Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 24Session Wrestler to Slave Ch. 24



Ray already had a hard on, unzipping allowed him to free his cock and let it stand up like it had wanted to so badly for the last ten minutes.

“Yes Master.” She said as she went to open his pants and start blowing him. Right before her lips hit the head of his cock he had a devious thought.

‘Why not try? I bet she does, she going to be horny too!’ he thought to himself, praying to God his plan would work. If it did, this was going to be an experience he would remember until his deathbed. ‘Here goes!” he thought as he spoke again:

“No, take my shorts all the way off first.” he said as he stood.

Jamie took off his shorts and he sat back down, ditching his shirt on his own. He went on, nervous about trying this, but still feeling ballsy enough right now to do it.

“Now suck my balls.” He directed, slouching in his seat and spreading his legs. Jamie began to eagerly lick and suck his balls, ecstasy washed over him watching her do it and knowing what it meant for all of them. He looked at Shannon, who’s smile went ear to ear as her face radiated excitement and accomplishment. It also showed a bit of pride in watching him enjoy a thorough ball licking from this stunning amazon in a slave girl outfit while collared and leashed. He held the leash up to remind Shannon that he held it, and she reached to hold his other hand while Jamie was hard at work on his nuts.

‘This bitch is ours, she knows it too. This is fucking awesome! Time for the cherry on top!’ he thought. He went for it:

“Now baby, why don’t you suck my dick while she polishes my balls.” He said, his tone clear it wasn’t a question.

“The fuck?” Shannon said as Jamie stopped for a second or two. He snapped his fingers and Jamie got back to her job after quickly looking at Shannon. Ray looked at Shannon to show the snapping of fingers wasn’t meant for Jamie while also to show he was serious. He raised his eyebrows, pushing the issue silently.

“Bullshit! Make her suck your fucking cock, she has to swallow your jizz, not me.”

“She is polishing my balls,” he repeated calmly yet firmly, “I want you to suck my dick while she does that.”

She stared at him incredulously, two or three seconds passed, his look was firm and he saw the first break in her expression. Her disbelief dissipated and her stern look softened. He might have just won!

‘To use your own words against you baby: time to close the fucking deal!’ he thought.

“Now.” He said flatly while using every bit of mental energy to hold his expression firm.

“That took fucking stones, you know that don’t you” she said as she shifted her position to lay down across the couch. “Fucking stones baby, some fucking stones.”

“Correction baby: freshly polished fucking stones thanks to our new prize. Now get to sucking!” he said with all the confidence his overloaded mind could marshal. She laughed out loud, then began to suck his rock hard cock.

“Heaven on earth. This is the best porn I have ever seen and I’m the fucking star!” he muttered through moans and groans.

“Don’t let it go to your fucking head!” Shannon mumbled, her lips still on his dick.

“Talkin’ ain’t sucking baby. More blow job, less bullshit.” He said as directly as he could through the ecstasy he was in.

He grabbed the back of her head but didn’t guide her movements at all, she knew exactly what to do. He also pulled Jamie’s leash and felt the collar turn on her neck until it was in the back. He wrapped the chain around his hand just up from her neck and applied enough pressure to let her know who the boss was. He didn’t say another word, nothing could improve his position. Nothing. Heaven on earth.

He breathed heavy, moaned and gave out praise to both his girls. He knew silent men don’t Ankara Travesti get multiple blow jobs. He also thought about their personal finances to try to distract him a bit and make this last as long as it could. If he enjoyed the moment too much it would be over, he wanted to make them work for it. Both of them.

“Choke on it, baby!” he commanded louder than he thought as he forced her head down “Deepthroat my dick!” he exclaimed.

She did. She fucking did it. She took his dick all the way down! He held her head down as she did. He felt her biting his shaft as she struggled not to gag and Jamie added to it by slipping a hand up to tickly his left nut while the right was being massaged by her adept tongue. He bucked and moaned at the combination of the two.

Shannon gagged and pulled off his dick when he bucked his hips, but surprisingly didn’t say a word. She went back to work and started flicking the head of his dick with her tongue.

“Switch places.” He commanded, again louder than he expected. His voice was elevated, and his breaths were getting more rapid, he didn’t have much time left.

Shannon moved to between his legs and got to work on his balls while Jamie moved to lay on the couch. Before she took on his cock, she looked up at him, put her legs at a 90 degree angle to display her bare soles, curled and uncurled her toes, smiled, and said:

“Does my Master like?”

