Jenna Comes Back for MoreJenna Comes Back for More


I watched Jenna’s cute ass as she walked away from my house. As she turned down the sidewalk and walked from view my head was filled with so many thoughts. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had just seduced a teenage girl and had incredibly hot sex with her. I hadn’t forced her, and she seemed to enjoy it, so much that she wanted to come back for more tonight. But what if someone found out? She is of legal age, but surely it would ruin my reputation. I should have told her to keep this a secret. I had a thousand thoughts bouncing around in my head like ping pong balls! I felt some regret and more than a little worry, but even more exhilaration. Finally, I had to make myself stop thinking about everything that had transpired, and what could possibly go wrong. I picked my t-shirt off the living room floor and went upstairs to get dressed. As the day wore on I tried to busy myself with some routine chores, but mostly I was trying to keep my hand out of my panties. My pussy was still on fire even after all the attention Jenna had given it. Just as I sat down in the same chair I was in when Jenna rang the doorbell, my phone dinged with a text message. I picked it up and it was from Jenna. I’ll be there at 6. My mom may call you today.

Damn, I didn’t want to talk to her mom. Why did she want to talk to me? Once again, my mind raced. I reasoned that if Jenna was planning on coming, her mom must not have concerns. Probably just wants to talk to me. Before I could respond to her text, another arrived. I lifted my phone and was shocked to see Jenna standing naked in front of a mirror in what I guessed was her bedroom. I quickly wrote back. Very nice, but you better delete that before someone sees it. I sat staring at the reflection of her nubile body on my screen, focusing on her firm tits and puffy slit, and could feel the lustful hunger in my insatiable pussy growing.

Just as I was ready to slide my hand into my panties, I was jolted out of my naughty thoughts when my phone rang. I actually jumped at the sound. I didn’t recognize the number, but assumed it was Jenna’s mother.

“Hello, this is Beth,” I answered tentatively.

“Hi, this is Allyson Reed, Jenna’s mother.”

“Hi Mrs. Reed. I’m assuming you are calling because I asked Jenna to babysit for me?”

“Please, it’s just Allyson. Yes, she told me she met you when she was selling her candy today. Would it be possible for me to stop in with her and meet you in person?”

“Sure, I totally understand.”

“Great, she said she needs to be there at 6. I’ll see you then.”

We said our good-byes and ended the call. I wasn’t planning on a visit from her mother, but it makes sense. She wants to meet me in person to make sure I’m not the kind of person that would do anything unscrupulous with her daughter…like have sex with her. I smiled to myself at the thought, and then realized at least I now knew Jenna’s last name.

I went upstairs, undressed and got in the shower again. I reached for my body gel and then thought maybe it wasn’t a good idea for Jenna and I to both smell like coconut. Dripping, I stepped out of the shower and grabbed another bottle, lilac. I scrubbed myself, paying close attention to my tits, pussy and ass. When I ran the sponge over my ass I thought of how I had done the same thing earlier to Jenna. I bent at the waist slightly and pushed the sponge against my asshole, rubbing the sensitive opening. Switching the sponge to my left hand, I placed the tip of my soapy middle finger against my puckered hole and pushed, my finger sliding in easily. I moaned as my finger glided in deep and instantly began pumping in and out. My mind flashed back to doing this to Jenna earlier, her tight little hole gripping my finger tightly as she came. I pressed the sponge to my clit as I finger-fucked my ass, then slipped a second finger in beside the first, stretching me open wider. Tonight I was going to introduce a toy to Jenna’s ass, and have my dirty girl lick and finger my ass as I had done to her. The thought of Jenna’s cute face buried in my ass pushed me over the edge and my body trembled as I came. After I recovered from my quick orgasm, I carefully shaved, making sure I was perfectly smooth all over. My weeping pussy wanted more attention, but I was determined not to cum again till Jenna was between my legs.

I dried myself, did my hair and applied just a touch of make-up and perfume. The story for tonight would be that I was going out with some friends so I couldn’t overdo it. I walked into my bedroom and opened my top drawer. I decided on a sexy, lacy black bra and slipped it on. I pulled out the matching thong, and then wickedly put it back in the drawer. I went to my closet and slipped on a royal blue blouse and a black skirt. The skirt went to mid-thigh and was fairly tight, but not overtly sexy. I checked myself in the mirror and thought this looked perfect for a night out with friends. I grabbed some 3″ black heels and went downstairs. As the clock neared 6 my heart raced and my pussy Escort bayan throbbed. I thought about putting on the matching thong to make sure I didn’t have juices running my down my thighs when Jenna and her mom arrived, but I decided against it. I poured myself a glass of wine hoping it would help calm my nerves. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. I felt like a teenager going on a first date. Just as I glanced at the clock, the doorbell rang. They were right on time.

