The OWLS Club Pt. 20The OWLS Club Pt. 20


The OWLS Club

The story is about a group of people, an actual place, and a dream. While having a none too subtle dig at society in general. This is a work of pure fiction. None of the characters are real people, nor do they represent real people. It is a slow burn, a lot of romance and some gratuitous sex for those who need to get off on it. It is based in Australia so I have used local language. There is some Italian and French conversations, so if you want to really become attached to the characters I strongly recommend you use a google translator. It will help with the flow of the conversations. As I use the Queen’s English, I will apologise in advance to my American friends for the correct spelling of some words.

Some of the place names are correct.

There is no underage sex involved.

***It has been pointed out to me, on numerous occasions that the inclusion of French or another language, is somewhat distracting from the flow of the conversation. I will leave them in the story, as I want you, the reader, to engage with each of the different characters, form a bond with them. [But I have now included the English text to help those who need it.] So please, use a French to English translator [I use Google] it adds to the story.***

Chapter 20 — Beyond the wall

They emerged from the tunnel laughing and hugging each other, they stood in the second store-room, looking around at the large space. “I had a thought.” Said Emily.

“Oh yes,” replied Mia, with a smirk on her face. “You’re insatiable girl. Can’t it wait till we’re home and your mum’s out?”

“That wasn’t what I was going to say, but hold that thought for later.” She said with a wicked grin on her face.

“OK then, what was your thought?” Mia asked her.

“What if this section down here was something out of the 70’s like that club in New York you keep going on about?” Emily stated.

“Club 54?” Mia replied. “Babe, even if we wanted to it wouldn’t work. Apart from the Art Deco sign, there was nothing outstanding about the décor to that place. Besides, to make this place work it has to be extra special, we have to cater for our members. Which reminds me, this Wednesday we need to get your aunt to decide on a date to open, and we need to start thinking about staff.”

Emily put two fingers over Mia’s mouth, “I’m sorry I brought it up now.” She told her. Mia used her tongue to get a taste of the remnants of her own core, so Emily cheekily opened her two fingers and watched as Mia’s tongue ran up and down into the crease of her fingers.

“And you say it is me that’s insatiable, seems we both are.” As they laughed, hugged each other and kissed again.

The building work was going along nicely, faster in some areas and not so fast in others. The top floor was finished, the back half of the building had been made open to the weather and so was now water and weather proof. It was an open area where there were potted palms, and sun lounges, an ideal place for those who wanted to sunbathe topless or even naked, there were of course privacy screens available for those who were still a little shy, or wanted not to be disturbed. The change rooms up there were those you see on the beachfront, brightly coloured, rainbow colours of course, high gloss, big enough for two people to change, each had their shower alcove.

The front part of the top floor was a discreet dining area, tables for two, four or eight were available. Table areas could be either open or closed, depending on the company. The chef employed was considered by many to be a 5 star chef, she helped design the kitchen with Erica, and was a no nonsense type of person. Very direct, demanding. The sort of person Kathleen liked.

Only the very best wines were served in the dining room. Much to Michelle’s chagrin, there were only a limited amount of French wines, but some very beautiful North American wines were introduced from the Josh Cellars, nice heavy Cabernet Sauvignon, which competes ankara yabancı escort well with the select few South Australian reds on offer. Of course Kathleen ensured her favorites were on the list. Most were not available anywhere else but the dining room, the name of which was going to be debated by the family. Erica and Anita, along with both Emily and Mia wanted the simple family name, ‘AMBROSE’. Kathy and Terry were, for once in agreement that it shouldn’t be, but to add a little worldly flair to it, it should be called ‘SAXONY’. Light hearted discussion went on for a few days until Michelle, made a simple suggestion.

“Why do you need to make it so complicated madam?” She asked of her Mistress, one morning. “Why not something simple, call it what it is but in German of French.”

La salle à manger du club OWLS or possible Der OWLS Club Speisesaal [The OWLS club dining room]

“Call it what it is.” She explained.

Kathleen was in her office looking at the budget and what else needed to be completed. She was deep in though, when Michelle standing at her office door, said all that while sipping on a black coffee. Kathleen spun around on her chair. Looked at her standing there, in just a T shirt long enough to cover her parts.

Kathy looked her up and down. She didn’t say a word, and Michelle just looked at her, the silence said everything. If love had a sound it would have been heard by all at that moment.

“You are such a beautiful person. Michelle, and so smart. Come here, sit with me, and let me hold you.”