“Fucking right I do.”

“I hoped so Master.” She said as she looked down and took in his dick.

His head rolled back, his back arched, he did his best not to pelvic thrust, and he groaned something he thought sounded like “Oh fuuuucck” but he wasn’t sure what he actually said. Shannon laughed as she spit out his left ball but quickly went back to work on the other.

“God dammit no… not yet… Oh god…” he blathered as he knew it was almost over. Like before, Jamie amped up her efforts and her tongue felt like it was on every side of his dick at once. “Fuck, fuck, oohhhh Fuuuuccckkkkk Yeeeeeeaaaaah!!!!!!!!”

He blew his load in Jamie’s waiting mouth and his entire body went limp. She got up, knelt on the floor before him, and looked up while tapping his knee to get his attention. She then took it up a notch: she stuck out her tongue with his cum pooled on it, brought it back in her mouth and made that same exaggerated swallowing motion to swallow every part of his seed down, then stuck her tongue out flat to show off that she took it all down. She then smiled warmly and had a great sense of pride in her face and eyes. To top it off, if that were possible, she said:

“Thank you, Master, it was my pleasure.”

‘Oh my fucking God… this sexy slut is perfect.’ Ray thought to himself, unsure of what to say out loud ‘She even enjoyed getting fully enslaved and sucking my dick. I think she enjoyed tasting my load too. Too perfect.’


Jamie wasn’t sure what to do now, so she stayed knelt on the floor before Ray, her knees by his foot. She didn’t speak, and she wasn’t sure which of her new masters would speak first. Shannon got up and took her seat back on the couch by Ray, and Ray seemed to be spent for the moment after giving Jamie his cum.

Shannon spoke first as she put out her left foot:

“Why don’t you get the remote control for the TV,” She said as she pointed to another end table for the clicker “and then you can massage and worship my feet for a while.”

“Yes Goddess.” Jamie said as she got up to do as she was told. She sat back down and began to rub Shannon’s outstretched foot thoroughly with both hands while mixing in plenty of licking and toe sucking.

“Leash.” Shannon said simply, and Jamie stopped worshipping a reached for the leather looped Ankara Ucuz Escort handle on her leash and gave it to Shannon as she began. Jamie was still horny as hell, this display of power over her only amplified that.

Her feet were a bit dry, almost as if she had been barefoot all day. The taste was also different than previous times: they had a dusty texture at first, despite Jamie wiping them off with the foot rub, and were not near as soft and supple as they had been in the past. There was a mild “feet” smell to them, but not overpowering like it was after she destroyed David in the ring.

Overall, Jamie found it an easy and pleasant experience. It felt good to provide pleasure to Shannon after pleasuring Ray with the blow job.

She switched feet when Shannon pulled her left foot back and presented her right, and Jamie repeated the process on her right foot.

She also noticed for the first time that Shannon had an ankle bracelet on her right ankle. It was a very thin chain, obviously made of solid gold, with a series of larger rings at regular intervals, each one separated by a half inch or so. Each of the larger rings were still very small, maybe just big enough to put a regular pencil through. The odd thing was that there were four small keys each hanging from their own pencil sized ring of the anklet. Four, not just the one for the lock around her own neck.

‘Four? Why four? Four keys for four locks means four slaves, right?’ she thought, all of a sudden very interested in the answer to that question.

She looked over at the clock and it was now 8:10. Ray had since wondered off after saying something about a shower and Jamie wondered how long the foot rub and worship would last. Her hands were getting tired and her jaw was starting to ache from the combination of sucking Ray’s dick and Shannon’s feet for so long. Mercifully, Shannon said:

“Lay down. You can be my footrest.”

She motioned her hand to direct Jamie to lay down parallel to the couch, so she did just that. After she was down she reached for Shannon’s foot only to hear Shannon say:

“Footrests don’t have fucking hands. Just lay there.”

She then proceeded to put a foot on her belly and a foot on her boobs and exclaimed:

“God dammit is that thing made of metal? Fuck Jamie that can’t be comfortable. Those perky tits of yours deserve better!”

“It’s ok Goddess, I’ve gotten used to it for the most part.”

After a few minutes Shannon made a change:

“Move down, I want a foot on your fucking face and the other those perfect fucking titties of yours.”

