My Love Affair with My Son Pt. 06My Love Affair with My Son Pt. 06


In the relaxed and casual atmosphere of beachside Florida, we quickly established a routine.

The house was right on the beach in an isolated and secluded position so it provided the occupants with complete privacy. When Peter and I had arrived and were unpacking I wondered how we might use the privacy and isolated position as it occurred to me that we had done hardly anything outside since that fateful evening when Richard had caught us.

We had been here a couple of weeks and it had been almost endless sex. In my wildest dream I would never have imagined how frequently we wanted each other and how often we made love. I didn’t keep a record, but I reckon that we were averaging three times a day. It wasn’t always full penetrative sex. No, we used our entire repertoire: oral by both of us to full climax sometimes including ‘sixty-nineing’, him cumming in my mouth, me swallowing it and sometimes kissing him with my mouth full, mutual masturbation sometimes doing ourselves as the other watched and sometime jacking off the other, Peter cumming on me, on my breasts, tummy, face and bum and of course full sex in a variety of positions. We fucked in practically every room of the house, by the pool, on the beach and in the ocean.

Although by no means a favourite of mine I also let him have me anally a couple of times. I didn’t mind his lips, tongue or fingers on and in there as, indeed, I didn’t mind mine on his, it was his dick I found difficult to take.

Other than shopping together we didn’t go out much. We had the occasional breakfast, lunch or dinner in a bar or restaurant, but mostly we ate and drank in the house. We liked being alone and we didn’t need company when we had each other.

We didn’t wear much. I would sometimes spend the whole day in just my bikini bottom or a pair of panties. Other times I would slip on a tee shirt, but again some days I was naked all day. Peter pretty much dressed the same being naked or in swim shorts. Whatever he wore, though, his desire for me and his arousal were very clear; he seemed to be erect a hell of a lot of the time.

It wasn’t just on the physical level that things worked, for we got on incredibly well on an emotional level as well. For the first time in my life, I realised what being in love really meant. I think this also applied to Peter for we continuously expressed our love for each other and didn’t at all like being parted for even the shortest of time. Even when he would drive to the bakery in the morning and we were apart for twenty minutes or so we would have, or nearly have sex when he returned.

Life wasn’t all sex though.

We managed to get Peter enrolled in a private college where he started his studies. I joined a local country club and we both joined a gym. We were aware that we had only been granted three-month entry visas and that we would have to leave the country soon and either pop over to Bermuda or one of the islands, go up to Canada or back to the UK. As I had quite a lot of business matters to look at and there was some work I had to do with my lawyer on the divorce I decided I would go to England in a week or so time, just two months after we had arrived. Without really thinking why I suggested to Peter that he go up to Canada, take in the sights of Niagara, Toronto and Ottawa and then meet me in New York. I realised it would mean us being apart for a week or so, but I felt generally that would be preferable to living together back home for that might well start rumours. I explained that to Peter and although rather grudgingly we agreed to do that. I contacted Philippa my lawyer and a few other people to let them know that I would be home and booked the tickets for both Peter’s and my trips and ordered a car to meet me at Heathrow.

That last week was fantastic, but awful at the same time. Fantastic, because we took our sex and lovemaking to another level and awful as we knew were going to be apart for some time.

Looking back, I guess it had been on the cards from when we first had sex. I think it was pretty inevitable. It seemed to be a logical extension of everything we had done so far. From that very first time when I had let him photograph me in varying stages of undress we had masturbated each other, we had pushed out the boundaries of our sexual activities. Just as masturbating each other had given way to him fucking me and then to each jerking off as the other watched so that had given way to extensive oral. That had moved quickly from me licking his cock to him sucking my clit and him cumming on my body and then in my mouth. Most of our oral activity focused around my pussy and clit and his cock and balls. But when you are ‘down there,’ hugely excited and intent on pleasuring your partner any way you can it is impossible to avoid the other hugely erogenous zone that is located so close to those intimate places.

When I had first started having sex with my son, which was less than three months ago, I had thought that we had a purer sort of sex. Something that Bodrum Escort was on another plane to all the other stuff I had done over the years with Richard and the vigorous action of my affair when we had fucked in cars, in the office and even up against a tree in broad daylight in a forest.

