Rainy HomecomingRainy Homecoming


The story is a collaboration between ChucktownRadio and Geyserlicious. Each of us wrote from the perspective of the two women in the story. Writing together was incredibly erotic for both of us.


Rainy Homecoming

By ChucktownRadio and Geyserlicious

Sarah: You come home tired, taking your shirt and bra off and collapsing on the bed. I walk in and from the other side of the bed, lean over and slide my hands down your stomach, unbutton one or two buttons on your jeans, then lightly drag my nails back up your belly, then trace fingertips along the curve of your breasts.

Next, I lean over and take a nipple into my mouth. My shirt is draping open and you you reach up and deftly unbutton a few buttons. You now have access to my breasts. They are heavy and inviting. You take a nipple and suck. I feel relief, I have been so engorged. That impossibly sweet and buttery liquid flows into your mouth. It flows so freely that it runs out of the corner of your mouth, down your cheek…

Genia: Rain pounds the glass and streams down the window, tracing the curves of previous drips, mimicking the milk running down my chin onto my breasts, slowly sliding around my hard nipples. It’s cold in here, but the liquid warms me as it slides effortlessly down my throat. There’s so much I have to gulp. I suck hungrily, then gently as I slide my fingers up to cup your other full breast with my warm hand. I give the now relieved teet one last suck. My lips make a sweet popping sound when I release. Then you feel my lips wrap warmly around you. Sweet release.

The TV sings songs in the distance, echoing the rain, pounding the glass.

Sarah: You empty my other breast, and my body is now on fire. I climb up onto the bed, and position myself over you. Straddling your wet chin. Typical for one of my days off, I am only wearing a button down shirt. The white material has a blue tinge from the rain beaten window. You move my shirt tails to the side like a curtain going up in a theater. I lean closer and feel your breath on my lips. They are glistening. You watch as a drop forms, and begins to drip. It is small, clear, reflecting the light coming through the window. You stick out your tongue and catch it like a snowflake, and I barely feel its touch.

Now, I am unbuttoning your jeans in earnest, and I see you are wearing my favorite cotton panties. Working together, we each slide our hands under your waistband. You lift your hips off of the bed, and your jeans fall to your ankles. Now, as I lean over you, I have my favorite view. I touch the cotton, and feel its warmth. sarıyer escort Now for my favorite part: I love to watch as you get turned on. A little wet spot forms, and I touch it, rubbing, watching the fabric become translucent.

Genia: Letting the drip rest on my tongue I savor the taste. You’ve made my mouth water with the anticipation of more. More sweet liquid, more sweet substance, more of you. It’s agonizing to be this patient, but I enjoy the tango between us. Sometimes barely touching, hovering, quivering, the smells are hot and intense, the touch brings me torturously close to cuming. Intoxicating and subconscious, hypnotic really. I’m surrendering to your spell, slowly, but not yet. I want my turn. My turn to be in control.

You rub my cotton panties drenched with excitement and I arch towards you. My lips meet your fingers your fingers as I grind wet fabric between us like teens at a sleepover. Your mouth gapes open slightly and I intently watch, staring into your eyes watching me. A moan escapes me as I stare without blinking, watching you enjoy me, entranced, waiting for my next move. Your eyes meet mine and your mouth goes from “oh” to sexy smirk. Yes, you know what I like.

Your sweet tits and lips have made me shiny in window light, and you trace the wetness on my skin with your nails, tickling my ribs, circling my nipples, fingertips on my stomach. You trace a path down to my panties, grab hold, and pull them towards my feet.

Your button down drapes you in the light, heaving breasts peering out, nipples hard. I see your collar bones catch the light. You swing your hair to the side and smile looking down at my lips, glistening like yours, ready for more. You look me in the eyes and lick your lips intently.

Sarah: I place my hand over your mound, cupping you. Every surface I touch is moist. My fingers slide over every undulation. I feel your entrance begging me to explore, but right now, I like sliding and pressing, getting soaked.

I lower my clit to your lips, just barely and you suck it in. Quickly, I raise my pelvis just out of your reach. You raise your head to maintain contact and I watch the tendons in your neck tighten. My button down drapes us on each side, enclosing us in the blue rainy light of our private world. The music filters in to fill the void between our bodies. I give in and grind into your mouth. Covering you, smothering you, and the ecstasy I feel is just a preview of fun to come.

