Kelsey’s World Ch. 10Kelsey’s World Ch. 10

Double Penetration

Barbara Lowe slowed her car and turned onto the Jonston’s gravel driveway, fascinated by all the craggy old apple trees nicely lined up in rows. She vaguely remembered when the property was a working orchard, back in her childhood days. She thought maybe her mother had brought her there to buy cider a time or two.

When the old Victorian house came into view, so did two naked women, pulling weeds in the garden. Barbara’s foot lifted off the gas pedal. She coasted in, her body frozen except for the necessary steering. It was a sight she wasn’t prepared for, and she didn’t know what to do.

Kay put down her handful of weeds and waved. Sharron kept at her chore, not sure of what she should do as the stranger pulled in.

“I know her,” Kay said to Sharron. “She’s one of the school mothers.”

Kay walked over to the car. Barbara didn’t get out, still trying to put her thoughts together. She was astonished at the body on Kay, and the prominence of her cleanly shaved pussy.

“Hello!” Kay said brightly. “I remember meeting you, but I can’t remember your name. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. It was a while back,” Barbara said, finally getting out of her car. “I’m Barbara Lowe. Austin’s mother.”

“Oh, yes!” Kay said, smiling brightly. “We love Austin! He’s such a nice young man. I’m Kay, and that’s Sharron over there. Sharron,” she yelled. “It’s Austin’s mother.”

Sharron smiled and waved, but she sensed awkward moments afoot, so she kept at her weeding.

“You’ve come at the perfect time,” Kay said. “We’ve been at this all morning. We could use a lemonade break.” Kay walked Barbara over to the garden. “You better run in the house and tell Bobby we have a guest,” she said to Sharron. “We wouldn’t want him to embarrass Barbara.”

“Oh. Okay,” Sharron said. She was a bit embarrassed herself as she trotted up the front steps in front of Austin’s fully clothed mother.

“Let’s give him a minute to put something on, unless you like your men naked, the way we do,” Kay said. “Kelsey tells me you raised Austin alone. You did a marvelous job.”

“Oh. Thank you,” Barbara said.

“Let’s get that lemonade,” Kay said.

She lead Barbara up the steps and into the house. Bobbie came down the stairs while she was pouring four glasses, freshly dressed in shorts and a polo shirt. His feet were bare.

“Well hello!” he said. “It’s Barbara, right?”

“Yes, hi,” she said.

“You’ve got a much better memory than me,” Kay said to her husband.

“Barbara’s a member at the gym. I see her now and then,” Bobby said. “I’d forgotten you were Austin’s mother.”

Sharron came down the stairs in shorts and a blouse. Her feet were bare to.

“Well, I guess I should put something on,” Kay said. “I’ll just be a minute.”

She went to the front closet and pulled on a bathing suit coverup she kept there, for times when she needed a little something quickly. It was fairly see-through, though, and didn’t really hide much.

“There,” she said. “Let’s go out by the pool. It’s such a nice day.”

As they sat down at the big round table Barbara was in a conundrum. She’d driven over hoping to talk to Kay alone. She was hoping to glean some information about the party Austin had been to, and the goings on in general at the house. Having Bobby and Sharron there made that line of questioning uncomfortable, so she stuck with pleasantries.

“Kelsey and Austin seem to be getting more serious, so I thought I’d say hello and …I don’t know, break the ice I guess. I’m sorry for dropping in unannounced.”

“Oh, we love company,” Kay said. “We bought this house so we could have lots of parties.”

“It’s beautiful. So private.”

“Well, as you saw when you drove in, we wouldn’t really fit in in the suburbs,” Kay said.

“I wouldn’t mind you next door to me,” Barbara said.

“Even when you had a young boy growing up?”

Barbara smiled. “That might have been different. But now, I’m coming to grips with the fact that he’s not a boy anymore.”

“Oh, I know!” Kay said. “Isn’t it an interesting transition?”

“Do you have kids, Sharron?” Barbara asked.

“No, didn’t have any. I’m going through a divorce. Kay and Bobby were nice enough to give me lodging, to get me away from my husband while we get through the court proceedings. It’s been wonderful getting to know Kelsey and her friends. It gives me a whole new perspective on kids. Not that they’re kids, really.”

“Yeah, kids are a trip,” Barbara said. “I was pretty wild, I don’t know about you guys. My parents didn’t know what to think.”

“What kind of wild?” Kay asked, with a little mischief in her eyes.

“I smoked a ton of pot, and got into some…sexual hijinks.”

“Ooo! Do tell!” Kay said.

“Oh. no, I…I don’t really know you…that well.”

“Well, when we get to know each other better I wanna hear all about it,” Kay said.

Barbara smiled. She hadn’t had a friend to talk sex with in years.

