Meeting with a StrangerMeeting with a Stranger


I was nervous. Talking with someone online is one thing. Especially how we did it before, without showing our faces. This time I would not be able to hide behind my own insecurities. We decided to meet at a local coffee shop in the gay village, somewhere we agreed would be safe from outside harassment. Though it was only the beginning of June it was already a hot summer like day. I dressed in a tank top that was designed to resemble a beautiful sunset. The sleeves had deep cuts allowing anyone to peek and see the ripples of my pecks and abs. I wanted to show off a bit. To complete the outfit I had on powder blue shorts that stopped half way down my thighs. I couldn’t help but notice people turning to get a better look as I walked into the cafe.

When I stepped through the door I looked to the back, where we agreed to meet. Sitting at the table was possibly the most gorgeous young man I had ever seen. He had a thin face with a sharp, strong jawline. His dark brown hair was swept back over the top of his head and cut short at the sides. To put it simply, he was beautiful. He wore a light athletic t-shirt that showed off the shape of his perfect chest and some lose fitting athletic shorts. I could almost see the outline of his cock through the shorts, almost as if he was not wearing underwear. He looked up at me and noticeably blushed a little as I walked over to the table. “Are you Ryan?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “and you must be James.” I nodded and smiled. He returned the gesture. Somehow it made him look even more handsome. I walked the last step and we both embraced. I could feel the his body press against mine, the firmness of his abs. When we broke the embrace, he looked up and asked, “do you want some coffee?”

“Sure.” We both walked up to the counter to order our drinks.

When we sat down back at the table I could see that he looked nervous. “Sorry,” he said, “i’ve never done this type of thing before, especially with another guy.”

I smiled. “It’s okay,” I said, trying to sound reassuring. “I’m not going to pressure you into anything you are uncomfortable with.”

“Thanks,” He responded. “So have you always lived in Toronto?”

“Ha,” I laughed, “no, I actually was born in Vancouver when I was 5, my dad got transferred here for his job. What about you?”

“Yeah I was born here and never really left.”

Our conversation continued for what seemed like hours and it did not take long for us to get over the beginning awkwardness. Then suddenly his face changed. Back to the nervousness he had when we first started talking. “Can I ask you a personal question?” He asked, now much quieter and more reserved.

“Sure.” I said, leaning a little closer, again trying to look easy going, and reassuring.

“How did you know you were gay?”

“Well, I had a friend back when I was in elementary school. He was my best friend and we used to hang out a lot. One day, we were hanging out after school and I accidentally saw him naked. I couldn’t help but look down at his you know… Anyway, we didn’t make a big deal out of it but I couldn’t get the image out of my head.

“Fast forward to a few years later, when I was in high school there was a guy in my English class. I couldn’t stop looking at him. He was so handsome. That night I had a dream where he and I had sex, and when I woke up I had the largest boner of my life. After that I started to look at pictures of hot men and women. When I saw attractive women I could recognize that yeah they were good looking but my thoughts ended there. When I saw attractive men though… Woah, my thoughts exploded.

“Over time, I started to oppress my feelings, but after a while, I finally realized who I am and I was ready to come out.” I had gotten so lost in what I was saying, and the memory of it all that I had lost track of Ryan. When I finally looked back at him, I noticed that there was a tear in his eye. I got up and sat beside him. Cevizli Escort I put my arm around his shoulders in a way that seemed normal. “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah sorry,” he said in a soft voice. “It’s just that ever since our first, you know, encounter, i’ve started to have these – I don’t know – these feelings.” he now just started to cry. “And I… I think…” he couldn’t finish his thought.

“You think you might be gay too.” he only nodded. I reached my other arm around and pulled him into a hug. I think he needed it. He just rested his head on my shoulder. I could feel him shake as he continued to cry.

After a couple minutes, he stopped and looked up. His vulnerability and puffy eyes only made him cuter. “I’m sorry,” he said, now very quiet, almost a whisper.

“Don’t be.” I lifted up a hand and brushed away the tears on his face with my thumb. I looked into his eyes and immediately saw understanding. There was an unspoken connection, and we both knew it. He just stared up at me with his sweet eyes. He smiled, and leaned in, placing his lips on mine in a soft kiss. I could immediately taste the saltiness from his earlier tears. I began to kiss him back, but before long I remembered where we were and I pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” he said again.

“You need to stop apologizing.”

“We’re both Canadian, its what we do.” This made me laugh.

“My god you’re so cute.”

