Martha , Wonder WomanMartha , Wonder Woman


I dated a girl named Jessica for a couple of years in college. She’s been the subject of several of my stories. We finally broke up, but we’d been together so long that she and I had most of the same friends.

She, my roommate, and some other mutual friends took a road trip to North Carolina only a week or so after we broke up. Jessica roomed in a large house with a bunch of other people, among them a good-looking gal named Martha who had tried to jump my bones several times when I was still dating Jessica. I politely rebuffed her advances then, but I did not forget them.

So, there I was in my apartment alone watching The Rifleman on TV at 1:00 in the morning, bored. The female guest on the show reminded me of Martha, and that got me to thinking how sexy she was. I’d heard she was fantastic in bed, too. It was coming a hellacious electrical storm outside, but since I’d been sipping on a bottle of codeine cough medicine left in my medicine cabinet by Jessica, fortified by some beer, I threw caution to the wind, grabbed the remaining four Bud talls and some weed, donned a poncho, and walked through the driving rain over to Martha’s.

I figured if she wasn’t there, someone would be and I’d share the beer and a doob with them. I was horny, for sure, but, extroverted and lonely, I was just craving human interaction more than anything else.

The front door was never locked, so I just came on in the dark entryway, like I always had. The usual lamp in the living room was on, but the place was otherwise dark and quiet as a tomb. I threw my wet poncho over the banister and trudged up the stairs to Martha’s bedroom. Her door was ajar, and I tapped on it, announcing it was I.

Wearing nothing but a football jersey, she opened the door, smiled, and said, “Hi, come on in.”

Loopy from the codeine and beer and boredom, I quite uncharacteristically just blurted out, “Wanna get drunk and screw?” holding up the cans of beer.

“Sure,” she eagerly agreed, pulling the jersey off over her head to become completely naked.

Having known her for a couple years as Jessica’s roommate and hanging out at their house all the time, I’d seen Martha flash her tits and moon people many a time, and she never wore a bra beneath her tee-shirts. So, I had more than a pretty good idea of what her body looked like, which is to say, terrific.

But I’d never seen her totally nude like that. Although there were no lights on in her bedroom, it was the former “sleeping porch” in the old house–enclosed with windows on three sides–which let in plenty of light from the streetlight in the back yard. I could see her goodies quite clearly. Wow!

Martha was great looking, but had an extremely disproportionate figure, though in a very good way, to my eye. She was tall at about 5’9″, had long slender legs, narrow hips, slim waist, shoulders, and arms, but cantaloupe-size boobs, pendulous, with big, dark brown nipples and areolas. Notwithstanding braces on her teeth, she had quite a pleasant face, too, with shoulder-length brown hair, and a naturally dark complexion. I have still never seen a woman with such large, natural breasts on such a slender frame. The fact that Jessica had little titties made Martha’s big ones all the more appealing.

We downed a beer each as she untied the nearly infinite laces on my heavy hiking boots, peeled off my jeans and the rest of my clothes, and literally jumped on top of me, pinning me to her mattress like Konak Escort a wrestler.

Martha started for the women’s Rugby team, and this was a very competitive Division 1 college. Point is, despite her skinny build, she was extremely strong and aggressive. She kissed me and sucked me and ground her pussy on my face HARD, and left no doubt she was IN CHARGE. She rimmed my asshole, tongue-fucked it, then wiggled a long finger inside as she sucked my cock ALL the way down, ALL the back to the tip. She even spanked my butt cheeks, quite hard. Considering the considerable amount of opiated cough medicine I had consumed, this was exactly what I needed.

We fucked and sucked and licked and spanked and finger-poked orifices for well over an hour, and I had about decided that I was just not going to cum due to the beer and cough syrup and the fact that she had a somewhat loose, though great-feeling, pussy. She was on top of me fucking cowgirl style when she reached down with her hand to swab my cock back and forth from her very wet pussy to her asshole. Turnabout being fair play, since she’d fingered my pooper while giving a blow-job earlier, I slipped my index finger up into her brown hole while lick-sucking her clit, and she liked it a lot, cumming big time. Even so, it was a very tight hole, even on one finger.

