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Subject: Rock and Benoit Disclaimer I: This is a work of adult fiction dealing with homosexual sex between consenting adult males. If this is offensive to you, or you are underneath the age of legal majority in you state, country, or other municipality, please don’t read it. Disclaimer II: This is a work of FICTION. That means it’s not real. It is meant to imply nothing about the actual character or sexuality of the people involved. It’s only make-believe. If you have any comments on the story, or just want to chat, send me an email at ail Taken from the July 10th match between Rock and Benoit (the infamous balls slip by Rock) The Rock made his way through the backstage area replaying his previous match in his mind. Chris Benoit had given him a Snap Suplex, nearly ripping Rock’s tights right from his body. Then he threw Rock into the turnbuckle, chest first following it up with two German Suplexes. As he went for the third Rock was able to latch his foot over Benoit’s leg to stop him. As Rock nailed him with back elbows, Benoit grabbed Rock’s crotch, pulling the tights from his body exposing the People’s jewels to anyone who looked in just the right spot during the match. The thought of having Benoit’s hand on his crotch in front of all those people was enough to make him hard. Rock quickly ducked into his locker room before anyone could take notice bursa evi olan escort to his growing problem in his tights. He closed the door and turned the lock, not wanting any interruptions when he took care of himself. He spun around to see Benoit leaned back in one of the chairs. “What are you doing here?” Rock asked him. “You know what I’m doing here.” Benoit told him. A grin crossed Rock’s face. “Yeah, the Rock knows. You couldn’t have been more obvious in the ring.” “What are you talking about?” Benoit tried to be innocent. “Come on, anyone could tell you wanted to rip the Rock’s tights right from his body and fuck him in front of all those people.” “Well… I’ve never been one to be coy… or patient.” Benoit climbed from his seat and pressed his lips against the Rock’s. Rock eagerly returned the kiss, grinding his crotch into Benoit’s. Benoit pulled away from Rock. “Is that what you want?” Benoit asked, his eyes burning into Rock’s. Benoit pushed Rock down onto his knees, before pushing Rock’s face into his crotch. Rock licked Benoit’s hardening member through his tights. Rocky grabbed Benoit’s tights and pulled them down, allowing Benoit’s hard cock to bounce free. Rocky quickly devoured that cock before him liked he’d done so many times with Chris already. Benoit threw his head back as a groan altıparmak escort came from his mouth. Rocky knew exactly how to pleasure Benoit. There was just one thing missing. As if on cue, Rock’s fingers found Benoit’s asshole. This only increased Benoit’s moans. Chris was a sucker for anal play. “Rocky… I’m gonna cum…” Benoit breathed out. Rock removed his mouth from Benoit’s dick and his fingers from Benoit’s ass. “We wouldn’t want that, would we?” Rock asked him with a grin. “Not yet.” Benoit smirked. “At least not till you give me what I want.” Benoit grabbed Rock’s tights and ripped them from his body, just like he wanted to do in the match. “Bend over.” Rock told him. Benoit did as he was told, presenting his ass to the Brahma Bull. Rock wasted no time and fully encasing himself in the Crippler’s ass, prompting a loud grunt from Benoit. “This is what you wanted, right?” Rock asked, not really looking for an answer. Benoit could answer anyways due to Rock thrusting in and out of his ass. He was already turned on from the match, fucking Benoit’s tight ass and listening to his moans were too much for Rock. He pulled out of Benoit’s ass and sprayed his cum all over his ass. “Look what you did. Clean it up.” Benoit told him. Rock dropped to his knees, more than willing to eat Benoit’s beautiful ass. bursa merkez escort Rocky wasted no time in licking Benoit’s hole, licking away some of his own cum. Benoit reached back and shoved Rock’s face further into his ass, moaning like crazy. “Come on, eat my ass, Rocky! Yeah, you’re my bitch now!” Benoit said through gritted teeth. Benoit couldn’t handle it anymore. He pulled Rock back up to his feet. “Get up here.” Benoit growled as he picked Rock up off the ground. Rock wrapped his legs around Benoit’s waist, unable to keep himself from falling onto Benoit’s hard cock. “Aaaahhh, shiitt!” Rock screamed as the pain seared through him. Rock leaned back against the wall as held onto his thighs pounding his dick deep into Rock’s ass, not giving him any time to get use to the pain. Rock dug his fingers into Benoit’s back, turning Benoit on all the more. Benoit’s face was buried into Rock’s chest as he continued to tear Rock’s ass up. With Rock’s moans, the fingers dug into his back, and the feeling of Rock’s tight ass Benoit shot his load all too soon deep into Rock’s ass. Benoit continued to hold Rock, with his head against his chest taking deep breaths to calm himself. Benoit pulled himself from Rock, lowering his feet back to the ground. Rock grabbed the sides of Benoit’s head and lifted it up to look at him. “Thank you.” Rock said before planting a kiss on Benoit’s lips. “You’re ass is too great. Oh, and you’re gonna need some new tights for tomorrow.” Benoit said, picking up the Rock’s torn tights. “It looks like it just may be the first of the many torn tights of the Rock’s.” “You do know me.” Benoit said with a grin. End

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