Point of No Return Part 6Point of No Return Part 6


When Thursday came, it was a massive relief for Melissa. Beth had stayed with her the whole time never leaving her side., escorting her to work and staying within minutes of her while she worked. Because of her issue at work, Mike had Beth take her and get a choker to match with her work clothes. That kind of surprised her and several times Beth had to remind her to change into it before work. Lesslie had shown up once at her job but left in a hurry when she saw Beth.

Melissa sighed with relief as five o’clock arrived, and she stepped out the door to see Beth waiting for her. Jumping into the car, Melissa scanned the area looking for any signs of Lesslie.

“Sweetheart don’t bother. I have already looked, and there are no signs of the little bitch.” Beth reached over and patted Melissa’s leg and gave her a reassuring smile. ” Now let’s get you home so you can change.”

They arrived at the airport just before 8 pm, parked and went in to wait for Mike to show. When he came walking down the gangway of the terminal, Melissa ran as fast as she could and jumped into his arms tears streaming.

Mike wrapped his arms around her. “Once I am done Lesslie will not be coming around, but you will be able to return the favor to her.” Mike kissed her cheek and let her down. When they approached Beth, he hugged her. “Thank you, Beth, for watching over her. You are free to leave once we get to the house.”

“Fuck that shit Mike; I am going to be present when Lesslie gets hers even if I am the one who drags her crazy ass to the house and inside myself. She fucked with you and you know I will not stand for that shit. And besides Melissa and I have become good friends. I don’t think Mary felt comfortable around me the other day when she came to get her dogs.”

Mike laughed,” yeah she never did like you, you scare her.” As they got into the car, Mike opened his phone and dialed Lesslie.

“Hey did you pick up that stuff I ordered?”

“Yeah I did, I haven’t brought them over. Your girl had some girl come by and has not left her side. You need to make Melissa understand her fucking place, especially having some woman act as a bodyguard.”

Mike looked at Melissa and gave her a wink. “Don’t worry I will deal with that here in a few when I get home. Go ahead if you can and come to the house so I can get that stuff. But hurry though if you want to be there for the punishment.”

“I will be heading that way, oh and you need to deal with her damn mouth, her talking back to me the other day pissed me off, I had to leave before I did something stupid.”

“I will deal with it as well, now hurry I don’t want to wait too long.” Mike hung up the phone without another word to Lesslie. “Ok so here is how it goes, Beth park your car in the garage, then hide out in one of the rooms, preferably the one closest to the front door. Once she enters, you will block off the door. Now I’m not so sure you will want to see all of what goes on, but you can be there to help secure her.”

“If you’re talking about the dogs it’s all good I watched Melissa in action. Even tried sucking one off myself.”

Mike turned and gave Beth a surprised look. “wait, when did you step over to the dark side of kinky?”

Beth gave Mike a wide grin. “Oh about four years ago. But it wasn’t anything major. When I caught Melissa playing with the dogs when they were outside; I watched from the laundry room. It was quite hot. So when Melissa came back in, I asked her about it.”

“Well, you have always been full of surprises.” Mike turned and looked at Melissa. “Did you order the items I wanted?”

“Yes Sir I did, and oh My god I love them.” Melissa let a wide grin cross her face.

Mike began laughing. “Oh, I think you will enjoy using them when it comes time.”

Arriving at the house, while Melissa disrobed Mike and Beth put her car in the garage. Heading inside Mike led Melissa to a chair and lightly secured her to the chair, then laid out all his floggers and other items on the floor next to her. Taking some more rope along with the cuffs, he got those secured to the table legs. Beth stood to watch at the door, when she saw Lesslie pull up she let Mike know then hid in the bedroom.

Lesslie walked into the house without even knocking and headed straight toward Melissa. “You fucking slut, you’re going to get whats coming to you. Now that Mike is home you will pay for your little shenanigans. Especially bringing in some girl thinking she would protect you.”

“Yeah about that whole episode, you had no right to do what you did, and that girl is behind you, I called her to protect Melissa after you came here and abused her without my permission. I even called Melissa’s boss, seems someone called her about Melissa and told her about her collar, someone she knows very well. That person is you.”

