The Taking Of My Wife, Part 4: A wife is defiledThe Taking Of My Wife, Part 4: A wife is defiled


As they walked out of the club to the car park, JM gently put his arms around her shoulders and pulled her close, like she was his property now. Viki offered no resistance and put her arm around his waist and they walked to the black van that was waiting. The door opened and as she bent to get in, JM reached under her short skirt and squeezed her ass.She squealed and giggled and jumped in and he followed her. The van middle seat row was removed and a partition separated the driver from the passengers so it was very private. JM left the cabin light on and the camera activated so I could watch the action.They sat close together in the back seat and Viki’s short skirt was now hiked up almost to her panties. The camera was exactly in front of the seat so I could look straight up my wife’s skirt as she sat next to a strange, good looking man. As the car started moving, JM wasted no time and turned towards Viki and started kissing her on the lips. Viki was a bit surprised and sat back and let him kiss her and feel her up for a bit. A few minutes later she started kissing him back and I could hear the wet sounds of their mouths.One of JM’s hands now pulled off her shoulder strap and exposed one of my wife’s juicy small breasts.She immediately tried to pull the strap back up but JM held her hand and said to her, “Viki baby, you promised me I could touch you everywhere when I dropped you home.”Viki blushed and looked down embarrassed but took her hand away so he could continue playing with her exposed breasts. A few seconds later he had her other shoulder strap off and the top of her dress fell to her waist exposing both her breasts. She had her head back on the seat, her eyes closed and her hand gently on his head. JM bent down and sucked her tits and pinched her nipples. His other hand moved slowly up her thighs towards her panties.As soon as she felt his fingers reach her pussy, Viki quickly closed her thighs and pulled her skirt down. I could see my wife look a bit tense as I suspected the alcohol was wearing off and she wanted to go home before she lost control. She sat up and asked him how much longer to reach our hotel. JM kept his hands on her bare thigh under her skirt and said it would be another fifteen minutes. He told her to relax and have fun as she would be home soon.JM started kissing her again and after a few minutes, I could see her relaxing thinking she would be home with her husband soon so why not enjoy the moment with this handsome model. She kissed him back and this time when he gently pushed her thighs apart she parted them wide for him. Her skirt was now up to her almanbahis waist I could see his fingers lightly rubbing her pussy through her panties. There was a dark wet patch that spread and soon her panties were soaked. JM slyly looked at the camera and smiled at me.He gently pulled her panties to a side and slid his finger into her wet cunt. I saw my wife gasp and try to close her legs but JM pushed her back and kissed her deeply. She then moaned and slowly spread her legs wide and allowed him to push his finger inside her. He fingered her wet cunt for a few minutes and she lost control. She pushed her cunt out almost like she was trying to get more of his finger into her. I could hear her gasping and moaning loudly now. JM meanwhile squeezed her nipples and had his tongue deep down her throat.My conservative Thai wife was almost naked, her legs spread in the back seat of a van with a strange man. I looked in disbelief as just a few hours ago she had not even allowed him to touch her intimately when he tried to dance with her.At that moment the van came to a stop. Viki immediately came out of her sexual trance assuming they had reached our hotel where her husband was waiting for her. She pushed JM away and pulled his hand out from between her legs. She pulled up her shoulder straps and covered herself up and leaned over to JM and quickly kissed him on the mouth and thanked him for the ride.When he tried to pull her close, she smiled and gently pushed him away and said, “Sorry my dear, we have reached my hotel and my husband is waiting.” With that, she turned and got out of the van. As soon as she got out she realized they were not at our hotel. The van had stopped in the driveway of a secluded villa on a beach. I was in a dark room at on the first floor and could watch them from the window.My wife looked around confused and worried and turned around to see JM standing behind her smiling. He quickly reassured her saying the driver made a mistake and drove them to his home instead of her hotel. He quickly added that the hotel wasn’t far and he would drop her back immediately. She looked relieved and nodded and JM bent down and put his arms around her. He said to her that before they left he would like to show her his home.He said he also needed to use the rest room so they could have a quick drink and then he would drop her back. And then he laughed and said it would also give Viki a chance to freshen up before she went back to her husband as she looked like she had been doing “something naughty.” Before she had a chance to think he took her hand and gently pulled her to the front almanbahis yeni giriş door and into the villa. Viki submissively let