Meeting MaggieMeeting Maggie


I was at an upscale hotel, one of the major chains, with a couple of male friends in the bar, having a few drinks. The bar was not crowded, mostly business men, and a few couples.

It was nearly eight when this neatly dressed woman in her forties ambled into the bar. My friends and I all took note of her, she looked around, noticed us, and several other tables of men. She was not dressed like a hooker, but, her outfit was attractive, and very appealing. A blue skirt that feel just above her knees, and was nicely form fitting, a blouse that was not quite white, but not tan, sort of antique white, I guess. She wore a pair of high heels, and black hose, but I was unable to tell if they were hose or pantyhose.

The waitress took her order, and headed to the bar, as did Greg, my friend. He returned and told us he had made arrangements with the bartender for the lady’s tab to be put on our bill.

The waitress delivered the glass of wine, and pointed to our table, indicating we had taken care of her order. She mouthed thank you and sipped her white wine, not really facing us, but in a position that we could see her profile without difficulty.

She ordered a second glass of wine after about ten minutes, I thought she might not acknowledge us, or she might be a bar tease. Wrong, after the second glass of wine was served, she picked it up and walked directly over to our table.

“Thank you for the wine, gentlemen. I wouldn’t normally accept drinks from strangers, but you guys seem polite enough.” She began.

“Please sit down, my dear,” I replied, “my name is Fred, this is Greg, and Dave.”

“And my name is Maggie, and thank you.” We had stood for her when she had approached our table, and she now was moving into the chair next to me. I pulled out the chair, and made a practiced move of my hand moving down her back to the chair backrest, and noticed she was wearing a bra.

For the next fifteen minutes we all made small talk about business, the weather, and a little about current politics, though we did not dwell on the politics. We found out Maggie lived in a small town an hour away or so, and she was in the city to do some shopping. She had decided to stop for a glass of wine, and a quick dinner, and this was the nicest place on her way home. She was married, and her kids were now grown and out of the house, hubby worked as a marketing consultant, and traveled a great deal. We ordered another round of drinks and continued our conversation.

“I had better watch how much I drink, I do have a long drive home.” Maggie commented at one point.

A few minutes later she said she needed to powder her nose, and we, being gentlemen rose as she left for the ladies room. One of the other guys we knew came over to the table and inquired about Maggie, wondering what the rest of the evening might lead too. The three of us said, and honestly, that we were not sure, that she was definitely not a hooker, she was married, and did have her rings on, and that she was heading home.

The other guy left as she approached her chair, I had not even seen her come in the door, and was a bit surprised. But, my trained hand did take great note in the fact that there was no longer a brassiere strap across her back. Things Çarşı Escort were definitely improving, I thought, and definitely for the better.

I now made another move, one that had me fumbling for something in my pants pocket, the pocket next to Maggie. In doing so I did feel her upper thigh, lightly and for just long enough to note she was wearing elastic topped hose. This was becoming more interesting by the moment.

I was on her right, the wrong side for attempting any peak down her blouse, and I was not about to blatantly say something to Greg, who sat across from me. But then I noticed his roving eyes, and his glances her way, obviously he was getting some small glimpses of her cleavage.

I made another comment about political correctness in books and writing, and gently placed my hand on my left knee, and slowly eased my leg against hers. She did not flinch or move, so I very gently touched her knee with my fingers, for a long moment, then retreated. Greg made a comment about films and videos, obviously opening the door for further comment and a move toward discussion of porn flicks, one of our mutual interests.

After another touch of her shapely thigh, I noticed Greg gently patting and moving his hand up and down her left arm. Then he moved his fingers towards her breast. I knew she was not a very busty woman, maybe a b cup, but overall she was nicely shaped and pretty, not gorgeous, but pretty. I could tell that Greg got a little feel of her left breast because of the way her blouse moved and a small reaction from her, she was noticeably not upset by his bold move.

I put my hand on her knee, and just left it there this time, and slowly and tenderly massaged her right knee. Again, she was not upset by my move, so I slid my hand a bit further up the top of her thigh, still gently fondling her leg.

I watched her face for any reaction to our sexual advances, but she remained quite unphased. I moved my right hand to her right arm, and slid my fingers closer to her right breast, my fingers made their move, touching her nipple through the thin material of her blouse. She did make a small move, her breathing became a bit quicker and a little deeper.

I began to wonder if she was interested in one of us, or the three of us, only time would tell, and our sexual advances. I did move my right hand back to her arm, but made another advance up her right thigh.

“Well, this is a very interesting conversation, my dear, just what do you think of adult movies, since you appear to be upset with the violent action flicks Hollywood is churning out now.” Dave said abruptly, but rather on track, since this is where we wanted the conversation to be heading.

“Oh, I’m not sure. Some of the material is a bit gratuitous, while other videos can be interesting to watch.” Maggie replied.

“Well which genre is your favorite.” Dave retorted.

“My secret, hon, maybe I’ll tell you later.” She deftly replied, in a coy, but sultry tone.

“Later, sweety.” I added, squeezing her mid-thigh, and noticing a smile in the corners of her mouth.

“I think we need to order another round.” Greg said, as I noticed his finger tips slowly toying with her left nipple, which was Escort Çarşı obviously stiff.

“No, I really don’t need to drink any more, sweety, I do have a long drive, and it is getting late.” Maggie replied.

“It is getting late, and we would like to get to know you a bit better, Maggie. Would you be interested in a nightcap back up in our room?” I daringly asked her, kneading her thigh, and watching her eyes as I spoke.