Lesslie turned and saw Beth behind her, then turned and saw Mike stepping toward her. “Mike you told me to watch out for her.”

“Yeah, I did, but what I didn’t say was you could punish her. I wanted you to let me know if she was disobeying. Had she been disobeying I would have instructed you how I wanted it handled. You chose to set her up by getting her into trouble at work. I also never told her she had to call anyone a Master or Mistress, but she had to call them Ma’am or Sir. Only I am the one she is to do that with without fail.” Mike got close enough and grabbed Lesslie’s arm. As he did so, Beth grabbed the other and Melissa undid her bindings.”

“Wait, what are you doing? Mike let me go.”

“Um, what do you think I’m going to do? I’m going to punish you for bringing harm to my girl, and even she gets to help. I believe she deserves that.”

Lesslie began to struggle, trying to break free of their grip. “Mike don’t you do this; I will make you regret it.”

” I will do this, and I will enjoy it as I know Melissa will too, see I do not like people trying to undermine me or deceive me. Had you called me and told me what she had done, I would have handled it.”

“I didn’t hurt her, and I didn’t do anything wrong, she is just a slut and a slave, nothing but a piece of trash.”

“Yes but she is my slut, my slave. Now let’s see what you did to My girl.” Mike led her to his computer. “Slut come here and turn on the computer. Let’s see what all she did to you.”

“Wait, you filmed all this?”

“Sweetheart I have security cameras all over the place. So yes I shot everything. I can control the cameras even on my phone. I can even save and delete data as I see fit.” Once the computer lit up, Mike entered his password then instructed Melissa on how to open the security feed. Once opened he took over. First, Mike clicked on the video of Melissa’s first night with the boys. Then he clicked on the video of the day in question. As they watched, Mike noticed Melissa’s shame of watching it all over again and the pain in her face. “You know Lesslie; you are a lying bitch, an evil one at that.” Mike led her to the table and secured her to it. Before they did so, Beth removed Lesslie’s clothes. Mike bent down and tied her legs to the table legs making sure her legs were spread apart. Once she was fully secured, he stepped to the end to face her. “Now here is what is going to happen. First I am going to whip you with the very flogger you used on Melissa. Then I am going to whip you with the crop. Once done, I am going to let Melissa decide what she wants to do.”

“Mike please it was a mistake, please let me go. I will never return, and I will never bother Melissa again. Please!” Lesslie struggled against her restraints.

Mike grabbed a handful of hair. “Now now, why would I let you get away with harming her. Why would I do that? You know I have noticed when people fuck up and get caught they seem to be very apologetic. See Melissa called me that day, and before she even said what happened she told me what she had done wrong, And yes I know she feared what her punishment would be, but I give her this much she has learned that it is far better to admit it before you get caught. Yes, she had received a beating from you and thought that I was the one at Merter Escort first who told you-you could, but I believe she realized I would never allow what happened the way it happened. What I do believe, is you were still pissed you didn’t get what you wanted and felt I had not punished her enough for it, so you decided to exact revenge on her.”

“No Mike that’s not it, I swear. I got a little carried away, and I am sorry. I will do anything; I will leave, I will pay you anything, please don’t do this though.” Lesslie was getting scared, so much so, she started peeing on the floor.

Beth began to laugh. “Mike I think you have scared the piss out of her.”

Mike stood and walked to the backside and watched as piss splashed the floor and trickled down Lesslie’s leg. “Well fuck, and here I didn’t have a glass on me. Oh well so be it, wet pussy and leather make for better sting anyway.” Mike bent down and grabbed the braided flogger, waved it around for a minute getting used to its weight. “I like the sound this thing makes as the leather cuts the air.” As he brought it down, he swung it, so it passed by Lesslie’s ass with inches to spare.

Lessie felt the breeze as the flogger passed by her ass and flinched, clenching her ass tight. “Please Mike, please don’t do this. Please!” Lesslie started crying as she pleaded with Mike.

