Snooker BallSnooker Ball


You have your eyes closed as Hugo whisks you round the room. His firm but gentle grip guiding you round the dance floor. You have never been to a masked ball before. You have been excited ever since Hugo invited you a month a go. You remember when you met on the internet. You had chatted online for months steadily getting more flirtatious. One evening Hugo offered to switch on his webcam. The conversation soon got around to sex and you had instructed Hugo to strip. You remember watching in amazement as he did everything you told him to. He was down to his boxers and you could see a huge bulge. You asked him to rub it at first but then finally asked him to take off his shorts. Your mouth dropped open and you groaned. There on the screen was your perfect cock. It was long and fat and stood to attention as Hugo rubbed it for you. You could feel yourself getting aroused just by watching him. You never thought that one day you’d meet Hugo. You never dreamt that it would be at a masked ball. As he sweeps you round the room you can feel his cock hard against your stomach. You can imagine what it would look like and you can feel your wetness build as do. You feel his hand on your lower back pulling you in closer.

He whispers in your ear. “Shall we go somewhere quieter?” You nod. You leave the dance floor and walk through some grand doors to a long corridor. Towards the end of the corridor you notice a snooker room.

Once in the snooker room, Hugo swings you around, takes you in his arms and kisses you passionately. His lips are warm and soft on yours. His hands firm on your waist. He lifts you up and sits you on the cushion of the table whilst he continued to kiss you. You can feel his cock hard against your inner thigh. You can feel your body giving in to his. You are totally lost in his kisses sancak escort as his hands run up and down your back. You can feel your pussy getting wetter and hotter and the urge to straddle him and feel his cock inside you is overwhelming.

His hands run up your thighs, pushing your dress up to your waist. He grips your bum and pulls you to him. It is unbearable; you can feel how hard he is. He moves gently against you. His hard cock trapped inside his trousers, you want to release him. He kisses your neck just below your ear and you rest your head on his shoulder. His kisses send shivers down your spine and you open your eyes. In the doorway stands a tall, dark haired, slim and very attractive woman. She stands and watches Hugo kissing you. She watches his hands caressing your body, squeezing your bum as he thrusts his pelvis towards yours. She catches you staring at her, and you smiled. She smiles back and walks into the room.

You whisper into Hugo’s ear. “Someone is watching, do you want to watch me?” He looks at you, smiles and nods.

He steps back and smiles at the woman, she walks past him and towards you. You’re still perched on the edge of the table with your dress rolled up to your waist showing off your soaking wet ruby red thong. She walks up to you and kisses you urgently, her hands all over your body. She squeezes your arse as she bits your lip. Then her hands move to the front of you and she pulls at your thong. You lift yourself up and she whips the thong over your legs as you lift them up and lay back on the table. You feel her mouth on your hot wet pussy and her tongue circling your lips before she starts to lick and suck. She moves her mouth up to your hard clit and starts to circle it. Her fingers slid sarıyer escort into your wet pussy. As her fingers pump inside you her tongue darts over your clit, sometimes she stopped and sucks on it. After a while you open your eyes and looked to your side. You see Hugo standing at the edge of the table watching you. His flies are open and his cock is standing erect whilst he rubs it. You think about how cameras are supposed to make you look fatter and taller on screen. But Hugo’s cock was larger than you thought. It was so long as his hand ran up and down its length. And it was so fat, his hands were not small and yet his cock made them look that way. It was so hard and swollen. You can feel your first orgasm bubbling to the surface and you start to moan. The woman licks and sucks on as you watch Hugo wank.

You feel her stop and you look up at her. She’s picked up a cue from the table and is smiling at you. You nod and close your eyes. You can feel the cool hard object slide inside you, stretching you. It goes deeper and deeper until you gasp. The woman stops and then starts pumping the pole in and out of you. Your lips being rubbed hard by the long thick stick, you cum again and again. The woman moves the cue in a circular motion inside you and it’s hitting every delicate, sensitive surface. You cum and cum, moaning out loud as she pumps it inside you.

The wet cue is slowly withdrawn. You feel something else being pushed inside. You look up and you can see the woman has some snooker balls in her hands. She must have pushed three or four in. They’re filling you and stretching your pussy to the limit. It feels amazing. Your whole body moves to the feelings of ecstasy that flow over it. You open your eyes as you sense Hugo moving sefaköy escort towards you. You see him standing in front of your face. His hard cock just millimeters away. You feel the woman working her tongue over your clit again. You shut your eyes as her tongues brings you to orgasm again. Then your feel his cock on your mouth. You open and feel him slide in. He rocks backwards and forwards as you suck on him. Your mouth stretching to take him as far as you can. This goes on for what seems hours but then you can’t wait any more. You sense Hugo ready to cum, but you don’t want that yet. You gently push and feel a pleasurable release as the balls are forced out by your pelvic muscles and drop to the floor.

Hugo slides his cock out of your mouth and walks round the table to behind the woman. He lifts her dress as she continues to lick your pussy and clit. He slides his huge cock inside her. She stops licking you as she feels him pump inside her. She gasps as his cock stretches her pussy. But then she soon starts moaning and licking you again with more passion. Hugo stand behind her. His hands on her hips. Pumping his cock deep inside her. You watch as you lay on the table, watching him fuck her.

Hugo stands back and moves her to one side. He pulls you towards him and thrust his cock deep inside your wet hot pussy. You can feel it stretch. Hugo’s massive cock rubbing and stretching you from within. The feeling is overwhelming and you orgasm. The woman has climbed on the table and has straddled you, she’s licking and playing with yours boobs. They tingle and send shock waves through your body at every touch. Your pussy muscles tightening around him. Pulling him deeper inside you as you let off the loudest scream as you body explodes in orgasm. Hugo pumps hard and faster then you feel him explode. His cum hot and think inside you. His cock pulsating inside you as he emptys every drop of cum inside you.

You lay there for a while. Hugo withdraws. The woman climbs off and straightens her dress. Hugo battles to tuck his huge cock inside his trousers. We smile at the woman. She kisses us both and then walks away, back to the party.

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