“So what do you go to the gym for?” Kay asked. “You don’t look like you need it.”

“It görükle escort was after the divorce. I just needed to feel good about myself. And then I found out there were men there.” Barbara glanced at Bobby, and back down at her lemonade glass.

“Is it a good place for singles?” Kay asked Bobby.

“Sure. Not much clothing, sweaty bodies,” he said. “What’s not to like?”

“You probably see some of our friends there,” Kay said to Barbara. “Rich, Albert, Larry…”

“Johnny and Linda both go,” Bobby said. “And Rick and Donna, but I haven’t seen them there in a while.”

“Rick and Donna Welch?” Barbara asked.

“Do you know them?” Kay asked. “They’re dear friends of ours. They’ve missed our last few parties, though.”

Barbara sipped her lemonade, taking a moment to process things. From what she’d heard Kelsey say in Austin’s room, she was pretty sure at least some of the parties at the big house were all about sex, maybe even flat-out orgies. Could Rick and Donna be into that kind of thing? They’d been married forever. That would make them…swingers, she guessed, if it was true. Bobby’s other male friends at the gym were all married to. Could they all be involved? Is that what Austin’s been in the middle of?

“Austin told me he was at a party here Friday,” Barbara said. “Was that something Kelsey threw?”

“Yes. Oh it was marvelous,” Kay said. Bobby tried to kick her, under the table, but couldn’t reach her leg.

“You were there?” Barbara asked. It was the moment of truth. Barbara knew Austin had fucked Kay in the ass, even though it was almost impossibly hard to believe. Would she come clean about any of it?

“Yes, we were,” Kay said. “I feel as if we should have invited you, but…maybe you should ask Austin next time.”

“Oh,” Barbara said, feeling like she was painting herself into a corner. “That might be nice. I don’t get out much these days.”

“We’d love to have you,” Bobby said, deciding to go with the flow.

Oh would you now, big boy! That’s what was in Barbara’s head. She could barely look at Bobby, wondering if he could tell her heart was thumping. If her suspicions were correct, she would absolutely love to be had by him. But how would Austin fit into it, she wondered? Awkward! She’d never be able to let herself go if he was around. She wished she’d met the Jonston’s before he had.

Half an hour later Barbara and Sharron were deep in a discussion about divorce and lawyers. Barbara had lots of good advice to give. Bobby had gone back to the dinning room where he had a work project spread out on the table, and Kay was naked again, in the kitchen putting together a marinade for the evening’s chicken thighs. She didn’t care much for divorce talk, it depressed her, so she left Barbara and Sharron to bond over it.

“She’s very nice,” Kay said, after Barbara left.

“Yes, I like her,” Sharron said. “We’re having lunch Wednesday after my lawyer meeting.

“Oh, nice!” Kay said. “I’m no good at that divorcy stuff, so she showed up at the perfect time, didn’t she. I wonder if she’s serious about joining our party group? Kelsey never mentioned anything.”

“I don’t know,” Sharron said. “After meeting you all, not much surprises me anymore.”

When Barbara got home she was as horny as she’d been all year. Talking to Bobby Jonston up close and personal and her dry spell of male hook-ups had conspired to switch her body on in a way she couldn’t ignore. Austin was out with Kelsey. He’d told Barbara not to expect him home until evening, or maybe later.

Barbara opened her bedside drawer and looked at her shiny chrome vibrator, but she decided she needed more. She went to her closet and pulled a box from behind her shoes. In it was an assortment of dildos, blindfolds, gags and other paraphernalia. She dumped it all out on her bed.

She closed her blinds, turned on her bedside radio and stripped naked, wondering how she could best pleasure herself for the frame of mind she was in. She needed big-time fantasy, and she needed it bad.

She had a gigantic black dildo with a special mechanism inside. It vibrated powerfully, and also wiggled and writhed. She wet the huge tip with her mouth and started working it into her already slippery pussy. When the big thing was firmly lodged within her she reached for the gag, stuffing the rubber ball in her mouth before affixing the velcro behind her head. The blindfold went on next, pushed up on her forehead so she could still see.

A pair of leather lined handcuffs clicked onto her wrists, ones with a chain long enough for her to operate the clasps herself. She switched on the dildo and moaned onto the ball filling her mouth. It tasted unpleasant, like old rubber, but it wasn’t supposed to taste good.

She switched the dildo to it’s highest setting, groaning when she felt the power of it. Her chest heaved and her nostrils flared. She stood on the bed, pulled the blindfold over her eyes, felt around on the ceiling and hooked the handcuff chain over the big hook. Grunting as the huge dildo eskort bayan writhed inside her, she lowered herself down and let her body hang like a piece of meat. Her knees barely touched the bed. It was a feeling Barbara loved. She grunted air out of her nose like an animal as the big, robotic cock did it’s thing.

