Otherwise Engaged (Sarah , Mark)Otherwise Engaged (Sarah , Mark)


Sarah had decided to surprise Mark at work today. It had been a few weeks since he proposed, but despite their new engagement, they hadn’t been able to spend much time together. Sarah didn’t blame Mark, but he was working on a huge case that had been taking up a lot of his evenings. Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands, and after all, he could probably use some relief from the monotony.And today was the perfect day for it, since Sarah didn’t have to be at work. It was some kind of teacher in-service day at her school, but as a kindergarten teacher she didn’t really need to be there. So she had taken the opportunity to bring her new fiance his favorite treat: fresh-baked eclairs from one of the small bakeries near their apartment. She just needed to sneak into his office without being recognized by any of Mark’s colleagues. Most importantly, Jacob Schuster, one of the senior partners at the law firm, though Sarah knew him better as “Dad”.Sarah walked toward the back elevator in the building to the Roberts, Schuster & West law firm where Mark was a junior partner. She knew the office building fairly well, having grown up visiting her father at work. And more recently, she had gained a lot of experience sneaking around the back elevator with Mark when they had first started dating. Not that they really needed to sneak around anymore. Everyone at the office knew they were dating, including her father. She and Mark had attended several years’ worth of potlucks and holiday parties as a couple by this point. But it was still pretty thrilling to covertly enter the building, even when there was no need for secrecy. And Jacob, despite being relatively open-minded, still wasn’t one hundred percent on board with the idea of his only daughter shacking up with some whitebread young lawyer who wasn’t even Jewish. He had been rather tight-lipped after their engagement announcement last week. He was going to need some time to get used to the idea of having Mark as a son-in-law.As Sarah exited the elevator on the 6th floor, Sarah kept her head down and tried to appear as non-descript and unassuming as possible as she moved quickly along the hallway to find Mark’s office. Given the time and his schedule, Mark was likely in his daily briefing with some of the senior partners. Glancing in either direction, Sarah quickly made her way past the empty desk of Mark’s secretary, and darted inside his office, shutting the door behind her.Sarah was already tingling in anticipation as she relished the quick thrill of sneaking through a crowded firm unnoticed. She placed the bag of eclairs at the center of Mark’s desk as a surprise for when he returned to his office, and quickly scrambled under Mark’s desk to wait for him.She waited there, seated as comfortably as possible while squeezed below Mark’s desk, for about half an hour before boredom started to get the best of her. And it being nearly lunch time, those eclairs were starting to call her name. Well, she had brought one for each of them to share, she thought to herself. Why not have a little treat while she waited? So Sarah reached out from her hiding place to grab one of the eclairs from the bag, and brought it down below the desk with her. Letting the sweet aroma fill her nostrils, she took a big bite, as the creamy filling oozed across her tongue and she savored bahis şirketleri the delicious pastry. No sooner had she enjoyed her first bite than she heard the door to Mark’s office begin to open. She surreptitiously peaked out from her hiding place and tried to stuff the rest of her eclair back in the bag. She got it part-way into the bag before the door was fully open, and quickly ducked back beneath the desk, sitting back expectantly as her fiance entered his office.She heard Mark walking over to his desk from the door, and listened as he paused momentarily, likely because he noticed the half-eaten eclair sitting in the middle of his desk.”Hmm,” Mark said in an exaggerated voice. “I don’t remember bringing eclairs for breakfast. How very strange!” He walked slowly around the side of his desk, as Sarah felt her heart start to pound in her chest.”Well, I must have been interrupted,” he continued loudly. “It’s not like me to leave a pastry uneaten like that,” he said as his feet finally lined up in front of his chair. “I suppose I better…,” he sat down carefully, his hands grasping at his belt, “finish the job.” As he sat fully in his chair, he