Michelle made her way onto her Mistress’s lap, put her coffee on the desk and then put her arms around her lover’s neck, looked into her eyes, and kissed her so tenderly, with so much love and passion.

“I think you are a remarkable young woman. I love you so much.” Kathleen told her. Michelle hugged her and snuggled into her neck.

“I am going to ring Terry and see what he says about the name.” She dialled his number, it was answered almost immediately. “Hi sis, what’s up?” He asked.

“I think Michelle has come up with a very simple solution with the name for the dining room. Call it what it is. But do it in either French or German. The problem I have with German, is that it sounds so harsh. But French is lyrical almost. I’ll let Michelle tell you and you can decide which one we are going to use.”

“So we are going to call it what, just a dining room?” He asked. “Just let Michelle speak to you, but yes, rather than the family name or a long forgotten country. Just listen to her please.” She asked.

“Ello, Terry, I think we are trying to complicate something that is very simple. I am biased of course, but as Mistress said, the German language sounds very hard. Whereas French is a lot smoother and even the name of a simple room can sound so sexy. La salle à manger du club OWLS or if you want it to sound more brutish Der OWLS Club Speisesaal.” She said in a deep baritone voice.

Terry laughed, “You speak English, pretty well too. So you are not biased much are you?” he replied. “I’ll tell you what, Cynthia is here, with a friend of hers and Miriam. I’ll put you on speaker and without saying anything to them, just give them the two versions and let’s hear what they say. I’ll give them the heads up OK. You 2 keep quiet, that’s if you can.”

He put the phone on speaker, and called out to the girls to join him. After several minutes, Miriam came in and said hi Kathy, hi Michelle, what’s happening?” Michelle spoke up, “Your dad, will explain when you are all together.”

Soon after two more voices were heard. “Hi everyone,” Cynthia said, “This is my friend Myrtle.”

This time Kathy spoke up, “Hi Myrtle, hi Cindy, ok Terry you can explain.”

Terry took over. “OK I want you three to listen to two names, one in French and one in German. Tell us which one sounds better than the other. OK Michelle, over to you bahçelievler escort sweetie, do your thing.”

Michelle took a deep breath and said “Der OWLS Club Speisesaal.” But this time with no biased over tones.

She then waited a few seconds before saying, “La salle à manger du club OWLS.” Almost singing it like a bird in spring time calling to her mate.

Kathleen spoke up, “There you have it, which sounds better to you?”

Terry jumped in, “Shush you, and let me explain it to them.” He then took the phone off of speaker and spoke to the girls. There was a lot of laughter. Terry then put the speaker back on and said. “It’s unanimous the French version, is softer and sexier they all think.”

“OK, then we should go along with that Terry, don’t you think?” said Kathleen. Terry agreed “I thinks it makes sense.” He said.

“Terry, pick up mate.” Kathleen asked. Terry put the phone to his ear and took it off speaker.

The place is getting to the finishing stages, you, me, Cindy and Miriam should do a walk through sometime this week. So we can see where our money is being spent.”

“Kathleen, we have trusted you with everything in the past, so why now, do you want our input on this one?” He came back.

“I think it has been an important three months so far. We are a lot closer now, as a family I mean. Maybe in the past, I was little selfish in the way I handled things. Considering what we found, and found out about the family history, besides I have enjoyed everyone contributing and with Emily maturing a bit and helping out with the actual building. I just want it to continue. None of us are getting any younger, you know.” I told him.

“Are you alright?” He asked inquisitively.

“Yes I am, but I want you and Cynthia and Miriam to continue helping and making suggestions on other projects. Nothing wrong with that is there?”

“No nothing what so ever. And I’m sure I can speak for us all when I say, we’d love to. Whenever we’re asked.”

“OK, that makes me feel good. Thank you little brother. Let’s meet down there on Friday, we can grab a coffee around ten, do the walk through then go for lunch.” Kathleen replied.

“Sounds like a plan, hang on a second, Cindy wants a word.” He told her.

“Hi Kathy, I was wondering if I could invite my friend Myrtle for a tour of the building.” She asked.

“I can’t see why not, we are all down there this Friday to have a walk through and see what needs to be finished off. She might like to tag along with us maybe?” Kathleen said.

On the Wednesday of that week at her usual weekly building managers meeting, Mia brought everyone up to date. Firstly showing Erica, where some minor work on the external brick front had to be redone, and that put the pressure washing, of a hundred and fifty odd years of grim and dirt, from the heavy industry in the area, had to be put back a week, until she was happy with the finished look. We all agreed.