I walked to the door and took a deep breath to steady myself. My hand shook slightly as I reached for the doorknob to let them.

“Hi Allyson. Hi Jenna, please come in,” I said as I opened the door.

“I only have a few minutes,” Allyson said as she stepped through the doorway, Jenna a few steps behind. “I have a commitment tonight but I did want to meet you in person.”

I was trying not to stare, but Jenna’s mother was gorgeous. It was easy to see where Jenna got her beauty. She had blonde hair that hung to her big breasts and deep blue eyes. The two of them could almost pass for sisters. I reached out my hand, “Beth Mercer, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Allyson Reed” she said as she shook my hand warmly. “Jenna said she met you today and you asked about babysitting. Your daughter is 6?”

“Yes, Sara is 6. Unfortunately, she is at a friend’s house and they just called to say they are running a little late,” I lied.

“Do you mind if I ask what you do for a living Beth?”

“No, not at all. I’m a doctor, a family physician. I’m in practice with 3 other doctors in town. What about you?”

“I’m sorry, I should have referred to you as Dr. Mercer.”

“No, not at all. If I don’t have my lab coat on I’m not a doctor. What about you?” I asked again.

I’m the executive director of a local nonprofit organization.”

“Really, which one?”

“The regional food bank.”

“That must be very fulfilling work, and keep you very busy.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I have an event to attend tonight. That’s why I only have a minute. What time do you think you’ll be home tonight?

“I’m going out to dinner with some friends. I’m not meeting them till 7:30 because I thought it would be good for Jenna and Sara to get to know each other while I was still here. They can play and have dinner together while I’m here.” I turned to look at Jenna, “Have you eaten yet? I’ll be heating something up later if you want something to eat.”

Jenna’s eyes got big as saucers at my innuendo. “I haven’t eaten yet, so I will be hungry later.”

I turned back to Jenna’s mom. “I don’t expect to be any later than midnight. I’ll drop her off when I get home.”

“Thank you,” she said and extended her hand. “Sorry, but I really must run. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

She took my hand and something about her touch had my gaydar up. Surely not, I thought. “Have a good night and good luck at your event.”

Allyson turned and walked out the door. Her ass was as perfect as her daughter’s, I thought, as I watched her hips sway as she walked to her car. God, I was turning into quite the pervert checking out the mom of the teenage girl I wanted to devour!

The instant the door was closed Jenna looked at me and laughed “Oh my God, I can’t believe you asked me if I had eaten and that you would heat something up for me!”

I laughed. “Just being hospitable.”

I looked at Jenna closely for the first time. She was wearing a cute flowered sundress with thin straps on her shoulders. It wasn’t too short, but short enough to make my mouth water at the sight of her smooth thighs. I stepped to the window and watched as her mom pulled away, then moved to Jenna, wrapped my arms around her and gave her a deep kiss. She moaned into my mouth as my hands moved to her ass and I felt her hands move to my hips as our tongues danced together. It was a long, soulful kiss that had me heating up quickly. I pulled away and eyeballed Jenna again. “You look adorable in that dress.”

“So do you. Good enough to eat.” She giggled lightly and I could see her blush at her comment.

“You’re going to be doing a lot of that tonight!”

“I hope so!” she exclaimed.

I took her hand and led her to the couch, the same couch I seduced her on earlier today. We sat and I looked at her. “We need to talk about a few things before we do anything else. You know this has to be our secret, Jenna. You can’t tell anyone, not even your good friend you like to kiss. What’s her name?”

“Emily Olsen,” she replied. “And I know I can’t tell her or anyone else.”

“We have to be very careful. Even though you are 18 people would not be pleased to know what we are doing, especially your parents.”

“Just my mom. They got divorced about 10 years ago and I haven’t heard from my dad in years.”

“Well, we need to be careful. You texting me naked photos might not be a good idea.”

“But I was so horny all day and wanted you to know I was thinking of you. And I was hoping it would Escort make you horny too.”