Mike swung the flogger in a downward motion, the braids of the leather flogger hit her square in the middle of her back. He heard Lesslie scream as it contacted her bare skin. Then swinging the flogger in a side to side motion, the braids connected with each ass cheek. Mike grinned as Lesslie screamed again.

Melissa leaned forward and licked Lesslie’s tear-streaked face. “You taste good when you are scared.” She licked Lesslie’s other cheek. “I am going to enjoy watching your pain, and if Sir allows it, I want to see you serve Bo, Booger, and Boss. I want to watch their beautiful cocks get buried into your pussy. Hell, I might even try to suck their cum from your pussy then feed it to you.” Melissa stood then bent back over and spit in Lesslie’s face. “Who is the skank now, bitch.”

“Now now slut no teasing. But I think you are correct, Lesslie needs to service the boys. What do you say, Beth.”

“No I say I go find a stray, you don’t want her fucking the boys, she might harm them in some manner.”

“Hmm I think you are right, go see if you can find one.” As Beth left to find a dog, Mike stepped back to face Lesslie.

“Mike please don’t do this, please.” She knew her asking him to would not help, but she tried. “Mike, please I beg you, please let me go. I promise I will never bother you or Melissa ever again, please.”

“Oh, you poor girl. Poor pathetic Lesslie. She can dish it out but can’t take it. Melissa, go and retrieve the strap-on, and put it on. I think you can fuck her in the ass while we wait for Beth to get back.”

Melissa ran to Mike’s room, looking in the bottom drawer where she had put all the new toys. The dick on it was about the size of Booger’s knot. Melissa let out a low whistle. She pulled it from the drawer and put it on. It was about 8 inches long, so when she wiggled her hips, it slapped her legs. Walking back in she made sure to be in sight of Lesslie.

Lesslie saw the strap-on and began to scream.”NO, no please no! I don’t want that thing in my ass, please, god no! Please, I don’t want that or anything in my ass. I have never been fucked in my ass, please, please.” Lesslie strained against her restraints desperately trying to free. “Mike please no!”

“I remember begging as well as you beat my ass, I remember asking, but you never heard me. So yes ma’am I am going to fuck your ass, and fuck it hard.”

“Melissa please don’t do this. I am sorry for everything. I am sorry if I hurt you, I regret that I did what I did, please forgive me.”

“Fuck you bitch. Oh, wait I am getting ready to fuck you.” Melissa stepped up to Lesslie’s ass, taking the cock head and pushing it against her puckered ass hole. “Oh you might want to relax, it won’t hurt as much.” Then she pushed hard. Lesslie asshole gave way to the pressure of the fake cock.

Lesslie screamed at the violation of her ass. She felt like she was being ripped apart. The most she had ever had up there was her finger when she first experimented with ass play. But this, this large toy was nowhere near the size of her finger. She felt it slide deeper into her ass; she couldn’t control the screaming as Melissa kept pushing it in. “PLEASE STOP OH GOD PLEASE NO!”

Melissa pushed it all as far as she could. “Sir is there any way to shut her the fuck up, so I can please enjoy this, her screaming is annoying?”

Mike looked on the floor at the toys and found a ball gag. Grabbing it, he walked around and shoved the ball into Lesslie’s mouth then strapped it tightly around her head. Now all they could hear were muffled screams. “Is that better slut?”

“Much better Sir, thank you.” Melissa eased the cock out slowly bringing it out all the way.

Lesslie’s eyes went wide when Melissa shoved it back into her ass. As she screamed, she bit down on the ball gag. Pain radiated through her body, she began slamming her fists on the table.

Melissa slowly started picking up the pace as she fucked Lesslie. She enjoyed her muffled screams; It was making her pussy wet. Never in her life had getting revenge on someone felt so great. She knew though she had better enjoy it while it lasted, and enjoy she did. She grabbed either side of Lesslie’s hips, using them for leverage as she fucked her harder and harder.

After several thrusts the pain began to give away to pleasure, Lesslie continued to scream and shake her head trying to will it away, trying to will the violation of her body away. She felt like time was creeping. She prayed it would end soon. Then the first orgasm hit her; she screamed out no as her body trembled.