deftly unbuckled his belt and casually unzipped his pants. Leaving his pants unzipped but otherwise not touching himself, Mark reached back up to the bag of eclairs and made a show of removing the half-eaten one from the bag.Sarah, taking the not-so-subtle hint, ran her hands up Mark’s thighs as he lifted the eclair to his mouth. As her hands moved along his legs, Mark let out a slight groan, “Mmmm…,” he said, still in the exaggerated tone. “That smells so good.” Sarah’s hands reached Mark’s open fly and she gently brushed away the fabric of his tucked shirt, revealing a semi-hard cock threatening to escape Mark’s boxer briefs.Placing her palm against the bulge between Mark’s legs, Sarah scooted forward on her knees so that her face was mere inches away from Mark’s rapidly hardening cock. Mark leaned forward against his desk, allowing Sarah clearer access, and took his first bite out of the eclair. As Mark bit down on the soft pastry, Sarah pulled the waistband of Mark’s briefs down just far enough to release his now erect cock from the confines of his underwear.Sarah took a moment to examine her fiance’s perfect cock, biting her lip as it twitched in her hand. She leaned forward and gave it a gentle lap with her tongue, causing it to jump in response. Mark groaned in pleasure as he savored the combined sensations of Sarah’s many treats.  “You are so good,” Mark whispered, allowing his eyes to close as Sarah continued to delicately caress his throbbing cock with her tongue. Just as he said this, the door to his office swung open abruptly. Mark started in his chair, dropping the eclair into his lap. “Mr. Schuster!” he said, quickly swallowing the bite of pastry he had in his mouth and attempting to regain his composure. He wasn’t loving the fact that he had nearly been caught by his boss, and soon-to-be father-in-law, having an office quickie with his daughter.”Hi Mark,” Jacob Schuster responded, looking at Mark with slight suspicion at his reaction. “Sorry, I,” Jacob began, “didn’t mean to interrupt your… lunch,” he finished, looking with disapproval at Mark’s apparent meal choice.”Oh, it’s no problem,” Mark answered quickly, scooting forward and resting his bahis firmaları elbows on his desk and trying to move past the moment. From the corner of his eye, he noticed Sarah’s hand reach from below the desk to grab the eclair from his lap, which caused him to smile in amusement. “What can I do for you?” Mark asked.Sarah had stopped teasing Mark at the sound of the door, but now that the initial surprise had worn off, she decided to have some fun with her fiance. The idea of doing this right under her father’s nose was more than enough to get her excited. Mark’s dick had lost some of its hardness when confronted with Sarah’s father, but it was by no means soft. As she placed the rest of the pastry in her mouth, licking the fingers of her left hand clean, Sarah carefully walked her right hand up toward Mark’s shaft and began to quietly tug at his semi-rigid cock once again. Mark jerked slightly in his chair in response.”Nothing urgent,” responded Jacob, still warily eyeing his oddly jumpy future son-in-law. “I just wanted to drop off these contracts for you to look over. I would have left them with Tracy, but she wasn’t at her desk, and I was under the impression you were free for the next hour.”Mark blinked through his arousal as Sarah quietly stroked him, and he tried to keep his voice even in his reply, “Yes sir, you remembered correctly. Thank you, Mr. Schuster. I’ll get right on that.” As Mark finished his sentence, Sarah suddenly took his entire cock into her mouth, holding him there against the back of her throat.”No rush, we have until next week on those,” Jacob said, pausing in obvious discomfort. “And Mark, please call me Jacob. No need for such formalities among… family,” he added, reluctance to use the word evident in his voice.”Thank you, sir,” Mark said, “I mean Jacob. Thank you, Jacob. I appreciate it, and I’ll be proud to be a member of your family. I love your daughter very much.””Mmm,” Jacob replied noncommittally. “Yes, well, enjoy the rest of your lunch,” Jacob said as he glanced down with judgment at the remaining eclair on Mark’s desk. Jacob turned to leave, shutting the door behind him.Mark immediately backed his chair up a few inches, pulling himself out of Sarah’s mouth and looking down at his minx of a fiancee in recrimination. “You’re bad,” he said, not quite completely teasing. “And not exactly helping make your father like me…” he