Mammary Mansion Ch. 05Mammary Mansion Ch. 05


We three wined and dined around the cabana table, all naked. One of the most enjoyable meals I had ever partaken of. Not only was the food first rate, dining with two thoroughly charming mid aged women in all their magnificent nudity and enjoying their naughty conversation was extremely pleasurable. One black and shining like ebony, the other creamy white. Chewing slowly, I appreciated first the huge black melons of Molly, her big black nipples seemingly permanently rigid. They sagged only slightly and swayed as she ate and talked. Monique’s sagged more onto her gently rounded stomach, her pink nipples crinkled and succulent. Pink and black, wonderful sexy colours.

“Well Monique, honey, when was the last time you had a fuck like that,” Molly demanded.

“God Molly, I really can’t remember. And if I could, I’m absolutely sure it wasn’t with a dick that big. And can he use that tongue. I’m positive it was further up me than many of the pricks I’ve had.” She smiled at me, her face glowing with affection. “Michael, you’re a lovely big cocked boy and generous as well. Are you going to stay a while with us?”

I sipped the lovely white wine and pretended to think hard about it. What was there to think about? I had been lovingly shagged by Marjorie, Monica’s grandmother, twice by Molly the giant nubian cook, by Marjorie’s daughters Margaret and Monique, all in the space of about 8 hours. The lusty sex, the plush surroundings, the sweet natures of all of them, and the intriguing Monica all combined to promote a supreme feeling of contentment.

“Hmmm, I don’t know, really. What if I get bored? What if you get sick of me? Worse, what if I can’t get it up any more?” I pretended to be anxious, but the shit eating grin probably gave me away.

“You won’t get bored, I promise you,” said Molly, sipping her wine. “We have yachts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, lodges at Aspen and Gstaad, an island off Fiji and hotels in all the top shopping areas of the world. How could you possibly get Büyükdere Escort bored?”

“No. I meant getting bored with constantly fucking a bunch of old broads,” and I laughed my head off. They joined in, their massive breasts swaying and jolting.

“And we won’t get sick of you, mon,” Molly giggled. “I can sure look forward to many a good meal with you, boyo. As for getting it up, I will be putting some old cajun black magic in your food. You’re gonna find it hard to get soft.”

The both shrieked at that one, and I joined in, pissing myself laughing.

After the enjoyable meal, Monique and I showered and dressed and she took my arm and led me back to the mansion. “You go and have a siesta, lad, and we’ll see you at dinner.”

Several hours later, shaved showered and refreshed, I joined the intriguing Barents in the huge kitchen. They all helped themselves to the steaming pots on the stove and sat informally around the huge table. They were down to earth people, completely unfazed by their massive wealth. I knew they were the second highest donors to worldwide charities, and I was charmed by their natural unaffected nature. Molly was with us, as was a statuesque nordic looking woman in her forties who was introduced as Sonia and was apparently the chauffeur. Monica came in just after we had started and apologising to all, got a plate and sat down with us. Bottles of wine were uncorked and passed freely around.

“I hear you’ve had quite a busy day, Michael,” said Monica, sipping a wine, her cornflower blue eyes twinkling. Everybody around the table laughed their heads off.

I laughed with them. I could do no less. I was surrounded by beautiful women, not in the model-like sense, but becoming more beautiful to me by the passing hour. Their lovely eyes, round voluptuous figures and eager fucking had endeared them to me within a ridiculously short time.

“He a fuckin’ machine, dat boy, Monica,” opined Molly, still chortling. “You gone Escort Büyükdere sample da goods, girl?”

‘Er no, I have work to do,” and Monica got up from the table and left grabbing her briefcase as she went.

“Dat girl, all work and no play,” sighed Molly.

After dinner, we all sat and watched a great movie. After Marjorie, rose and said, “Come with me Michael, I have to tuck you into bed.” The others giggled as I was led firmly out the door to the lift.

“I hope you’ve still got some spunk left, Michael. I haven’t felt so horny in years,” she murmured as the lift rose the three floors to her bedroom.

I reflected that Molly might have dosed the lot of us with her cajun black magic, because I was feeling horny as well. Her bedroom was lit by a single beside light. I sat on the bed and watched as Monica’s grandmother stripped out of her dress. Her magnificent body was clothed in a silk teddy cut low at the top revealing the cleavage of her large melon-like boobs. She slid it off her shoulders slowly revealing her creamy breasts and her puckered, pink nipples. It slid slowly down her body and my prick slowly lifted into tumescence as her bushy greying pubes came into view, her pouting pussy lips heavily in evidence.

“Not bad for an old broad, eh Michael? Get ‘em off, let me see the goods, you big cocked boy.”

I shucked my clothes not taking my eyes off her gorgeous elderly body as she ran her hands up under her sagging big tits, lifting one to suck on the nipple and then repeating the dose on her other udder. Her teats rose to prominence like crinkled raspberries. She ran a finger up and down her twat and her lips peeled back. I lay back as she came and sat on my chest, her pussy gaping open as she straddled me. I felt a spattering of her dew on my chest.

She inched forward until her gaping cunt was on my chin. “Molly tells me you eat pussy like a champion. I just love that – give me a good tonguing, make me cum on your tongue.” Escort Büyükdere

My ever thirsty tongue snaked into her hot lips like a homing rocket, penetrating a couple of inches into her incredibly hot depths. She tasted divine. I reached up and grasped her hanging mammaries, massaging the breast flesh and pulling and pinching her tightened nipples. I was in pussy heaven. I sawed my tongue in and out curling the end to drag its roughed end over the silky smooth roof of her cunt. Her juices started to flow and I withdrew and licked up and down her slit, sucking her slime down my throat. In and out, up and down, teasingly avoiding the peanut of her clitoris, then suddenly claiming it, sucking fiercely but biting gently.

“Oh gooooooooooooooddddddd!” she went off like a sky rocket, hunching her voracious pussy against my ravaging tongue, bathing my mouth and face with clear, slimy cum. She fell forward over me and I scrambled out from under her. I didn’t want her smothering me for the second time that day. Her face was in the pillow and her big broad arse was high in the air. I moved behind her and clutching my rigid cock in my hand pushed into the pulsing hairy slit and the junction of her meaty thighs. I sunk it all the way home with one vigorous push and heard her moan into the pillow. I grabbed hold of her big creamy hips and started fucking her with strong, violent strokes. It was sooooooo good. She bucked back against me, meeting me stroke for stroke. I shifted the angle and reached under her to hold her shaking tits, giving her the ride of her life. Faster and faster, until I couldn’t hold back, spurting furiously into her welcoming depths, feeling her hot canal spasming as she came again and again.

Marjorie fell forward and I went with her, my spent dick still clutched in her cunt, still pulsing out the last few drops of spunk. We lay there, breathing heavily, my face in the hollow of her neck. She turned and gave me a tender kiss. “That was absolutely glorious Michael. Let’s rest a little and then I want you to do me a favour.” She kissed me again. “I’ve never had a cock in my arse, and I want it before its too late. Will you do that for me?”

I fell over onto my back and she cuddled into me awaiting my answer. “For you, darling woman, the world. And my cock in your arse.”

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