When Austin brought Kelsey by for an impromptu get-to-know-my-mom visit, they found Barbara there, somewhere between pain and pleasure, drifting slowly toward an orgasm. At first Austin was horrified, thinking someone had broken into the house and was torturing her. His gasp was loud, but Kelsey stopped him, and Barbara didn’t hear it over the soft-rock hits that were playing on the radio. Kelsey held Austin back by the arm, shaking her head.

“No,” she whispered. “She won’t like it if you find her like this.”

Austin’s eyes were wild. It was slowly sinking in that his mother was enjoying herself, but he still needed to be sure there wasn’t a crazed lunatic hiding behind the door. His heart was pounding when he stuck his head into the room and looked around. His mother’s clothes were laid out nicely on a chair. She seemed to be alone. As she grunted and writhed, her body rotated. The chain she was hanging from chattered on the hook. Austin and Kelsey could see her better from the new angle — hard nipples on lovely tits, heaving wildly as her grunting nose gave away the building orgasm. They could see the big black device stuffed in her pussy, and hear its mechanism whir and vibrate. Kelsey silently grabbed Austin’s arm again. It was time to go. As they quietly made their way out of the house they heard Barbara’s muffled orgasmic scream. It was beautiful, but it almost made Austin cry.

“What the fuck!” he said as they headed for the Jeep. His head was spinning. Kelsey knew she needed to calm him.

“It’s not new you know,” she said. “It’s what she likes.”

“How do you know?” Austin said, sounding angry.

“Those hooks. All her stuff. That’s her thing. She likes it that way.”

“Fuck,” Austin said, starting to calm a little. “You know about that kind of thing?”

“I’ve never been into it, but, yeah, it’s cool. It’s just a different kind of fun.”

“Shit,” Austin said. “What do I tell her?”

“Well, you don’t tell her you were six feet away from her. She’d freak. For real, that’d be really bad. Just don’t say anything.”

“Wow,” Austin said, finally breathing normally. “That was fucked up.”

“She’s kinda hot, right?” Kelsey said. “I don’t know about you, but I think it’s cool havin’ a hot mother.”

Austin looked at her like she was crazy, but couldn’t help smiling.

“Yeah, you know what I mean,” Kelsey smiled. “I’d love to see inside your fantasies right now. Your mom’s obviously got some good ones.”

Kelsey was driving aimlessly, but instinct was taking her toward her house. A swim in the pool would calm Austin’s nerves, she thought. Her mom and Sharron were back at the weeding when they pulled in the driveway.

“Oh, hi you two!” Kay said when they climbed out of the Jeep. “We just had a nice visit from your mother!”

“From…my mother?” Austin asked.

“Yes, Honey. Didn’t you know she was coming? We sat by the pool for an hour. She’s so nice. It turns out we have some mutual friends, and she’s helping Sharron with some divorce information.”

“We’re having lunch Wednesday,” Sharron said.

“Well, this is interesting!” Kelsey said, smiling coyly. “Was Daddy here?”

“Yes, Honey,” Kay said. “They know each other too, from the gym.”

“Interesting!” Kelsey said, smiling at her boyfriend. “I hope Daddy was dressed.”

“Yes, Honey,” Kay said. “But she found Sharron and me in the garden here. I don’t think she was bothered by it.”

“No, I don’t think she was,” Kelsey smiled, looking at how sexy her mom’s and Sharron’s naked bodies looked, glistening with sweat in the late day sunshine.

Austin didn’t say much. He was still trying to process all the different angles of what had happened the last few days.

“We’re gonna swim,” Kelsey said.

“Okay, Honey,” Kay said. “Do you want some privacy?”

“No, Mom,” Kelsey smiled. She wondered why her mother would think such a thing after everybody watched everybody else at the party Friday night.

Austin did feel a little odd taking off his clothes by the pool, with Bobby and Sharron and Kay all at home doing everyday household things. Kelsey obviously didn’t think anything of it, stripping like it was nothing and diving into the clear water. They both let the swim relax them for a few minutes before talking about anything.

“I should have told you, my mom came home yesterday and heard us when we were in my room,” Austin said.

“Oh, wow,” Kelsey said. “What did she say?”

“She heard you when you were talking about your mom and her friends, at the party.”

Kelsey thought back to how the conversation had gone. Her eyes widened.

“No!” she said, looking horrified. “When I asked you how it felt bein’ in my mom’s altıparmak escort ass? And how hard she came on you?”

“Yup. There was more, too, about me with your mom’s friends and stuff.”