I realised now that I had never loved Richard or the lover with whom I’d had the affair. I liked them both and wanted sex with them. The difference with Peter was that I loved him and wanted to make love with him not just have sex! However, I had no idea what a purer form of sex was, but in my mind, I felt real lovers, especially mother and son lovers would find a more intimate, loving, tender, caring, sharing all involving type of lovemaking. We didn’t of course for that probably doesn’t exist, but what we did was develop a relationship where nothing was taboo, but then how could it be when we were committing incest two, three and sometimes even four times a day? How could there be off limit sexual activities when we lived together on a beach in Florida as lovers and not as mother and offspring? How could anything be forbidden fruit when we were naked or nearly so most of the time?

So, a straying finger, a slightly misplaced tongue, a lick of an unintended place, his cock between my rounded cheeks started to occur. Briefly at first for both of us were wary, but then after we got to Florida such incidences happened more frequently.

The first significant stretching of the boundaries came as I knelt on all fours in the middle of the huge king-sized bed about, or so I thought to have sex doggy style. I found the penetration to be deeper and Peter loved the way my tits hung down giving him free rein to indulge himself on them. He found my clit easy to find and stimulate so being fucked like that worked well for both of us.

“Lean forward mum,” he said pushing me so my face was on the bed my back at an acute angle.

He pulled my legs open a little more and I expected to then feel his cock against my dripping lips. But it wasn’t his cock and it wasn’t against my pussy that I felt pressure. No, I felt his tongue slide along the crease between my cheeks passing right over my anus. He did that several times as he reached under me and firstly squeezed my tits then took my hand and pushed it against one of them. He loved watching me play with my tits, almost as much as I liked playing with them for him. As he did that and again ran his tongue up and down that musky, erotic channel it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t masturbated alone since before Richard caught the pair of us about to fuck in my little courtyard in the garden of the hell hole in St Albans. That made me smile, but not for long as suddenly he pressed the tip of his tongue right against the hole. It slid in a little way and felt wonderful, but that didn’t last long for his tongue then slid downwards right between my lips and he proceeded to tongue fuck my pussy.

“Lie on your front baby,” I whispered a day so later.

It was mid-afternoon and we had just been swimming naked in the pool. He had wanted to have sex there, but I never find that very satisfying; obviously a generational thing for I prefer a bed or other soft surface to the tiles and water of a pool. We both wanted sex so I took him indoors after we had dried each other with towels on the patio. He was semi-hard as we were drying and by the time I told him to lie on his front he was beautifully rigid. I often wonder how uncomfortable it must be for a guy to lie on his swollen member; a bit like a girl lying on her boobs I guess.

I knelt beside my baby and for a few moments just stared at what I had created, ok with a little help from Richard. He really was beautiful, especially as he, well both of us had all over tans and that with his taught, pert arse cheeks made him look particularly fabulous. I stroked them. They felt great. I gently eased his legs open a little way staring intently at his crease as that opened up. His anal hole seemed to be staring back at me. I leaned forward and kissed each cheek. I licked both of them moving slowly yet inexorably towards that valley of such gorgeous promise. As I was doing that I was softly stroking his back, neck and hair and whispering how much I loved him and wanted him. He lifted his hand and got it onto my thigh just beneath my pussy. He pushed trying to get between my legs and onto my lips which were now soaking wet, but I stopped him.

“No just lie still I am going to ravish you.”

“I need to hold something as I am ravished.”

“Like what?”

“One of your tits.”

“You can’t.”

“How about your pussy then?”

“Just shut up, do what your mother tells you and lie there and be ravished.”

“Ok mum you’re the boss,” he groaned, giggling as my tongue found his anal hole, I probed it in a similar way that he had mine a few days ago.

“Jesus that’s amazing,” he groaned as the tip slid a little way inside him.


“Mmmmm Bodrum Escort Bayan Jay yes it’s wonderful.”

I licked and tongued his bum for a while only realising after a while that I hadn’t done this since my affair five years ago. Whilst tonguing or reaming or whatever the hell it’s called trying to get your tongue up someone’s bum is nice, I always think the ‘tonguer’ is in a losing battle for that sphincter muscle is just too strong to be opened by a tongue. I ran my finger along my slit wetting and lubricating it before pressing it right against his hole.

