Lust Begins At FortyLust Begins At Forty


I am a married woman, aged 43, with 2 daughters age 18 and 20 with a husband just retired. My story starts 23 years back when I got married to Rajendra who was at that time 37 year old and a newly qualified accountant. I got to see him first only four days before my wedding day, it was all arranged and there was no way I could ever have objected to this marriage, it had always been like this and till now my parents are still convinced that it was the best thing that could ever happened to me.

My entire life was dedicated towards the family, educating the girls (as I did a BCom as well) and looking caringly after my husband. He hardly had time for us and he was working hard to provide. He was more of a father figure to me, he fucked when he wanted and as he wanted and always to his pace ten or three minutes and it was always his lust that was satisfied. He would then turn off the lights and turn to his usual posture and fall asleep.

During these years, I can count the number of times that I came with him. With years our sexual relationship decrease or became non- existent. Last year when he retired, we left Mumbai for Bangalore, we had saved enough to buy a house down there and leave for our posh flat for the gins still studying at college. I could have never thought that my life would all of a sudden be full of joy again. Rajendra joined the local Chest club and was engrossed in all their activities and in the afternoon he would usually join his newly acquired friends for a couple of drinks.

One good day, we received a letter from a distant cousin of his about his son looking for accommodation to pursue a postgraduate course. Our house had two bedrooms, one for us, and one for the girls when they would come down for vacation. We decided that we could spare his nephew that spare room.

Two weeks later he arrived, he was 23 year old and handsome, the first night it was different to have someone around for a change, dinner was livelier than before as we had not seen the gins for 5 months now. As usual, I changed in my nightwear before heading to the table. The dress was quite revealing with a deep neckline and a good portion of my breast was exposed especially that I never used to wear bras at night. Each time I glanced at Sunil would catch him staring discreetly at my cleavage.

That night, after long time I had wet dreams, I woke in the morning had my shower and looked longingly at…. my nude body in the mirror. My 368 breasts were not as firm as they used to be but they were not sagging and I had a slight tummy. I opened my wardrobe and look for some cholies (blouses) that I always thought was blatantly sexy, these were tailored by my “Booa” (paternal aunt) who visited us in Mumbai. I selected a white one.

The material was so thin that it was nearly transparent and I remembered that my sister whilst visiting from U.S had brought with some kinky underwear (sort of things not sold in India). I made up my mind the black bras would be the one that I would wear, they could hardly contain my breasts and more that half of large brown nipple was sticking out of them. I was busy preparing breakfast when Sunil arrived in the lounge; he came to the kitchen and asked if he could help. I smilingly agreed. I had purposely stuck the palloo (top portion of a saree which covers the torso) in my Keçiören Escort petticoat, more than of my white breast were popping out of the flimsy choli (knowing that Rajendra would be on the porch reading the morning paper).

Sunil could not stop staring at me, he turned red and as he was still in my pajamas and obviously nor wearing any underwear, I could see a huge bulge rising in his pajamas pants. I was wet, it was after along time that I had the pleasure of seeing someone a monstrous hard-on for me.1 made as if I did not notice him and carried with the daily chores but would always bend in from of him to give a plunging view of my breast, after a while I even opened the 2 top buttons (which was always already straining) and in so doing he could have a glimpse of my large nipples as well.

After a few weeks, we were the best of friends but I never stopped seducing and teasing him. One Sunday, Rajendra had to attend a tournament; we had the day to ourselves. I asked Sunil to accompany me to the market. Having to walk and carry four heavy bags of groceries home, we were sweaty.

I told Sunil I needed a shower; I went to the bathroom and was under the shower when I heard a knock at the door. It was Sunil, he desperately wanted to pee (our bathroom was one room with just a plastic curtain separating the shower) I told him that the door was not locked and he could come in, I intentionally opened half of the curtain that he could not miss seeing in the nude.

He walked hurriedly again pull out his dick of his pants and with the sound that he was making, it was definitely true that he had to piss, I asked if he was ready to catch a shower as I was scared that soon water would stop running. He looked furtive at me, at that stage I was boldly facing him and rinsing my thick black bust opening the lips of clitoris for his pleasure as he saw me I noticed that his limp dick was slowly standing. Eh Maa!! (Oh!! Mother)it growing bigger and bigger and I was proud to be the reason for this.

I slipped out of the shower and told him that he could go in now, he was red but he pulled his jeans and rushed. I stayed on the towel, wiping myself openly and suggestively in front of him. Each time he watched me I intentionally wiped my breast or my pubic hair without losing sight of his huge organ. I was homy , I told if I had to pick my rinsed panties from the shower tray, he carefully moved to one side and allowed me in, I bent down ,picked my panties and as I was raising my cheek brushed something, I turned my head and see, I realised that it was his fat cock that I just touched, it was only 2 inch away from eyes and lips.

It was too much for me, I now needed that youngster to shove his organ in me and tear apart., I now needed was a cock, a good one, like Sunil’s. I left the bathroom with a towel wrapped round myself, whilst closing the door, I checked Sunil, he thought that I was already gone was busy stroking his cock, first time I saw his dickhead , the foreskin was pulled back and it was flame red.

I reached my bedroom dried myself, put the ceiling fan on (I was hot) and lied on the bed, stuck my forefinger vigorously in my pussy and masturbated myself to orgasm. After I came, I gave myself a little time to think, I was getting old in a few years time my desire to fuck Keçiören Escort Bayan would be gone, I would have reached menopause. What do I do? Do I fuck this youngster young enough to be my son or I forget it. The sight of his cock made up my mind, if he got a hard-on for me, it means I am desirable now, as anyway in a few years once the wrinkles appear nobody would be turned by me including him, so I made up my mind, I will go for it.

