Wicked world of Telemarketing Part 5Wicked world of Telemarketing Part 5


Wicked world of Telemarketing Part 5. a quick recap of part 4 Wendy showed her wicked side as she dealt with Pamela and Paula for not following her instructions of helping Terri become the women that Wendy wanted her to be .After the bobbsie twins helped Terri become more feminine by purchasing wigs and make up also having a sexual encounter with Warren and Raul told Terri that they would be at Terri’s place at 6:30 A.M. Terri greeted the bobbsie twins at the door clad only in a red baby doll night gown and matching red thong pantie . The bobbsie twins looked at Terri with approval Bethany said to Michelle don’t you wish you had a rack like Terri’s Michelle smiled titties isn’t every thing i have an ass that no man would turn down. With that Michelle proceeded to shed both her lacy top and knee length skirt . Standing clad in only a matching bra and pantie set Michelle bent over in front of Terri and said this is the ass you would want. Terri quickly dropped her pantie and pressed her little 4 inch clit into Michelle’s waiting pussy moving her pantie off to the side and started fucking Michelle . Terri quickly picked up the pace making Michelle moan in ecstasy all the time knowing that it would be impossible for her to cum in her pussy but her clit bahis siteleri felt good going into Michelle’s pussy. Bethany was not going to be out done quickly shed her maxi dress leaving her with g string, thigh high stockings, and black satin brassier . Bethany had Terri positioned on her back so Michelle could ride up and down on Terri’s clit while Bethany would kneel placing her now moist pussy right on Terri’s face Terri had no choice but to lick Bethany’s pussy or drown in the flood of pussy juice . Terri loved all the attention shown by the bobbsie twins they lost track of time and suddenly realized that they had to quickly jump in the shower all three of them at the same time to prevent them from be late and incurring Wendy’s wrath. The bobbsie twins had Terri dressed in a silk blouse , blue knee length skirt , matching bra and pantie set and open toed pumps. Terri had a long wavy blonde wig that made her look as feminine as any female. The girls did Terri’s make up on the fly but did not miss any detail When they arrived they were greeted by both Wendy and Joan who loved what they saw and told both Michelle and Bethany that they would be rewarded later for a job well done.Pamela and Paula arrived late for work not looking their best canlı bahis siteleri and were quickly scolded by Wendy . You two just don’t get it i thought after the embarrassment of last night you would be at your best trying to make points but no you come late not looking as though you don’t care whether you have a job or not . Oh by the way your friend Parker will be dealt with also i did not forget his role in your punishment. Now go home and come back tomorrow ready for work i have no need to have you here looking like this. You are both on notice one more screw up you will be on the outside looking in.The day flew by with amazing results the sales were second to none but there was a lot more grab assing especially by Michelle it appeared that she could not keep her hands to her self. Michelle was always grabbing at Bethany’s 40 DD breasts and appeared if she could get the chance she certainly would have those titties in her mouth. Bethany seemed to play it off but really liked it when Michelle would put her hand inside her bra and start tweaking Bethany’s now erect nipples. Terri liked Michelle’s attention as well especially when Michelle would run her hand up under Terri’s skirt and start fondling Terri’s little clit causing Terri to canlı bahis let out several low moans. Wendy finally got a hold of Parker on the phone and asked if he could stop by the office after 5:00 P.M. Parker said sure no problem . Wendy thought to herself this will be the last time any one male or female will dare to cross her. Parker arrived late as usual as he thought he could do what ever he felt like boy was he in for a rude awakening. Joan led Parker into Wendy’s office Wendy looked at Parker and said sit down i have some thing to discuss with you . Parker sat down next thing Parker knew Joan came up behind him and placed a shock collar around Parker’s neck Parker tried to resist and was shocked. As Parker came to he was on all fours his wrists and ankles in restraints Wendy just laughed at Parker this is just the start scolded Wendy. Parker had his clothing cut from his body by Joan and then Wendy had Nathan and Nathaniel brought in the office . Wendy just said Parker has been bad you know what to do the guys just nodded and turned their attention to the restrained Parker the guys thought back as to how they ravaged both Pamela and Paula. The guys took turns with Parker as they both fucked Parker’s tight ass several times. Parker also had several loads of the guys cum in his stomach this was to be a lesson that Parker would not soon forget. Wendy told Joan i guess this is the last time any one will dare to cross me the wicked side was now on full display. To be continued…

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