Part 3

I sat in the room with my daughter. I was crying . . . she was crying and neither of us could speak, just holding on to each other. Finally, I felt Wendy starting to pull away from me, I could not stop her – not after all she had been through, I opened my arms.
“Why . . . why didn’t you try to get me back?” Wendy asked me, “Why did you let me stay there with HIM?”
I shook my head, “I did try Wendy, but you and your mother just vanished, I tried everywhere to find you, but what happened to your hair?” She used to have blonde hair but now she was dark haired.
“Mummy washes my hair with some dark colored shampoo every couple of weeks, she done that since forever . . . I don’t want that done to me ever more!” She said then she got a strange look in her face, “And I don’t want to take any of that medicine again, they didn’t give me any here but I didn’t mind.”
“What was it?” I asked – while inside I was seething ‘that was why I couldn’t find Wendy, she could have walked right pass me when she was younger, I was looking for my golden haired child’ was running through my head, but I tried to concentrate on her answer.
“It’s the medicine I have to take every night, it tastes strange and peppery. I asked the nurses here why I didn’t have it but they said that since it’s not on my chart I don’t have to have it . . . But mummy said I had to take it every night!” Wendy was confusedly saying.
“What was it for? Do you know?” I asked her.
But she shook her head, “Mummy never said, but she always made sure I took it while they both watched . . . it’s strange but HE always liked watching me take my medicine, he always laughed when I did.” She said.
“Didn’t the bottle have a label on it? Or did you ever see the bottle?” I asked feeling slightly edgy about the container that the ‘medicine’ had been in
“No . . . but it must have been kept in the bathroom, HE would bring out the medicine in its little cup, mummy would hand it to me and make me swallow it,” she made a face as she said that, then she added, “I tried to look for the bottle everywhere but I couldn’t find it.”
Just then, Martha and the nurse entered the room, carrying a suitcase. I turned to them, “Nurse was there any note regarding Wendy’s medication?” I asked her and held up my hand to stop Martha from asking any questions.
“No sir, we were puzzled as Wendy’s doctor didn’t know about any condition she might be suffering from, but then he hadn’t seen her for about nine months.” At my look she added, “I am Wendy’s nurse and had to check on her medical history.”
I quickly let Wendy tell Martha about the medicine she had to take and how it came to her, Martha’s eyes told me she had a good idea what the medicine was as well.
I could see the nurse getting out some clothes for Wendy and so I started to leave the room so that she could dress without my invading her privacy.
“Daddy please stay hears!” Wendy cried out to me, rushing over and pulling on my arm.
I gently pulled away from her but stayed where I was, “But I shouldn’t be here while you dress,” I told her, “And Martha and the nurse will help you.” I added
“Please daddy!” Wendy pleaded and so I relented and sat back down on the chair. The nurse handed Wendy a pair of knickers which she put on under her nightdress, then she removed her nightdress to stand in the middle of the room, her arms were by her side, she didn’t have a curving body, but there were signs of her developing womanhood. She was watching me.
“Why are you doing that Wendy?” Martha carefully asked my daughter, but she was echoing my thoughts.
“Mummy told me that I had to show . . . stand like this when I was dressing, she said that HE wanted to make sure I was properly clothed.” Wendy said her eyes were starting to drip tears as she said that.
“Why that sick . . .” Martha said quietly, but then schooled herself. “Please get dressed Wendy.” She said gently as the nurse started handing Wendy her clothes.
Martha sat down beside me then she spoke just loud enough for me to hear, “You know what that ‘medicine’ was don’t you?” She asked me.
I nodded and kept my answer just as quiet, “Yes, what do you think he was playing at?”
“Well he got a kick out of it I supposed, we’ve tried asking Wendy about other aspects of her home life, but she’s not saying anything.” Martha told me, she took out a notepad and pen and started to write away.
“How are you going to get her to talk?” I asked Martha.
“Well we can’t use the thumbscrews and whips, so I’m afraid we’re relying on you to get her to open up. We do not know much about her home life, as I said she is still a virgin but there is some stretching of her anal tract that looks suspicious. Is it possible that you can spend time with her?” Martha asked me
I smiled, “Well after my little escapade at work I think I’ll have plenty of time to spend with Wendy.” I said.
“Don’t worry about that, I’ve got some pull and I should be able to help you.” Martha said smiling, and then, noticing that Wendy was now dressed she added, “Can I drop you off?”
I remembered that my car was still parked in the car-park at work, I wasn’t too sure if I’d be allowed to retrieve it, “If you don’t mind, but can we drive a bit slower this time, and I’ll need to buy Wendy some clothes, I think she needs to be brought out of herself.”
Martha looked at the slightly scared girl standing before us and nodded, “I know just the place.” She said and stood up. “Now then Wendy is there anything you needed to pick up from your home before your daddy take you to his?” She asked Wendy brightly.
Wendy looked at her and then at me, “I’m not going back to mummy?” She asked hesitatingly.
“I’m afraid not Wendy, your mother has a little problem at the moment and we don’t know when she’ll be able to have you, that was why you were here in the first place.” Martha said.
Wendy did not answer, but her expression spoke volumes. She came up to me and took my hand, “Let’s go daddy.” She said and pulled me to my feet; well I helped Batıkent Escort her of course.
I thanked the nurse for her attentiveness and said goodbye to the Sister, then Wendy, Martha and I stepped out of the ward and then the hospital itself.

