I recently came across a list of super creative ways to improve sex lives. When I showed the list to my man he was rapt in the idea.

Thirty minutes of pure oral sex

A fulfilled wild fantasy

A kinky date night

A one-hour G-spot massage

A striptease show

Tie up your partner and spank them

A romantic bubble bath

• A one hour-long sensual massage

“Which one would you like to try?,” I asked.

“Let me thinks about it while you give me an hour-long sensual massage and a G-spot massage,” I replied. “Start with the insides of my thighs, then my big ass.”

“Lets be creative and combine four of them at the same time,” I tell him as his hands are doing wonderful things to my oily ass cheeks.

“Which four did you have in mind baby?,” he asks after he turns me over and slides an oily finger tip along my almost bald cunt lips and finds my clit. At the same time I am sliding an oily hand along his very erect cock.

“A kinky date night and a fulfilled wild fantasy, an extra person while we have thirty minutes of pure oral sex after a striptease show from me – or is it you. And perhaps a spanking?”

“Let’s aim for thirty minutes of pure oral sex for each of us,” he tells me.

I have had four orgasms before he expertly curls a finger into me. He knows exactly how to massage my G-spot. I love being teased and edged. I want to squirt and I want to heighten the pleasure of it for both of us.

“Cum with me baby, not yet though,” I whisper as I slide my clenched, oily hand along his rock hard erection as I check the time on our wall clock. I want to last the full hour before I have a huge orgasm and squirt.

I am Sarah, of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I have a very strong sex drive and one of my favorite turn ons is sex with an audience.

All week I have been anticipating thirty minutes of pure oral sex with two people. I am not sure if the extra person will be a male or female. I am also looking forward to performing a striptease for the extra person, hopefully a younger, hung male.

On the Sunday as arranged I am looking forward to teasing our new sexual partner with my strip tease. I love flaunting my naked body for a new sexual partner, be it male or female. Even better both at the same time.

I am so horny with the anticipation of thirty minutes of pure oral sex with two people, still unsure if it will be a man or woman. I love being licked and teased and I am proud of my blow job skills. And I do like blowing a man with another man or woman watching. And perhaps a spanking as a bonus, though not sure who will receive a spanking. Perhaps all of us.

I have taken a great deal of trouble with my appearance. Heels, garter belt, stockings and a skimpy thong under a diaphanous negligee.

My man is wearing Beyoğlu Escort just a pair of tight jeans.

To my great relief and satisfaction I learn our extra person today is a man. Ned is a good looking, well built, toned man, around fifteen years younger than us with a diamond earring. I have a thing about bisexual men and feel sure Ned is bisexual as I look him over. My man and Ned are obviously very comfortable with each other, though I have no idea how they met or how long they have known each other.

“I told Ned about the list of super creative ways to improve our sex lives. A kinky date night and a fulfilled wild fantasy, an extra person while we have thirty minutes of pure oral sex after a striptease show from you.”

“Let’s aim for thirty minutes of pure oral sex for each of us. Thirty minutes of pure oral sex for you from two men baby.

“Then my turn for thirty minutes of pure oral sex from Ned and you,” my man tells me as he introduces me to the man he has organized.

“I promised Ned you would do a strip tease for him. Can I help?,” my man asks as I stand, hands on hips with my legs apart and flaunt myself for him.

“I want to watch you two men strip for me first,” I reply. Ned is quick to oblige as my man and I watch his every move. When Ned is down to just his jeans, he slowly slides the zip down and lets his semi-erect cock and balls fall out.

“Wow,” my man and I exclaim in unison as he slides his jeans down to his ankles and steps out of them. Ned follows and slides his jeans down to his ankles and steps out of them.

Both of the men are semi-erect as I smile, “Now my little strip tease for you both.” My almost naked body is visible through my negligee and I have Ned’s full attention as I turn my back and slowly lift the negligee to show him my ass.

“Sarah is proud of her ass, so am I. A full size 14, glorious ass on a size 12 body.” my man tells Ned as he helps me off with the negligee. “She loves it being worshiped. Magnificent, no dimples or flab. Do it. Worship it for both of us,” my man tells him as he undoes the clip on my thong and it drops to my ankles.

“The perfect ass for garter belt and stockings,” my man tells Ned while we tongue kiss as Ned is licking and kissing my ass cheeks with his erection in my hand.

“Thirty minutes of pure oral sex for you from two men baby,” my man whispers in an agitated voice.” I am sitting in our sex chair in front of a large wall mirror with my legs apart. My man is licking the insides of my thighs as he works his way up to my cunt lips.

Ned is watching on, obviously very aroused as he flaunts his thick, huge erection for both of us. Size is important for me. My man is eight-inches, Ned is thicker and longer I am pleased to note.

“Thirty minutes of pure oral sex,” I whisper as my man is licking and sucking my nipples. At the same time Ned is licking and sucking my man’s nipples. Both of the men are sliding their loosely clenched hands Beyoğlu Escort Bayan along each others erect cocks.

“Thirty minutes of pure oral sex for me and you Ned,” I whisper as my man’s tongue finds my cunt lips, while I slide my hand along his erection to confirm his size. I lick and suck just the tip before I suck his balls.

