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Bbw Slave

A woman 20 year old woman steals a cursed lipstick and pays the price. A bimbofication story with lip expansion, breast expansion, butt expansion, and mental changes.

This is my first story here and it is a work in progress so please leave comments and give feedback!

Becky, the 20 year old brunette, sneered at the shopkeeper.

“You expect me to buy that nonsense?”

“It isn’t nonsense…”

“You think you can gouge people on normal stuff that looks fancy because you have magical stories to tell about it all”

The shopkeeper turns around as he grunts. Becky slips a beautiful red tube of lipstick into her jacket as he isn’t looking.

The shopkeeper raises his voice.

“If you don’t like how I run my shop you’re welcome to leave.”

He turns back around and Becky begins to head towards the door.

“Yeah I’m out of here before I get ripped off, this place is a scam.”

“Have a nice day!”

The shopkeeper yells out after her as Becky gets into her car out front with a big smile on her face.

Becky went straight home to try on her new lipstick. The deep red would match her sexy new red dress so well, and the dress itself complimented her curvy body and long brown hair. With a deep cut in the front to show off Becky’s ample cleavage and a tight fit all around to showcase her physique, she couldn’t wait to see the looks on Jeremy and Andrew’s faces when they saw her.

Once Becky got through the door she settled into her bedroom and took out the lipstick. The tube was all red with gold accents and caught her eye in the shop and now Becky found it hard not to just stare at it… Becky snapped out of it and opened the tube and began applying some of the lipstick and suddenly noticed how nice it felt on her soft lips. The more lipstick she applied the better it felt so she ended up lathering her already quite luscious lips completely in the glossy red color. She managed to get herself to stop applying the lipstick and put it back away in it’s tube. Then Becky noticed that her lips were tingling, just a little bit and not in a bad way, but enough to feel it for sure.

Becky looked into the mirror and fell in love with the intense red casino siteleri glossyness of her lips. She ran to get changed into her dress and minutes later she was back in front of the mirror in her outfit for the night. Gorgeous 6 inch black and red heels, fishnets, black hoop earrings, perfect cleavage, and a magnificent fit. Becky was getting turned on just by looking at herself. And was it just her or did the lipstick just send her outfit over the top? It highlighted her nice big lips and made them look plumper and juicier than ever!

Becky was staring at herself, getting more and more turned on, and slowly realizing she should do something about it. She looked at the time and figured it was ok… She just really didn’t want to change all the way out of her dress. She grabbed her vibrator and decided to go for it. Her dress was short enough that all she had to do was remove her panties to slowly start toying with her clit. She was having trouble getting into the zone and changed it up by sliding the vibrator inside. This is where she normally moans and has no choice but to pick up the pace but today she just isn’t feeling it. She keeps trying and she starts warming up and she starts feeling good and enjoying herself but she can’t quite get close enough.

Becky begins masturbating frantically to try to push herself over the edge but it isn’t working and her frustration increases until she stopped playing with her clit and started sucking on one of her fingers that she had her first orgasm. The feeling of her fingers running over her thick lips she sucked on them was electrifying. She pulled her fingers out of her mouth and popped her thumb in between her lips, which definitely felt swollen, and began sucking on it as she kept the steady motion of her vibrator going for a second and unexpected third orgasm.

Becky laid out on her bed sweaty and panting.

“Maybe I should have changed after all.”

Then she looked at the time and saw she was late for her double date!

“Suzy is going to kill me!”

She grabbed her purse and brushed her hair and ran out the door, forgetting her panties on the bed. As Becky got into her car and adjusted her mirrors she was shocked yüksek bahisli casinolar to see the swelling in her lips was not as minor as she had thought. Her lips were already big but in their current state they looked exaggerated in the most sexual way. Becky was having trouble keeping her mouth closed and she had a permanent pout with a big fat bottom lip.

“What the fuck? I must be allergic to that stupid lipstick!”

Becky tried to ignore the urge to fill her mouth with something but at a red light she slips her thumb into her mouth. As she feels her fingers skin brush over her overly sensitive lips she quivers in her seat. Trying to focus on the road was getting more and more difficult as Becky was sucking harder and harder. She could feel butterflies in her stomach as her thumb pistoned back and forth and popped her finger from her mouth as she pulled into the movie theater parking lot.

Becky hopped out of her car in a hurry to catch up with Suzy and the guys for their double date. On her way into the theater she tripped on the curb and drew a bit of attention to herself and heard a wolf whistle coming from in front of her. In the past this is when Becky flips the jerk off and walks passed without making eye contact but for some reason today she wasn’t offended at all. Today she appreciated the compliment and wanted to let him know. She locked eyes with a teenager leaning up against the wall of the theater and noticed he was actually quite attractive. He was wearing a leather jacket with studs and she knew he was the one who whistled.

Becky winked at the young stranger leaning up against the wall as she entered the theater. He looked her up and down and smiled before just staring at her open mouth. Her lips tingled more and more until she broke eye contact with him opening the door to the building. Once inside, she kept thinking to herself how much of a rush that was and how exciting it can be to flirt a little. Becky got her bearings inside the theater and bought her ticket before tracking down Jeremy and Andrew. Becky was overcome with excitement just waiting to see everyone’s reaction to her killer outfit but when she found Jeremy mobil casino and Andrew outside of the movie she actually couldn’t believe how good THEY looked.

They weren’t wearing anything special or doing anything with their hair, but Becky found them both irresistibly attractive. Jeremy stood there in jeans and a t-shirt with his jaw dropped as Becky walked towards them. Andrew couldn’t take his eyes off of her lips and it was causing that tingling Becky felt to get worse. Once she locked eyes with Jeremy she was unable to look anywhere else.

“Looking good Becky!”

Jeremy called out.

“Good is an understatement” Andrew chimed in.

Becky blushed and smiled,

“Thank you boys, you both are too sweet.”

Becky walks over as sexy as she can and gives Jeremy a nice long hug. She notices his hard on against her thigh and winks at him as she moans and strokes her leg on his bulge.

“Mmmm you two are looking mighty handsome tonight”

“Yeah, thanks. Nothing compared how you look though!”

Says Jeremy, staring into her cleavage, clearly under her spell.

“Definitely! It’s just too bad about Suzy.”

Mentions Andrew.

“What about Suzy?”

Becky asks as she turns to Andrew. Her ass now brushing up against Jeremy’s cock through their clothes, hyper aware of both the feeling and the growing desire inside her.

“Suzy can’t make it tonight, something came up and she had to stay home.”

Said Andrew, trying not to stare at Becky’s body as it was pressed against Jeremy’s.

“It sounds like I have the two of you to myself then.” Jokes Becky as she repeatedly stopped herself from putting her thumb in her mouth.

“Haha yeah you get us both tonight.” Laughs Jeremy.

“Would you be okay with that Jeremy?” Asks Becky, staring at the growing bulge in Andrew’s pants, her back still to Jeremy.

“Honestly? I mean I’d be down if Andrew was down, just hypothetically.” Jeremy comments.

“I’m sure Suzy wouldn’t like me having that much fun without her… But personally I have always wanted to…” Says Andrew.

“Interesting…” Mumbles Becky, not realizing she never had any interest in a threesome in the past.

“Well anyway we should get to our seats before the movie starts.” Says Jeremy nervously, hoping that he could continue to use Becky to hide his boner as they move to their seats.

“I have to use the ladies room first.” Remarks Becky, who has reached her limit and is approaching unbearable horniness.

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