“Ok love?” I asked.

“Oh yes, yes, please,” he moaned realising the invitation I was extending. He seemed to push back a little and open his legs wider as he groaned his pleasure. I leaned forward and put some spittle right on the brown puckered skin surrounding his hole and I pushed. It went to the end of my finger nail very easily. I paused.

“Ok Peter?”

“Oh it’s fucking marvellous mum,” he moaned grabbing my other hand and holding it tight.


“Christ yes.”

I pushed and it went in to the first knuckle. His body jerked and grunted.

“OK baby, not too painful?”

“No it hurt for a moment, but now it’s wonderful.”

I pushed further then stopped for a moment as I let his body become adjusted to its visitor. I pushed again and it went up him to the second knuckle of my index finger. He moaned and sighed.

“More?” I asked knowing that I hadn’t yet touched his prostate, which was my finger’s intended destination.

“Oh God yes, more please,” he groaned turning slightly onto his side. I pushed again and this time went in as far as I could and I felt my fingertip touch something that I assumed was that doughnut shaped gland that is of such erotic pleasure for a man. And my son was absolutely no exception. He groaned. “Oh my God yes, that’s fabulous.”

“Do you want mummy to fuck her baby?” I cooed into his ear.

“Yes mummy please fuck me, please fuck your baby’s arse.”

And I did precisely that until suddenly he moaned deeply, his body went rigid and he shot his cum onto the bed.

Peter returned the favour a couple of days later. Between my finger-fucking him and him doing that to me our oral sex had, naturally I suppose, become more adventurous and focused on anal activity. Now, he would spend ages simply licking and kissing me there and alternating that with using his tongue elsewhere, but always now returning to my anal hole. It was gorgeous and of course I did the same to him.

I was amazed at how relaxed I felt at getting up to such relatively extreme sexual activities with my son.

It was our last day before leaving, me for the UK and Peter for Canada. I think we both knew what was going to happen although nothing was said. In fact, like most couples, we rarely spoke about what we did, we just did it.

As my flight didn’t leave Tampa, a couple of hour’s or so drive away until the late evening we had no need to go to bed early the night before. We spent the day on the beach making love there in the afternoon. We had grilled lamb chops with salad and a bottle of red wine. Peter was just wearing shorts, quite tight and yellow ones and I was wearing a sleeveless, blue singlet similar to those worn by athletes, but mine was loose. It clung to my boobs emphasising both my nipples and my arousal; the neck was low and the arm holes were deep so as I moved I flashed most of my tits. I hadn’t bothered with panties for I knew he would take them off sooner rather than later.

Slightly drunk and feeling very close we were both very mellow as we went for a walk along the beach. We went down to the water line and walked in that with it nearly up to our knees. I was feeling both incredibly horny and empty. I knew that when I got on the plane I would be in pieces. I was also scared. Being apart from him was bad enough, but the thought I kept having of him maybe meeting a girl or a woman picking him up made me feel terrible.

“Let’s go home,” I whispered as we cuddled and kissed each other in the gently breaking surf. “My God,” I added feeling his semi-hardness. “What have I reared you’re incorrigible.”

“Mmmm and so are you, you horny MILF,” he responded putting his arm round me and squeezing my bare butt. I stroked his length through his shorts and momentarily contemplated fucking him there in the ocean.

“Not so much the like to,” I laughed as we walked back towards the house.


“MILF, stands for mother I’d like to fuck doesn’t it?”


“Then I should simply be MMIF.”

“What’s that?”

“My mother I’m fucking.”

We were soon home. Pushing me over the arm of a sofa he pushed his shorts down lifted my tee and fucked me. Quick, urgent, hard and dirty and simply perfect for the moment.

