Making Victor a perfect cuckoldMaking Victor a perfect cuckold


Making Victor a perfect cuckoldMy beloved hubby was at work that Tuesday afternoon as I found myself home alone and getting bored. Then I took Victor’s laptop to our bedroom and started watching some porn. Soon I felt my cunt was soaking wet. After the movie finished, I chose a porn site about cuckolding. There was there a huge collection of sites about well hung black men and cuckold white couples.It was just few minutes before my fingers had brought me to climax with all those naughty thoughts in my head.I checked the username and found tit was no doubt Victor’s account. I knew my beloved husband had fantasized about sharing me before…Again I returned and got on his account and looked more at this interesting fetish he had. I fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit to orgasm for a second time. I was now determined to bring it up with him.That night, after fucking with my beloved husband, I told him that he had the laptop logged in. Victor smiled and his began to stiffen again. “Well what would you want to do about my fantasies?” Victor asked. Before answering, I took his throbbing cock in my hand. He was rock hard.I slid down farther along his body, putting the tip of his cock in my mouth.Then I licked his cock clean of pre cum before sliding it into my wet mouth.Victor grabbed my head and he pressed deeper until he was balls deep in. I pulled off slowly as he moaned in pleasure.I then told him I liked every site I had seen; but I insisted I loved the ones with the black men. I loved the ones where the husband just had to sit and watch. I then felt his cock twitch in my hands and heard him exhale in pleasure and I knew he was close to orgasm. I let his cock go and watched as it twitched; knowing one touch from me would be enough to send him into a wild climax. I resisted the urge to shove him back in my mouth and swallow his load right then. But I wanted to tease with him some more first.“You want to watch a huge black man make me cum?” I asked.Victor then shook with anticipation shivering on the edge of orgasm. He began slowly humping up into the air, his cock looking for something to make it explode.“You want to lick that nigger cum from my pussy…?” I insisted.Victor suddenly thrust his hips into the air violently and let out a huge guttural moan. A warm stream of cum shot from his cock and onto his belly. He surprised me; because I did not know he could cum without stimulation.I watched him in his eyes; my pussy now was dripping wet and needing to be taken care of also. So I leant of him and kissed his cock as I moved back up along him and straddled his face. I lowered down onto his mouth as his tongue came up to meet my soaking wet pussy lips. Victor ate my hungry cunt, while I rocked my hips slowly back and forth over his mouth and tongue, his lips tickling on my clit.I was getting close to my orgasm when I told him that he should find me a guy and I bahis şirketleri would do it. My hubby moaned as an affirmation and then it was all I needed to finish, as I came on his face and mouth, his arms and hand wrapped around my thighs as he pulled my hot pussy into his face.Few days after that horny night, Victor told me that he had found someone. He had met him online; a black guy with a monster cock that had some experience as a bull for married white wives. His name was Marko.Later I came that night while looking at Marko’s huge black cock in my hubby’s laptop.Then Victor fucked me and he filled my willing pussy, as I dreamed this black guy Marko was ravaging me in a wild manner. We set plans to meet Marko during the next weekend.Finally, the day came. I had a warm relaxing shower and my beloved hubby helped me to shave my pussy so it would be smooth and fresh for Marko. After the shaving, Victor really wanted to fuck my smooth cunt last time; but I showed dominance and told him no. He got a huge bulge in his trousers when I told him that my pussy belonged to Marko from now on; until he was done with me. I took my time getting ready for my new black lover, as my loving husband jerked himself locked in the bathroom…We were both pretty nervous as we left home. Victor drove me to a motel, where Marko had booked a room. While we waited for this black guy, I gave Victor a quick blowjob, making him come into my mouth.A while later we heard a knock at the door. Marko entered the room; he was a very huge tall man, very thick muscled, a nice dark skin color…We all introduced each other and I instantly relaxed after meeting Marko.“Are you both ready to start, guys…?” Marko asked as he looked at us.We both replied that we were ready. Then the black guy signaled Victor a chair in the corner, saying that it was the place corresponding to a real cuckold. My hubby headed that way. I was instantly turned on to see this man telling my husband what to do. “You sit there and I will show you how your slutty wife enjoys a real man…”Marko said as he smiled at my husband. I got the shivers as he approached me and pulled me right into him as he leaned down and kissed my lips. His huge hand went down to squeeze my firm ass. He moaned as he groped me. He pulled up on my tight skirt and smacked my bare ass before grabbing it again. I loved how he was making me feel; like he was in charge and like I was there for his enjoyment only. He got serious and pulled up my dress, taking it off my body. Marko took a step back to take in the sight as he said I was fucking sexy.I looked at Victor; he was in the corner, watching with a smile on his face. Marko pulled me into him again; pressing my tits into his broad chest.He quickly pulled his shirt off. His skin was warm as he pressed his bare chest into mine. He kissed me again as I started to undo his trousers…Once undone, I bahis firmaları pulled them down to his ankles. I then felt his huge cock