The Missing Spark Ch. 02The Missing Spark Ch. 02


Miles stood in front of the blackboard, chalk in hand as the students filed into the classroom. Homeroom had just ended and it was finally time for his first class to begin. The butterflies that had swarmed in his stomach the night before were finally gone and he was ready. He had ran off copies of the class syllabus and reading list and laid them out on each of the desks. The second bell rang and the chatter quickly died down.

“I’m Mr. Hudgens, and I’ll be your teacher this year for English 11.” He said as he turned to face the students that were staring at him. “You’ll see the syllabus on your…” His words suddenly became lodges in his throat which went instantly incredibly dry. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. Among the random unfamiliar faces he saw one that stood out. “desks along with the syllabus.” he croaked out the words.

There in the third row sat the very same girl that he had met at the hotel bar just a couple of nights before. At first he thought it he had to be trapped in a nightmare. There was no way that the girl who according to her profile was in her mid 20s was sitting there in his junior English class. It had to be some kind of sick joke. He turned around to face his desk and grabbed his travel mug, gulping down a mouthful of coffee as he tried to clear his head, hoping that when he turned around that he would find a girl who simply looked similar enough for him to mistake for Eris.

Unfortunately, nothing had changed when he laid his eyes upon her again. She sat there smirking at him defiantly. For the next 45 minutes he managed to stumble through roll call and the speech he had prepared about what would be expected of his students and covering the contents of the papers he passed out. The sultry voice in which she replied “Here” when he read the name Emily Pollard. It felt like time had moved much slower than he ever thought it possibly could. Just when he thought that he could not stand another second of the torture, the bell finally rang.

“Class dismissed.” he croaked, waiting for them to exit so he could process what was happening. He was glad that his next period was a free one. It would give him time to get his head together and decide how to proceed. He was digging in his messenger bag to retrieve the papers for the next class as they left. It wasn’t until he felt eyes boring into him that he looked up to see Emily standing in front of his desk.

“I never expected to see you again so soon Charlie.” She purred with a malicious grin. “Don’t worry. I won’t out you to the headmaster.” She giggled as she turned and strutted away.

He felt the bile rising in his throat as she exited. Upon hearing her words it felt like someone had given him a powerful gut punch. He had driven nearly an hour away to meet the girl from the app, thinking that he would not run into her again in his day to day life but apparently it wasn’t enough. There she was, in his class.

The thought occurred to him that not only his career could be in danger, the fact that he hired an escort, one that turned out to be underage meant that jail time was an all too real possibility. It was a thought that shook him to his core. The rest of the day he did his best to hide the panic that it caused inside him. It wasn’t until his final class of the day that it came to a head when Emily returned to his classroom.

This time, she selected a seat directly in front of his desk. Each time she raised her hand to ask a question, he felt the surge of anxiety rise. He could tell by the gleam in her eyes as she watched him squirm that she was thoroughly enjoying torturing him. It was clearly a game to the wicked girl. The pressure to keep his cool sent his mind racing as well. He began to think about any way he could to keep his secret and shut down the threat. His distraction showed as he stumbled through answering simple questions about the two performances that the drama class would be putting on that year.

The final bell came as a relief. He dismissed the class and quickly began to gather up his things. He was so concerned with getting out of the hell he had stewed in all day that he had not noticed her lingering behind. The Adana Escort rest of the class hurried out which led to the perfect opportunity for her to twist the knife. She shut the door just loudly enough to make him jump. The look of sheer terror on his face made her chuckle.

“I’ve seen the way you were looking at me… Charlie.” She said as she twisted the lock on the door. “I know you can’t stop thinking about how much you loved fucking me.”

“You’re… you’re mistaken. I have never met you before this morning.” He tried to lie but his words lacked the conviction of any believability . “I don’t know who Charlie is.” The way his voice quivered betrayed him further.

“We both know that’s a lie.” She said as she walked toward him slowly. “You bought me a drink at the bar before sending me up to your hotel room and fucking my brains out. I know that you have been thinking about it all day.”

Miles was sweating profusely. The way she stared at him felt as if she was looking directly into his soul. As she got closer, he took a step back, nearly tripping over his own feet.

“You’re thinking about it even now. I can tell by the way you look at me.” She purred in a sultry voice. “I know you’d love to bend me over your desk right now and slide your cock into me.”