I came out of the room dressed in long beach shirt that I bought the last time I was in the Maldives. Nothing underneath, had a quick lunch and as schedule sat down to watch a the 10 o’clock movie, I was on the long couch with Sunil at the extremity, I pretended having a sore shoulder from having carried those heavy bags earlier on. I asked Sunil if he massage my shoulder and neck, I could now see he was bolder.

He asked me to lie on his lap, he put his hand on my shoulders and started massaging my neck, I undid the top buttons of my shirt and soon with all the action my tits were fully exposed to him. Eventually, he brushed the side of my breast, seeing not prohibition from me, he pursued in fondling them.

With him atop me, my face just underneath his brief tennis shorts, I could see his erect member sticking out of his loose shorts. I took courage, I starting playing with his cock seeing that he was enjoying my ministrations I greedily took his shaft in my mouth, by now my shirt was totally loose open and Sunil was busy licking my wet pussy, which had never been licked before, and I was dripping with cum.

I took over from thereon, I could not manage myself anymore, I had to have this hard cock, I made sit upright and I sat on him, it was an unbelievable feeling of sensing a rock hard cock slowly pushing its way against the walls of my vagina after a real long time .1 rode for than half an hour before he came, by which time I spent five times. That day we fucked once more before Rajendra was home, at night I was proud after years about my womanhood.

From then, I have Sunil every time I wanted or when we had the opportunity. In the mornings when Rajendra would go walking to get the morning paper, knowing that, he would at least take 45 minutes to be back. I would sneak under Sunil blanket, while he is sleeping and make his limp cock go stone hard in my mouth and would let him fuck me.

My relationship with Sunil was convenient, it helped take the horny woman out of me and enjoy life quietly rough sex quietly in the privacy of my home. So as mot to arouse any doubt, I carried allowing Rajendra to fuck every now and then he wanted, but he had lost his stamina and his cock was not as hard as Sunil’s. Once he finished fucking, I slowly creep out of bed and go to Sunil and ask him to take me to heaven with his cock. Time went by like that, Sunil and I experienced all tucking positions you could imagine, he tied to the bed and used my body, while I had my menses I would give a blow job (that I did not ever did to Rajendra) and even suck his dick dry!

We tried sodomy; we experience all the joys of sex. On one occasion we even fucked on my own bed, Rajendra next to us (We were drunk as we had come from a cocktail party). The next summer, Sunil’s friend Sanjiv, came for an interview at Bangalore, Sunil ask us if he could lodge Escort Keçiören him for 2 weeks.

Sunil agreed that we agree he would share his room and bed with him. Sanjiv was much younger than Sunil, only 21, new BCom graduate, he was coming for a job interview with a local pharmaceutical firm and was applying to join their Marketing department. He was a sweet lad, much more childish than my Sunil but as handsome.

Three days, he received a telephone that he was appointed, we decided to celebrate, and for that occasion Rajendra took a bottle of proper Cognac sold to him by a sailor. We had a good dinner, the boys were constantly with me while preparing the meals, and that day a wore a pink sleeveless blouse (newly made) with the neckline halfway down my breast. I could notice than Sanjiv was eyeing me quietly same as Sunil used to do.

After dinning, we were all a bit high (especially I seldom have liquor). All of us retired to our room, I was horny, and I needed a cock. Rajendra quietly turned towards me, since I was already heated up, I was hoping that he would take me and that his few stroke inside my pussy would satisfy my lust, he came on top of me and pushed his cock in me, one, two, three times just I was about to start enjoying he spurted his sperm on my tummy and turned around and in no waste of time he was deep asleep, the Cognac was helping. I wiped myself and tried to finger myself to orgasm but now used to having a cock, my finger was no comparison.

I turned and twisted in bed I need my stud to fuck me hard and make cum. The was one problem: Sanjiv. After 15 mins, I tip toed to Sunil bedroom. I go in his room, got in bed and took his cock in my mouth, it hardened instantly as Sunil was used to my nocturnal visits.

I undressed completely, there was only the prayer giving away dim light and soon he was taking me in the missionary position, till we heard Sanjiv who was next to us grunting, we were surely disturbing his sleep but what the fuck I was too horny to stop…

I closed my eyes so as not to see him and to my surprise as Sunil was pushing his last thrusts, kicking me inside my vaginal walls, I felt two hands fondling my tits, it could not be Sunil as his hands were spreading my thigh open while digging his cock in my love tunnel. I opened my eyes to see Sanjiv holding a 10-inch or bigger cock in one his hand while the other was caressing my left tits.

I thought for a glimpse of time. Am I the only Indian woman doing this? Am I the only one to be unfaithful? Am I ever be the first one to have been possessed by two dicks in a night? Will anybody ever know about this? All the answers were NO.

I closed my eyes and let things happen, next minutes I had a huge ten inch cock in my mouth and the rest of the night both these guys fucked me till 4 in the morning at one stage I had 2 cocks in me Sunil with his slightly smaller cock in me, while I was on top of him, and Sanjiv not wanting to waste anytime shoved his long venous penis in my asshole.

I had a shower and lied in bed next to Rajendra, in that night I came 13 times; I was completely exhausted but yet completely satiated. Now my two lovers fuck me everyday, it has never affected anyone life, my husband is looked after well and right with the help my 2 lovers, I am busy preparing the wedding of my elder daughter who is getting married to a young man of her choice with our entire approval.

As he is still not aware of anything, Rajendra is very happy that at least there are 4 more hands to help us for the wedding preparation and also enjoys the company of the 2 guys.

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