Jean Engels Ch. 02Jean Engels Ch. 02


After they finished eating, both relatives leaned back in their chairs and Mona’s heart skipped a couple of beats as she saw the girl undo the two top buttons of her jeans. She was amazed to see her washboard abs so casually displayed. She decided if she had a stomach like that, she would keep it bare constantly, even if she had to have clothes especially designed for that purpose.

“You must have the metabolism of a cheetah to eat like that and keep your precious figure.” She said to Jean.

“She always eats like a horse and never gains an ounce. I think her appetite is what caused the farm to fail.” Agatha commented.

“Momma, that’s not it, the land was poor.”

“I was only kidding, honey, why don’t you see if Mona wants to rub your tummy?” She had unconsciously recognized the seething passion in Mona’s eyes after seeing it in the eyes of Jake. She recognized on a very elemental level that Mona was strangely fascinated with her beautiful daughter. The gravity of their situation made her realize how desperately they needed Mona’s acceptance. The idea of encouraging her infatuation with Jean just sprang into her conscious mind as perfectly natural. “When she overdoes it, she loves to have her tummy rubbed.” Agatha confided to Mona.

Mona quickly pulled over a chair and sat down beside Jean and placed her hand on the girl’s stomach before the opportunity was lost. She ran her hand back and forth across the flat tummy, dipping it frequently under the two small flaps created by the two undone buttons. “Do you want me to undo the other buttons?” She asked, unable to conceal the eagerness in her voice.

Jean began to grow fond of her new life where every woman she met, including her mother, wanted to rub her pussy. “Do you want to rub my pussy?” she whispered to Mona eagerly.

Mona’s pussy cringed from the candid question and she wondered if the mother overheard but she could not worry about that. She immediately bent over the girl’s lap, her face only inches from the fly of the jeans. A faint hint of a powerful aphrodisiacal aroma drifted up from the opening in the pants, causing Mona’s thighs to squeeze together in search of relief from the waves of arousal washing over her. Mona was thankful the girl’s hips were almost under the table and the mother could not see what she was doing to the girl. Jean seemed to respond very positively to the massage as Mona’s hand strayed deeper and deeper under the opened flaps. Her flawless thighs drifted apart and, as the rubbing grew more intense, Jean hooked her thumb in her panties and pushed them down to where the flaps of the jeans were joined together. Mona was

mesmerized by the sight of the luxurious growth of tawny colored hair, and she could just barely see two puffy lips peeking out at the base of her pubic mound. She slid her hand uncontrollably down to curl around her pussy and worked her fingers between the tantalizing cunt lips.

She gently urged Jean forward with her other hand rubbing vigorously on the girl’s back. As Jean leaned forward, Mona could look down the back of her pants to see her gorgeous ass.

Agatha would not see that Mona had one hand deep inside the opened pants, the other hand up under her shirt moving from the side of one breast across her back to caress the side of the other. Mona was avidly staring down the back of Jean’s pants. Jean had been gently urged so far forward that her monumental breasts were grazing the top of the arm working between her legs. Mona was moaning, breathing laboriously from a passion that was consuming her while Agatha was idly picking over the last of the food, trying to think of a polite way to suggest that she was very tired.

Mona suddenly realized with a shudder of pleasure that the girl was extremely malleable and compliant and had voiced no objection to the liberties being taken, even with her mother right across the table. Mona began to wonder what she could get away with if she could get her in her room alone. Suddenly she sat upright, removing her hands from their caressing activity and announced, “You two must be exhausted from your long trip. Maybe you would like to go to your rooms?”

“Rooms, did you say rooms? We’re going to each have our own room? Momma and I have always slept in the same room and, lately, in the same bed.”

“Jean. Don’t say we’ve been sleeping together, the implications are, sort of, sexual.”

“But we have, Momma, ever since my cot broke.”

“Well, still…oh, never mind. Sometimes I suspect you cheated to score that one hundred on your IQ test.” When Jean stood up, Agatha noticed the buttons undone on her jeans and the panties pushed down so low that her pubic hair stood out in a frizzy mess. Her sister’s-in-law daughter had been very busy with her daughter’s pussy. She had no sense of shame and she felt no violated resentment. She was simply glad to have another card to play in her quest for a place to live.

