The Final WarThe Final War


It wouldn’t be much, I knew. But at least if I built it, I could survive the inevitable for a couple of weeks. And so could my girlfriend.

So I quietly had the sealed-from the-outside-environment shelter built, stocked with enough caustic potash to absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled and some pure oxygen to resupply the air with. And enough food and water to last about 15 days. When the global tension had built to unbearable levels, I took Nancy with me to the remote cabin directly above the shelter, having told my bosses I was taking a week of vacation.

Sure enough, the radio bulletin came at 8 a.m. – we’d launched our nukes. And in retaliation, every other country that had them was launching theirs.

Two minutes later, I had sealed Nancy and I in the shelter.

“Not that I’m complaining,” Nancy asked, “but why did you pick me, Tim?”

“Because I love you. Do I need another reason?”

“You could have had your pick of cisgender women. What made you pick a short, plump, poor transgender woman?”

“Love works in mysterious ways. Plus, you’re very sweet, extremely pretty and you’re amazing in bed. I was afraid you’d reject me, remember? I didn’t even have the courage to approach you directly, instead asking your coworker to give you my social card. I was thrilled when you called me.”

“And you’ve always treated me like a goddess. But what is it about me that made you fall head over heels like that?”

I pulled her in for a kiss. Neither of us was wearing clothes, as the shelter was a comfortable 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The only things in it besides the oxygen tank, the food/water and the caustic potash were a battery-powered light that would last a month (on the ceiling), a chemical toilet, a washbasin, a bucket, two tin cups, a stack of washcloths and a large, comfortable bed. “Everything.”

She returned the kiss. I ran my hands through her shoulder-length blonde hair. She pushed me onto the bed and joined me there.

“That’s not an answer.”

“Your kindliness, your sex izle caring, and your perfect tits.”

“You like my C-cups, huh?” She pinned me down and dangled them in my face. “Show me.”

“Yes, dear.” I kissed my way through her cleavage and then traced my tongue in a helix around her breast until I reached her nipple. I then did the same to her other breast, and she shivered slightly. I took a nipple into my mouth and suckled softly. She wrapped her arms around my head, securing me in place.

“Mmmmmm. Good boy.”

My voice was muffled by her tit-flesh. “I’m 42. That makes me six years older than you, hon.”

“I know, sweetie. But you’re still my good boy.”

I switched my mouth to her other breast. She held me more firmly against her.

“You’re beautiful.”

She giggled. “I know you think that.”

I groped her nicely rounded, soft rear. She lifted her body away from mine, then lay down next to me on the bed.

“It’s true.” I kissed her again. Our tongues twined with each other.

“You’re the only one who’s ever said that to me.”

I adjusted her position so that her head was resting on my chest. Then I caressed her face, softly.

“I love you very much.”

She nestled against me. “You’re adorable when you get flustered. Now, how about less talk and more sex play?”

I slid my hands downwards and began caressing up and down her spine with one while groping her nicely rounded butt with the other.

“Mmmmmm. Much better.”

She shifted slightly so she could trace her tongue down my neck. I let out a soft moan. She teasingly, slowly kissed her way down to my chest. Then she very gently flickered her tongue over my nipples.

“Uuuuuuhhhhh,” I moaned.

She giggled. “You’re so much fun to tease.”

I adjusted the position of my hand so that instead of groping her rump, it was between her legs. I caressed her inner thighs, then lightly began running my fingertips against her balls. She gasped.

“Two can play that game, alt yazılı porno hon.”

She shifted her position again, Now she was lying next to me. “So you want to warm me up, huh? Guess I should do the same for you.”

We both reached down. I took her stiffening cock in my hand and she took mine in her hand. There was no need to rush things, so we began very slowly and gently stroking each other.

“Mmmmmm,” she whispered. “You know what I like. Slow and easy.”

“I like it the same way.”

We continued our languorous pace, gently sliding our hands up and down. Nancy tilted her face towards mine, and we shared a tender kiss. A timeless interval passed as we readied each other for more active play.

“I’m ready,” Nancy finally said.

“So am I, dear.”

She indicated I should be on top this time. I swung my body around 180 degrees and lifted it up. She opened her mouth and flickered her tongue teasingly. I lowered myself downwards and slipped my mouth over the head of her organ as she wrapped her lips around my pole.

Nancy’s arms lifted up and went around me, holding me close as she slid her tongue along my shaft. I used my tongue to go in circles around the head of her pole. Her hips bucked spontaneously, encouraging me. I teased her balls with my fingertips and took more of her in my mouth.

She pulled me down closer so she could take my rod to the hilt. Her throat opened up to accommodate the tip of my pole as she took my entire length in her mouth, her tongue tracing stimulative patterns that made me gasp. She knew exactly how to pleasure me – her cocksucking skills were the best I’d ever experienced.

After we were both hard and throbbing, she popped me loose from her and lay me back down on the bed. We kissed again. “Time for you to fuck me, Tim.”

She always wanted to be penetrated, never to be the one doing the fucking. I was fine with always doing her. After all, I loved her and it was my duty to make sure she had a good time altyazılı sex izle too.

“What position would you like, sweetie?”

“Missionary. Today I want to be able to see you.”

I certainly didn’t mind that. I could gaze upon her pretty face and lean down to kiss and suckle her breasts.

“Sounds great.” I positioned myself between her legs and worked my way into her rear. She placed her hands on my hips and helped me slide in and out, building steadily to a smooth rhythm.

“Mmmmmmm. You feel wonderful inside me.”

I continued my slow, steady pumping. There was no reason to hurry. “It feels wonderful to be inside you, hon.”

Nancy wrapped her legs around my hips. She was moving her body in time with mine. Each time I slid in, she gripped me tightly and gave my cock a pleasant squeeze.

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and locked her legs more tightly. Now she was more actively squeezing my cock with her ass. I sped up my thrusting slightly in response.

I dipped my head and kissed through her cleavage before seizing a nipple in my mouth to suckle on. Nancy’s moans got louder and her body quivered.

“Don’t stop. Keep fucking me until you fill me up.”

“Sounds good.” I continued my steady fucking pace. One of Nancy’s hands had gone to her pole and she was jerking herself to the same rhythm as my rod slid in and out.

I popped my face off of her chest and focused on satisfying my gorgeous girlfriend. I gripped her hips and sped up slightly as the cum began boiling up in my balls. Her hand moved faster and I recognized her moans as those preceding an orgasm.

With one last thrust and a lustful cry. I hilted myself inside her butt and held my position as my cum burst forth. As I filled her, her own cock erupted, sending jets of white goo high in the air. I held still until my organ stopped spurting and throbbing and began to soften. She pumped every drop out of her balls, coating her own belly and chest.

I pulled out, got up, and put some water in the washbasin. We cleaned up with some washcloths and returned to the bed.

“So,” Nancy whispered as she snuggled against me, “two more weeks of this?”

“Yep,” I confirmed.

She kissed me. “It’ll be a very fun two weeks.”

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