We got to Martha’s car, she unlocked the doors and opened the back door for Wendy, who held back and kept hold of my arm. Martha looked at me and I nodded. I got into the back of the car and then Wendy followed me, sitting close to me as I did up my seat belt.
I managed, with some trouble, to tighten Wendy’s lap belt and then Martha started the engine. “You didn’t say if you needed anything from home.” Martha asked Wendy again,
“Well I’ll need my school stuff, but no, there’s nothing there I need.” Wendy said sounding sad.
“What? No dollies or anything like that?” I asked her gently.
“No, mummy said that grown girls didn’t need dollies.” Wendy said looking down and sounding sad.
“Well my little girl deserves lots of dollies!” I said and watched Wendy’s face light up and smile at me.
Martha drove first of all to a large house, Wendy seemed to shrink inside herself as we approached it, I held her hand reassuringly, “It’s alright Wendy, and they are not there.” I told her, she looked up at me and gave a weak smile.
Martha let herself in with a set of keys and Wendy took us to her bedroom, which is all it was, a room with a bed in it, dark colors, no toys were visible, there was a desk with books to one side, Martha opened a wardrobe which was empty! “Where are your clothes Wendy?” She asked, after Wendy had shown me which books she needed for school.
“In that bedroom there!” She said pointing to another room. We entered the room to find it was a bright colorful room, wardrobes line one wall with a dressing table and vanity mirror on the other, and there was a large television with video and DVD players, although where there should be tapes was an empty storage area.
Wendy pointed to a cupboard and we opened it to find children’s clothes, neatly set out, with school clothing on one side, skirts and dresses on the other, in between was a fabric shelving arrangement which held her knickers, vests and socks. On the floor were her shoes.
Martha picked up a large suitcase and opened it. “Which dresses do you want to take with you Wendy?” She asked, but Wendy had already gone to the uniforms and had taken them out, she found a couple of pairs of knickers and some socks, these she also put in the suitcase, then she closed it.
“But what about . . .?” Martha started to ask but Wendy cut her off.
“Because He’s touched them, he couldn’t keep his hands off them when they were on the hangers or . . . on me!” She said, “I have to have my school clothes . . . or else I’d leave them as well!” she added.
“Don’t worry about that Wendy. We’ll go shopping for some new clothes.” I said and she looked at me and smiled.
Martha drove us into town and we parked near the shops, Wendy seemed a bit low as we entered the first shop, which catered for young and trendy girls, I asked her what was wrong? “I’ve never chosen my own clothes before . . . I don’t know what to do.” She said her face going red with shame.
I called over a sales assistant and told her that I wanted my daughter, Wendy beamed as I said that, to be dressed completely as a young girl should be. I then added, she is a young girl not a young woman yet . . . but a couple of young woman type clothes would be nice as well.
“How much did you want to spend?” The assistant, whose name badges announce that she, was Trudy, asked.
I handed her my credit card, “Just see where that takes you.” I said and left them to it.