“That’s sweet baby, and it did make me horny, but we need to be very careful. Did you delete the picture from your phone?”


“Good. I still have it so I can look at you any time I want. Tell me Jenna, if you were so horny all day, did you play with your wet pussy and make yourself cum?”

Jenna looked at me shyly. “Yes, I couldn’t stop. I kept thinking about everything we did and I kept getting hornier.”

“How many times did you make yourself cum?”

“I don’t know for sure. At least 4 or 5 times. I did something really naughty too.”

“Really? What did you do Jenna?”

“Remember what you did to me in the shower, with your finger? I did it to myself.”

“Do you mean you fingered your ass?”


The little vixen was naughtier than I expected. “Did it feel good? Did my little slut cum with her finger in her ass?”

“Oh my God yes,” she said, blushing. “I had a finger in my pussy too and it was weird because I could feel my other finger inside. I never did that before.”

“Maybe I’ll play with your ass more tonight, if you want.”

“Yes! I want you to do anything you want, just like I said earlier today.”

“What I want you to do right now is get on your knees on the floor.”

Jenna instantly slid to the floor, kneeling in front of me and looked up at me eagerly, her bright blue eyes transfixed. I lifted my ass and pulled my skirt up, bunching it around my waist as I slid my butt to the edge of the couch. Jenna gasped when she saw I wasn’t wearing any panties. I spread my legs wide open in front of her and saw her take a deep breath, inhaling the smell of my aroused pussy.

“Do you see anything you want slut?” I teased.

“Mmm, yes I really want to lick your pussy.”

“Beg for it Jenna. Tell me how much you want it.”

“Ever since I left earlier I’ve been thinking about you”, she said. “Thinking about how you made me cum and how much I loved making you cum. I loved everything we did, but I especially loved having your wet pussy in mouth and your juices all over my face. Can I please lick your pussy Beth? I’ll lick you all night if you want. I want to taste you again and make you cum all over me. Please let me have your pussy.”

I reached down and slowly ran a finger between my wet lips and then lifted my finger to her mouth. “Is this what my little slut wants?” I asked as I pushed my finger in her mouth. She moaned as she tasted me, sucking greedily on my finger. “You’re going lick and drink from my cunt over and over tonight, like a good little lesbian slut. And if I want you to lick my ass, like I did you, will you do that too?”

She nodded her head with my finger still in her mouth. “That’s good, because I love having dirty girls eat my ass as much as I love having them eat my cunt.” She groaned around my finger at my words. “Is your tight little cunt wet Jenna?”

She nodded again. “Well, since you already came so much this afternoon, you’ll have to wait awhile to cum.” I pulled my finger from her mouth, put my hand behind her head and pulled her into me. “Now it’s my turn. Show me how much you love my cunt.”

The instant her lips touched me she started kissing my pussy. I spread my legs as wide as possible to give her lots of room and pulled her cute face tight against my sopping wet cunt. She began nibbling on my lips, slowly exploring me. I could hear muffled purrs coming from her as she clamped her mouth onto my weeping box. She looked up at me as her tongue slithered out and parted my lips and it was my turn to purr.

“Oh, yea, that’s it baby. Look at me as you eat my cunt. You look so beautiful with your face buried between my legs. It may be a long time before I let you move from this spot.”

Jenna moaned and slipped her tongue deeper into my molten core. I felt my pussy contract and knew she was a getting a fresh flow of my juices on her tongue. Jenna had a look of euphoria on her face as she happily pleasured my pussy.

“Fuck, your tongue feels good. I think you’re lying to me and you’ve been eating pussy for a long time. Either that or you are a natural, born to eat pussy. Is that it slut, were you born to lick pussy?”

The little nymph kept right on licking, not stopping to verbalize an answer, but her eyes exuded a lust that answered me. As I watched she slid her tongue out of me and gave a long lick up through my wide open pussy. When her tongue got to my swollen clit she lapped at it with long, slow, teasing licks, up and down over my clit with the flat of her tongue. I could feel my orgasm building inside me and knew if she kept working on my clit it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. She switched from up and down to side to side licks, then back again. And then just as I thought I may go over the edge her tongue slowly slid back down through my wetness and plunged into me. Her long tongue felt wonderful as she started tongue-fucking me, Bayan escort her cute nose now rubbing against my engorged clit. With both hands I pulled her face tightly against me. Her mouth was opened wide and her tongue stabbed in and out, making sloppy wet sounds as she ate me. I heard her purring again as she explored every crevice of my cunt.