Then she positioned the tip of my dick right on her pussy-juice-lubed back door and gradually yet fairly quickly worked it all the way in. It was obvious from the grimace on her face that it hurt, but she held it in place perfectly still for a bit, holding me stationary when I tried to thrust. However, within a few minutes she was riding it slowly, then faster and faster. Twiddling her twat as she did so, the painful countenance transformed into a look of extreme pleasure.

I’d tried to screw Jessica in the butt, and she was really trying, but even when she was both drunk and luded out, I was never able to get more than the tippy-tip in before she’d back out. So Martha was the very first chick I ever fucked in the ass, and it was completely her doing! She came twice, the last time with a blood-curdling scream, and then, with a determined look, leaned back and grabbed my knees behind her. This enabled me to see my cock actually going in and out of her anus while looking at her large pussy lips wrinkling provocatively with each plunge. She was doing 90% of the “work,” so those big ol’ titties on her narrow chest were flopping in tandem all the way from her chin to the bottom of her rib cage with each thrust.

I felt my seed slowly rising and she must have known I was getting close, for she increased the pace and rared forward to feed me her breasts. I forcefully squeezed them together, chewing both long, hard nipples at the same time. I was almost there.

Taking my face into both hands, she directed my head up, looked me straight in the eye, and whispered, “I want you to squirt a big load in my tight little butthole,” then locked lips, plunged her tongue down my throat, and clamped down hard on my cock.

Using her tits like handles, I up-and-downed her on my pistoning rod and blasted volley after volley after volley of man-juice into, until then, the forbidden hole. Best fucking orgasm I ever had, but I always say that.

You never forget your first piece of pussy. Well, you never forget your first butt-fuck, either. In fact, not just the anal part, but sex with Martha was some of the best Buca Escort I ever had. It’s always nice to know the feeling is mutual, as while my cock was slowly deflating inside her ass, she said, “I figured you’d be damn good in bed, but I figured wrong. You’re BETTER!”

Sweaty and thirsty, we disengaged and popped the tops on the two remaining Buds, drinking them and chatting while I recharged in anticipation of round two. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps running up the stairs. The door flew open, and, in one motion, the wet-haired girl stripped her tee-shirt off, showing her fine, super-firm tits, and kicked her shorts off to reveal a puffy pussy bare but for a thin landing strip, then dives nude into the bed with us. Her knee crunched into mine, as she apparently did not notice at first that I was there.

“Who the hell is this?” she demanded.

“Oh, you know Hornyman, Jessica’s boyfriend,” Martha explained.

“Ex-boyfriend,” I corrected.

The new arrival I knew only by her nickname, Wonder Woman, as she was the spitting facial image of the hot actress Lindsey Wagner who played that role in the popular TV show of the same name. WW was also a starter on the Rugby team and roomed in a house across and down the street. A beauty in her own right, she was more muscular than the actress and in absolutely tip-top condition.

She had an extremely athletic build, though feminine and not of the body-builder type, and was tough as nails. WW was drunk as Cooter Brown and loudly told the story of what had just happened at a nearby bar.

Some guy had pinched her superb, muscular ass, and she duked him out cold with a single right uppercut. His friends tried to get hold of her, but she and a few of the other Rugby gals with her bloodied them all to the barroom floor and ran out just as the cops arrived. Outside, the girls split up and ran in different directions, but one of the cops chased WW through the rain up the hill to her rooming house, where she just ran straight through the downstairs hall out the back door, then cut down the alley, crossed the street, and ducked into Martha’s, losing the cop.

WW was so hyped up telling the story that it was truly exciting, and knowing her, I didn’t doubt a word of it.

WW and Martha’s legs were against each other, and WW’s forearm repeatedly jounced into Martha’s wobbling boob as she gesticulated wildly telling the story. WW having finished the story and literally panting, there was suddenly a stony silence.