“But, I really don’t know you guys, and I do need to get home.” She answered.

“So, is your loving hubby waiting at home for his hot little wife to get home?” Greg asked, obviously running the back of his fingers on the under side of her left breast.

“No, he won’t be home until sometime Saturday.” She replied. “and he won’t be worried about me until then.”

Okay, I thought, two whole days until she really had to get home, so maybe we could get her to party for a couple of days. This could be very interesting, very interesting.

“Well, Maggie, why don’t we go up to our room, have a little wine, and chat a little longer?” I again squeezed her mid-thigh a bit more knowingly.

“Well,” she said slowly, “I guess another wine won’t hurt, and you gentlemen seem to be just that, respectable gentlemen.”

So the four of us rose and headed for the elevators. As we did I walked next to Maggie, putting my arm around her waist. I noticed Dave made a motion to Phil and the other Greg for them to meet us in the suite in a few minutes.

My hand easily slipped down to her hot little ass as we walked, enjoying the swaying of her nice ass cheeks. Again, I was pleased to note she made no effort to move my hand off of her swinging ass. As we stepped into the elevator I continued to massage her ass, as I then watched as Dave moved closer his right hand reaching up and cupping her left breast as his face met hers and their lips met.

By the time the elevator reached the tenth floor, Dave had her blouse open and her tits bared, his fingers toying with her nipples. She had a really sexy set of tits, and I hoped we would be able to have a chance to fuck them before the party was over.

“mmm, nice kisser, but we hardly know each other, honey.” She said as she and Dave parted lips as the doors opened.

With out a flinch, or any attempt to close her blouse the four of us walked down the hall, opened the door and entered our suite. She then turned to me, reaching up, she took my head in her hands and stood on her tip toes to French me. I could see Greg moving up behind her, I could not see his hands, but she moaned, so I assumed he was pulling her skirt up, and playing with her ass.

“boy, you guys sure don’t give a girl a chance. You haven’t even poured me that glass of wine you promised.” She pushed her pelvis against me, grinding her hips to mine.

“Do you really need another glass of wine, before we begin fucking you, my dear?” I asked pointedly, my dick getting hard as we continued our dry humping.

“Do I need another glass of wine, right now, not really, but I am looking forward to the rest of the night with you gentlemen, I mean studs.” She replied hotly as we now kissed once more. Greg had removed her skirt by now, and was attempting Çarşı Escort Bayan to pull her blouse off as we moved further into the room, and of course closer to the bed. I noticed Dave was sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, and keenly watching our movement.

Greg moved away for a moment, and began stripping his shirt and slacks as Dave now began playing with her ass and kissing her nicely shaped ass cheeks. I turned her to Dave as I began removing my clothes she was now naked except for her hose and heels, and Dave was lavishing her tits, especially her hard nipples with licks, sucks and kisses. Greg now returned, and was again behind her, his cock pointing into her ass crack.

“Mmm, this is nice, I AM getting hot, fellas.” She said as she stood cupping her tits for Dave to suck on. “And, I know we will be much better acquainted, very soon.”

“Mmm, you sure are hot, a horny slut.” Dave commented, his fingers now sliding out of Maggie’s hot slit, sniffing his fingers.

“Why don’t you bend over now, slut. I want you to suck my cock, till I get hard, then you can sit on it so I can fuck your hot cunt.” Dave said as he pulled her head down towards his growing cock.

“Mmm, nice cock, honey.” Maggie commented as she held his cock in her small hand, her head now inches from his cock, and getting closer. She opened her mouth and the wanton woman readily took his cock between her lips.

Maggie moaned in happiness as Greg now moved in behind her and slowly drove his cock into her wet cunt. Greg held her hips as he pistoned in and out of her cunt.

“Gawd, you have a hot cunt, slut, really great fuck!” Greg said as he continued sliding in and out of her.

I heard a light tapping on the door and went to let in the other guys. I opened the door and let the other two guys into our little party.

“Oh, yes, suck my cock you fuckin’ cunt!” Dave bellowed as his cock moved in and out of the hot slut’s mouth. “Oh, shit, cunt, I’m gonna shoot. Drink my cum, you fuckin’ cock whore!”

I watched as Maggie swallowed his load, her neck moving as she swallowed. A moment later Greg slammed into her once more, I could tell he dumped his load deep in her as he groaned in ecstasy.

“On all fours, cunt, time to get some fresh cock, doggie style.” The second Greg commented as he moved in behind our hot slut, pushing her onto the bed, and moved in behind her. His cock easily sliding into her hot, sloppy cunt as she groaned in pleasure.

Phil laid on his back, and moved to a point under her as she was being fucked, so his cock was aimed at her hot face. She avariciously took his big cock in her mouth and began bouncing her head up and down as she devoured his cock. Less than five minutes later she was rewarded with two more loads of hot cum in her holes. Maggie easily swallowed Phil’s load, and loved it when Greg dumped his load in her cunt.

Maggie rolled over, legs spread, showing her hot cream pie for us to stare at. She was one hot female, and we were having one helluva time using her.

“mmm, that was fun fellas, who is ready to use me again?” Maggie said understatedly. “I need more cock to suck and fuck.”

“You are one hot, fuckin’ slut, Maggie.” Phil commented as he stroked her left tit.

Well that is how we met one of the hottest sluts I have ever had the pleasure knowing. But there is more, more about this hot red headed slut, who loves to fuck and suck. So, stay tuned for her next adventure with us, her unholy sexual adventures the next day.

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