Jamie complied, and then Shannon’s feet came to rest exactly where she promised they would. She then gently stomped on Jamie’s head periodically or rolled her head back and forth with her foot as if either were a nervous tick, the same way a person may absentmindedly pat their own leg when bored or waiting for something. She tried to relax and enjoy the movie Shannon was watching

She didn’t know how much time had passed when Ray came in and sat by Shannon. He put one foot on her belly and the other on her upper thigh. He moved the foot on her thigh constantly, his toes rubbing the inside of her other thigh. This also did not help dissuade her horny feelings and the stirring in the bottoms of her slave girl costume.

‘I wonder if she knows how horny I am? I bet she does.’ Jamie thought to herself. ‘I wonder if Ray knows?’

Suddenly, the TV clicked off, they both lifted their feet off of her, and Ray snapped his fingers.

‘Ok, that means kiss their feet or kneel. I’m guessing this time it means kneel.’ She thought as she knelt in front of her new owners. As before, Ray did the talking:

“Ok, we are going to bed. Ankara Yabancı Escort You go home.” He said calmly. “You did well tonight, how does it feel know that you are fully enslaved by your betters?” he asked.

“Great Master! I’m excited! It’s an odd sort of excitement, but I liked being your footrest and licking Goddess’s feet tonight.”

“What about tongue polishing my balls, sucking my dick, and swallowing my cum?” Ray asked politely as Shannon smiled deviously.

Jamie blushed while they both giggled a bit and said:

“Yeah Master, I like that too.”

Before she could move to get up Ray continued:

“Now, before you leave clean the kitchen. I don’t have to say it better be spotless. And for your collar….” He trailed off and paused as he reached back into the black bag to retrieve more items. “…. there are three keys: one for me, one for her, and one for you.” He nodded at Shannon at the mention of the second key. “Now, you get a key but it is for emergencies only. You are only allowed to wear the collar and leash in our presence, wherever that may be, and your key is if we forget to take it off you before you leave. You belong to us now: mind, body, soul, and financially just like I said but you aren’t much good to us if you have to go to work wearing your collar.”

“So, here is your key.” he said as he gave her a small yellow envelope. “You will see it has my and Shannon’s signature across the seal, so if you ever break that seal we will know.”

“See my anklet?” Shannon said with a smile. “Your fucking key goes on my anklet.” She said in a bratty and dominant tone, shaking her head and smiling as she did so. “You are now part of my fucking collection, and so is your fucking key. Now, put it on.”

Jamie worked to thread the key ring onto the next pencil sized ring on Shannon’s anklet as Shannon continued:

“You are easily the sexiest piece of ass in my collection, but as the other fuckers have swinging fucking dicks the competition was a fucking joke. Either fucking way, after Ray here you are now the prettiest fucking thing I own!”

“Thank you, Goddess.” Jamie said as she finished threading it on. The key to her freedom was now securely attached to another woman’s ankle bracelet. This made her hornier still, her vagina may as well have steam coming off of it.

‘Damn! Damn, damn, damn! I want to have sex with Ray…. Or Tim. Damn it again! I want Tim. Right. Now. I want gentleman Tim to leave the gentleman at home!’ The thought was now stuck in her head. She did her best to focus.

Ray reached down and unlocked her padlock with his key and put it back in his pocket. He then spoke again:

“Ok, keep the collar, leash and padlock. Have it on whenever you are around to serve, but it is yours to keep track of. Now, clean and leave. We will text you later.”

With that, they left the room and walked away.

It was 10:20

She was stunned at the events of the last 4 hours: they didn’t beat the shit out of her (she wasn’t sure how she felt about that fact), she cooked, served food, gave them free access to everything in her life, sucked Ray’s dick again, swallowed his cum again, then played the foot slave (Jamie didn’t know what other term to use). Somehow, she was on Cloud 9!

“Wow! What a night! I think I did great!” she said aloud in a whisper. “Time to clean and get home, I think I have a date with Fabio!” (Fabio was tucked away in her sock drawer in her closet and powered by batteries.)

She powered through the kitchen as fast as humanly possible, changed out of the insanely uncomfortable slave Leia bikini, double checked her work, made sure she had her key and the collar/leash combo, and hastily made her way out of the house and home.

When she got home she immediately went for Fabio, shut her bedroom door (despite living alone), and they enjoyed a beautiful evening together before she climaxed, shut Fabio off, and rolled over to fall asleep. As she laid there awaiting sleep to come, she felt more satisfied than she had since Trevor had left. She then slept like a rock, still naked, with Fabio laying next to her.

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