Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 47 A HOT HOLIDAY IN EUROPE – PART 47 55 Wednesday Amsterdam I got up at 8am and had breakfast. At 9.30am I took the tram and a bus to the Maritime Museum. The extraordinary historical collection of ships, maps and other artefacts kept me absorbed and busy until lunch-time. I had lunch at the museum and then walked from there to the famous ‘Horus Botanicus’ garden. It was a great time to see the garden which was in the middle of its spring awakening. On the way back to my hotel from there, I had to pass through the Centraal Station area which was crowded with noisy football fans arriving from outside the city. I got back to my hotel eventually and had a drink at a nearby bar. Using the bar’s wifi, I checked my phone for messages. There was one from a hot-looking guy with a moustache, so I messaged him back. He answered ten minutes later, apologising that he had been stuck in a heavy football crowd, making it difficult to use his phone. He was in town for the football match but was hoping I might like to meet him before the game was due to start. When I told him where my hotel was, he was very pleased because it was not far from where the football match was being shown. He asked if he could come to me in about an hour and I agreed. I went back to my hotel room and showered and made sure I was ready to meet him. He arrived on time and I went down to the lobby to collect him. The lobby was very quiet and he was the only person in view. He looked quite handsome with his sexy moustache. He was in his early 40s and his short cut brown hair was greying at the temples. He greeted me warmly and shook my hand. I took him up to my room and he took off his blue day pack and sat down on the room chair. He asked for a glass of water and I got it for him. I sat on the bed while he drank it. He drained the glass in one swallow. He must have been very thirsty. Danny was born in Utrecht and worked as a high school history teacher. He also taught sport and that was why he was in Amsterdam to see the football match this evening. He looked quite slim, strong and fit for his age. ‘So what can I do to you?’ he asked. I wasn’t quite sure what to answer. ‘Well, I am bottom in sex’, I said. ‘You like kissing?’ he asked. ‘Oh yes I love it’, I said. Me too’, that is good’, he replied. ‘And can I fuck you? I have a big cock’. ‘Great’, I said. ‘Yes, you certainly can fuck me every way you like it’. ‘I like it deep kurtköy escort so you moan’, he said. ‘It really turns me on to hear you moan when I fuck you’. I liked his directness. He stood up and started taking off his clothes. I did the same. He undressed down to his navy blue underpants, so I left mine on, too. His body was almost hairless and well-proportioned. He reached out for me and started kissing me. His moustache was slightly prickly but it felt very sexy. ‘Mmmm’, he said. ‘You are wonderful to kiss’. He ran his hands down my body and reached into my underpants. He found my hard cock and pulled it out and started massaging it. I worked on his nipples. His reaction showed that he liked that so I kept on doing it. I looked further down and his underpants were showing quite a large bulge. I ran my finger over it and he shuddered. He squatted down and started sucking my cock. Again, his moustache brushing against my cock felt really good and he was able to swallow my cock right down to my balls. I could also feel his fingers touching my asshole and pulling it open. He stuck a finger inside it quite deeply, making me gasp. ‘Where is your lube?’ he said. I broke away from him and got the lube from the bedside table. ‘I want to play with your ass a lot before I fuck you’, he said, getting some lube out of the tube and, reaching under me, put it on my asshole. ‘Can you turn around and kneel on the bed?’ he said. I did as he asked and he started playing with my hole with his fingers and moaning gently as he did so. It was obviously really turning him on. He pushed one finger in deeply and then a second one. He started finger fucking me quite fast. He’d used plenty of lube, so it felt OK. Then I could feel a third finger going in. ‘Can I fist you?’ he asked. ‘No, I really prefer not to do that’, I said. ‘It never feels sexual to me’. ‘That’s OK’, he said. ‘I don’t really care for it but my fingers went in so easily I thought maybe you wanted me to do that’. ‘I’ve always preferred cock to fist’, I said. ‘I can give you plenty of that’, he said. ‘Turn around’. When I turned around, he was now naked. His cock was rock hard and pointing upwards and throbbing. It was about 8 inches long and impressively thick. ‘Hope you can manage that OK’, he said, grinning. ‘A friend of mine says it feels like a fist inside him anyway’. I squatted down, opened my mouth and he stuck his cock into it. He held onto me by my shoulders aydıntepe escort and started to move his cock in and out of my mouth. It tasted good with a hint of pre-cum. ‘Can you deep-throat it?’ he asked. ‘Not in this position, but if we can 69 with me on top, I can do better’, I replied. ‘Great!’ he said, throwing himself onto his back on the bed. I climbed on top of him, facing his feet and put his cock in my mouth. I could feel him starting to lick the head of my cock as well. In that position, I was able to get most of his right down my throat but I couldn’t go all the way down to the base because of its thickness. His moaning as I flexed my throat muscles on his cock showed me he was enjoying it anyway. We stayed in that position for a while. He sucked my cock really well, too, getting it right down his throat to my balls. At the same time, he used his fingers in my asshole. It felt awesome and it was a great way to build up to him fucking me. I was feeling unusually aroused. ‘Let’s fuck’, he said, taking his cock out of my mouth. ‘On your back first’. I got on my back and asked where on the bed he wanted me to be. He asked me to lie in the middle of the bed and, while on his knees, he lifted my legs up and pushed the head of his cock into my hole. It felt very hot and he groaned and closed his eyes for a moment, staying quite still. Then he gripped my ankles and held them back as his cock slid nicely inside me. He kept pushing it until it was right up to his balls in me. He looked down and grinned at me. His grin looked quite wicked with that moustache! ‘OK here we go’, he said, starting to move in and out. He picked up speed until he was fucking me hard enough to make me gasp. I remembered he liked to hear moans, so I started moaning with each thrust. For a start, I was only moaning to please him but, as he picked up even more speed, my moans became genuine. He was really starting to pound me and the thickness of his cock felt amazing, stretching me wide open. ‘I wish you could see this’, he said, looking down and pausing for a moment. He stuck his finger into my hole stretched open by his thick cock and wiggled it around as well. ‘You could manage another one in here, too’, he said. ‘Ever done two cocks at once up you?’ I nodded and he gave me that evil grin again. ‘Turn over and stay up on your knees’, he commanded. I did as he asked and he fucked me hard with long strokes. I could hear him breathing heavily. tuzla içmeler escort He kept this up for over 5 minutes, so he was quite fit. ‘I think I want to cum in you on your back’, he said. ‘I want to see your face when I am shooting it into you’. I turned over onto my back again and he lifted my legs and pushed them back hard against my body. ‘I won’t stop now until I cum’, he said, ramming his big cock back into me. He started fucking quite fast and leaned forward to kiss me as well. His breathing was heavy and so was mine. He was hitting my prostate as he fucked and going faster was likely to make me cum, I could tell. I thought he would be cumming quickly, but he kept this speed up for over five minutes without a change. Suddenly I could feel my own cum welling up and I wasn’t even touching my cock! ‘I’m cumming’, he shouted and at the same moment that I felt him shoot, my own cum erupted from my cock, making me groan loudly. Feeling him squirting inside me at the same time as I was cumming was very intense. When he calmed down, he suddenly became aware that there was a wet patch between our bellies. He looked down. ‘Did you cum, too?’ he said, surprised. ‘Yes, you made it happen spontaneously’, I said. ‘That is such a rare thing for me. I usually need help to cum’. He looked very pleased and gave me that wicked grin again. Then he flopped on his back alongside me and let out a loud breath of air. ‘I hate to fuck and run’, he said, looking at his watch on the bedside table, ‘but the football match will be starting in 30 minutes’. ‘No problem,’ I said. ‘Have a quick shower’. He disappeared into the bathroom and I cleaned up. I had shot quite a big load onto my belly. He returned after showering and started dressing quickly. ‘You’re going to dinner now?’ he asked. ‘Yes, I’m quite hungry’, I said, ‘but I don’t think I’ll go far tonight’. ‘I don’t suppose we could meet again after the football?’ he said. ‘I’d really like to fuck you again’. I thought about it for a moment and decided that someone who could make me cum without touching myself was definitely entitled to an encore. I nodded and he grinned. ‘That’s great!’ he said. He promised to contact me as soon as the match finished. Then he was ready to go. He embraced me quite warmly at the door and headed for the elevator. I headed for a much-needed shower. To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. Thanks for all the great comments about this series. I really enjoy hearing from you all! You might enjoy my story ‘A Hot Holiday In Pakistan’, too. It’s also in the ‘Encounters’ section of Nifty. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

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