Mike watched in fascination as Melissa steadily fucked Lesslie. When the door opened, and Beth entered with a large mongrel, only then did he allow his focus on them to break. He walked over toward Beth and the dog. “Where did you find this boy at?”

“About a mile or so down 410 road. The pup is a little mangy, but he has a set of balls the size of lemons.” Beth looked toward the kitchen to see Melissa humping away at Lesslie and heard her screams. “Now that looks hot as fuck. When do I get to fuck her?”

“Later but first I need to dish out the punishment I want to, then we will go from there. Slut stop fucking Lesslie, I want Lesslie’s asshole to tighten back up, she needs to wear the tail for her doggie experience.”

“Yes, Sir.” Melissa wore a big pout as she removed the strap-on from Lesslie’s ass. As she stepped back, she gave her a nice open-handed slap across the ass cheek.

Mike stepped up and removed the ball gag from Lesslie’s mouth. “Please don’t punish me, please, I promise never to return or say anything to anyone, please.”

“Bitch shut up or I will shove this thing back into your mouth.” Mike slapped her across the face as he stepped back behind her and retrieved the braided flogger. Picking the flogger up, he started swinging the flogger through the air making sure to bring the braided ends as close to her ass as possible. Ignoring her asking him to stop, Mike grinned as he watched her ass flinch with every passing of the flogger. His first connecting swing connected between her ass cheeks, the crack even made Melissa jump a little. Lesslie’s scream told him all he needed to know. Mike started to swing the flogger in a figure eight pattern, so when he started connecting with her ass again, he hit her right then left ass cheek. His swings began flowing fluidly, the whoosh of leather thru the air and the crack of leather to the skin. Lesslie’s scream became elongated between inhales for breath. Her body pulling against her restraints. Mike made a slight change up as he hit right then left he would bring the flogger down then up and hit Lesslie’s pussy. The first hit to Lesslie’s pussy caused her to pull so tight on her restraints her back arched.

Tears flowed Escort Merter down her cheeks; she felt her voice begin to get raspy as she continued to scream. She had no time between the smacking of leather to her bare skin to beg him to stop. Her pussy hurt the most; her ass felt like it was on fire. Mike was relentless she knew that for sure but it felt like he was more than that now.

Melissa leaned forward and licked Lesslie’s cheek. “MMM, I love the taste of your pain.” Looking into Lesslie’s eyes, she smiled. She grabbed Lesslie by the hair and pulled her head back, then spit in her face. “Fucking bitch, you should have never fucked with me.” Melissa swung with her right hand and connected with Lesslie’s right cheek. “Sir, can I do what she did to me?”

“If you mean choke, then go right ahead slut.”

Lesslie felt an overwhelming fear creep through her. When Melissa wrapped her hand around her throat, her fear turned into terror. When Melissa squeezed, she went full panic when she couldn’t draw breath.

Melissa watched as Lesslie struggled to get air when her face started changing color she released her grip. “How does it feel bitch when you can’t breathe, hmmm?”

“Please, Melissa I am sorry ple…..” Her airway was closed off again as Melissa squeezed tight around her throat.

“Fuck you bitch, fuck you, I want you to know how I felt as you did this to me. I want you to feel the fear I felt; I want you scared like I was scared. So fuck you, and fuck you and your, I am sorry bullshit.” Melissa let go long enough for Lesslie to gasp for air, then squeezed.

Mike stood back and looked at the redness of Lesslie’s ass and pussy; welps were already starting to form. “Slut stop.” He commanded, Melissa wasn’t stopping, and he saw the anger in her eyes. Casually walking over to her he brought the flogger back and swung it hitting her ass as hard as he could. Melissa screamed out and let go.

Melissa looked at Mike knowing full well she had just fucked up, she rubbed her ass and stepped back.

“Fuck, slut I want you to get back at her, but if you don’t want to listen to me, then I will be more than happy to secure your ass to the table as well.”

“Yes sir, I apologize, I got a little blinded by my revenge. Thank you for my punishment.” Melissa bowed her head and walked away from the table and to the kitchen entryway.

