Firehouse FantasyFirehouse Fantasy

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It was a hot, muggy night. The weather man predicted a thunderstorm, but Alyssa had a couple of deliveries that had to be made before she could head home. After the day she had, that’s all she wanted to do. She looked at her list: 4 dozen cupcakes to the Baker’s; Foster wedding cake to Bethel Chapel; retirement cake to North Side Firehouse. She went through the addresses and figured out what the best route would be to get her home the quickest. Chapel first, Fire Station last, it was only about 5 miles from her house. She loaded up her van, looked herself over in the mirror and realized she looked even more exhausted than she thought. “Great, this is what I want my customers to see…” she thought. She pulled out her bag and touched up what she could of her face and fixed her hair into a messy bun. Then off she went, dragging her feet the whole way.

She knew the chapel would be the most difficult with the size of the cake. Thankfully, the caterers were ready with a cart so it didn’t take much on her part at all. One down……two down…….”Hopefully this one will go just as quick,” she said to herself as she climbed back into her van then a loud thunder rolled through the sky. “I really need to beat this storm home!”

She pulled up to the station just as the rain was starting to really fall. She threw on her rain coat and ran for the door.

“Can I help you?”, she heard a deep voice say from somewhere around the corner. She walked further into the room and found a very well built man standing in what looked to be a stairway. Alyssa was a bit speechless looking at the man in front of her, tight shirt, shorts and flip flops.

“Oh, yes, I’m sorry, I have a cake to deliver for a Capt Reilly’s retirement. Is there any way that I can get someone to help me bring it in so hopefully it doesn’t get wet?”

“I’ll do you one better. How about I open our ambulance bay and you can just pull in?”

“That would be great!”

She watched as he turned to head towards the garage. He had a very nice tight ass to go with that chest. “Mmmm…” she thought! “And I look like this! Figures,” and she headed back out into the now pouring rain.

Just as she reached her van, lightening flashed across the sky and she saw the lights flash all around her immediately followed by the loudest thunder she had ever heard. She pulled her van into the garage just in time for another lightening bolt to light up the night sky long enough for them to see the trees being swayed to the side by the hard winds.

“Looks like you may be stuck here with us for a bit. It’s getting pretty bad out there,” the fireman said.

“Oh no, I am so ready to be home.,” she mumbled and then yet another lightening bolt, “but it does look that way. I still need to get this cake in so it doesn’t melt in my van.”

“No problem. How can I help? My name is Paul, by the way and yours…..”

“Alyssa. I should have said that earlier, sorry. It’s been a long day,” she said with a smile.

He helped her carry the cake into the kitchen and offered her a drink.

“Thanks, but what I really want is a shower,” she said without thinking. “I’m sorry, I know this is the safe thing to do. I’m just a little on edge in thunderstorms and I’m tired so that’s not a good combination. I would love some water. Thank you Paul.”

He grabbed her a bottle from the fridge. As he handed her the bottle, he smiled. “I can actually help you with the shower to, if you don’t mind waiting for me to shuffle some guys out. We actually all just got back and were showering up when I saw your van pull up.”

“Oh. Well, how long do you think this is suppose to last?”

“Last report we got said it could be after midnight before it settles down,” he said with a little too much enjoyment in his tone.

“Sure then. Why not. I’m sure you all would very much appreciate me not smelling sickening sweet if you’re stuck with me. I’ll just grab my bag from my van while I’m waiting.”

So many things were running through Alyssa’s head right now that she was almost dizzy! “What the hell! Is this happening!” she kept thinking. “This has got to be some kind of dream. I am seriously not stuck in fire station. Not to mention about to be naked in this fire station…” She suddenly realized izmir escort that she was actually saying this out loud. She looked around to see if anyone had heard when she saw 2 more equally stunning men enter the kitchen. “Oh God, please don’t let them have heard that!”

Alyssa grabbed her bag and looked herself over in the rearview mirror really quick. “Here goes,” she said to herself. She walked back into the living area where Paul was waiting with a towel.

“I’ll show you where the shower is,” Paul said with a nod of his head. She followed him up the stairs to the dorm area and then into a large bathroom ending in shower. A big………shower. A locker room shower. Her stomach turned as she felt her cheeks flush with blood. Paul looked at her and grinned, “don’t worry, I’ll be right out there making sure no one comes in. I still need my shower after all!” He winked, handed her the towel and walked out of the bathroom.

Alyssa watched as Paul walked away from her. She couldn’t help but think “Damn, you really don’t have to go” as his tight ass shifted with each step. She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Get a grip, Alyssa! This is NOT a fantasy. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen!” and she exhaled deeply. She slipped off her shoes first, then slowly took her clothes off and laid them over a bench outside the showers next to her towel.. Paul also gave her some soap and shampoo that she was very grateful for at the moment. She turned on the shower closest to her and let the water warm before edging in. Awww….that was exactly what she needed! The hot water ran down her tired body; the steady stream of water beat down on her muscles. She reached her hand up and started to rub her neck under the hot water. Ohhhhhhh….she started to melt under the exhalation of the day. Paul had no idea what he had just given her! Mmmm., and if he came back in here, maybe she’d just show him…”Alyssa! No!” she exclaimed aloud, maybe a little too loud.