His throat was drier than it ever had been before as he tried to croak out the word “No” but the sound did not escape. She kept creeping closer, the evil grin remained plastered on her face as she watched himself backing toward the corner. She knew how quickly people fled the building once the bell rang. It wasn’t just the students that wanted out of there, but the teachers as well. The ones that rarely stayed were often the ones who kept to themselves on other floors. The chances of anyone discovering them was extremely low. It wasn’t like it was the first time she had done something like this in one of the classrooms. Of course, it had always been with another student until now.

“Don’t get all shy on me now.” She giggled as her fingers quickly went to work unbuttoning the blouse of her uniform. His eyes widened, the fear growing with each button. “I know you want me.”

Despite how desperately he wanted to escape from this nightmare, his gaze drifted down to her chest and the sheer white lace bra that was revealed. The sight of it was enough to cause his body to begin to react. The white blouse hung open as she stepped closer, trapping him against the wall. Her eyes traveled down to his crotch noticing the bulge beginning to form in the front of his pants.

His palms were pressed against the wall as he fought the urge to touch her. She reached down and placed her hand upon the burgeoning bulge and smirked. “You really can not deny it. Not when you are already getting hard.” She smirked.

He could feel the warmth of her hand through his pants as she began to massage his member through the fabric. His breathing sped up as he shook his head. He attempted to feebly say the words “No.. This can’t happen” before a whimper cut them off. Her groping was effectively destroying any resolve he had. The sight of her nubile body had him so turned on and already having knowledge of her prowess just made it even harder to deny his desires.

She let go, giving him a moment of reprieve while she reached up and slipped her blouse off. Her hands moved behind her back as she quickly unfastened the two small hooks. She peeled off the garment and tossed it aside. Her feet were now on either side of his as he stood there frozen. Emily pressed her body against his, allowing him to feel her full breasts against his chest.

His mind was racing. The voice that screamed at him to stop this insanity and get out of there was quickly being drown out by memory of her sultry moans. She leaned in closer, pressing her lips to his neck just above his collar before whispering in his ear. “Fuck me Mr. Hudgens.” In a flash she caught his earlobe between her teeth and gave it a playful nip.

Every ounce of his will power drained from him as the slight burst of pain triggered something deep within him. With his entire livelihood already at risk if anyone caught them Adana Escort Bayan in this compromising position, he gave in to it. His hands lifted from the wall, cupping her firm round breasts as he began to massage them.

“You want me to fuck you… Get over there and put your hands on the desk.” He growled, giving her a slight push as he pulled his hands away.

In those few seconds his cock had become painfully hard. Today, he did not care about her pleasure. She had brought it on herself with her teasing. This was not about anything but releasing all of that pressure and letting her know who was in charge.

She did not say a word, instead, she eagerly moved to the desk facing away from him. Miles walked toward her, an evil grin on his face as he flipped the back of her navy blue skirt up. He then yanked down the little white thong she wore, watching it flutter down her long lean legs and pool on the floor around her feet. He moved closer her, giving her foot a not so gentle nudge to spread them further apart. She stepped out of them he picked them up before he unfastened his black leather belt.

Miles placed the panties on the desk next to her left hand. His fingers moved swiftly as he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pushing them and his boxer briefs down to free his massive shaft from their prison. He gripped the thick shaft and traced the bulbous head up and down her lips.

Emily was already quite wet. Teasing him had gotten her quickly worked up and the thought of him fucking her had her tight little pussy drooling. He inched the tip of his cock inside her, until it was in past the smooth helmet and both hands moved to her hips. He held her steady as with a single thrust he buried his swollen tool deep into her wetness.

Emily let out an obnoxiously loud moan as she felt him spear her deepest depths. “Quiet.” He said sternly. “Or I will stop.” He began his slow hard thrusts into her as she gripped the desk tightly. He could feel her pushing back against him each time his hips moved forward. She tried unsuccessfully to keep her volume down.

The feel of her velvety warmth around him made it impossible to stop until he was sated. He took the wadded up panties from the desk and balled them up in his hand. The next time he forced a loud moan from her throat his hand flew up and forced them into her mouth. Now with the sound muffled his large hands went to her chest. His hands mauled her breasts as his hips powerfully slammed into her perfect cheeks.

He was already starting to feel his body straining for release. All of the pent up frustration and fear that he had felt all day thanks to her fueled his libido. He was not going to cum without a fight. She had put him through too much torture for it to be over that quickly. Instead, he released his grip on her chest. His hands then descended back to her hips.