“Can we go somewhere, to be alone?” he asked.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I asked. “Are you sure you are ready?” He didn’t need to add words to his response. He stood up, and grabbed my hand smiling.

We walked out of the cafe hand in hand. I knew this would be safe here, we were in the gay village after all. There it is normal to see two men holding hands. He led me to his car and invited me into the passenger seat. When he sat next to me, he turned and looked at me. “Thanks for being so understanding,” he said. “I just… Didn’t know how to say it.”

“I know, I went through the same thing,” I said. “I think all of us do.”

“Do you think people know?” he asked.


“That I’m gay?”

“Some people might suspect, hell some people might go so far as to say they know, or they aren’t surprised, but I don’t think anybody actually ever knows for sure.”

“hm.” As he started his car and pulled out of the parking spot, I could almost see the wheels turning inside his head. He had just for the first time admitted his sexuality to himself and another person. Me.

“Listen,” i said, “are you sure you want to do this, I don’t want to rush into anything.”

He looked over at me. “I’m sure.” He smiled and returned his gaze to the road. I reached over and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. I could feel the muscle hidden behind shirt. I let my hand fall to his knee, letting it lightly brush his peck on the way down. My hand made contact with his bare knee, I could feel the light hairiness. I began to lightly caress the area with my thumb and index finger drawing circles on the skin, and in the hair. He bit his lip, obviously in some sort of pleasure. I rested my hand on his knee for a moment before shifting it to his inner thigh. I stared sliding my hand up his thigh his loose short following his hand revealing more and more of his leg. I kept sliding my hand slowly up his thigh. As I did, continually collecting fabric, the other leg of the shorts began to tighten around his left thigh trapping his cock against the side of this leg. My earlier suspicions were confirmed. He was not wearing any underwear. I could see his dick starting to swell in his shorts, only making that leg tighter. As I pulled the shorts farther up his thigh, hey could no longer contain the cock on the other side. His shorts now began to ride up on their own, revealing the tip of Ryan’s semi hard dick. I pushed the remaining fabric up and around his cock so Escort Cevizli the entire length was now freed. I took my thumb and started rubbing it over the sensitive tip of his dick. “mmmm… Fuck” he moaned.

I spat into my hand and rubbed it onto his dick. Now lubricated, I started slowly stroking his half-hard member. I cherished the feeling as it began to stiffen in my hand. His thick cock, now fully erect stands probably 6.5 in tall curving slightly to the right. It was perfect. I added more saliva to help lube his big dick, and started rubbing it and squeezing it. I could feel my own cock becoming hard in my shorts. Using my free hand I maneuvered my hardening penis into the waistband of my shorts, the tip spilling out into view.

As I stroked his cock, a small blob of precum dribbled out. I wiped it up with my index finger and brought it up to his lips. He willingly opened his mouth and I deposited the salty precum onto his tongue. He groaned in pleasure. “We’re here,” he said.

I looked up to see that we had pulled into a driveway. I pulled the legs of his shorts back down and tucked his cock into the waistband. His dick now barely contained, we got out of the car and walked to the house.


Inside the house, he led me into the living room, holding onto my hand. “Would you like anything to drink?” he asked.

“No,” I said smiling. Still holding onto his hand, I pulled him close and wrapped one of my hands around the back of his head, pulling it towards me. I kissed him passionately. For a moment our tongues danced together before I surrendered to his allowing it to explore my mouth. I ran my hand down his back and grabbed hold of his plump ass. I pushed his pelvis forward, crashing our bodies together. I could feel his cock stiffen in his shorts, against my body, my cock becoming just as hard.

I separated our kiss just long enough to pull his shirt up over his head revealing his tight muscular chest an abs, glistening slightly with some sweat. He pulled my shirt off and ran his fingers down my chest, feeling the contours of my abs. “Fuck your body is perfect,” he exclaimed.

“So is yours,” I answered. “Now kiss me.” I pulled him back in and again our tongues danced as we resumed our kiss. This time however I did not let him win. This time I pushed my tongue in and started exploring his mouth. I reached down and grabbed on to his dick through the fabric of his jeans. It was fully hard. I began playing with his cock through his jeans. I separated from the kiss and moved to kiss his neck. I could taste the saltiness of his sweat. I began to move down his body. I started kissing his peck. I took a nipple into my mouth and gently bit my teeth down on the hardening flesh.

