My first two orgasms with dad.Act 1.My first two orgasms with dad.Act 1.


What I am writing is from memory: the description of my sexual encounters with my dad since I turned 16. I have tried to write it as best as we both could recollect after so many years… And some ‘first things’ are always remembered vividly, especially the words that were spoken and special sensations felt for the first time. I am now 33, my dad in his late 50s. I am a divorcee for about a year now and dad has been one since I was 16. His divorce was the reason for us to start our incestuous relationship. He decided not to marry again for he was happy as things came to be.After I wrote this diary, I showed it to my dad last weekend at his home as I had gone to spend the day with him – to do some house work and cooking for him. He lives half-an-hour drive away from where I live with my son Tommy. Sitting in the chair in his study and reading my recollections of our ‘first night’ almost 17 years after, he got so excited that he pulled by boob tube down and exposed my breasts. I had no bra on. And I can’t say that my bare breasts ‘popped out’, for mine are smallish – say 32C, (rather it is more towards 32B). As dad pulled the strapless dress down from where it stretched across and above my boobs my boobs just revealed themselves. We were planning to have sex that day anyway since it was almost a week since the last time we had made love. He gave me a hug and kissed my breasts. As he closed his lips around the erect nipple, he tugged at my panties. When I moved away from him to remove the panties, the nipple that he was sucking so hard got pulled out of his mouth like a cork popping out of a wine bottle. As I removed my panties, dad quickly pulled his penis out of his boxer and buckled back his trouser. He sat back in the chair all ‘decently dressed’ with just his erection coming out his fly. Knowing this method very well, I sat on his lap facing him impaling his penis. He continued feeding at my breasts and reading my diary, looking sideways at my lap top on the table at his right. I had my feet on the floor and I kept sliding my already dripping vagina up and down the shaft of dad’s cock slowly and gently. If I stopped it to try read along with dad, he would hold my bums within his palms and lift me up and down his penis to remind himself that we are sitting connected. He would take a break between paragraphs to come back and suck on my nipples for a while before resuming reading. At one point we engaged in a long french kiss, his left gently holding me from my back and the other cupping my left breast, with his cock kept buried deep inside his daughter sitting on his thighs.As he read my diary, dad kept appreciating the details I had written and made suggestions to edit it further as I had omitted some of what had happened in our early years. Some details were too vivid in his memories too. Many of those things that we did that night we still do too, so recollection was not the only tool: it is ‘practice’ as well.Most of my schooling I did in a boarding and once my parents moved house, I got enrolled in the school near home as a day scholar. By then I had turned 16. There I met this young man who initiated me into the pleasures of sex. He was 25 with a penis not so huge – it was only over four inches but did its job well. He was not quite considerate which I got convinced last year, ending the 12-year marriage. Our son was four when we married. My ex posted my nude pictures and our home video of us having sex on the web without my permission.One fine morning I realized that mom is moving out and going to live with her old flame. My dad was visibly upset. Consoling him and cheering him up became my priority in life then. I was having regular sex with my boyfriend then and we used to use condoms when ‘not safe’. istanbul travesti Well, the ‘safe period’ and condoms didn’t work. Now I can say that it was a day or two after I had conceived Tommy that I had my first sex with dad. I was then sixteen and my dad, about 40.Dad inviting me to bed for solace: After a few weeks of mom moving out, one Saturday night after our late dinner (my dad had some wine – he had more than his usual that evening), he decided to retire to bed early. “Is my little princess coming to sleep with me?” he asked half jokingly, like the good ol’ days. I said, “Yeah” and after shoving the plates in the dishwasher I hurried upstairs and got into bed with him. My dad appeared quite depressed then and I cuddled him putting my one leg and one arm over him. He held me close and then I rested my head on his bare chest as he wrapped his hand around me. My dad kissed my head and stroked my long blonde hair. He only had his pyjama on, as usual. I lay there, resting my head on his chest and knee across his upper thigh. After a few minutes of holding each other I could feel his erection against my knee! I realized that dad is getting excited and I am not a child any more.I tightened my hold on dad, and simply said, “I love you dad!” To ‘cheer’ him up, I asked, “Dad, do you remember