My Dream of Melanie Ch. 01My Dream of Melanie Ch. 01


Before I start this let me explain something: I love men!! I like the feel of their cock pushing and pulling inside my pussy as we fuck but, a few months ago, I met a woman who, when she touched me, filled me with lust. Just the feel of her fingers trailing up my leg made me want to grab her and kiss her (or more?). I have NEVER felt this way about a woman before in my life, although I have experimented once with sex with someone of the same sex. I didn’t feel for that person what I felt instantly for this other, newly acquainted female. Just so you know, I am getting the shakes as I write this.

It started a few months ago, when I had to attend physical therapy for surgery to my leg. I was hamming it up, as I always do to cover my anxiety, cracking jokes and making funny comments when this woman walked up.

There wasn’t anything extraordinary about her looks.

She was about five feet şişli escort four or five,softly rounded face, glasses, streaked, light brown hair, freckles (which she was trying to cover with makeup, but most of it had worn off by the time of my appointment), a sweet smile and a husky voice. Her body was just right: slim without being skinny but big enough to have curves. Her chest was probably about a large “C” cup, and her hips curved gently against the dark colored shorts she was wearing.

“Hi, I’m Melanie and I am going to be your physical therapist today.” She said as she moved smoothly across the room, negotiating her way to the bench where they had me.

Her hands were full with several loose-leaf notebooks. “You’re here because you had……..”

“….knee surgery.” I supplied.

“Yeah.” she said, sitting down on a rolling stool. “I’m still looking over your protocols that your mecidiyeköy escort doctor wants us to follow.

“You’re gonna need to get all that stuff of,.” she said, pointing to my knee brace, and the dressing on my leg. “so we can get some measurements for a baseline assessment.”

I stripped off the brace and the bandages quickly. I had never had physical therapy and I was nervous.

Melanie put the notebooks down and rolled the stool close to the bench where I was at.

“I need to see the incisions.” she explained as she grasped my leg in her hand and turned it gently first one way and then another. “They look like they’re healing good.”

“I can’t feel anything.” I explained stiffly. I don’t normally like people touching me. It makes me jumpy and I normally don’t invite people’s touches. “My leg I mean.”

“You can’t feel this?” Melanie asked as she gently touched şişli escort bayan the area around my incisions.

“Nope.” I said. “The doctor said I crushed the nerves, most likely, when I had my accident.”

Melanie slowly trailed her fingers down the front of my calf and I flinched. Not only could I feel it but the electric shock caused by her touch went straight up my leg and embedded itself into my pussy.

Shit. It was all I could think. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Did that hurt?” she asked me, her gaze locking with mine for a second. I don’t know what she saw in my eyes but I knew I was losing it.

“No. It didn’t hurt. A muscle jerked inside my leg.” I lied, hoping to cover my reaction to her touch.

“Okay.” she said and pulled her hand away. I hate to admit it but I missed her touch instantly.

We attended to business the rest of my time there going over my exercises and I pretended that I hadn’t felt anything when she had touched me…but it didn’t stop me from dreaming…

watch soon for part 2.

Note to the reader: Where should I go from here? I really want your opinion.

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