Mona saw that Jean only buttoned the bottom two buttons of her jeans which was certainly sufficient to keep them in place. She put her hand around the gorgeous hip and applied a little pressure to indicate they Ankara escort should wait and let Agatha go first. She kept her hand there as they followed behind with Mona giving directions to the mother. She could not help but let her hand slide to the back of the blue jeans where she stuffed it deep down into the ever so desirable cleft, even massaging the girl’s tight asshole with no protest. Jean was forced to walk a little pigeon-toed to accommodate her hand but did not seem the least concerned. Her perfectly agreeable and consensual nature was making Mona crazy and her mind raced with all the possibilities.

They walked down the hall with Mona’s hand down the back of her pants and the girl never even acknowledged it, as though it were a perfectly normal way to walk. Once they reached the mother’s room, Mona was curious that Agatha took Jean aside and whispered something to her before bringing her back to Mona and kissing her goodnight on the lips. In the hall with Agatha safely tucked away, Jean undid the two bottom buttons and pushed her jeans down below her hips to give Mona easy access to her ass as they walked. “What did your mother say to you?” Mona asked as she began to seriously rub the girl’s asscrack. “Oh, she reminded me how much we needed you and said that I should be very nice to you and not say anything if you wanted to play with my pussy a while when we got to my room.”

Mona felt her cunt convulse with the news that the mother did not object to her daughter giving her a little pussy to cement their relationship. “Why don’t you take your blue jeans off and just carry them. You could walk better.”

“Seems like all I’ve done since I put these jeans on is struggle to get them off,” Jean said as she pushed the tight jeans off her gorgeous thighs, “you’ll have to help me.”

She stood back up straight and Mona was left to bend over and push the jeans down one side at a time. “What do you mean?” Mona asked as she worked the jeans down.

“On the bus ride here, a woman made me take them off and sit on her lap.” That highly erotic image coupled with the sight of the girl’s gorgeous legs was more than Mona could bear.

“Lean up against the wall with your legs wide apart.”

“Like this?” Jean looked back over her shoulder to ask as she complied.

“Spread your legs a little wider, you’re very tall.” Mona instructed as she stood behind the girl and began to hump her pussy against Jean’s ass. “Does it feel good when I get up under you and bump your pussy as well as your ass?”

“Oh, yes, Cousin Mona, you’re humping me so hard, it’s almost like you’re spanking me with your hips.”

“Would you enjoy it if I gave you a real spanking?”

“Oh, no, my mother spanks me a lot, she wants to make me a good girl but I never enjoyed it.”

“Maybe I’ll just give her a spanking then so she can see what it feels like.”

“But she’s older than you.”

“I have a lot more money.” Mona said as she reached up to grab Jean’s shoulders to gain added leverage against her ass.

“That would really be something to see. When I was little, spanking me seemed to be her only pastime. Oh, my pussy is getting so wet from what you’re doing to me, but you’re going to ruin your beautiful gown.”

Mona did not care about the gown but she rucked it up and spread it over Jean’s bent back because she wanted to rub her naked pussy against the girl’s ass. Jean felt the naked flesh much more intensely and she rose to her tiptoes and lowered her hips to get her thighs spread wider to receive more of the pumping flesh against her pussy. Soon she shuddered with a giant orgasm which ignited a cataclysmic climax in her cousin. “When Agatha spanked you, did she make you get naked first?”

“Not when I was real little but when my tits began to grow, she seemed more interested in taking my clothes off than she did in the discipline. A few times she would just sort of play with my ass stretched across her lap and forget that I was supposed to get a whipping.”

They walked the rest of the way to Jean’s room with Jean carrying her blue jeans and her soiled panties and Mona fondling her ass and playing with her wet pussy the entire way. Inside Mona took off her chiffon gown and watched as Jean removed her blouse with her bra just hanging on her shoulders. Then Jean pulled the bra off and Mona thought she might swoon over the sight of those heavenly titties. They were so large and round and jutted out so far that Mona just had to bend over and suck both of them for the longest time. Even when Jean started to move towards the bed, Mona just followed with her lips still around one of Jean’s nipples, sucking avidly, with one hand on Jean’s ass and the other cupping her pussy. Jean had to walk a bit bow-legged to accommodate the hand massaging her pussy. Jean reached the bed and fell on her back, pulling the sucking mouth with her. Mona found herself lying between her gorgeous thighs with her mouth on Jean’s muscled stomach.