Mike leaned over and looked into Lesslie’s eyes. “I am going to let you have a short break; then we will see what ol’ Mutt over there is capable of, I think he deserves a piece of human pussy to fuck. Probably got a lot of build up.” Mike stood and walked toward the living room.

Lesslie laid on the table still trying to catch her breath. Never had she thought Mike would be this sadistic? Her ass hurt, her pussy, and the back of her legs hurt. She felt as if she had cried all her tears away. Lesslie knew she had fucked up; she had been jealous that skank had gotten Mike and not her. She thought if she could have scared her enough she would have left for good. Now here she was strapped to a table beaten and choked. When she thought about what was next, she cringed. Never would she fuck a dog, it was all right for Mike’s skank to do it, but her, that was a kink she never wanted. Now she was going to experience it, and she feared she would enjoy it.

Beth watched over Lesslie while Mike and Melissa sat in the living room. Beth was one of those who enjoyed the company of men and women. Seeing Lesslie get her ass beat was a huge turn on. She could feel the moistness of her pussy. Her time with Melissa had been an enjoyable one, though they had not played, Melissa had taught her a new pleasure, dogs, she hadn’t fucked one yet but had sucked her fair share of their cum down her throat. Beth stepped over and laid her hand on Lesslie’s ass. As soon as her hand touched her bare skin, Lesslie tightened up her butt cheeks. She lightly caressed her ass feeling the heat from the recent flogging. She let her fingers glide up Lesslie’s spine, being ever so gentle. She wanted badly to smack her one, but she didn’t want to piss Mike off. She leaned over and whispered into Lesslie’s ear. “Listen here bitch, once Mike is done with you, it will be my turn, and you thought it hurt when Melissa fucked your ass, well prepare cause when I fuck it I will make it hurt.” Beth stood and walked into the living room.

For the thirty minutes, they all sat in the living room watching tv. Finally, Mike stood up and headed to the backyard. “Beth watch Lesslie, slut you come with me.” Mike headed out the door with Melissa hot on his heels. Once out back Mike went to the shed, entering he quickly found what he had come to get. Opening up one of the storage cases he shuffled through it and removed eight tent stakes. They went back outside. Slut grab that old table in the corner, that should be the right hight.”

Melissa grabbed the small table and scurried out of the shed.

Mike had Melissa set down the table and placed each stake up, then moved the table and hammered each stake the ground, once satisfied they were beaten into the ground, he placed the table back and went back inside. Returning a few minutes later with him and Beth on either side of a very dejected Lesslie, Mutt followed behind. Mike led them to the table. Forcing Lesslie down onto the table, he took the rope and secured her arms to each tent stake while Beth fastened her feet to the back stakes. Mike finished and took some rope and tied them to her upper thighs then led the ropes to a set of stakes he had set further back to keep her from moving forward and preventing Mutt from knotting with her.

While Mike and Beth were securing Lesslie, Melissa was playing with Mutt getting him nice and wound up. Reaching under him, she playfully stroked his sheath, getting his cock out and exposed. Meanwhile, he humped her hand, and several times tried to mount her. Melissa deftly got away from him, even while on all fours. On occasion, she would get his cock exposed and lean under him and wrap her lips around his cock, each time she would moan as he squirted precum into her mouth. She only stopped when Mike yelled at her to bring Mutt to them.

Lesslie watched as Melissa played with Mutt, she wanted to throw up, never had she seen such a disgusting act of total perversion. When Mike hollered for her to bring the dog over Lesslie fought against the restraints, but unfortunately for her, Mike had her nice and secured.

Melissa lead Mutt over to Lesslie and let him sniff at her pussy. He took several licks at her pussy when Melissa slapped at her skin. For several minutes he paced around Lesslie and the table.

With Mutt not mounting Melissa reached and patted Lesslie’s butt calling him. “Come on Mutt mount your new bitch. Come on boy.” She patted her ass several more times.

Lesslie did her best to ignore the several licks from the dog. She closed her eyes when Melissa started slapping her ass. “Please don’t let him get on me please, please don’t let him.” She kept repeating over and over to herself. She knew her cries for them stop would go ignored.