trailed off.Sarah looked up innocently, a slight smile forming at the edge of her mouth. “I’m sorry,” she said, sticking out her lower lip in a pout. “Are you going to punish me?” she asked, her eyes widening with feigned apprehension.”Oh, definitely,” Mark responded, barely able to keep the smile off of his face, and suddenly no longer concerned with the opinion of her father. “You’re going to pay for that little stunt,” he continued, his cock throbbing in front of her as he became more immersed in their interplay.”You better get back to work on this cock,” Mark said, leaning back casually in his chair and pointing to his erection. “I don’t think you’ve had quite enough cream in that mouth for one day.”Sarah looked up with a cocked eyebrow, biting her lower lip as she came forward once again to take Mark inside her mouth. But just as her lips brushed the head of his cock, Mark’s office door opened once again, but this time much more cautiously kaçak bahis siteleri than Jacob’s entrance.”Shit,” Mark muttered to himself as he jerked upright once more, scooting forward and pushing Sarah backwards onto her ass under his desk.Mark shuffled some papers in front of him to try to look busy as his secretary, Tracy, peaked her head into the room. “Are you busy?” Tracy asked.Mark cleared his throat, trying to appear casual as he glanced up from the papers. “Ah, no, not busy. Just taking a look at these… contracts that Mr. Schuster dropped by.””Oh, right! I’m sorry I didn’t warn you about that. He caught me off guard and asked if you were free and just went right by before I could pick up the phone to ask if you were available,” Tracy responded with a blatant contradiction to Jacob’s story as she slipped into the room, shutting the door behind her. “And of course I didn’t want to cause any problems with you and your new in-laws,” Tracy continued, her voice letting slip a hint of sarcasm. “They can be so demanding.” Tracy sat down at one of the two chairs opposite Mark, crossing her long legs in front of her and leaning forward slightly to reveal her ample cleavage.”Heh, yeah,” Mark replied, trying to think of a way of getting his secretary to leave his office without seeming rude.Tracy glanced around the room, clearly looking for something to chat about. Her eyes landed on the remaining eclair on Mark’s desk. She smiled knowingly. “Having a little treat for lunch, are we Mark?” she asked with a silky voice.Sarah noted the flirtatiousness in Tracy’s voice. Mark’s secretary had a thing for him, it appeared. And who could blame her, Sarah thought to herself. Mark was a catch. Still, Sarah was a little surprised that Tracy had chosen to go after Mark over the other eligible men at the firm, specifically the older, more established ones. Tracy was basically gorgeous, a classic beauty. Blonde, perfect figure, big tits, long legs, with a wardrobe that didn’t hide any of it. She could have pretty much any man she wanted, and she knew it. And Tracy really didn’t have much in the way of legal background. It was pretty clear that she was at the firm to find some nice easy rich husband to attach herself to. Mark was sexy, no doubt about it, but he was a junior partner, still quite a ways away from being wealthy. Not to mention he would lose his job and status in a heartbeat if he was caught cheating on the boss’ daughter. Maybe she likes the thrill, Sarah thought to herself. Or maybe it’s just Mark being Mark. Sarah smiled thinking about her adorable fiance, still listening intently to his uncomfortable conversation with his flirty secretary. Her eyes drifted over to Mark’s once again semi-flaccid penis, and her mind began wandering in all sorts of dirty directions.”Ah, yeah, sweet tooth, you know,” Mark stammered, very aware that his cock was still hanging out of his pants in the workplace.Sarah heard Tracy giggle and stand up to walk toward Mark’s desk. “I’m sure Sarah wouldn’t approve of you indulging that sweet tooth while you two are planning a wedding,” Tracy said. “It’ll be our little secret,” she continued. “No need to worry the anxious bride-to-be.” Sarah snorted a little at the thought of the bridezilla image Tracy was trying to paint of her.     “Umm,” Mark responded, trying not to engage. Not at all dissuaded, Tracy leaned in across the desk, her cleavage on full display as she pressed her arms together. Mark couldn’t help but glance down at Tracy’s sun-bronzed breasts as she whispered, “I’m good at keeping secrets.”

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