our wrestling games in bed?!” He said, “I do, Wendy.” But you have now grown up and don’t want to play with dad, do you?”I don’t know whether he expected an answer. But after a few moments of pause, I said, “Dad, I miss all that…” “Do you munchkin?” He asked looking at me. The bedroom was nicely lit up by the street lights with the curtains parted. There was no house overlooking this side of our house, it being a wooded area beyond the road those days.Wrestling game: I then, pretending it to be our wrestling game, climbed over dad and straddled his lower belly, facing each other. My dress was in place, and so was his pyjama. I was wearing above-knee dress and had bra and panties on. I sat on his hips wondering how to proceed now and dad lay flat on his back tentatively touching my bums. I leaned forwards resting my palms on his shoulder. “Well, munchkin, you have won!” dad said.Instinctively I then started rubbing my pussy over my dad’s lower belly. His erection was trapped to one side and was not directly under my pussy. My dad rested his hands on me and started gently stroking my back. We both knew that we can’t go on to ‘wrestle’ and both knew what the other wanted – we wanted to ‘feel’ each other down below.I got off him and said, “I won’t be a minute” and rushed into the bathroom, peed, removed my bra and panties and rushed right back. As I straddled my dad again, I lifted my dress up to expose my bums and pussy and lowered my crotch on to his lower belly… As I lowered myself on him, seeing me lift up my dress, dad quickly got hold of his penis and positioned it for my ‘safe landing’. His dick was still under his pyjama, but correctly positioned for me this time. As my pussy touched down, I was pleasantly surprised by what I felt. “Dad!” I exclaimed in approval and pressed my pussy firm on his shaft.Surprise prize for the ‘winner’: When I returned from the bathroom I was not expecting my dad to present me with his penis as I sat on him ‘subduing’ him on our ‘wrestling game’. Neither was my dad expecting his daughter to lift her dress up before ‘overpowering’ him. But we later admitted to each other that each of us got what we had desired, though was not expecting it to happen.I reached down and tugged on his pyjama and pushed it further down his hips to indicate that it can now come off. No more pretence as the dad and daughter now knew what they wanted from each other. I raised my bums off him and istanbul travestileri he quickly pushed his pyjama half way down his thighs and placing his hands on my bums lowered me back on to his erection that was swivelling like a loose telephone post. My wet pussy now landed smack on dad’s naked erect penis. I wedged the entire length of my dad’s dick between my cunt lips and his lower belly. I just sat there for a few moments motionless. I sat there convincing myself that I got what had I wanted. Dad would later tell me that he lay there stunned for a few moments with his daughter’s wet cunt landing flat on his dick and thanking his stars for getting our wish granted.I painted my dad’s penis with my cunt juice that was welling up in my pussy from the time I had felt his erection on my knee. I could hear the squelching sound as I did the rocking and sliding over dad’s pole. He then motioned me to get off him. I got off him and off the bed. Dad stood up on the floor and quickly pulled his pyjama out. There my dad stands all naked: the way he would have done so many times with mom in this very bedroom. I didn’t want him to feel embarrassed standing naked with his dick erect and bouncing before his adult daughter. So immediately I took off my dress too and stood there all naked before my own father. My dad just stared at my body: at my breasts and belly and all over.Now all naked and a point of no return: Dad got back onto the bed and I quickly straddled him. I quickly got hold of his penis, pushed it towards his belly button and wedged it between his stomach and my pussy lips and sat firm on it. His penis was not penetrating me at this stage – was only squashed under my crotch. Here we are. Father and daughter. Both naked. Dad with his sex mate deserted, and his young daughter with her sexual life already started who is ready, willing and desiring.I could feel my cunt juice smearing the underneath of my dad’s penis. I rested my hands over his shoulders and started stroking his prick with my pussy lips sliding forwards and backwards. His huge penis was now throbbing intermittently as he kind of flicked it, under my crotch. I started appreciating the very presence of my father’s penis between my pussy lips and tried to assess its size. As I surveyed the length and breadth of my dad’s cock, its sheer size was in sharp contrast to my boyfriend’s (my ex husband now). My boyfriend’s was the only cock that had gone inside me up until that night. The penis that I had ‘under’ my control now is much longer (my dad would later tell me later that it is seven inches) but was still waiting outside my pussy lips.I was a bit apprehensive with the thought of accommodating it within