His fingertips dug into her flesh, most certainly leaving a lasting reminder of the encounter as he drew back and plowed into her with all his might. The muffled moans also grew in intensity as her body was jolted from each deep insertion. Her hips moved jerkily as she tried to push back into his thrust only to be stopped by his firm grip.

Her body trembled and shuddered as he felt her juices spilling out of her with every near withdrawal. Her walls clung to him, massaging his engorged cock rhythmically. His right hand slid up her flat stomach and up over the swell of her breast. It was then that trapped her hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

She let out a loud squeal as he pinched and rolled it between his fingers. He leaned in “You need to be punished for being a bad girl and teasing me all day.” He growled in her ear. He gave her nipple a sharp pinch, causing her to cry out. Her head nodded emphatically. He pulled the panties from between her lips, allowing her to release another moan.

His hips came to an abrupt stop. “Tell me how bad you want me to continue.” He said, his cock still buried deep inside her tight little slit.

“I want it so bad. It’s all I could think about since the night in the hotel. When I saw you.” He moved his hips back slightly, Escort Adana thrusting forward hard and causing her to inhale sharply. “I knew I had to have you inside me again.”

He gave another thrust as she continued. Her voice was uneven and interrupted by small whimpers and moans “Oh god fuck me. Punish me with your cock.” She cried.

Another sharp burst of pain followed as he gripped her nipple tightly and pulled, stretching it away from her chest. His hips started to move again as he released it. He gave several more hard thrusts before he withdrew his cock from her dripping wetness. “On your knees.” he said with a grin.

Emily spun around as he took a step back and knelt down before him. He didn’t have to say a word. Her fingers instantly went to the base of his throbbing cock and held it in place as her glossy pink lips parted and allowed the head to slip into her mouth. She looked up at him as she closed her lips around him and began to run her tongue over the head. She could taste herself on his skin which only made her appetite more voracious.

Within seconds she was devouring the turgid muscle. The head slipped into her throat, causing Miles to moan much louder than he intended. His hands hung by his side as he let her show him just how much she enjoyed sucking him like that. Most girls would wrap all of their fingers around his girthy base to compensate for not being able to handle his full length. Cheater head is what he always called it. Not Emily. She seemed to lack a gag reflex as she swallowed every last inch of him.

His head dropped back as he closed his eyes and focused on the intense pleasure her warm wet mouth was giving him. She flickered her tongue over his skin, picking up the taste of herself until nothing of it was left to savor. Her head began to bob more quickly, forcing him to confront the reality that she was about to swallow his impressive load a second time since they met.

He was past the point of fighting it. He let her work her magic. Her lips pursed tighter around his thick shaft as she began to increase her suction. It was getting harder and harder for him to keep from grabbing her by the sides of the head and simply throat fucking her like some common whore but he wanted her to do this her way.

The naughty little minx persisted. Both of her hands gripped his hips as she worked her lips from the base up to the tip and back down again quickly. He could feel her curl her tongue upward so the tip pressed firmly against the veiny underside of his cock. The feeling was so incredible that he wanted to get lost in it for hours, but his body was not going to let that happen.

He could feel that familiar tingle spreading fast. He knew that at any second he would lose what little control he had left over himself. The orgasm was quickly creeping up on him and he knew that she would not stop until she teased it out of him.

Miles let out a loud groan as he felt the warmth making its way up his shaft and the first spurts of semen exploding from the tip of his cock into her throat. She held him there, her lips at the base of his shaft, her nose pressed against his pelvis as she swallowed around him. She greedily drank down every last drop she could coax from his spasming cock. She stared up at him as she drained him.

His legs weakened, barely wanting to support his weight by the time she slid his now deflating cock from between her lips. She smiled at him as she watched him stumble around the desk to plop down on the chair. He sat there panting, watching her as she picked up her bra and blouse. Instead of slipping her bra back on, she shoved it in her bag still sat at the desk she had occupied.

As Emily buttoned her blouse Miles sat there trying to recover as quickly as he could so that he could dress and flee the scene. It took him nearly 5 minutes to regain enough of his strength to stand and start getting dressed once more. He was busy pulling his pants back on when Emily grabbed a pen from her bag, tearing off a small piece of paper from inside and scrawled her number on it.

He did not see her then slip it and the balled up panties into his messenger bag. Before he had time to get his shoes back on she was at the door. He spun around, alarmed by the sudden click of the lock as it seemed to echo through the quiet room. “See you tomorrow Mr. Hudgens,” She said before vanishing into the hall, closing the door behind her.

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