I slide two fingers in you and curl them up to press on your G-spot. I feel that little hard tube of erectile tissue istanbul escort and circle it while pressing my palm into your clit. My whole hand making little circles. My fingers on the outside keep sliding. I like to tease you by sliding over your ass. I like its tight little round shape. Circling, sliding. I know you aren’t ready for penetration there, but touching you in that taboo place makes my head spin.

Genia: Your pussy swells around my mouth and I feel the muscles inside you pull my tongue even deeper as I suck with my lips and circle my tongue on your walls .. humming and moaning so you feel the vibration of my voice, the low rumble of my moans, and the hotness of my breath. Your hand grabs my head and a handful of my hair as throw your head back. “Yes Baby, use me.” I think the words, they drool through my mind like the rain on the window pane.

You respond as if you heard my thoughts, with a sound that seems to start from your lips wrapped around my mouth, grinding on me, keeping in time with the music as it builds with conspicuous bass.

Something travels through your belly and up through your chest, I can feel it building from inside you, my tongue so deep inside, circling your walls. I squeeze your ass to stop your grinding and hold you in place so you can feel only me, deep inside, swirling my tongue, sucking, humming, my hot breathed moans vibrating upwards onto your excited clit. I slide a finger inside you, then another replacing my tongue and push them up. Then in and out, faster and faster, getting you close. I pull them out to hear the sucking sound. Fingers wet with you, I trace the wet trail to your ass, slippery and warm I play with it then slide it gently inside and wiggle. I kiss your lips, give a firm lick up and down your lips reaching your clit as I finger your ass. I roll my tongue up and down your lips, then graze your opening one more time, then slide my tongue as deep as it will go, letting you smother me again.

You let go of my head and grab desperately at your tits leaking milk. It drips down your gorgeous body, sliding over your belly and smooth mound, leaving little warm trails in the dim light right into my mouth. It’s just too much and I feel your body shudder and shake as you exhale a sexy sound of exertion. Without further warning you forcefully erupt all over my face, splashing me in the eyes and drenching my cheeks. A sigh escapes as you look down at me with wild eyes and open mouth. You’re so fucking sexy. I know you’re not done yet.

You release my tongue and pull away from my mouth, but not before I mecidiyeköy escort get in one last playful lick of your soaked lips. I’m always thirsty for more when it comes to you. You smile at me with a smirk, again I feel like you’ve read my mind.

Sarah: My body is tingling with the after effects of one of the best orgasms in my memory. As I pull away from you, I lean forward. Now my dripping breasts are leaking at the tops of your legs, running down both groins toward a common destination. I squeeze my breasts, one at a time sprinkling you, making little rivers run down to your swollen, red, outer lips. My mild adds to the wetness. I hungrily begin lapping it up. The taste of us together is milk and honey. I am gorging myself on you. Mouth open, my lips covering all of you. My tongue is lashing your clit. I close my lips around your clit, and suck as I release you. I can hear a little popping noise as it leaves my lips, and I simultaneously see you shudder under me. Again, and again, I dive in full mouthed, slurping up your cum and my milk, then swirl my tongue, then suck. I slide in two fingers and rub them in circles on the top of your vaginal wall. I feel that swollen spot. My pinky slides around your asshole. I slid my free hand under your ass all the way so I have you pinned against my face. You are convulsing, moaning, whispering, “Yes, yesyesyes.” Your hands are everywhere on my body, squeezing my ass, tugging on my nipples. Your fingers feel desperate to find purchase on my soul. One more suck, and my mouth is drenched with a torrent of your cum. You squeeze your legs and deny me, pushing me away because the sensation is too intense!. I roll off of you, and take in my favorite sight.

You are beautiful, panting, lying on your back. Your legs are drawn together, knees bent. One hand low on your stomach, the other lightly stroking the curve of your breast. Your hair is wet against your forehead. Beads of sweat and milk are slowly dripping down your sides. The sheets are dark with our fluids. Your eyes meet mine and we smile. Absently, your tongue traces your lips like you just finished the most delicious dessert.

I lie down beside you, one leg draped over your wet mound. I kiss you, wipe the hair off your forehead, and tell you I love you. I can’t help myself and grind my mound on your thigh, and you respond with the same rocking motion. Now it is that slow movement. Every surface slides. I kiss you, trace your nipples. We press our bodies together, desperate to have every inch of skin touching. Slow, rhythmic gyrations, our thighs sliding.

We both know what is building. I search your eyes, and you look at me. Unspoken words coordinating that final simultaneous release. Less intense physically, but mentally amazing.

Spent, I pull the sheets up and cover us. Curled together we sleep as the rain continues outside.

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