“Fffuuck!” Kelsey said. She wondered if Barbara had heard the part about Austin being turned-on by his mom. “Oh my God, I fucked up, didn’t I…”

“No. We did,” Austin said.

Kelsey’s horror turned to a smile. It was sweet of Austin to share the blame, like they were a real couple.

“So, what did you tell her?” Kelsey asked, looking concerned again.

“We talked like adults. It was really nice. She asked me some stuff about the party, and I sorta told her. It wasn’t crazy wild stuff, but she sorta knows what goes on.”

“And then she came over here today,” Kelsey said, trying to put all the pieces together. “Mom didn’t sound like your mom was mad or anything. This is gettin’ really interesting. I gotta ask Mom some more stuff, about what your mom said.”

Kelsey yelled toward the side garden where Kay and Sharron were working. Kay rounded the corner to see what Kelsey wanted. She walked over and sat on the edge of the pool, cooling her sweaty legs in the water.

“Did Barbara say anything about the party?” Kelsey asked.

“Yes, she did. I thought she knew about it, but after she left your father wondered if maybe she didn’t. I hope I didn’t say anything I shouldn’t have, but she seemed genuinely interested.

“No, it’s okay Mom. She already sorta knew a little about it,” Kelsey said.

“Oh, good,” Kay said. “Sometimes I forget, and say things. She sounded like she might like to come to the next one, but I wasn’t sure what to say so I told her to ask you, Austin. I hope that doesn’t put you in a spot.”

Kelsey giggled. “This is an interesting weekend,” she said.

“Did I goof?” Kay asked.

“No, Mom, it’s cool. So, did you say you’ve got mutual friends?”

“Yes! She knows your father and his friends from the gym. And Rick and Donna. You remember them, don’t you?”

“Yup,” Kelsey said. She smiled again. They were one of the couples at the orgies that she used to watch from the third floor window when she was younger. They both fucked like animals, and Rick had a fat, uncircumcised cock. “Do you know them, Austin?”

“The Welch’s, Honey,” Kay added.

“Oh. Sure, yeah,” he said.

“Did you know they’re swingers?” Kelsey asked Austin, smiling coyly again. She could tell by the look on Austin’s face that he had no idea.

“Honey, you need to be careful who you tell these things to. Austin’s okay, but just think first.”

“I know, Mom,” Kelsey said.

“Does my mom know about them?” Austin asked Kay.

“I don’t know, Honey,” Kay said. “She may have gotten an inkling of it today. I need to be more careful sometimes, too.”

“It’s all good, Mom,” Kelsey said. “It’ll all work out in the end.”

“Good,” Kay said. She stood up to go back to the garden. “We’d love to have your mother join us for the next party, Austin. It’ll be a real family affair.”

Kelsey held back the giggles until Kay was out of earshot.

“Oh my God!” she said. “This is too funny. Be careful what you wish for, I guess,” she giggled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Austin asked.

“You know,” Kelsey said. “Hey, I understand, believe me. I’ve got daddy issues myself. I’ll tell you this though, if it comes down to it, it’s the hottest thing ever.”

Austin didn’t ask her what she meant by that. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know.

Austin stayed for supper after the nice swim. Bobby cooked hamburgers on the grill and steamed some sweetcorn while the rest of the clan washed up under the outdoor shower on the side of the barn. It was quite a sight, being right out in the open right next to the driveway — Kay and Sharron soaping themselves up to clean off the gardening dirt and sweat, and Kelsey and Austin joining them to rinse off the chlorine from the pool. Being with three soapy women was too much for Austin — he hardened up and the girls took turns giving him a slippery handjob. Kay had him for the final squeeze that launched his spunk ten feet into the yard.

After supper, Kelsey drove him home. They were both curious to see Barbara. Austin didn’t say anything to Kelsey, but he had visions of finding her unconscious, still hanging from the hook. She greeted them with a smile from a living room chair when they walked in.

“Hi you two,” she said. “Did you have a nice day?”

“Hi Barbara!” Kelsey said. “Yeah, it was awesome. My mom really liked having you stop by.”

“Oh, yes, it was nice. I don’t know what got into me. I guess I thought it’d be nice to get to know your parents better.”

“Yeah, that’s cool,” Kelsey said. “Sharron’s glad to have somebody to talk to about her divorce. She’s really nervous about it.”

“Tell her she can call me any time. I remember being in her shoes. It’s no fun.”

“Everything okay, Mom?” Austin asked.

“Sure, Sweetheart,” Barbara said. “Why do you ask?”

“I just want to make sure you’re…happy.”

“If this is about the talk we had, I do feel better, now that I’ve gotten to know people a little. Why don’t you two sit with me so Kelsey and I can get acquainted. I bought some of your beer yesterday, and there’s some wine. Could you pour me a glass?”

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