Paths Chosen Ch. 02Paths Chosen Ch. 02


(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

[Hello readers this is chapter two of my little experiment. Of the seven comments you, my readers, posted at the time of writing this; four wanted to see Meagan go down Path 2. So lets see where that path takes her.]


Meagan slams her door closed and looks at herself in the mirror again before pulling her clothes off and asking herself, “What to do, what to do?”

Going dress shopping with Mom and Aunt Barb would normally be fun, but since they were shopping for Milly any fun that might show up would turn and run at the sight of her. Staying home alone doesn’t sound all that fun either she decides. Which leaves spending the day with the guys out fishing.

After a quick shower and drying off Meagan looks herself over in the mirror. At 19 and 5’6 she knows she is a head turner mostly thanks to her years of playing soccer and softball. Despite getting kind of lazy after graduating high school she still tries to run about 20 miles per week. She constantly catches men checking out her ass which is round and firm thanks to all that running; though her firm, perky C cups breasts get their fair share of looks too. She also gets a lot of complements on her bright, almost neon, green eyes and her reddish brown hair that she has let grow down to her waist.

Not wanting to mess up any of her nicer clothes while fishing she pulls out some of her old beat up clothes she keeps for relaxing around the house, working out, or whatever. She pulls on a pair of panties with a small rip at the waist line in the back. She thinks about going braless to tease the guys but rethinks that idea after remembering her uncle asking her to flash him when he got drunk while watching football with her dad a few months back; so instead she puts on a tube top. For a top she puts on an old t-shirt with several holes and tears from before her breasts really developed so it looks about three sizes too small. She pulls on her beat up blue jeans with all the holes, most of which where there when she bought them with the major exception being the one over right butt cheek where the pocket got torn off. To finish her outdoorsy look she pulls on her cowgirl boots and puts on a ball cap and pulls her hair up in a pony tail through the back.

Meagan does a little twirl in front of the mirror before grinning at herself, “Not bad. Kind of a hobo hipster chic.”

When Meagan gets down stairs her Mom quickly stops her, “Meagan you are not going shopping dressed like that!”

“I wasn’t planning on it. This fine ensemble,” she says with a laugh as she does a few spins for everyone to see, “is for trekking whereever the hell Dad and my brothers plan to take Bradly fishing.”

With a look of shock her Mother gasps, “You would really rather spend the day with smelly fish and even smellier men instead of spending time with your cousin?”

“Yep,” Meagan simply says before walking to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

“Mom in her defense Milly can be a real bitch at times,” Meagan’s older brother Duke laughs.

“Duke you may be nearly 30 but when you are in my house watch your language,” Mom snaps then with a gentler tone, “and even if she can be one at times that doesn’t excuse Meagan from acting like one back.”

Even though she had heard everything as Meagan walks out with her cereal and bananas she asks, “What am I being one back Mom?”

“What Duke called Milly.”

“I didn’t hear what he called her,” Meagan grins and winks at Duke,” though I can think of more than a few things to call her.”

“He called her a…” their mom trails off.

Fighting off a giggle Meagan asks, “A what, Mom?”

“He called her a… a bitch! There are you happy now?”

Meagan and Duke both burst out laughing.

“Who’s a bitch, Karlee?” their dad Al, short for Alfred, asks walking into the room.

“Mom was talking about Milly,” Meagan laughs louder.

“I was not!” Karlee snaps, “Meagan was complaining and Duke called her that not me.”

“Well whoever called her that is right,” Al laughs.

“Alfred shut up!” Karlee yells before storming out of the room.

“Crap! Meagan can you talk to her while you girls are shopping?”

“Sorry Daddy no can do I’m going fishing with you guys.”

“Oh, that’s fine and it does explain the outfit choice,” Al chuckles, “well, I guess I’ll just have to say sorry like I always do.”

“Oh and hows that Dad?” Duke laughs.

“Son some things a father really shouldn’t share with his kids,” Al laughs.

“Eww,” Duke groans, “and on that note I think I’ll go find Chuck and see if he’s ready.”

After Duke leaves Meagan can’t help herself, “Daddy does it involve something like this?” She asks before holding her finger in a V in front of her mouth and wiggling her tongue at him.

“GOD! Meagan no that’s not even close,” Al shouts, “I meant I’d have to rub her feet when she gets home later. Geesh!”

“Oh, sorry Dad,” Meagan says not sure how else to react.

“It’s okay sweetie,” her dad tells her before following Duke outside, but before he closes Tarabya Escort the door behind him he turns back and with a grin adds, “Besides I enjoy doing that to your Mom.”