Although she had never gone down on anyone, she knew she could not resist when Jean pushed lightly against the top of her head. “Put your mouth Escort ankara on it the way the woman in the bus did, I really liked having it sucked and kissed.”

When Jean raised her feet to the bed and spread her thighs more, her darling rosebud that had received so much attention from Mona’s hand and fingers was exposed to the woman’s rapt gaze. Unbidden, almost against her will, Mona’s tongue began to drift down and take swipes into the parted cleft. “Oh, goodness, Jake never did that.”

Determined to outdo the woman on the bus, Mona stiffened her tongue and speared it into the tight, tight asshole. “Auuuuuggggh.” Jean groaned as she raised her thighs all the way to either side of her large breasts and hooked her arms behind her knees, raising her ass to thrust more into her cousin’s face. Goddamn, Mona thought, the first girl I ever went down on and this absolute babe is making an asshole slut out of me. But, damn it, I just can’t get enough of her. I can’t do anything except what she wants me to do.

Mona’s story

Mona finished high school before her mother married. She had developed into such a knockout that when her mother did marry, she did not wish to compete with her daughter for her new husband’s attention. When the computer wiring procedure was sold, Mona was sent to an all girl finishing school. With her less than challenging high school credits, she could not qualify for her stepfather’s alma mater but Frieda convinced him the finishing school would prepare her for any good college.

At first feeling that she had been bundled off out of the way, Mona quickly decided that she really liked the finishing school. She had a roommate, Tricia, of average beauty and a good body who looked at her with obvious longing whenever Mona was partially undressed. Without spending a lot of time analyzing her own motivations, Mona just realized that it excited her immensely to tease the girl. She became very casual with her clothes when they were alone, unbuttoning her blouse and leaving it to flap open now and then, exposing her full, gorgeous titties in a tiny lace bra to the girl’s nervous glances. When she sat, her skirt would inevitably crawl up to her waist and the nervous glances would become rapt stares as her shapely legs were displayed.

Tricia became intent on helping her intimately every time Mona decided to change clothes, a lot of the time on her knees as she painstakingly adjusted a garter belt, hooking and unhooking the attachment to the hose several times. Of course, during the process her hands would brush against Mona’s gorgeous thighs over and over. No telling how many hours Mona spent holding her dress or skirt up to her waist while Tricia fussed with her hose and garters.

Then the girl became obsessed with adjusting Mona’s panties. She would hook one finger in from each side and run them around the leg openings all the way down to Mona’s cunt. Then she would move around and do the same thing to the back, with the tips of her fingers being as liberal with Mona’s asscheeks as they had been with her pussy lips.

One day Mona purposefully put on a pair of soiled panties and stood with her skirt up as an indication for Tricia to drop down to her knees.

“Oh, I picked up the wrong panties, these are dirty. Tricia, smell them for me and see.” Tricia did not hesitate to bury her nose in the redundant crotch, even pushing her nose between the folds of Mona’s pussy and inhaling deeply. With neither consent nor denial regarding the cleanliness of the garment, Tricia merely maintained her position with her nose buried in Mona’s delicious cunt.

After a while, Mona urged gently, “Well, what do you think?”

“They seem to be slightly soiled.” Tricia finally gasped.

“Don’t you think you better take them off and wash them?”

“My father is the CEO of a major corporation; I can’t go around doing your laundry for you.”

“You can if you want to take them off.”

With a low moan of abject surrender, Tricia reached for the waistband and drew the panties down slowly, enjoying immensely the gradual exposure of the firm, flat belly, the bushy growth of dark curly hair, and finally, the puffy lips of Mona’s cherished pussy. A groan of intense passion was elicited from Tricia as the puffy lips came into view. Tricia could not control the movement of her mouth as it closed over the succulent lips. Mona was amazed at the extent of her own arousal as the girl worked her mouth and tongue around and around the lips and then deeply up into her cunt.

From that time on, although Tricia tried desperately to maintain some semblance of dignity, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge her desires, Mona had merely to spread her gorgeous thighs a few inches to have Tricia’s tongue avidly licking her pussy. One time Mona was sitting in a chair with Tricia on the bed alertly searching for an opportunity to see up her skirt. Mona raised her feet and hooked her heels on the edge of the seat, then slowly drew her skirt up over her knees and down into her lap. Tricia’s gaze was arrested. Then Mona slowly parted her raised knees to expose her bushy Ankara escort bayan pussy. Tricia continued to stare but did not make her usual movement to her knees.