While Wendy and Trudy were going out of their way to bankrupting me, I sat watching them and talking to Martha.
“You noticed the missing tapes in the bedroom.” Martha asked me.
“I saw the gaps, what was there.” I said.
“Our friend the magistrate had a nice little collection of tapes, their titles were things like Schoolmaster’s delight, and Bringing up Baby . . . not the 1930’s film I hasten to add.” Martha said her face straight and unmoving.
“Oh! That might explain why he liked to watch a young girl dress and undress I suppose.” I said quietly.
Martha gave a small nod of her head, “But it also begs the question, what else might he have planned? Or if he succeeded in whatever his plans were?” She said.
“So how am I supposed to get her to tell me, she might be more scared of what I’m going to do to her if she does tell me?” I said
She nodded, “I know, all you can do is to offer her support, look I’ve made arrangements for Wendy to see . . . some-one, she has been successful in helping children face up to things. She the best in the area although . . .” She paused.
“Although What?” I prompted her.
“Well I would have liked her to have seen a friend of mine back home, she has . . . assistants that could coax anything out of a young girl,” She smiled as if in memory, “or a young girl out of anything.”
I smiled at her look, “Nice memories?” I asked her.
She looked at me, “Well their breasts were just the right . . .” Then she realized what I had said and blushed. “Oh . . . err . . . yes, very nice memories.” She said.
“I won’t tell if you won’t.” I said to her.
Wendy, in the meantime, was running from display to display picking out tops and jeans. When I went to suggest some skirts and dresses Martha stopped me, “Let her have her way this time, she trying to rebel against the way she was forced to dress, let me have a word with that assistant, Trudy.” Martha said and left me to join the two.

Part 4

We left the shop with bags full of clothes including underwear and a couple of training bras which, much to Wendy’s embarrassment; Trudy took great delight in showing me.
We dropped the bags into Martha’s car, securely hidden in the boot, and then went to a Burger King for something to eat – Wendy’s choice as all her friends would talk about burgers and Wendy never seemed to get a chance to try Batıkent Escort Bayan one.
We did buy some dolls for Wendy and a special gift, which she wanted, before getting back to Martha’s car where Wendy made me sit beside her again, and she started taking an interest of where we were going.
As Martha’s car arrived in my road I looked at my daughter, holding onto the small teddy bear I had given her. She had looked at it and I knew from the look on her face that she wanted it . . . and so I brought it, you would have thought I had handed her a million pounds.
Then Wendy looked out of the window of the car, she was talking under her breath, “A large dog lived there . . . and a cat, a black cat, lived there” I thought back . . . yes there had been a dog and nearby a neighbor did have a black cat, she still had that cat, I smiled, I’d like to introduce Wendy to that neighbor.
When we got nearer to my house Wendy began to get agitated, I tapped on Martha’s seat to get her to stop a few doors away, Wendy looked at me puzzled, “We’re not there yet daddy!” She exclaimed in an accusing tone.
I smiled at her, “No darling not just yet.” I said and then Martha drove slowly forward, she was about to drive past my house when suddenly Wendy spoke again.
“Stop! Stop! You’re going too far!” She said . . . and she was right!
“How did you know where we lived?” I asked her.
She looked at me, with a strange look in her eyes, “I do not now, it’s just that I used to dream of this house.” She said softly.
Martha backed up and parked outside my house, I opened the car door and got out, I made performance of taking my daughter out of the car and up to my door – just to show her off to the Wilson’s – she’d been cautioned about her actions against me.
I opened the front door, Wendy took a step inside and paused, “There are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs,” She said, “Mine is to the left, first door?” I nodded, she ran up the stairs and entered the room, and I heard a scream and immediately dashed upstairs.
Wendy was sitting on the bed, a doll held tightly in her arms, “This was mine . . . mummy said you’d taken all my toys away and burnt them . . . that was the only time I ever hated you . . . but you . . . you . . . didn’t.” she said and started to cry.
I sat down beside her, “No Wendy, I couldn’t destroy any of your toys, I hoped that you’d return to get them back.” Now I had tears in my eyes and I held her.
Which was where Martha found us, she came to ask us for help bring in Wendy’s clothes, and she smiled at us. “Well I know that the Social Services are supposed to help its clients, but do you think you could help me.” She asked.
Wendy put the doll down and ran to Martha, she took a couple of bags and put them on the bed, opened them and started to pull out the clothes. “Hey, hold on, there’s more downstairs.” I said and was startled at her actions. She threw herself over the bed and raised her dress at the back. “What’s that for?” I asked her
“I made you angry, so you’ve got to smack me.” She said simply.
“No Wendy, darling, I wasn’t angry with you, I just wanted to . . .” I stopped and picked her up, hugging her. “Wendy, you are my daughter, I don’t expect you to be perfect . . . god knows I’m not, but I’d never hurt you, not in anger.” I told her.
She looked at me, my heart melted, “But there isn’t any other way.” She said simply, and looking in her eyes, I could see that she thought that was the truth.
“That’s not true.” Martha’s voice broke the link between us and brought our attention to her she was standing back in the doorway, “There are plenty of times when love can hurt or when you can be hurt with love, it feels painful but then you know that the person doing it, is doing it out of love for you.” There was a wistful look on her face as she said that.
“Mummy never said she loved me, she always shouted at me, ‘Don’t do that’, ‘Obey your betters!’, ‘Always smile when you undress for daddy!'” She said and then covered her mouth in fear.
“Your mother told you that.” Martha said quietly
Wendy hung her head, “I was never to say . . . mummy said I’d be taken away and locked up for years and years if I told anyone.” She said quietly
I picked her up and held her, “Mummy lied, you wouldn’t have been locked up, but mummy would have been. She was being bad when she told you those things.” I had to keep it simple for Wendy, but inside I was angry, angry with the woman I had married so long ago now, angry with the things she had made my daughter do, and angry with myself for letting it happen.
Martha did not say anything; she went downstairs leaving us alone.