“Such a naughty little girl, on her knees with her face buried in my cunt. You like being my naughty little pussy pleaser don’t you baby?”

Her muffled moans affirmed my question. I couldn’t believe how long her tongue was and how deep she had it inside me. She really was a natural and made for licking pussy. I could feel my juices seeping out of me and I could hear her slurping up my wetness. I released my grip on her head with my right hand and brought it between my legs. I gently eased her nose out of the way and began frantically rubbing my clit as she licked me.

“Fuck yes, keep that tongue working in my cunt. Time for my little lesbian slut to get her reward.”

The next few minutes were filled with the sounds of Jenna pleasuring my pussy and my moans echoing off the walls. Then my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. My body shuddered as I came, I felt my pussy quiver and knew I was filling Jenna’s mouth with my sweet pussy cream. I could hear her gulping up my wetness as my sexual peak hit. It was an incredibly intense orgasm, and lasted what seemed to be minutes. As I slowly started coming down Jenna shifted and, nudging my fingers aside, began sucking on my sensitive clit, sending me to another orgasm almost immediately. I felt my cunt convulse again and I squirted on her, splashing her chin and neck with a stream of my juices. As she felt my juices spraying her, she quickly shifted away from my clit and I watched as she moved down and opened her greedy mouth as I splattered her with another squirt of girl cum. She leaned in and began sucking my cunt and I could hear her swallowing as she drank from me. She pushed her tongue deep inside me, savoring every drop she could extract, and then a few seconds later, she was attacking my clit again. She was licking, sucking, biting at my distended clit and I felt her slide a finger into my pulsating pussy.

“Use two fingers baby. Fuck me with two fingers,” I commanded, and she instantly obeyed, adding another finger inside me. She pumped her fingers deep and hard as she teased my clit. I was panting now, my chest heaving, and I needed more.

“Another finger. Put another finger in me.”

I felt her ring finger push into me and the sloppy sounds of her fingers plunging in and out of my gooey cunt filled the room as her she flicked my clit with the tip of her tongue.

“More. Stretch me wide open. Give me more,” I commanded.

Jenna looked up at me as I felt her hand pull back. When she pushed back in I felt my sloppy cunt stretch as she pushed four fingers in me. She instantly began to drive her fingers in and out and at the same time she sucked my clit between her lips. It didn’t take long until I screamed as I came again. My toes curled, my heart raced and my entire body shook uncontrollably as a wave of euphoria spread throughout my body. My body was heaving and I have no idea how Jenna kept her mouth on me. It was one of the longest, most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. As I gradually regained my faculties I opened my eyes and looked down to see the young girl looking up at me while she lightly licked around the edges of my splayed pussy, her fingers still buried deep inside me. She smiled up at me, her face shiny with my juices. “Did that feel good?” she asked shyly.

“That was fucking incredible. You really are a natural.”

“I’m glad I made you feel good. You taste so good I didn’t want to stop. I still have something else I want to try, if that’s OK.”

“I don’t know if I can take any more, but go ahead baby.”

I watched as she extracted her fingers from my now gaping pussy and brought them to her mouth. She sucked on each finger individually and then licked her hand and wrist of the remaining juices. When she finished, she leaned in and softly lapped at my still boiling pussy. She teased my pussy with light licks for a few minutes and I could feel my temperature rising again. Then she adeptly slid her tongue down from my pussy to my perineum. I gasped as her tongue teased the sensitive area. I put my hands behind my knees and pulled my thighs up and open, and cute, innocent, 18-year-old Jenna casually moved lower a fraction of an inch and started licking my asshole.

“Oh my God. Fuck yes, lick my ass,” I growled.

Unbelievably, she never hesitated, her soft tongue rimming my puckered backdoor. She licked over the tight opening with long licks and light flicks with the tip of her tongue, teasing my wrinkled star. She pushed against me, her nose pushing into my drooling pussy as she drove the stiffened tip of her tongue against my butthole.

“Put your hands on my ass and pull me open wider,” I instructed.

She obeyed immediately and I felt Jenna’s hands on my ass, her fingers sinking into the firm flesh as she pried my cheeks apart. A throaty moan escaped me as I felt the tip of her probing tongue push against me and penetrate me slightly.

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