OK, I’m fucked up as hell, in bed with no less than two sexy naked babes I’m now 90% sure are bisexual, feel a twitch of life in my cock, and feeling pretty confident. Hey, the direct approach just worked with Martha, so I said, “Wonder Woman, I’d love to eat your pussy.”

“What did you say, you skinny mother-fucking egghead?!” WW screamed.

Yes, I was thin and a top student, but this was definitely no compliment.

“I think you better go now,” Martha instructed, so I got up and tried to quickly get re-dressed.

“NOW!” WW barked, so I just gathered up my clothes and boots and made a hasty exit. As I descended the dark stairway, I could hear them sensuously laughing. Sounded like Martha would be the one eating WW’s pussy, not me.

As if that had not been a sufficient jolt of reality, when I got to the foot of the stairs in nothing but my tighty whities, there stood Beth, Jessica’s roommate and best friend, Alsancak Escort standing at the door, glaring at me with a look that could fry bacon.

She scolded, “So you can’t even wait a week after you dump your ‘beloved’ Jessica to sneak into her house and fuck her roommate Martha and Wonder Woman, loud enough no less to be heard clear downtown!!!”

I realized then that Beth had not been among the friends who had gone on the road trip with Jessica, and that Beth must have heard my wild romp with Martha, as her bedroom shared a wall with Beth’s upstairs. In fact, Martha’s open closet, which backed up to a thin board that separated it from Beth’s bedroom closet, had afforded Beth a blow-by-blow earful of everything that had happened up there.

There was really no point in trying to make my case with Beth or refute that group sex had taken place, even though, unfortunately, it had not, so I just got my clothes back on and sat on the bottom stair step as she paced back and forth, giving me the third degree. As she did so, she chain-smoked one after another Benson & Hedges 100s, so I rolled a joint and fired it up, mocking the way she held and puffed her cig, and said nothing while she continued the verbal barrage for the next half hour.

Finally, maintaining that I had committed a dastardly act of revenge-fucking, she, the alpha-female of the house, declared that I was banned forever, and was, suddenly and uncharacteristically, out of words. I swear to you, sex with Martha had nothing to do with vengeance, but there was no point in trying to argue the merits of that with Beth. The silence was broken by a medley of giggles and moans emanating from upstairs. I’m not 100% certain Martha and Wonder Woman were having sex, but it sure sounded like that’s what was going on.

Beth was grimacing and her eyes were cast in that direction like two laser beams. “Perhaps you should go up there and straighten those two out,” I softly suggested as I slung the poncho over my shoulder and left.

It had stopped raining, and I cut through Wonder Woman’s back yard to take a short cut back to my apartment. I hopped over the back fence onto the pavement of the large hospital parking lot, where I saw a police officer with his flashlight up ahead. He made a beeline for me. Though I was wasted, I figured the best thing to do was not run and just deal with him.

Officer: “Excuse me, but we’re looking for a woman, a tall, athletic brunette, about 20, with blue eyes wearing a white shirt and blue shorts who was in this area.”

Me: “What seems to be the problem, officer?”

Officer: “She is very dangerous and violent. She assaulted a group of male students inside Sam and Andy’s, and all six of them are hospitalized.”

Me: “Really? Put six guys in the ER? Sounds like a real Wonder Woman.”

Officer: “Interesting you should say that. She is described as looking remarkably like the actress who plays Wonder Woman. I was in pursuit when she ran into that house and out the back door, the same house from whose back yard you just came. That’s where she gave me the slip, and I thought you might be her at first.”

Me: “Well, how flattering, officer, but, being male and all, I think I more resemble the Six Million Dollar Man. Tell me, was this woman bra-less, wearing a rain-soaked, white tee-shirt that showed her prominent nipples, and tight, royal blue rugby shorts hugging a muscular ass, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail?”

Officer: “Yes, exactly. Have you seen her?”

Me: “Oh, forgive me. I was just picturing how I would LIKE to see her. Well, it’s late, and I’ve got to hit the hay. Good luck finding your Wonder Woman. Call Charlie’s Angels; maybe they can help.”

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