“You ok? I thought I heard…”, Paul called out from the door.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Just talking to myself I guess.”

“Oh, well….” he drew out his words seemingly hoping she would interrupt. Keep him from leaving.

“Thank you, though,” she said with an obvious grin on her face. “Paul,” she drew out his name a little. “I know that I have completely imposed on you already and you have been an incredibly gracious host.”

“No problem, anything you need,” he eagerly interrupted.

“I was just wondering if you had a t-shirt that I could borrow.”

“Oh, yeah, sure. Let me just, um. Yeah, let me get you one,” his voice drifted out the door.

Alyssa couldn’t help but to smile, but she knew she wasn’t thinking clearly. Obviously!

“Where do you want me to set it?” Paul asked when he returned.

“Can you just set it right there by my bag?” Alyssa knew that he would have a clear view into the shower from the bench her bag was on. What was she doing! She shook her head, but didn’t back down. She heard him clear his voice lightly.

“Sure!” His voice was closer. Alyssa closed her eyes, not wanting to shy away from the excitement she was feeling.

Paul set the shirt down and slowly glanced up. There was Alyssa, back to him, glistening wet, touching….he could feel his shorts getting tighter. Alyssa slowly turned to the side and gave him a full view of her profile. Her breasts were firm and her nipples were erect under the running water. She opened her eyes and caught his stare from the corner of her eye.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t realize how close that was.”

“No, no, I’m…I’m…I’m the one who’s sorry,” Paul finally spit out.

Alyssa smiled and felt her cheeks flush again. But that wasn’t the only place the she could feel a rush of blood. Her clitoris was thumping in her swollen pussy. She wanted him right now more than she ever thought she had wanted a man.

“It’s ok. I guess you’ve already seen though, so you might as well come on in and take your shower. Since I so rudely interrupted yours earlier, it’s the least I can do. Let you take a shower, I mean.” Her thoughts were racing, her heart was pounding and her clit was pulsing harder and harder.

“If you’re sure, antalya escort I really could use one.” He couldn’t hide the partial shock and all out excitement in his tone.

“I don’t mind at all,” she quietly said, suddenly a little nervous. It’s been a long time since she’s flirted and an even longer time since she’s been naked with a man. “You can do this,” she told herself.

Paul wasted no time getting his clothes off and into the shower. He passed behind her, glancing down at her perfect back side leading to her slender legs. There would be no hiding his excitement now! He turned on the shower two down from Alyssa, carefully keeping turned so she wasn’t in on his secret.

Alyssa watched Paul from the corner of her eye. His ass looked even better bare! She could feel the pulsating throb even stronger. She put her head under the running water and let the courage build back up.

“Would you mind handing me that soap? I gave you mine. I guess I didn’t think we’d need it at the same time,” he jokingly said. Alyssa laughed lightly and reached for the soap that she still had sitting on the floor. Paul watched as she bent over, only slightly bending her knees, giving him an eye full of a glistening shaven pussy. She stood back up and turned to Paul, who was now at full attention facing straight on to Alyssa, eyes still locked in on where he wanted his tongue to be.

She playfully giggled, “Thank you!”

“You, you are most welcome. You have got an outstanding body if you don’t mind me saying.”

Alyssa ran her hand down her side as she looked him down then back up to his deep blue eyes. “You forgot your soap,” she said still in her playful tone. “How about I help you with it?”

The body wash squirted into her hand in a smooth stream. She rubbed her hands together as she reached Paul’s naked body. Her hands ran across his chiseled chest and down to his cut abs. Alyssa couldn’t help but think this man had to work out all the time, but wow! She slid her hands around his side as she drew herself closer into him. Her nipples very lightly touching his chest. Paul closed his eyes and deeply inhaled as tingles ran through his body from the touch. Her hands ran in circles on his lower back and then grabbed onto to his tight ass. She pulled in even closer pressing his rock hard member into her stomach.

“Mmmmm….” Paul moaned. His eyes still closed.

Alyssa’s hands slowly slid over his hips until they were wrapped around his thick hard cock. She stroked up and down his shaft, teasing his head with the tip of her finger. He finally opened his eyes and looked down at the stunning view in front of him. His hands ran up her sides and then cupped her breasts. He ran his finger lightly across the tip of one nipple. She arched her back and let out a gasp and tightened her grip slightly. Paul kissed the base of her neck as his hand followed the contour of her body down to her hip. Her hand still stroking his hard cock. He pulled their bodies into the warm water, letting it run between them. Alyssa moaned again as the warm water ran down her engorged lips. Paul lifted her leg to his hip and pulled her into him, pressing her breasts into his chest. Alyssa wrapped her hands around his neck, lacing her fingers through his hair with one hand, she pulled herself up and slid her throbbing pussy on his waiting dick. Paul grunted as he squeezed into her tight pussy. He pulled her up by her ass thrusting her all the way down his hard cock. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in deep and then slide up and down. He turned and pressed her against the wall. He thrust his hips faster and faster as Alyssa’s moans got louder.