“What’s the matter, sweetness, don’t you want to suck my pretty pussy?”

“Yes, I want to but I can’t keep doing that for you. I’m afraid you’re making a queer girl out of me. It seems to be all I think about any more, getting your panties off. I’m losing my self-respect. I’ve got to stop you jerking me around like a puppet on a string. I’m every bit your equal, my father is a CEO.”

“You do seem to be getting a little obsessed. Maybe it would help you if you were punished every time you gave in to your nasty desires.”

“What do you mean by punish?”

“I could spank you.”

“Spank me…like a little girl?”

“Like a nasty little girl who can’t control her urge to suck a pussy every time she sees one.”

“You mean if I came over there and sucked you like you want me to, I would get a spanking for it?”

“Of course you would, for your own good, so you would learn not to want to do nasty things to other girl’s pussies. You know how the teachers are so casual about their skirts since there is nothing but girls here. What if one of them forgot her panties one day and when she parted her thighs, you saw her bare pussy and couldn’t control yourself? You could be thrown out of school for trying to suck her off during class. Your CEO father would die of disgrace.”

“But how would it help if I let you spank me?”

“You remember it’s called negative reinforcement, we studied it in Psyche class.”

“All right, I can’t disgrace my father.”

“Come over here and suck it and then I’ll take you over my lap and spank you.”

“You’re making me do it and then you’re going to spank me for it.”

“I’m not making you; I’m just showing it to you.”

“If you kept it covered up, maybe I wouldn’t want to suck it so bad.”

“You’d find some way to see it but if you don’t want to, I’ll just put my panties back on.”

“No! It’s too late now. I’ve already seen it, I meant, in the future.”

After several years at the finishing school, Mona came home pretty convinced that she had very little need for men and the only reason she had intended to go to college was to find a husband. So she told her mother that she had no desire to enroll in any college.

“But what do you intend to do? You wouldn’t be happy doing nothing and I thought you wanted to find a suitable husband.”

“Mother, I have discovered that I prefer female sexual partners exclusively. I do not intend to marry. I have several friends who are models and a whole lot more I know that could be. I thought you and Daddy might help me start a model agency.”

Frieda was somewhat shocked but secretly relieved on one score; she would not need to compete with her daughter for her husband’s attention, so they calmly discussed the pros and cons of the model agency idea. Mona had done enough investigation to convince her mother the idea was feasible and Frieda could easily convince her spineless husband of anything.

Jack Bates was surprisingly easy to convince. After all, the agency could be started with roughly the same investment that a college education would be and would pay dividends a whole lot quicker. He even suggested they purchase an established agency to avoid the pitfalls of trying to create a new business.

In less than six months, his advisors found a profitable agency whose owner and founder wanted to retire and move to Florida. He even managed to retain most of the staff that was primarily responsible for the agency’s success; especially the manager, Ms Helen DeMerit, a woman who had virtually run the business for the past several years.

A lot of tension was relieved at the agency when everyone realized that Mona was just a rich kid who needed a position and her parents had bought one for her. She took no active interest in the business and preferred for Helen to continue running it the way she had been. The agency continued to thrive and Mona just siphoned off the profits; first to repay her stepfather’s investment and after that, just to live a life of luxury. About the only thing she did around the place was to look for new models or wannabe’s that she could entice into her bedroom.

Mona lived with her mother until her assets grew sufficiently to afford a place as extravagant and remarkable as her mother’s. Frieda did not object but she did notice the many times Mona went out at night and would sometimes bring home a beautiful young girl. Frieda noticed that the girls who came home with her never used any of the several spare rooms available; they would always sleep in Mona’s bed. Her husband spent most of his time in a lab he had constructed in a couple of unused garages. Frieda had a lot of time on her hands and she became quite obsessed about her daughter’s sexual orientation and what went on in her room when she brought those sexy, young girls home. One night she lay awake, unable to sleep because of her husband’s snoring when she heard a car drive up and then some girlish, drunken giggles. Apparently Mona had found someone to be with for the night and Frieda thought about it until she became a little obsessed with what the girl looked like and what they were doing. She got out of bed and went to the door of her daughter’s room and pressed her ear against it.

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