PantiesI started wearing panties at a very young age. The very first pair I put on belonged to my mom. I enjoyed wearing mom’s panties so much that it was only natural that I wear those of my two sisters; one younger and one older.My younger sister was the first and only person that I knew of that knew that I had taken to wear panties. Not long after I first put on a pair of my mother’s panties I HAD to try both my sister’s panties. They both had bodies just as hot as my mother’s. But this was the only sister that knew my panty secret and she allowed me total freedom to her panties and bras; some guys used a happy sock, I used my mother and sister’s bras to catch my cum. She didn’t even complain when I took all of her panties and bras from her dresser and moved them to my room so I can have them closer to me. She would come in my room drop her robe, and remain nude as she picked out the panties and bra for the day then put them on before she would leave my room. When she first discovered I had taken all her panties and bras she knew where to find them and came into my room closing the door behind her. I was in bed sleeping when I felt my bed moving as if someone was on my bed. I was sleeping on my stomach, the position I had fallen asleep wearing a pair of my mother’s full cut brief panties. Underneath me my bed was covered from chest to toe with the panties of my mother and both my sisters. I felt the bed shaking as if some one was moving around. When I opened my eyes I was looking at the floor where I noticed my sisters robe laying on the floor. She obviously took it off before she sat down. I could only see one of her feet; it was covered in a sexy high-heel sandal with lots of straps, fastened around her dainty ankle. When I turned to look to see who was sitting on Sarıyer Escort my bed, lying back on my body, moving around, I let my eyes take in the beautiful dark skin of my sister’s leg and thigh. I turned over on my back and realized that besides the shoes, my sister was completely nude and rubbing some pretty perfumed lotion on one of her raised legs as she laid back against my covered body. She turned to look at me, leaned over and kiss me on the cheek. She moved away from me, smiled and asked if I had any idea where ALL of her panties and bras were? I smiled, then reached under the covers to pull out a pair of panties. As I searched I goosed her, which brought a smile to her face. I came out with a pair of panties that were not hers… she just smiled and said nope, not hers. I put those panties on my chest and went fishing again. Before I could come out with another pair my sister stood giving me a full view of her heeled body then pulled the covers back while saying; let me see what is under these covers. She stood right near me giving me a wonderful view of her tits and freshly shaved pussy with puffy lips. She held the covers up as I enjoyed the view of her sexy nude body. She took in the view of my dick making a tent in my mom’s panties as she looked up and down my bed seeing all the panties that I was laying on. She could clearly see that I had several pairs of her panties mixed in with my mother’s and oldest sister panties. She just smiled at me as I looked up at her full breast hanging ever so nicely right near my head. I reached up to touch her tits and she climbed in bed with me. With her heels still on, while I pinched her hard nipples she straddled my groin putting her hot, shaved, pussy down on the tent that my dick created in my mom’s Escort Sarıyer panties. She wiggled her ass a bit until I could feel her pussy lips seem to wrap around my panty covered dick then she sat back nice and firmly pressing her pussy and clit down on my dick. She sat up straight while I played with her tits and she fished around for a pair of her panties. As she fished she would put the panties that were not hers or that she did not want to wear on my bare chest. Once she found the pair she wanted she leaned completely forward mashing her firm tits hard against my panty covered chest and put her mouth close to my ear. As she began to talk she began to squirm her pussy around on my panty-covered dick putting more pressure on her pussy and clit, and my hard dick. I could feel her nipples pressing through the panties on my chest, my dick got harder in the panties. She then told me that I could keep her panties in my room but I had to wash them and make sure she had clean panties to wear every day. Then she told me to lay still she needed to cum before she went to work. She reached behind her then pulled the covers up over us before she hugged her body even closer to mine then began to grind her pussy and tits hard down on my body. I could feel her hot pussy juices soaking my mom’s panties as she squirmed her way to orgasm. It started rather slowly and even caused her body to go completely stiff before she began to shake hard and violently, as her orgasm racked her body. Her body shook for what seemed like an eternity before she went limp and relaxed on top of me. I rubbed her back and naked ass as she laid on top of me. When she regained control of herself, my sister kissed me full on the lips before she slid her body down under the covers. Sarıyer Escort Bayan She kept sliding down with her tits dragging down my body as she pulled the covers over her head and disappeared. I could not see what she was doing, but I could feel her hands on the side of my body, her boobs between my thighs and her lips and tongue licking and sucking my soaked dick as she cleaned her hot juices off my panty covered dick. After my dick was thoroughly cleaned she kept backing down until she was out from under the covers and stood at the foot of my bed with her hands on her hips licking her lips. She had the panties in one hand. As I looked on she put the panties on then asked where I had put her bras. I pointed to my bottom dresser drawer where I had put them hoping that it would not be so easy for my mom and dad to find them. I even covered the bras with some of my clothes. My sister bent at the waist and turned her gorgeous panty covered ass towards me as she searched for a bra to put on. She picked up a couple of them and discovered I had shot cum in them. She was bending with her legs closed together, but opened them to look at me and asked if I had cum in the cups of all of them. She smiled when I answered that I had. She picked one that I had made sure to fill both cups with cum. The cum was dry of course and she stood to put the bra on. Before she did reached back to adjust her panties that had somewhat bunched up in her ass. Once straightened, she turned to me as she put the bra on. She was in a hurry now and pulled the bra over her gorgeous tits. Once in place she held the cups in place with one hand as she walked to me, turned her back putting her ass right up against my lips and dragged her panty covered ass across my face and chest putting it to rest next to me on the bed. She leaned forward slightly asking me to fastened her bra. I did as she asked and she stood, bent at the waist to pick up her robe then stood wiggled her ass and left my room leaving the door open to give me a longer view of her sweet, panty-covered ass.

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