The handmade book cases on the ground floor had now been stained, and fitted in extremely well with the general décor.

“A bit late now.” Kathleen said sarcastically. Michelle who was resting her hand on her Mistress arm, gave her a gentle pat, and Kathy cover Michelle’s hand with her own. “Sorry I meant, if it didn’t fit in now, it is too late to change it. Isn’t it?”

Kathleen continued telling the group that the name for the dinning room was to be ‘La salle à manger du club OWLS’ [The dining room of the OWLS club] and maybe there should be some fancy sign up there to high-light it?

Erica turned to Kathy, looked at her and told her in a matter of fact tone. “Kathleen, nothing was left to chance, I have two wonderful minds, helping me with this project and I have never let you down yet. So trust me on this one.” Erica then took control and looking directly at Kathy gave her a complete run down.

Top floor is now complete, we have put in balgat escort the service lift from the ground floor kitchen, which by the way has been completed, and the chef is doing a run through this week. Kathleen took a quick look at it and passed it to Mia, “How does that fit into your original business plan Mia?”

“Everything is well within our budget so far. Just a few odds and ends here and there to clear up.” She told both Erica and Kathleen

There was a knock on the door, and as we all turned to see who it was, in walked Terry, Cynthia and Miriam. Michelle gripped my arm and gave me a warm smile. I stood up and hugged them individually, telling them they were welcome and what a surprise it was to see them.

Terry looked at us all and gave his apologies for running late, ‘A 7am start isn’t ideal for us who live across town.” He said with a smile.

“Now the whole family is here, I can tell you the two paintings of Mary and Amalie have been cleaned up and will be here tomorrow afternoon around 2pm. “Have we heard if they are real yet or not?” Asked Terry.

“Not yet, but that John Paul fella who was out here, did worn us it could take a short while to get authentication.” Kathleen explained.

“The other two will be on their way to Paris this weekend. Michelle has over the past month or so, put all the love letters in individual frames for them, and I’ll be sending them on the same flight. We are keeping one very special one to show here.”

“Well what does it say, in the letter?” Emily asked.

“It is a very romantic letter sent by Amalie to our Mary. Very touching, a little sad and also very erotic.” Kathy told them, with Michelle nodding her head at the same time and smiling, lifting her eyes and fanning her face. They all laughed and they all said they were looking forward to reading it.

Erica, smiled and told them of the place on the walls in the cellar which will be known as the Mary Ambrose room. “I think you will all be pleased when you see it this Friday, the whole three areas down there are all but finished. BUT” She said out loud. “We still have to resolve the issue with the tunnel, where it goes, and what we are going to do with it. What I suggest is we put some hinged iron bar gates on it, to keep it secure, we can light it up so people can see it all the way down to the bottom. But no access for now.”

Mia said “that’s a great idea.” It was then that Mia looked at Emily, who nodded to her slightly, as she cleared her throat. “Well Erica, Kathleen and everyone, Emily and I took a walk down there over the weekend. Right to the other end.”

They all looked at them, silently, Kathleen looked at Erica and Terry, who both shrugged their shoulders. “Well, tell us.” Kathleen demanded. “Don’t keep us in suspense.”

Mia looked at them and calmly stated, “It ends with an old brick wall. Nothing special about it at all. The tunnel seems to go under the river then up sharply via some steps, and then there is a wall, an old cider block brick wall. So it is relatively recent, compared to the original tunnel work. I paced it out via my phone app, 17439 steps. One way.”

They all looked at each other. Kathleen lent forward and asked for a street directory. “What is on the other side of the river?” Mia asked. Terry spoke up first. “Just the old Birkenhead Tavern.”

“Erica, sweetie can you see if Anita is busy, maybe she can help us here.” Kathleen asked.

Then turning to Mia she asked in a wicked way. “So you didn’t ask your favorite great Aunt to join you on your walk? Get up to anything while you two were down there?” She asked. Knowing full well that Mia and Emily would have been eager to ‘christen’ the tunnel.

Mia said nothing but gave her a sly smile in reply.

“HHHHHMMMMM we shall have a private chat about this one day.” Kathy said with a smile on her own face, then nudged her with her elbow.

Erica handed Kathleen her phone and said that Anita was on the other end. “Anita, I have a job for you. Can you see who the current owners are of the Birkenhead Tavern, and those three cottages come bungalows that are over on the point and what their current value is listed at, please.”

Then looking at everyone, “So the Birkenhead Tavern hey. That’s interesting.”

“So everything is on time and everything is on budget?” Asked Kathleen

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