my vagina, having only taken in one that was much smaller so far. But then I thought, if my mom could take it all these years and enjoy it too (which I am sure she did), I can. Moreover, I wanted to feel how it will be like taking a bigger man in. I can always stop if it hurt me, I thought. Better still, I thought, it would be easier if I controlled the first entry. I decided to go for it myself. Just as well, for dad later told me that he was not going to penetrate me if the choice was left to him.I kept on sliding my cunt lips on my dad’s huge cock. I leaned forwards and got my clit to take the maximum slimy friction from underneath of my dad’s prick that was now held firm against his belly. My dad raised his arms and held me on either side of my chest as if to consolidate my posture. He then lowered his hands and started augmenting the rocking motion by pushing and pulling at my hips. I had long hair those days and it had dropped all around my shoulders and much of it was covering my naked breasts. Dad then parted my travesti istanbul hair that was flowing down my chest and pushed it to either side to look at my breasts.I gathered my long hair with my hands and clasped them on top of my head. Thus with both my arms raised holding the hair up against the top of my head, I gently kept on moving my pelvis on the monorail that was lying flat on his tummy. Dad lay there on his back looking at my body. Dad always used to admire this position – I riding him as I held my long hair gathered on top of my head. Dad’s penis still was outside my pussy as my cunt lips were painting the shaft my dad’s cock on it’s under surface with my gentle to and fro motion. Dad just lay still approving and enjoying.Impaling my father for the first time, consummating: Then I decided to go for it. Since I was well within my ‘safe period’ I had not qualms about dad penetrating me bare. Only later would I learn that I had already conceived. It happened with a wrong calculation of the ‘safe period’ and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a couple of days before. So when my dad and I had sex for the first time, I was practically two days pregnant, which I wasn’t aware then. No regrets, though. Tommy, my son, is another best thing that happened to me.And here I am, in a foreplay with my own father whom I love and care for so much. I felt proud that I could give him good company in bed too. With our naked sex organs now in close contact, I began cherishing the absolute intimacy I felt.I now stopped rocking my crotch over dad’s dick, raised myself off his lower belly and got hold of his penis. It was all slimy with my cunt juices especially on one side. Without looking at my dad, I leaned forwards and pointed the tip of his enormous cock at the mouth of my pussy. Dad gasped and asked me, “Wendy, what do you think you are doing…?” I didn’t answer him. I just passed a quick glance at him. In the street light that was filling the room I could see the astonishment on dad’s face. I had no doubts of what I am doing. I steadied my dad’s penis at my pussy lips and lowered my pelvis on it. All this happened in a matter of a few seconds.Down it went. My pussy engulfed the entire shaft of dad’s 7 inch penis. It was much easier than what I had feared. The lubrication dad and I produced together was more that sufficient for the smooth slide all the way… In one swift, yet gentle motion, I had the whole of dad’s dick filling my vagina. I was amazed that my cunt could accommodate a monster so easily.My pussy lips were now resting at the base of dad’s dick, it’s the bulgy head plunging deep into my wet pussy, butting its summit…. The feeling of my dad’s entire monster filling my cunt all the way in till my womb was immensely satisfying. My pussy anointed the new ‘guest’ with the love juices… Dad was hugely surprised to realise what had just happened, he would later tell me.Dad was surprised that I was not a virgin any more. He was surprised that even if I was sexually experienced I would have sex with him and not limit to just the ‘wrestling’ or just the rubbing of my pussy on the under side of his penis held flat against his stomach. And I think mostly he was surprised that I decided to fuck him. Dad is never judgemental and never criticised me for having sex with my boyfriend (or later when he learned that I am pregnant). After that first night, we concluded that had I not lost my virginity to my boyfriend, this couldn’t have happened with such ease.Dad said, “You are a brave girl, Wendy. And you are so tight….” He just held on to my hips and kept me motionless for a while just enjoying the feel of his little princess’s cunt wrapped tightly around his erection. Dad kept on mumbling something or the other, which neither of us now recollects, but both were amazed and immensely grateful to find our relationship consummated.My first ‘ride’: With my dad’s penis now deep inside my dripping cunt, I straightened myself and started bouncing up and down his cock, holding my hair up with both…

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