NewCummer Rises AgainNewCummer Rises Again


Frank called out to his neighbor and best friend, “Jeremy I’m going to get a burger and fries, want to go with me?”

With a brief pause Jeremy said, “Yes I’ll go, let me lock the door and I will be right there.” It was a perfect summer day for anything outdoors.

Jeremy locked the door, and walked over to Frank’s bright orange Chevrolet Camero.

They went to a popular local fast food place, and made a big order for hungry men. Frank said don’t order drinks, my ice chest is packed in the back.

Frank said, “I was thinking on going to the lake park to watch the sail boats and eat.”

Jeremy replied, “That sounds perfect.”

Frank said, “There is an isolated picnic table overlooking the lake that would be perfect.”

Cheerfully Jeremy replied, “Let’s go.”

Jeremy was in white golf and tennis tee shirt with shorts. He carried the big sack of double meat & cheese burgers, fries, and fried fish and shrimp.

Frank carried the ice chest iced down with strong wine coolers, and beer. Frank pointed the way to a trail into the woods, followed by another branching trail almost totally blocked by a fallen tree. The trail curved around a clump of trees to a picnic table clearing that overlooked the lake through the green leaves and tree branches. It was beautiful scenery of a crystal blue lake dotted with colorful sail boats. Frank was in loose short-shorts almost open in crotch and showing butt cheeks, cropped tank top.

Jeremy noticed the airy shorts and could see Frank’s butt crack when his shorts blew in the wind. They could smell wild flowers, and the fresh woods. Wind off the lake carried the smell of water and beach mud.

Frank cracked open a couple cold wine coolers and set them on the table. He noticed Jeremy’s shorts were a light fabric and the way he sat actually pronounced his cock and balls bulge.

Unpackaging a couple of still warm burgers and fried fish with tartar sauce, Jeremy served some to Frank on a paper plate, along with a serving of shrimp and sauce.

They sat on the same side of the picnic table to see over the lake. Jeremy could see Frank’s dick head and one of his balls from the side of his shorts and underwear.

They talked and joked. The breeze coming off the lake was refreshing and just right so they did not get too hot, or too cold. The tree branches overhead provided plenty of shade. They were having fun.

“It is so secluded here, we could be stripped naked and no one would ever know,” said Frank.

Both were drinking the strong wine coolers quickly and getting a little drunk.

“I don’t have to be drunk to have fun, but I sure like these drinks,” said Jeremy. Jeremy bent over to get a couple more drinks Esenşehir Escort out, and Frank could see the top of his ass crack. He didn’t know exactly why but it turned him on. It did look cute to him.

“Let’s take off our shirts and enjoy the breeze,” offered Frank.

Within a minute they both had their shirts off, and kicked off their shoes as well. It was a beautiful day to feel natural.

Somehow they started talking about sex.

“My wife has gotten so dull in bed anymore that I can’t even get it up,” Jeremy admitted.

Curious, Frank asked, “What do you do then?”

Jeremy in confession said, “I started jacking off and began to eat the cum off my hand.”

Compelled, Frank asked, “So you like to eat cum?”

“Yes, I love the taste and feel of it and sometimes I get a couple pubic hairs in my mouth with it, he confessed. Tickles my mouth…” He chuckled. “I guess you could say I have a fetish. But lately my sex life has gotten so bored that I can’t even get it up anymore.”

Half jokingly Frank said, “You can taste mine if you want to.”

As if faking to play along with the joke, Jeremy tantalized Frank and hesitantly got down on his knees as if to try.

“Go ahead and loosen my shorts,” said Frank.

Jeremy unfastened the shorts and was just going to let them down a little, but they were so loose to begin with that they fell down to his ankles. Jeremy’s face was almost touching Frank’s underwear bulge. The underwear was white cotton with blue glitter seams and mahogany colored trim. It was a nice looking bulge. Jeremy could smell Frank’s cologne.

Frank said, “Just for grins go ahead and pull down my underwear.”

Jeremy started at the front and pulled the band out and down to release the dick head which now bounced in front of his face. He reached around back and slowly drew down the underwear exposing Frank’s ass crack little by little. Discreetly Jeremy took advantage and fondled Frank’s ass, caressing the buns and ass crack. It was just good clean fun.

Continuing to pull them down further, Jeremy slipped and his face fell on Frank’s crotch. He could feel the pubic hair tickling his face, and the warm furry balls felt good on his nose and cheek. He had his nose in the kinky ball sack and he smelled them. He could smell the faint fragrance of deodorant soap.

Frank guided Jeremy’s head such that his lips were against the middle seam of his balls. “Lick!” he said. “You are so good!” Frank exclaimed.

He drew Jeremy’s head up.

“Lick the cum vein and kiss it,” Frank said.