Without warning for Lesslie, the mutt mounted upon her. She didn’t know Melissa had caught Mutt and was stroking his sheath. As he began humping the air, he mounted her back and tried to find her pussy with his growing cock. His thrusts missed several times.

Melissa reached underneath Lesslie and helped guide Mutt to the vaginal opening.

Mike and Beth watched as the dogs humping went from slow experimental humping to a fast-paced thrust once his cock hit Lesslie’s pussy. They watched as Melissa laid down and put her head between Lesslie’s legs and watch.

Lesslie let out a scream as the dog’s cock entered her. It was large, and it’s pistoning in and out of her was fast. Faster than any man had ever done to her, not to mention deeper than any man. She turned her head as far as she could. “Mike, please stop him, please. Oh god, oh god, please no. Fuck, oh fuck.” Lesslie tried her best to clinch down, hoping that she could keep him out. She Merter Escort Bayan felt something pounding at the opening of her pussy, and it was slowly getting larger with each thrust. When the dog gave a hard thrust, the object entered her, and the dog’s thrusts became more intense. She felt as though she had a baseball inside her. A baseball that was swelling, and making her feel full. He was so deep inside her she felt like he was touching her stomach with his cock.

Melissa let out a small squeal as she watched the knot enter Lesslie’s pussy. Her body tingled with excitement. She remembered all the times the boys had knotted her. How full she felt, how their cum gushed inside her, how hot it was and how the knot pushed against her g-spot.

As the object inside her grew, she felt it pushing at g-spot. She felt the orgasm build. She did her best to try and stop it, but the pressure was intense. Then she felt something hot enter her insides. Her eyes went wide as her control over her orgasm let go, her body shook violently. First, she screamed then low moans emitted from her as orgasm after orgasm erupted through her body. The pressure on her g-spot was intense. Tears began to flow as her mind registered the fact she not only had been fucked by a dog but had an orgasm as a result. Her shame became even more mounting when she felt something touch her clit. It was soft and wet and moved with purpose.

Melissa continued to watch in excitement as the thrusts from the dog had slowly stopped. When she saw droplets of cum appear at Lesslie’s pussy, she craned her neck and stuck out her tongue. She could care less that she was licking a female, her depravity that she had fallen into had washed all that away. Now all she wanted was the cum. As she relished the taste of the cum spilling from Lesslie she had an orgasm of her own. She remembered her promise to Lesslie and tried her best not to swallow any.

As Melissa was laying on the ground, Beth took a moment to strip down and then going inside. Returning she had the large strap-on on. She walked up standing next to Mike. “I am going to fuck this bitch, and I am going to enjoy it.”

Mike looked Beth over, even he was intimidated a little by not only her physique, plus having a large dildo strapped to her body. “Sweetheart you go right ahead, but don’t hurt her to severely, I don’t need her in the hospital and that’s a can a worms none of us need.”

Beth winked at Mike. “No worries, I am just going to make it hurt a little.” Holding up two fingers closely together she smiled and walked over to get a closer look at Melissa.

Lesslie realized with horror that what she felt on her pussy was Melissa’s tongue. She felt revulsion thinking of the little skank sucking dog cum out of her. Her orgasm was starting to subside as the knot inside her shrinking. She had no idea how much cum had been squirted inside her, but she did know she felt full.

Melissa knew the knot would pop out of Lesslie soon and she was prepared to capture all the cum she could. When the knot did come out, a flood of cum followed. Most of it went into her mouth, what didn’t dribble down her cheeks and chin. As she sat up to move, she caught sight of Beth on her knees holding the mutts cock just behind the knot and greedily sucking on it. She noticed the large dildo hanging down. She reached up and grabbed the tail plug and yanked it out of Lesslie’s ass.

The sudden removal of the plug brought a painful cry of pain from Lesslie. As she opened her eyes she was staring face to face with Melissa, her mouth tightly shut and the remnants of cum on her face, and a wicked smile crossing her face. Lesslie bit down her lips hoping beyond hope to keep whatever was in Melissa’s mouth out of hers.