pop free and hit my thigh. My hand went straight to it and I began rubbing him as he moaned. I started to take my black thong off but he stopped me, saying he wanted me to leave it on for now.He pulled me near the bed and he sat on the edge of it. Marko looked at Victor, as je made me get on my knees. His monster cock was twice the thickness of my husbands and a couple inches longer too. I loved Victor’s cock, but this black thing was massive. I worked both hands along the shaft as I licked around the thick cockhead.I tried then to put this huge tip into my mouth. I slowly went deeper and deeper until he was at the back of my throat. I was taken by surprise when Marko’s hand suddenly pressed hard on the back of my head and made his cock shove down my throat. I fought my gag reflex and let him use my mouth. This black bastard kept using my curly hair to pull and push my mouth around on his cock as he pleased for a few more minutes. I had to gag a few times but eventually it got easier and easier to let him into my throat. “Now stand up, slut…and bend over the bed for me” He ordered,I did as he told me to. I bent over the bed and leaned on my elbows. Marko called my hubby. Victor approached and the black guy ordered him to put mi thong aside. I felt Victor’s fingers grabbing my thong.“Now, cuck, use your finger and feel how wet she is for me…” He said. Victor slid his finger between my pussy lips.“She is very wet…” My lovely husband barely murmured.Marko laughed, ordering Victor to go back to his corner.I then felt this nigger behind me as he got ready to fuck me. “Look your slutty wife in the eye as I slide into her wet cunt, cuck,” he said. I looked at my hubby and we watched each other as I felt Marko’s cock press into me. I braced myself for the worst…It was tight at first; he was really stretching me out. I moaned in pleasure as he pulled out a little bit, then back in farther. I kept my eyes locked with Victor the entire time. Marko’s hands held tightly my hips as he started working in deeper and deeper into my wet cunt. I felt his waist pressing into my buttocks and I knew he was balls deep now. I was already close to my first orgasm when Marko suddenly began to thrust fast and hard. Eventually I was unable to maintain eye contact with Victor due to the intense pleasure, as my eyes rolled up as I came very hard. My orgasm quickly melted into another and another; as this rude nigger kept pounding me from behind, in a very brutal manner.Marko slowed down and then asked me to climb farther up the bed.He followed behind me. I was now right next to my husband as my black lover fucked me doggy style. I reached out and took Victor’s hand, squeezing it until I came screaming like a mad cat in front of him.Marko’s black kaçak bahis siteleri cock was simply amazing. The black guy made me roll over and get up while he lay down on the bed.He then ordered me to climb on top of him. I grinded on him, taking his huge cock inside of my soaking wet cunt as deep as it could go and I came again. I kept looking at Victor to make sure he was still having fun and he was always smiling. My black lover told me to lick his cock clean and I did, showing him my appreciation for all the wild orgasms he had stolen from my sore body.So I enthusiastically sucked his cock. Marko then made me put my tongue on Victor’s mouth. I did it, kissing my hubby as I shoved my tongue inside of his mouth, letting him to taste both my pussy juices and the black cock odor in his tongue. Marko ordered Victor to lay down on the bed. As he did so, I was ordered to get on my knees and put my cunt close to my hubby’s mouth.The black guy then grabbed my hips again and he fucked me doggy style.My filled cunt was just few inches from Victor’s face.“Feel my balls slapping your face as I fuck your slutty wife, cuck…”Marko mocked at my husband, as he pumped my cunt even harder.Sensing his rude pumping and hearing his words sent me into orgasm. I looked down and noticed a huge cum stain in my husband’s trousers; his pre cum was leaking through. I rubbed my hand on his cock through the thin material, as Marko pounded into me harder and faster. “Are you ready for take cum deep inside of your white married cunt, slut…?” Marko whispered into my ear. I cried into tears, yelling I was ready.I wanted his burning cum inside of me so bad right then…He started to grunt and moan and he made a few quick hard thrusts that pushed me farther down into Victor’s crotch.I then felt this nigger emptying his load deep into my hungry married cunt. His humping slowed and stopped as he exhaled in pleasure. Slowly he started to pull out of me and I felt Victor shudder under me as cum dripped from my pussy onto his face. Once Marko had pulled out he ordered me to sit onto my husband’s face; now it was time for the cuckold to get his reward…Shivering at the thought that it had finally happened, I sat back and slowly pressed my well cum filled cunt into his face and mouth. I then felt Victor’s tongue deep between my pussy lips as he ate me out. The thought of my husband eating another man’s cum from my pussy sent tingles through my whole body and I had another very intense orgasm. Victor then went to the bathroom, as Marko and I dressed up. I kissed my black lover passionately and thanked him for the awesome time he had spent with me and my cuckold hubby.Marko laughed, whispering in my ear:“Next time I will enjoy that fine ass of yours; but hubby will not be watching”The thought of this thick black cock destroying my tight ass turned me on suddenly and I felt my cunt getting wet again. I kissed Marko last time and he left.As Victor came out the bathroom, he asked me if I was fine.I replied my cunt was a bit sore and I would not let him fuck me in the next days; but despite of this, I would suck his cock and his brains out…

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