“DADDY!!” Meagan screams before laughing.


About an hour later Meagan is sitting in the front seat of her Dad’s truck as he drives and her brothers sit in the back. When they get to her aunt and uncle’s house they find her Mom, Aunt and Cousin are still there talking.

When she sees them Meagan groans, “Crap!”

When her dad sees what she’s upset over he just smiles, “Meagan did you really think they would be gone by now? You know how they can be.”

“Yes I do,” Meagan huffs as she slumps down in her seat, “Why do you think I’m going fishing with you guys.”

After pulling up and turning off the truck Al turns to Meagan, “Look sweetie I know how your cousin can be, and that she’s only gotten worse since getting engaged. I know she really can be a little bitch, especially to you and I know how it can be when you really just can’t stand someone but their family so you have no choice but to be as nice as you can and I know…”

From the backseat Duke interrupts with a laugh, “Dad shouldn’t there be a but coming up at some point?”

“Yes,” Al grins, “but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was going to be.”

“Well thanks dad you are a lot of help,” Meagan sarcastically says before laughing and climbing out of the truck.

Before she can so much as wave Aunt Barb has sprinted to her side, “Meagan are you really going fishing instead of dress showing?”

Meagan just shrugs, “Yeah sorry Aunt Barb but I’m just not in the mood to shop.”

“But you are in the mood to fish?”

“Well not really, but your little sister told me I had to do one or the other,” Meagan says with a grin at her Mom.

“Sorry,” her Mom says walking over, “but I wasn’t going to just let you just stay at home at sleep the day away.”

“Don’t be too hard on her Aunt Karlee,” Milly says as she joins them then gives Meagan a sneer, “after all she needs all the beauty sleep she can get.”

“In that case you must not have slept in years,” Meagan snaps back.

Before either of them can say anything more both their Moms shout, “Both of you stop it!”

“Sorry Mom. Sorry Aunt Barb. Sometimes she can…” Meagan starts but stops as her Mom gives her the evil eye, “… you know what it doesn’t matter.”

As both girls just stare each other down Milly’s dad, Frank, and fiancé, Bradly, come out of the house; each with their arms full of supplies for their fishing trip.

Frank walks by the women giving Meagan and her Mom a quick hello but Bradly stops, “Hi Mrs. Guthrie, Hi Meagan.”

“Hi Brad,” Meagan says giving Milly a nasty grin knowing how much she hates her calling him Brad.

“Hello Bradly,” Meagan’s Mom smiles, putting a stop to any further fighting at the moment, “but haven’t I told you to call me Karlee?”

“I was raised to be proper,” Bradly simply says.

“There’s being proper,” Al says as he walks up behind them, “and then there’s just being uptight kid.”

“I’ll try to do better Mister… I mean Alfred,” Bradly corrects himself.

“Just Al or Uncle Al. The only ones that call me Alfred are my wife and Mother, and normally only when I’m in trouble,” Al laughs as he dodges a playful punch from his wife.

“Al it is,” Bradly grins, before continuing towards the truck with his arm full of supplies.

“Here Brad let me help you,” Meagan smiles as she tries to take some of Bradly’s armful.

“That’s alright Meagan,” Bradly smiles at her as he pulls away, “it’s only a few feet to the truck and besides guys are meant to carry things.”

“Oh so woman can’t handle carrying things?” Meagan asks with a sarcastic and angry tone.

“What? No… of course they can… I just meant… that… uh…” Bradly stammers.

Meagan starts laughing and grabs a few things from him, “I was only joking silly. You should see your face!”

“Ha, ha, ha! Very funny,” Bradly fake laughs.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help myself,” Meagan grins, “plus I figured you need to get all the laughs you can now before you’re married to old sour puss.”

He just gives her a look as they load up the truck.

“Oh alright, I’m sorry,” Meagan finally says, “but come on can you honestly tell me half of what I say about Milly is wrong?”

“Did I say you were wrong?” Bradly simply says.

“So you agree?”

“Sure, Milly isn’t always the most fun to be around,” Bradly shrugs.

Before Meagan can respond her Mom and Aunt shout that they are about to leave and Bradly goes over to say bye to them and Milly.


It is nearly half an hour after Karlee, Barb and Milly left that the guys finally have the truck loaded. Meagan helps some, but mostly she just sits and watches as the guys do most of the work; and of course teases and jokes with Bradly every chance they can.