When we had pulled ourselves together we went downstairs to retrieve the rest of the clothing and toys, Wendy was acting like a child again as she played with the dollies.
Martha pointed out to me that my answer phone – yes I could afford one now – was flashing away with several messages. I clicked on the play button and listened to them, they were all from one person and the general context of the messages was.
“Listen you ungrateful pile of horse-shit, you don’t just hang-up on me! When I give you an order, I expect you to do it! Well you have had your chance. I am getting Human Resources to send you your papers but I will guarantee you that you will not get a job anywhere near here! You’ve screwed with the wrong man!” Clive voice was rather high pitched when he reached that part.
I sat down, “Well that’s that. I will never get another job. What are my chances of getting family allowance?” I asked Martha.
“I’ve already told you don’t worry. You just concentrate on helping your daughter . . . but May I have that tape?” she pointed to the answer phone’s tape. I took it out and handed it to her, “Thank you. I think your boss may find he’s got some troubles coming.” She added smiling.
She checked on Wendy, making sure that she was happy here and settled in before she left, after handing me a card with her number on it, “If you have any questions or problems Escort Batıkent phone me.” She said before leaving.

It was an hour after Martha had left when I received a phone call. Expecting it to be Clive again I picked it up and almost snarled into the mouthpiece.
“Well I understand your feelings, I’d be like that at well!” It was Janet!
“Sorry Janet, I was expecting someone else.” I said
“He’s under company orders not to contact you again. We told him that you are on a month’s compassionate leave. Now I suggest you get to know your daughter, I understand she’s had a lot of problems in her life.” I looked at Wendy who was watching me.
“Well she’s just overwhelmed at the moment, I’m sure she’ll be fine.” I said smiling at Wendy, and then I realized something. “Janet, just what time is it there?” I asked her
“Oh, it’s quite early. I’d just gone to bed when I got called.” She said but her voice did not show any tiredness.
“I’m sorry I caused you all this trouble.” I said – I was actually concerned about her.
“It’s not just you John. I’ve checked back and we’ve lost too many good people from your area, all the indications are that there may be a vacancy in senior management . . .” Janet said.
“Not me Janet, but you might think about Adam in my section, he’s really good.” I said – I had too much on my plate to worry about doing Clive’s job.
“Hmm! Adam Batley . . . why not, Okay thanks John enjoys your vacation.” Janet said and hung up.
“What’s happening daddy?” Wendy asked me.
“Well darling it seems that I’ve still got a job and that I’m officially on holiday, so we have plenty of time to spend together.” I told Wendy who jumped with delight at this news.