We had a swim and after a couple of hours and more wine watched some porn on the laptop. I have no idea whether it was by accident or design but we were in the anal section. Escort Bodrum We looked at several quite beautiful women being fucked up their arses by guys with impossibly big dicks. Since he had photographed me all those weeks ago we had looked at the shots many times and that had led us into watching porn videos. I was cuddled up to him, his arm was round my shoulders, his fingers brushing the top of my tits while my hand rested on his inner thigh just beneath the bottom of his shorts. It was a hugely intimate and very erotic moment. He slid his hand down my back. It went past my waist and onto flat top of my bum. He wiggled his fingers under me and one of them slid into the crease of my bum. I lifted a little way and he got his finger right on the hole. He pulled my tee shirt up and rolled me over so I was kneeling on the floor with my chest pressed on the sofa. He stroked my bum and slid his finger in the crease. Kneeling beside me he pulled my, now brown, hair away from my ear and whispered.

“Mum I want this.”

I didn’t get him at first. “What?”

“I want your bum.”

My heart pounded. I didn’t know why for the very few times that I have been fucked up there have not been that successful. The extra excitement was all to do with giving something very special I suppose. And what was there more special I thought than giving my arse to my son. He went on. “I want to fuck you up your arse mum, may I?”

“Yes darling of course,” I whispered. “But please be gentle with me.”

“Let’s go to bed.”

We went to the bedroom and undressed. We didn’t say anything and the mood between us was heavy with sexual expectancy and loving intimacy as he took me in his arms and kissed me, his fully hardened cock pressing itself so suggestively into the softness of my tummy. We kissed for some time. He had improved so much over the past few weeks and he concentrated on gently sucking my lips one at a time and then pressing his tongue against the tip of mine. He slowly moved me backwards towards the bed and went to ease me down.

“Just a sec,” I said breaking away and going to the bathroom I got a smooth, light skin lotion and took that back to the bed. He had sat down. His cock was sticking up ram-rod straight. I handed the bottle to him.

“Here use this please.”

I lay down in the middle of the bed and pulled a couple of pillows under my tummy thus, raising my buttocks in the air a little thinking that would make his entry easier and less uncomfortable for me. My memories of being penetrated there were not good. I had been scared, it had hurt and consequently I had tightened up thus, making things worse. I had never climaxed from anal sex and hadn’t gained the pleasure that the actresses in the porn films seemed to receive immediately one of those always huge dicks slides inside them.

Peter lay beside me his hip comfortingly against mine. He ran his fingertips up and down my spine gradually going further until of course they slid into my bum slit. He rubbed me in there slowly focusing his pressure on the puckered, darker coloured skin of my anus. My pulse was racing. Physically I was scared, but emotionally I was excited. I wanted to give my son the most precious sexual gift a woman possesses.

I felt the cool smoothness of the lotion as he poured probably a little too much into that crevice for some ran down onto the back of my pussy. As he smoothed it into me and rubbed it round the opening so the physical sensations combined with the emotional trauma to make me feel as if I was about to cum. I could hardly believe that was happening purely from him rubbing the lotion into my bum hole. But it was and it got stronger for as he lubricated that puckered skin so he softened it and opened me up a little.

“Are you ready?” He whispered leaning over and kissing me.

“Yes,” I croaked back.

“Are you ok, are you sure?”

“Yes Peter, it’s fine.”

“What’s the matter then.”

“I’m a little scared.”

“Oh my darling don’t be, I promise I’ll stop immediately if you say.”

I smiled gratefully at him as I continued to feel him rubbing the liquid into me. It felt wonderful.

“We can just forget it if you want.”

“No, I want it. I want to give that to you. My going away gift,” I smiled.

“Thank you, my love,” he said moving between my legs which he gently pulled further open.

I can’t describe the feelings and emotions I experienced when I felt the end of my son’s cock pressing right against my anal entrance.


“Yes Peter, go on.”

The sensation as his cock slowly entered my back passage was so different to when I had been fucked there before. It went into me so much easier or so it seemed; maybe I was more relaxed? There was no real pain as he stretched my sphincter muscle in the opposite direction to how it was designed. Yes, there was a slight overstretching feeling, but nothing significant.


“Mmmm yes.”

He pushed again going further up me.

“Still ok?”


Another push and another considerate ok.

“Mum, I am all the way in,” he whispered.



“Is it ok for you?”

“It’s amazing, absolutey fucking amazing.”

I smiled. “What the front entrance is a bit stretched is it?”

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