Meagan watches as her Dad rearranges what’s in the back of the truck before closing the tailgate, “Is that the last of it finally?”

“Yes,” Escort Tarabya Al chuckles, “we’re ready to go now.”

“Good, now you guys can wait on me for a few minutes while I go pee,” Meagan grins and runs inside.

A few minutes later Meagan comes back out and finds the guys standing around the truck, “You know you could have gotten in. You didn’t need to wait on me.”

“Uh, yeah about that,” Al says looking a little uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?”

“Meagan, we might have over looked something while getting ready.”

“So get it and let’s go,” Meagan says a little impatiently.

“We didn’t forget to pack something. It’s… well…”

“Dad just spit it out.”

“There’s nowhere for you to sit.”

“Wait what?”

“Dad forgot to factor in that both you and Bradly would be joining us this time sis,” Chuck their middle sibling laughs, “so the truck is one seat short.”

“No there’s not,” Meagan smiles, “I’m sitting up front with Dad, so one of you four will just have to ride in the other’s lap.”

“Sorry Meg,” Uncle Frank chuckles, “I sit up front with your Dad so either you sit in someones lap or we can strap you to the hood.”

Meagan gives him a nasty look then when an idea pops into her head she grins, “Well this is as close to a bachelor party Milly is letting Bradly have so I guess he can get an almost lap dance from me. Unless you have a problem with that Bradly?”

“Uh… I… ummm… well…” Bradly stammers.

“I didn’t think so,” Meagan giggles, “now all of you get your asses in the damn truck!”

“Yes ma’am,” Chuck and Duke say together with a smile.

“Geesh so demanding just like your mother,” Al teases.

After a minute or so to load up and get situated they are finally off. Though Meagan teased Bradly about giving him a lap dance she spends most of the half hour trip switching between sitting on one knee or the other.

Between the cramped courters and the warm weather everyone is more than ready to get out of the truck and out in fresh air by the time they stop. Meagan starts to regret her decision to come fishing when she learns they now have to make a mile long hike through the woods to get to her Dad’s favorite fishing spot; plus lug all their supplies with them. But after a seemingly endless hike through hilly woods they finally reach their destination.

Meagan drops the fishing poles and tack box that she was assigned to carry and plops down on her butt at the water’s edge, “Damn why did we have to walk so effing far when there is plenty of water closer to the road?”

“Because everyone fishes those spots because they are easy to get to,” Al tells her as he puts the cooler and bags he is carrying down, “and since we aren’t as lazy as all those others we get to fish in this beautiful, nearly untouched spot.”

“Here here,” Frank laughs as he puts down his cooler and bags.

Meagan watches as Duke sets down a third cooler and Chuck and Bradly start setting up the fold up chairs and table they were carrying, “we are only staying for a few hours right?”

“Yes,” Al answers with a grin, “why do you ask?”

“Why do we need three coolers for just a few hours?”

“One is for food and snacks while we fish and the others are for what we catch, but first we have to empty them,” Frank answers with a laugh as he opens his cooler and pulls out several beers and starts handing them out.

“I hope you brought some soda or something for me,” Meagan says as she watches her Dad, brothers and uncle all quickly down their first beer.

“Yes we brought a few and some water,” Duke says then grins, “but I doubt Dad will care if you have a beer or two. Right Dad?”

“Sure,” he laughs and tosses her a can as he opens his second, “I’m sure it won’t be your first.”

“I’ll never tell,” Meagan giggles before opening her can and downing it just like the guys making everyone laugh.


About an hour and zero fish later Meagan is starting to get restless. As she fiddles with her pole she looks around her, her Dad has caught three fish and downed at least six beers; both her brothers have caught two fish and are on their third or fourth beer; Uncle Frank has only one fish but has finished around a dozen beers, which shows; and Bradly, who like her, hasn’t caught a single fish and after drinking just one beer when they got here has only had soda.

She stands there watching her bobber gently move with the water for another five minutes before rolling her head back and letting out a loud groan, “Aaaah, I can’t take it any more.”

“Can’t take what?” Duke asks with a chuckle.

“This! All this,” she screams waving her arms around them, ” I like nature and peace and quiet just as much as the next person, but standing in one place while practically nothing happens for over an hour it’s just… just… well fucking boring!”

“Meagan it’s called fishing, you know what you agreed to do today,” her dad laughs, “it’s mostly standing or sitting around doing nothing, at least until you hook a fish. Then it’s who knows how long as it’s just you versus Mother Tarabya Escort Bayan Nature playing tug-o-war with a thin line.”