Beth removed her mouth from the dog’s cock and looked to see Melissa holding the plug in her hand. Letting go of Mutt, she crawled up behind Lesslie and got herself into position. “Ok bitch time for promises to be kept.” With one hand she pulled an ass cheek to the side and with her other she guided the dildo to Lesslie’s ass hole. With one thrust she shoved the whole dildo deep into Lesslie’s ass.

The sudden violation caused Lesslie to forget all about Melissa. She opened her mouth and screamed.

Melissa saw her opportunity and grabbed the back of Lesslie’s head and forced her mouth onto hers. She opened up allowing the cum in her mouth to flow into Lesslie’s. Letting go, she sat back and watched the realization of what was in her mouth cross Lesslie’s face as she tasted the cum. Without warning Lesslie spit the cum back into Melissa’s face and began screaming again. Melissa licked her lips. As she stood, she reared her hand back and gave Lesslie a hard slap across the face. As she walked away, she used her fingers to remove cum from her face, then put each finger in her mouth.

Beth pounded Lesslie’s ass relentlessly, fucking her as hard as she could. The screams coming from Lesslie didn’t bother her. In fact, it was turning her on.

Lesslie finally gave up screaming and laid her head on the table, her cheek rubbing the wooden surface as her ass was being pounded. She gave up; she just wanted to be away from here, wanted to get Melissa out of her mind, and to forget she ever knew Mike. She just prayed no one would ever find out a dog had fucked her.

Melissa stepped over to Mike and got on her knees. She looked up at him awaiting him to unzip his pants and remove his cock. Mike obliged her desire.

Beth removed the cock from Lesslie’s abused ass and stood up. As she turned, she gave Lesslie’s ass a hard swat. Turning she saw Melissa on her knees with Mike’s cock in her mouth. She stepped up and grabbed a handful of Melissa’s hair and helped Mike fuck her mouth.

Mike looked down and watched as his cock entered and exited out of Melissa’s mouth. He looked over at Beth then leaned over and kissed her deeply on the mouth. He humped Melissa’s mouth for just a few minutes, the events that had unfolded had him so hard all he wanted was release. Grabbing a hand full of hair, he shoved his cock deep into Melissa’s mouth and came deep down her throat. With a satisfied grin pulled out of her mouth and put his cock back into his pants. “Girls stay right here; I will be back momentarily.”

Mike stepped up to the table and began un-securing Lesslie. Once finished he reached down and grabbed a handful of hair. Pulling her to her feet he looked into her eyes. “Stay away from My girl and me. I never want to see you again. I will make your life a living hell if I do.” Leaning in close, he whispered in her ear. “If you try to report this a certain little video will make its way to law enforcement and the internet and your family.”

Lesslie’s eyes widened. What did he know and what did he have. She feared to ask.

“A certain little video of you and a young lady from your neighborhood. You know the one, blonde very cute and the head cheerleader. Yea if you even mouth a word it will get out.” Mike pulled her head back and moved her toward Melissa and Beth. Forcing her to her knees, he pulled her head up to face Melissa. “Now you can apologize for what you did to her.”

Lesslie began to cry. How did he know about that, how did have anything? Her eyes drifted to Melissa. “I am sorry, please forgive me.”

Melissa leaned forward and spat into Lesslie’s face. “Fuck you bitch.”

Mike pulled Lesslie to her feet and walked her to the back gate. At the gate, he stopped. “I hope I made myself very clear.”

Lesslie tried to nod. “How did you get a video of that girl and me? How?”

Mike grinned. “Oh let’s just say I know her family and she had told me in confidence because she was scared of her parents and knew Uncle Mike would protect her. She filmed one of your little play times at the high school.” Mike opened the gate.

“Oh my god, she’s your niece. Oh, fuck.” Lesslie went from being humiliated to complete despair.

“Mike walked her to her car. “Now drive your ass out of here. Don’t look back, don’t call, don’t stop till you are far away.” Mike opened her car door and shoved her into the car.

“Mike what about my clothes. I can’t be seen this way. Can I have my clothes please.”

“Nope, you can leave. Now get the fuck out of here before I decide to yank your ass back to the back and let the mutt and the girls have a go again.” Mike slammed the car door. Then walked away.

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