mother again!!”

“Well then, I guess I have yalova escort bayan no choice, I’m going to have to prove to you how I am SO ready to make love to you!!”

That’s when I did my best impersonation of Rhett Butler from the movie “Gone With The Wind” when he picks up Scarlett O’Hara and carries her up the stairs so he could have his way with her.

Once we got back to…I guess I could say it was now both mom’s and my room. I peeled her robe off her and threw it on the floor. Mine came off in about one second, so now mom and I were both in the nude standing in the bedroom.

Without wanting to hurt mom, I did my best to playfully push her to lie down on the bed. Thankfully, she went along with me, and let me do it.

As she was now laying across the bed, mom now had this wild look in her eyes as I knelt down on the floor and pushed her legs apart. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy again, and there wasn’t anything that was going to stop me. Her cunt was one of the tastiest things I’ve had to eat in a mighty long time, I told her. And then she said…

“Well then, motherfucker, what’s taking you so long to get to eating your mother’s sweet pussy now?”

That was all the invitation that I needed. I dived right in to feast on my mom’s cunt, and she wasn’t doing anything to stop me. As the minutes passed by, this time I considered myself a fucking genius at eating pussy. And if my mom’s grunts and groans were any type of indicator, I wasn’t very far from the truth in my assessment of my pussy-eating skills.

“Ohhh, Matt, I love your tongue. Lick mommy’s pussy, baby. That–is–so…NICE!! Oh FUCK, right there, right fucking there, Matt…don’t stop…oh, sonnnn, you’ve got this down pat, honey…so fucking good…you’re gonna make mommy cum, sweetheart…I’m gonna fuckin’ cum!!!”

The part I loved about eating my own mother’s pussy was how she’d get her hips moving when I did it. It was almost like it would hypnotize me as she would move them up and down, or right and left, or better yet, all of those directions at the same time!!

Moving my tongue through her sex brought so much juice from her, I never did understand how all of that could come from her. It’s no wonder a good fuck can really make a person want to sleep it off after that.

After she’d had enough, mom told me she wanted to suck my cock again. So I wasn’t going to mind a little lip service from her right about now. Except, I wanted to do it in a way that she probably wasn’t expecting.

Instead of laying down, I sat up on my knees on the bed, so my body was basically shaped like the letter L. Mom got it right away, too. Once she attached her magic lips to my stiff pole, the magic began. Mom got into a sweet rhythm pretty much right away…

“Oh Goddamn, mom, I like that…yes…that!!!”

She started doing her ‘only licking the head of my cock’ thing again…

Now, her ministrations were making me feel so good, I began to fall back some, so I was almost leaning at about a forty-five degree angle. And mom didn’t let up on licking my cock…not…one…bit.

“Y’know mom, this is the stuff I used to think about when I’d jack-off thinking how you’d suck your own son’s cock…oh mo-ther-fu-cker, this is so goddamn nice…”

What she was doing for me, right then and there, was one of the thousands of reasons why I was in love with my own mother. There wasn’t any shyness or reserve to her. She knew what it took to pleasure me, and she wasn’t holding back…she was giving me exactly what I wanted!!

It’s what she did next, that I’m sure somebody’s going to write about someday in the sexual-situations history book.

She nonchalantly had me lay down on the bed with my very-hard cock sticking straight up, and brought her face to mine. We’re now making out big time, dueling our tongues, swapping our spit, and almost making our mouths meld as one for the next few minutes.

“I almost hate to break this up, Matt, but mommy needs you to lay right here like this. Are you ready to eat a little more of mommy’s cunt, sweetheart?”

“Sure mom, I can’t get enough of that.”

“That’s good, baby. Real good.”

She then pulled her face, lips, spit, and tongue away from mine, and then turned herself totally around one-eighty, and plopped her pussy down right above my face.

I’m now staring straight up into the most beautiful pussy I’ve EVER had the pleasure of eating in my whole life…and get the opportunity to do it once again. This time in the sixty-nine position.

Once mom was laying directly on top of me, and I felt her attach her mouth to my prick, I knew it was game on. Now, she wasn’t as much licking, but much more sucking my cock. I can’t even begin to relay how magical this was for me. Here I am getting a fan-fucking-tastic blowjob from this gorgeous babe, who’s escort yalova sliding her sweet lips up and down my very-engorged cock. But add the fact that the gorgeous babe who’s giving me that fan-fucking-tastic blowjob was my own mother.