Wendy would not leave my side as I stayed with her in our living room, I did not try to pry about her past life with her mother, we ate dinner and after that, I noticed that Wendy was yawning.
I looked at the clock, where had the time gone to I smiled at my daughter. “It’s time for bed Wendy.”
Almost immediately, she started to sob, before I could ask her what was wrong she moved into the center of the room and, keeping her head down, began to strip off. I did not know what to say but as she went to remove her dress, I told her to stop.
“Wendy, why are you undressing here, why haven’t you gone to your bedroom to undress and get ready for bed?” I asked her.
“But . . . this is how . . . mummy and . . . and He . . . told me . . . to get ready for bed.” She said.
“They made you undress in front of them. For how long?” I asked her.
“Since I was eight years old,” Wendy started to sob. I pulled her to me; she tensed up but then relaxed as she felt me stroking her hair.
“You don’t like doing that do you.” I asked her, she shook her head – not daring to speak her mind. “Then you don’t have to do that with me.” I told her.
She pulled back at looked at me. “Do you mean that daddy?” She asked me.
“Of course Wendy, I don’t want you to do anything that you don’t like doing, except school! I expect you to go there regardless.” I added smiling at her.
“Thank you daddy . . . but do I really have to go to school. I hate it.” She said with a slight smile on her face.
“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” I told her. Then I turned her towards the stairs. “Now go to your room and get ready for bed.” I told her.
“Will you be inspecting me like He did?” she asked me, fear showing in her face again.
“Not at all Wendy, I expect you to get into bed and go to sleep. But tomorrow I’d like to hear exactly how you were supposed to behave when you were with your mother and . . . that man.” I told her pushing her to the stairs.
She stopped before the first step, “But mummy said I was never to tell anyone about that!”
I nodded my head, “Because she didn’t want to get into trouble. I wouldn’t worry about that now Wendy – you’re with me now, not them.”
She smiled, “Thanks . . . daddy, goodnight.”
I kept smiling until I heard her door shut and then my face dropped. Having to undress in front of both of them Inspections by him, what had they been doing to my daughter? These thoughts were going over and over in my head.
I did not know what to do whom could I talk to? I started to pace up and down with worry, and then I remembered someone who might help. I checked my wallet and removed a card. Picking up the phone, I dialed the number on it – it was rather long.
“Mrs. Jones’s residence, who may I say is calling please?” The voice was a youth’s but the attitude was that of a servant.
“Is Janet there its John Archer calling.” I said.
“Thank you Mr. Archer, I’ll just enquire.” The young boy said and the phone started playing music.
“Good morning John.” Janet’s voice answered the phone then she paused, “Or rather good evening, it is still evening where you are, isn’t it? What is wrong? Didn’t we give you enough time off?” She asked with a laughing lilt in her voice.
“Hi Janet . . . I . . . I am worried about . . .” I could not even voice it.
“John. Sit down! Now take a deep breath. Okay now talk to me.” She directed me and I found myself following her instructions. I told her what Wendy had told me, the way she had acted while doing so.
“John, I don’t know what to suggest, I mean if you needed I’d get you here and have our people talk to her.” Janet said concern sounding in her voice.
“I don’t think I could afford that.” I said
“John you don’t need to worry, it can be part of the company’s package, all you’d have to do is to give me a call and I’ll arrange it.” Janet was speaking seriously now, all trace of amusement gone.
“Thank you Janet, but I hope I can get through this without needing help . . .” I said.
“Bullshit John. This is something for which you need all the help you can get. Remember I am always her for you at anytime, anytime at all. Tania asked me to do what I can, and don’t forget we owe you, and we always repay our debts.” with that she hung up.
“Well . . . thanks Janet. I think.” I said to the, now dead, phone.
I took one more look at the T.V., but it had been an eventful day and I was tired, I went upstairs and entered my bedroom but, remembering how Tania had surprised me, I wore a pair of jockey shorts as I climbed into my bed and close my eyes.

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