“Okay fine I can see the elegance in that, but damn it this would be less dull if Mother Nature decide to play a little more often… or at all!”

“Well, all your yelling is sure to make the fish start biting,” Chuck sarcastically says.

“Fine, I’ll shut up… but not here,” she screams at the water and drops her pole, “I’m going for a walk. Brad you’ve had as much success as I have so far do you want to keep me company?”

‘Sure why not,” he shrugs before reeling in his line.

Meagan grabs each of them a bottle of water, tosses Bradly’s at him and marches off into the woods. Meagan is going at such a fast pace at first Bradly has to jog to catch up. For several minutes they just walk side by side in silence.

Meagan is the one to break that silence, “Can I ask you a question?”

“I think you just did,” Bradly smiles, “sorry stupid joke. Ask me anything.”

“Why are you marrying Milly?”

“Wow straight to it. Can I ask why you’re asking?”

“Well, Milly can be such a snobby bitch at times and you even said earlier she’s not very fun to be around. So why on Earth would you tie yourself to her for life?”

“To be honest I’m the youngest child in my family. I have three sisters who have the same mom and there are twelve others from my father’s earlier marriages and affairs. And out of all of my father’s children I’m the only one who hasn’t been married. That’s not saying I’m the only single one most of them have gotten divorced and a few multiple times. So about a year ago my father let it be know that unless I wanted to be cut off I needed to find a wife. Basically all of my adult life has been spent in one laboratory or another working, so I don’t have much exposure socially interacting with potential wives. So when I got set up with Milly and she liked me… well you know the rest.”

“Brad, just because your father put some stupid ultimatum on your head doesn’t mean you have to marry the first girl that seems to like you, and given the fact I am ninety-nine percent sure she is only marrying you because of your family’s money I ask you again why Milly?”

“Look besides the fact you basically hate your cousin why do you even care?”

“I don’t know it just seems wrong. That stupid bitch is getting everything she could ever ask for with no effort on her part. It’s just not right! Besides you deserve better. I know we don’t know each other all that well, but I know enough to know you are a good guy, smart, funny in your own way and kind of cute in a geeky lab nerd kind of way. So you deserve to marry a women who actually sees more than flashing dollar signs when she looks at you.”

“Meagan that’s really sweet, I’m not sure many women would agree with you and to be honest I’m not really sure you mean any of this. This all might be some manipulative stunt to ruin Milly’s wedding by someone who has made it quiet clear how she feels about Milly,” Bradly says clearly uncomfortable, “but if I’m being honest even though we don’t know each other very well I do think you are a better person than that.”

“I can see why you might think this is all some bitchy stunt on my part; and if I were you I would papally think the same thing. But I promise you that is not why I’m telling you this, but I can’t honestly say I wouldn’t be happy to see her knocked down a few pegs by you leaving her,” Meagan says with a slight grin, “Look Brad do what you want if you will honestly be alright being married to a women who only sees you as a checking account and who I know will not be faithful to you that is your business. Do whatever works for you.”

Bradly doesn’t respond to that and they just walk in silence for several minutes until he finally asks, “Why do you say she won’t be faithful?”

Meagan kind of squirms as she rushes ahead slightly, “I have my reasons.”

“Meagan come on I know you don’t care about hurting her so just tell me.”

“It’s not here I don’t want to hurt… it’s you.”


Meagan suddenly stops walking and turns on him, “Do you really want to know? Because I’ll tell you but you can’t un-hear it once I tell you.”

“I’ll take that chance,” he says flatly.

“You two have been together for over a year yet less than six months ago I walked in on her blowing some guy in the women’s bathroom at the mall.”

Bradly clenches his jaw and is silent for a few moments before calmly asking, “You caught her giving some other guy oral sex?”

“I’m sorry yes.”

“She decided she wanted to wait until we were married to make our wedding night special and when I joking said that doesn’t mean we couldn’t do other things she got angry and told me she doesn’t do that. So not only is she a cheating slut, she also lied to me in more ways that one. God damn it!,” he yells and stomps around in anger.

“I told you you didn’t want to hear it.”

“I didn’t want to, but I needed to,” Bradly shouts, “sorry it’s not your fault Meagan. It’s just… look I know I’m not the most manly man in the world but even if you are a gentleman and good guy, or at least try to be, and a lab geek I’m still a man; and men like sex. So agreeing to wait until our wedding night to sleep together is one thing but then cheating on me and doing it in a way you claim you don’t do is… is.. hell I don’t even know!”

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