I pulled down on his shorts freeing his cock, letting the clothing drop to the ground. As I began kissing, sucking and licking his delicious abs, I began lightly stroking his cock. I dropped down to my knees and ran my tongue along his balls and up the length of his cock. I swirled my tongue around the tip and was graciously met with a drop of precum. I savored the sweet-salty taste as the fluid disappeared down my throat. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his dick. Then adding pressure, I loosened my lips and slowly took his cock into my mouth. As I took in his length I continued swirling my tongue around the tip of his dick and his shaft. When he was half way into my mouth, I opened up my throat and plunged the rest of the way down, deep throating him. His moan was intense as I began to bob up and down on his cock. He reached a hand around the back of my head and started leading me. “Yeah take that dick,” he commanded. “Fuck yeah.”

I continued sucking his dick. He reached his hand down and gently pulled up on my chin. I let my mouth slid off his hard dick as Ryan urged my upwards. Our lips met in a hard kiss and he immediately pushed his tongue into my mouth. He Cevizli Escort Bayan reached down and pulled off my shorts revealing a hard cock that was barely contained in the jockstrap I was wearing. He ripped the jockstrap off, my cock flinging against my chest once it was freed. I took the moment to gently push Ryan back towards the couch. Caught off guard, he fell backwards onto the couch. I could not possibly resist his hot naked body. I walked over to him and crouched down on top of him. I lowered my mouth down onto his cock, taking his full length. Again he moaned. As I was sucking his cock I felt a timid tongue make contact with my cock. I responded by thrusting my hips slightly downward. He built up the nerve and put my cock into his mouth. Pleasure filled my groin as he took my cock. I heard him moan.

While we sucked I took my finger and lubed it up. I reached around and started to play with this virgin hole. He groaned in surprise but after some more massaging, I felt his hole open slightly. I pushed my finger in and started massaging his prostate. He moaned with pleasure. I inserted a second finger to start loosening his hole. I could feel an orgasm getting close when his mouth fell off my cock. “I’m gonna cum,” he exclaimed. He screamed as his body convulsed, pushing his dick further into my mouth. His first jet of cum sprayed down the back of my throat before I could pull back a bit. He continued moaning and spraying his hot delicious cum into my mouth. It tasted even better than the precum. At that moment, my orgasm hit violently convulsing my body. I sprayed my load all over his face, into his hair and onto his chest.

“Fuuuuck,” I said as I turned myself so I could kiss him. As my tongue once again explored his mouth, I slid three fingers into his hungry hole.

“I want you inside me,” he said as he broke away from the kiss.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Fuck yes. Fuck me.” I rolled off the couch and stood. Facing him I grabbed his legs and pulled him forward so his ass was just hanging off the couch. I bent his legs up and rested his ankles on my shoulder, opening up his asshole for my cock. I spat on my cock to lube it up and repeated the process with his hole. I pressed the tip of my cock into his waiting hole and slowly he relaxed allowed me to enter. I slowly pushed my hard dick in. Ryan clenched his teeth and breathed hard. He was in pain. I pulled my dick back and rubbed more spit onto it to lube it further. I then pushed my cock back in, further than the last time. Again Ryan was in pain, but it seemed less than last time. I slowly pushed my dick further and further into his virgin hole. Once I was completely into Ryan I began to methodically fuck him, pulling my dick part of the way out and shoving it back in.

I rested both hands on Ryan’s abs. As I fucked him, I slid one of my hands forward and started playing with his nipple. I rubbed and pinched his nipple with one hand and started stroking his cock with the other. “Fuck me, harder, harder,” he pleaded. I started fucking him harder.

“Yeah you like that?” I asked. “You like that cock in your ass?”

“oooohhhh,” he groaned “Yes, oohhhhhhh fuuuuuck.” I grabbed onto his hips with both hands as I started thrusting.

“I’m gonna cum,” I exclaimed as I pulled my cock out of his ass. It only took a few pumps of my hand on my cock for me to reach my climax. This orgasm hit with twice the ferocity of the first, sending waves of extreme pleasure to all corners of my body. I sprayed my cum over Ryan’s entire body and couch. My cum flowed like a river onto him. That was enough to send him over the edge and he came hands free, adding his seed to mine.

I collapsed onto him, feeling our collective loads lubricate my damp chest. I kissed him softly on the lips, my softening cock now laying on top of his. We re-positioned ourselves both lying on the couch. I wrapped my arms around him and we both fell asleep naked wrapped in each others arms.

Woke a while later, still covered in our cum. He kissed me on the cheek “Come on,” he said. “lets go get cleaned up.” He climbed up and grabbed my hand, pulling me off the couch. Hand in hand, I followed him towards the bathroom, and the shower.

To be continued…

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