“This is a fulfilled wild fantasy for both of us baby. Thirty minutes of pure oral sex for you from two men, one a complete stranger to you. You know I have always wanted to lick and tease your cunt with my tongue and fingers while you were sucking a huge cock.

“Is she good Ned? Your cock is the biggest I have ever watched her with. Don’t forget Sarah wants to join in and watch us have thirty minutes of pure oral sex after this. Are you going to last thirty minutes? Are you Ned?

“Half way Ned, Sarah has been sucking your huge cock for fifteen minutes. Are you going to last thirty minutes?”

Before he can answer my man, his whole body is shaking as he groans and shoots a huge load.

“A shower and we can start over,” I tell the two men as I lead them to our shower room with seats.

After the shower we are all sitting, still wet as my man and I both ogle Ned’s flaccid cock. “What can we do to get you erect again Ned?,” my man teases as he enjoys running his hand along his cock. And I am enjoying watching.

“I am expecting, and I want thirty minutes of pure oral sex. Would you like to watch Sarah suck my cock while I give you a hand job? What about you Sarah, would you like to suck my cock while I give Ned a hand job?”

“Yes. You know I would and I am going to. First up though, Ned has let us down and disappointed us, he was expected to last thirty minutes. When men let me down and disappoint me, my first thought is to spank him. Would you like me to spank your naked ass Ned?,” I ask with a gleam in my eye,” as I show him a thin leather belt.

“Yes please, one of my huge turn ons,” he whispers as he stands and braces himself against the wall with two hands.

“I love your naked body standing like that, clench your ass cheeks for me. I do like a good ass on a man,” I whisper very aroused as look at the thin scar marks on his ass cheeks.

“When men let me down and disappoint me, my first thought is to spank them Ned. And you have the perfect ass for a spanking, though this is not the first time it seems.” I tell him as I enjoy landing the first blow squarely on his clenched ass cheeks.

“Absolutely perfect ass for a spanking,” I repeat, once, twice, three, four, five, six, seven, times.

“Harder Sarah, harder, my cock loves it.”

“My turn Sarah,” my man tells me as he takes the belt from me. “I have wanted to do this you ever since I watched a masked man do it to you at the club. I got an erection while watching, just as you did. And we both have raging erections right now,” my man tells him as he lands three savage blows on his red ass. I can’t help myself Escort Beyoğlu as I run a hand along his huge, rock hard erection as my man lands his blows.

“Two more baby while I stroke his cock, he loves it, so do I,” I tell my man.

“Now you baby, six for you, this for not telling me about your visit to that club.” As soon as I land the first blow the two men are stroking each other’s erections. New levels of pure oral sex for my man and I as they continue stroking each others erections as I spank my man’s ass.

“Would you like to watch Sarah suck my cock while I suck your huge cock Ned? You are bigger than me. My thirty minutes of pure oral sex?”

I am kneeling between my man’s legs as he sits on the bench, with a hand on his very erect cock. I want to watch him commence sucking Ned’s cock before I start on him.

“You are biggest cock I have ever had Ned,” my man whispers with one hand on his balls as he uses two fingers of his other hand to take Ned’s cock between his eager pursed lips.

“Thirty minutes of pure oral sex, and counting,” I whisper as I emulate what my man is doing to Ned, one hand on his balls and two fingers of my other hand to take his cock between my eager pursed lips.

Neither of the men managed to last thirty minutes. So back into the shower room.

“Masturbate for Ned and I while he licks my cunt baby. Would you like that Ned? Some more pure oral sex?,” I ask as I tease the two men to erection with my hands.

“Kiss my ass Ned, worship it, turn us both on,” I tell him as my man and I are passionately tongue kissing. We stop kissing and my man stands sideways to watch. He is very aroused watching another man worshiping my ass as he strokes his erection.

“Now lick my cunt Ned, pure oral sex while my man watches and masturbates. Make me cum, I am multi-orgasmic. I have never had a man with an erection as big as yours lick me to orgasm,” I whisper not quite truthfully but keen to boost his ego.

Ned is surprisingly good. He knows how to use his tongue. He is looking up frequently to watch my man masturbate. I am also watching him masturbate as I have done many times. Today he is even more intense than normal as he watches another man providing me pure oral sex while I am pushing his head into my cunt lips.

Pure kinky oral sex; my man is masturbating while he watches a much younger man with a cock bigger than his licking me to orgasm.

The last time he masturbated for me he was licking and kissing my ass cheeks, an extra turn for both of us.

My man knows me so well he can tell when I am orgasming without me saying a word. Today as part of our pure oral sex, I am groaning for Ned – and my man as I orgasm. Ned has a finger in me as I orgasm very loudly for the third time.

“Swallow baby, swallow,” my man groans as he slides his erection between my lips and I swallow.

“Next time, let’s work through our thirty minutes of pure oral sex list with another woman,” my man tells me later that.

“Why not baby, let me organize it, soon. I have just the woman in mind,” I tell him already excited at the thought of another two serves of thirty minutes of pure oral sex with him and a woman.

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