Jeremy kissed the puffy cum vein, licked and kissed it. It tasted good and was a wonderful feeling. He worked Esenşehir Escort Bayan his way up to the crown, and licked around the flange and then the crown. To his surprise he found a drop of pre-cum ready for him. He licked it up, and tried to suck more out.

Frank said, “I wish I knew you were so good before.”

Jeremy romantically started sucking and teasing the cock. “I want to eat your cum!” He could feel the cock getting harder and harder. He was fascinated by the taste of the cock, and his power to make it hard.

Jeremy let the cockhead split his lips open. He wet it and lathered it with his tongue, and let it slide all the way along his tongue and the roof of his mouth until is stopped at the back of his throat. The pee hole was gaping at the entrance of his throat hole. He swiveled his head on it before letting it back out and he felt the rim of the crown against the inside of his lips making them open. The soft crown felt good against his lips and he let his tongue tip search for a pearly golden drop at the pee hole, the tip of his tongue drilling for it. He made fish lips and kissed it in and out, and rubbed it along his lips back and forth tasting and feeling it.

Frank said, “You will get more cum if you massage my crotch and balls while you suck.”

Jeremy caressed and felt of the crotch and balls, and then fondled his ass cheeks and crack.

Frank said, “You will get even more if you lick my crotch and all the way up my crack.”

As Frank changed positions for him, Jeremy licked and kissed every part of Frank’s crotch thankful for the closeness and experience. Gratefully he licked and rimmed Frank’s asshole, and licked all the way up his crack, kissing and licking the sides.

Jeremy came back to the cock head spiraling up and down sucking while groping the crotch and balls. Soon Jeremy was treated with a huge cum load, filling a good part of his mouth and splashing against his throat. Jeremy savored it, and rinsing and sucking it through his teeth and throughout his mouth with cum. It was his first time sucking cock, and swallowing another man’s cum.

After it all melted in his mouth, leaving his throat slippery and sticky, he said, “Frank that was incredibly good. I love the taste and feel of your cum. I wish I could have it everyday. It makes my whole mouth feel good. It makes me feel good all over.”

As he said this, Frank said, “look!”

Jeremy had a hard on. It was finally rising again! Reaching down Jeremy grabbed it and started pumping it. Sooner than he would have guessed, cum gushed out into the palm of his hand. Squeezing out every last drop with the other hand, Jeremy brought the cum to Escort Esenşehir his mouth and sucked it off his hand.

“That’s amazing!” said Frank. “You have a hard on again. You took two loads of cum today.”

It was his first time eating cum outdoors in public, in the woods. Jeremy had a satisfying feeling.

“Let’s take off the rest of our clothes and drink some more,” said Frank.

It was starting to get dark now as they were naked drinking in public. Frank walked over to the edge of the clearing for a minute and came back. His cock was starting to get hard again.

When Frank came up, Jeremy leaned over and took Frank’s cock head into his mouth. This time he tasted urine. He didn’t realize that Frank had gone to take a piss. After all it was getting dark.

Jeremy continued to experiment with the taste of piss drops and cock skin at the same time. He reached under and caressed Frank’s crotch and balls.

Frank said, “Lick my entire ass and suck my balls and it will make a big cum load for you in anticipation for our next time.”

“Next time?” Jeremy thought to himself. “Yes there will be,” he thought.

They both were fairly drunk by now. Frank reached into his shorts pocket for a tube.

“Let’s try something new,” Frank said. “Lay on your stomach over the edge of this table. Just relax.” He took the tube and squirted some scented lube down Jeremy’s sexy tight ass crack. In the dim light he watched as it trickled down the crack to the asshole. With a finger he teased some of it in the asshole. With his other hand he caressed Jeremy’s balls and perineum, and the base of his cock. He worked his finger in slowly coating every part of Jeremy’s hole.

Eager with anticipation Jeremy hungrily arched his back exposing his butt crack and asshole.

Lubing his cock also, Frank pressed his cockhead against Jeremy’s hole bareback and pressed down, thumbing it in but slowly. He kept pushing but also kept hesitating to let Jeremy’s asshole adjust and relax. Soon the head had disappeared in. Then after a small break, the shaft started in. Slowly and gently his entire shaft went all the way in down to his pubic hairs. He paused and let Jeremy get used to it.

Jeremy grunted and said, “That is the most awesome feeling.” He had a full feeling in his butt.

Frank flicked and spanked Jeremy’s butt cheeks and said, “You are so sexy.” He fondled the firm cheeks. He loved the sight of Jeremy’s ass crack.

Jeremy could feel his asshole stretched. He felt the pubic hair against his butt. When Frank started pumping slowly at first, Jeremy could feel his hairy balls smacking against his crotch.

By now the moon had risen, and they could hear crickets and bugs. They could see each other’s naked bodies in the moonlight. They hugged. Sitting on the table bench with a hand on each other’s ass, they drank some more wine coolers.

Jeremy felt thrilled and fulfilled.


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