And all one can do when they’re in the bottom position during a sixty-nine love fest, is work their mother-fucking tongue like there ain’t no tomorrow. And my hands…my hands had the quite enviable responsibility to rub mom’s back and her bodacious ass as she’s doing a spec-fucking-tacular job of sucking her son’s cock!!!

As I kept up my massaging of the lovely lady who happened to be laying directly above me, I could tell it was making a difference for her. As she continued running her mouth up and down my hardened penis, the groaning and cooing coming from her told me I was onto a good way to pleasure my mother, as she pleasured me.

“Are you okay down there, baby boy? You are eating mommy’s pussy so good, sweetie!!”

“Mmmmhhh huhhh.”

Was all I could come up with at the time…

“What’s the matter, Matt, cat got your tongue? Or should I say ‘does mommy’s pussy got your tongue?’ ha-ha!!”

I guess mom was trying her hand now at being a comedian. All I could think at that time was she was much better at sucking cock than she was at comedy. But alas, with what I was heavily involved in, there wasn’t a whole lot that could be said by me.

I could tell that I was close to taking mom over the edge because my tongue had finally located her clitty, and I was a man on a mission.

When she finally orgasmed, there was no little flood of lady cum from mom. I wondered if she even knew how much of it was being deposited all over the face of her lover down below?

But because of the loving attention of her mouth and sweet tongue, mom was bringing me closer and closer to giving her another meal of my ejaculate. But that wasn’t what I had planned, as far as how I wanted to finish in her this evening.

I did a quick flip of the both of us on the bed so I was now on top, and she was below me, so I now had to be careful as to not stick my dick straight down her throat.

“Wow, that was a really beautiful thing that happened just then, Jackie, but I’ve got other ideas as to how your son’s cock is going to penetrate you right now.”

And without missing much of a beat, I had mom sit on her hands and knees and told her it was doggie time for Matt and Jackie.

I never did use mom’s first name much whenever I would address her, but I didn’t feel like doing it now would be disrespectful or inappropriate. After all, now we were much more than mother and son, we were lovers, we were now fucking each other. If a guy can’t call his mother by her first name after he’s deposited his jism in her cunt, then when the hell can he??

Mom willingly took the position she could tell I wanted and needed her to. She had showed herself to be a very devoted fuck buddy to me, her very own son, and believe me, that didn’t go unappreciated.

So then, there we both were. My mother loyally positioned on all fours in front of me, allowing her son’s cock to fuck the very same place that he came into the world from. My erect, hard penis moved in and out of her pussy so deliciously. It felt like our bodies were made to just fit exactly together like we were now. I thought of puzzle pieces and how they were designed to fit, I knew there was no other man’s cock that could be inside my own mother, like mine was in her now. I held my hands to her hips…our unrestrained coupling continued absolutely unhindered.

“Oh God mom, I can’t even put into words how this feels for me right now. Thank you for letting me make love to you like this!! I don’t want this to sound too hokey, but I can’t help it…I’m so in love with you!!”

As I’m behind her and our lovemaking goes on, mom turns her head around to speak to me..

“Mommy loves you, too, baby!! Fuck me with that awesome prick of yours. Don’t stop fucking me, Matt…your cock is mine. It only belongs to mommy, don’t ever give it to anybody else, okay?”

“It’s always been only yours, mom…never been or will be anyone else’s…I swear to God…only for you!!!”

“Oh GOD, honey, keep fucking me. Just don’t stop!!”

“I’m getting ready to cum, mom. Can I cum in you?”

“Ohhhh, honey, you better not cum anywhere else but in your mother. I want you all for myself.

“I want your cum to give us a family…mommy wants…mommy wants to have your baby…

“Oh fuck me and give me a baby, honey…Ohh Matt, mommy wants to have your baby!!!”

Hearing those words come out of my mother’s mouth sent me over the fucking edge. I swear up to that point in time, I had never experienced an orgasm as I did then. My mom telling me she wanted to get pregnant by me totally blew my fucking mind. Was she serious, or was it just her talking from the passion that she and I were sharing and engaged in? To say I was intrigued thinking about something like that, wouldn’t even cover it all!!


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