“Oh FUCK!” she cried out, making him push harder and faster. She had never felt so erotic! “Fuck me, Paul!” she moaned!

Alyssa’s eyes opened slightly, looking over Paul’s shoulder. She thought she saw someone by the bench. A wave of excitement came over her and she cried out again, “Fuck me!” She glanced over his shoulder again hoping to see someone watching.

“Should we invite our visitor to join us?” she whispered into Paul’s ear. He could hear the excitement in her voice and feel the thrill of the moment rush through him yet again. He pushed kayseri escort her against the wall, burying his cock deep inside her.

“Think you can handle us both?” Paul teased.

“There’s only one way to find out,” and with that Alyssa motioned for their audience to join. She finally saw a broad black man step into the shower, shirt off and tight shorts showing his huge cock at full erection. Another wave of excitement came over her and she pulled Paul deep into her again, “Fuck!”

“Mind if I step in, Paul?”

“It’s nice and tight, Eric,” he said as shifted Alyssa’s legs over to him and she wrapped her arms around Eric’s neck. He slowly lowered her onto his thick cock. Alyssa’s head pushed back on the wall as she felt him stretch her tight pussy.

“Mmmmmm….” she moaned. This was the biggest cock she has ever taken and she wanted more! She pushed her pussy further down his shaft and started thrusting her hips up and down taking in more each time. “Oh God!” Alyssa cried out. “Ohhhh!”

Eric started fucking her faster as her moans got louder. He pulled her up against his hard chest as he ran one hand down body. Then she felt two more hands on her ass as Eric turned her back to Paul. Alyssa reached one hand back, pulling Paul into her. Eric squeezed both hands on her ass as she laid back into Paul. Paul ran his hands up her sides and around to her bouncing breasts. Eric fucked her harder and harder.

“Oh fuck me! Fuck me!” Alyssa could feel a tingling throughout her body. “Ooohhhhhh!!!!” she cried out louder! The orgasm tore through her body and she was suddenly very thankful Paul was holding her up, but it didn’t stop! Eric kept pushing his cock in and out of her gushing pussy. The orgasm kept building! Eric’s moans got louder and louder. She could feel him throbbing inside her, ready to explode!

“Don’t stop!” she cried through her continued massive orgasm. “Ooooohhhhhhh….” they both moaned. Faster, harder, louder! His cock throbbing inside her until she felt him explode, shooting deep inside her engorged pussy.

Paul lifted her off of Eric and bent her forward. Alyssa leaned into Eric as Paul slid his hard cock into her cum soaked pussy. Her clit was throbbing and her lips were quivering. She could feel another orgasm building, the last barely over. “Ooohhhhhh my GOD!” she screamed out! Paul pulled her hips into him fucking her harder and harder the louder she got. The excitement shot through his body as he erupted another load inside her hot box! Alyssa’s body felt like it had melted; her legs weak; her heart racing. Her two stallions held her up. “I guess you can’t handle us both,” Paul whispered with a wink.

Alyssa smiled back. “Oh, I could probably handle one of your friends now,” she teased.

“I’m Eric, by the way,” he said with a gorgeous smile.

“Alyssa. It is VERY nice to meet you, Eric!”

“I was actually coming up to let Paul know that the worst of the storm was over when I heard all of the excitement going on in here. I apologize for…..interrupting.”

“Oh, I don’t think she minded the interruption at all,” Paul continued to tease back.

“I guess that means I could probably make it home,” Alyssa said, but the disappointment in her voice caught her by surprise. She had just lived out a fantasy that she wasn’t ready to let end!

They all toweled off, still smiling from the euphoria of what had just happened. Alyssa slipped on the shirt Paul had loaned her along with a pair of shorts she had in her bag. Eric suddenly pulled her in and gave her a very long, passionate kiss. She felt weak at the knees again. He pulled back and flashed his smile at her again.

“You’re welcome to come back any time you’d like, ya know.”

Her cheeks flushed. “I will definitely keep that in mind,” raising an eye brow as she smiled slyly.

Paul walked her downstairs and around through the front hallway to get to her van. He opened her door and then closed it back slightly.

“I second what he said. You are very welcome here anytime,” and he handed her a card with a cell phone number written on the back.

“Thank you for the…..” she paused, not sure how to end this fantastic experience, “hospitality,” she finished with a wink. “Any time you’re in the mood, for some sweets I mean….you know where to find me.”

Paul opened her door the rest of the way. She climbed in her van, still feeling a little unstable. She pulled out of the garage and gave a wave to what was the end of a living fantasy.

“Wow, I love storms,” she said with a smile as she headed home.

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