him lead her into the villa to the living room. I moved to a spot on the dark upper floor stairwell from where I could watch.JM led her to the sofa and sat her down. He told her to relax and stepped into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of chilled Absinthe (a potent alcoholic drink). He poured two very large shots and asked Viki to do a quick shot with him and then they could leave. She reluctantly agreed and knocked it back grimacing and JM quickly poured another before she could say no. As she knocked the second full glass back, JM laughed and pulled her close and kissed her.She laughed too and said that they better go before her husband woke up. JM smiled and agreed and they walked out of the villa to the car but the driver was nowhere to be found. JM made a show of trying to call him and spoke on the phone for a few minutes. He turned to Viki who was looking quite anxious and told her the driver had gone to the store to buy some food and would be back in fifteen minutes.He gently took her suggested they go back inside and get a drink while they waited and Viki reluctantly went in with him. He poured her a very large drink and added a bit of extra sweet mixer and crushed ice to make it easy to drink. They sat next to each other and after a few sips, I could see the alcohol was getting to Viki and she looked relaxed.JM started to kiss her again and when she started to protest he said softly to her, “please baby the driver will be here soon so let’s have some fun.” She laughed and sat back on the sofa and let him kiss her. A few minutes later he had her shoulder straps down again and she was naked from the waist up. The alcohol started to lower her resistance and she was soon moaning as he sucked her tits and started to finger her pussy again. He spread her legs and knelt in front of her and started to pull down her panties. I was surprised as she lifted her ass off the sofa to let him remove her panties and I knew then there would be no further resistance from her.JM slowly spread my wife’s legs and started to lick her pussy. Viki moaned and pushed out her cunt into his face, her ass now in the air. JM then flipped her around so she was kneeling on the sofa with her ass out. He buried his face in my wife’s beautiful round ass and pushed his tongue deep into her ass while his fingers penetrated her soaked cunt. I had my pants down in the dark corner of the stairwell and stroked my raging erection watching him lick my wife’s asshole almanbahis giriş while she made soft moaning noises.He then stood up and pulled her off the sofa and made her kneel in front of him completely naked. He unzipped his pants and took them off and stood in front of her in his tight black underwear. Viki seemed mesmerized by the massive bulge in his briefs. He slowly pulled his tights down and his massive cock sprang out and hit Viki lightly in the face.She was a little stunned and then looked at it in complete disbelief. It was about eight inches long and thick. It was virtually twice the length and thickness of her husband’s cock.  She looked up at him and he smiled and touched the tip to her slightly parted lips and pushed it in. In a state of shock, my wife opened her mouth and let him enter it. JM held the back of her head in his hands and pulled it towards him until she gagged a little and then withdrew.He said to her softly, “Suck it, baby.”Viki obediently started to suck it and in a few minutes, her spit was drooling down his shaft. He then pulled her hair back and opened her mouth wide and started to fuck her mouth aggressively. I was stunned. Here was my sweet conservative wife, who used to refuse oral sex to her husband, sucking this strange man’s massive cock like a whore.After a few minutes of fucking my wife’s face, JM then bent down and lifted her up, bent her over the sofa and spread her legs. At that point, I think she sensed what was coming and was suddenly hesitant. She had already let this stranger go further with her than any man. But to allow him to fuck her would be the ultimate betrayal of her marriage and her traditions.So I watched as she turned back to look at him and said, “please don’t, I’m married.”JM laughed because even as she said it, she pushed her ass our further towards him and kept her knees apart. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy open and dripping. I knew then she wanted him to fuck her and wouldn’t stop him. The token protest was more for her than for him.JM held her around her slim waist and pulled her round ass towards him till his head of his massive cock was touching the entrance to her dripping wet cunt. She closed her eyes and moaned. He pulled her hair back so her back arched and her ass pushed out onto his cock.He then said, “You want this you slut, don’t you.”When she moaned but didn’t reply he repeated himself louder and she whispered. “Yes.” That was all he needed to hear. He pushed his cock deep into her wet cunt, all the way in. Viki screamed and her body lifted off the sofa and he roughly grabbed her tits from behind and bit her neck. She turned her face to meet his and they ate each other’s mouths like animals as he fucked her hard from behind.He looked up at the dark stairwell and although he couldn’t see me he knew I was there and smiled.

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