Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 06Helping My Landlord Come Out Ch. 06


What a dilemma I now faced.

My own stupidities and lust had driven my partner to an ultimatum. Either we make our relationship formal, in the way of marriage, or I am out of a job and somewhere to stay.

Ricky and I stayed the night in the room that Gary paid for and despite the opportunity being there, I didn’t want my first fucking of Ricky to be in a cheap hotel room.

I didn’t sleep much. At one point I got up and made myself a coffee whilst watching Ricky lying there.

I did love him but could I stay faithful?

I pulled back the cover and took in his, to me, sexy body.

His cock rested against his thigh, already semi-hard. Maybe he was dreaming of me?

I started pulling him so gently and he did not move away. His cock did start to grow though and I started to kiss and lick it.

“You do realise that I’m awake, Ryan?”

I gave a start but smiled.

“Good, take this as my provisional acceptance, I’m now your fiancee.”

The words were out before I had the chance to think.

Ricky’s cock grew to its full length.

“Normally, a kiss would seal the deal but just you carry on, Ryan.”

I kissed his ball sac and licked down, then under to his crack. Now secure in the knowledge that Ricky was open to me fucking him, I wanted to test the ground and give myself a taste of his tight arse.

My tongue circled his hole, teasing him, before flicking my tongue off his sphincter.

Ricky was moaning his approval, as my tongue slowly worked its way into his tight hole. His hips moved as I found a sweet spot.

“Fuck me Ryan, fuck me! Please!” Ricky desperately pleaded.

“No, not here, it has to be right.”

It wasn’t easy putting the brakes on but I wanted to take him when the time and place was right.

“Tonight, Ricky. At your place. I will make love to you as you’ve never known.”

I moved my head back up and went back to attending to his cock. Licking it, rolling my tongue along it and under it, tasting the pre-cum as it started to ooze.

All I wanted was for Ricky to cum into my loving mouth and I didn’t have long to wait.

I cleaned him up as I so often did and then kissed him tenderly.

“My darling, I’ve treated you so badly, now it’s time I treated you well.”

Ricky put on a serious face.

“You’ve treated me despicably, it’s true but love doesn’t always do the sensible things and I love you, Ryan.”

I felt so embarrassed and guilty and as usual, couldn’t help but open my mouth.

“What happens if I can’t help myself, feel the need for extra-marital sex? I mean, I’m young, impulsive.”

Ricky sighed. “Don’t think I’ve not thought about it, Ryan. I sought advice from someone who knows both of us.”

“What? You mean my dad?”

Why did Ricky always tell him things about our relationship?

“Of course. He’s my friend. The only one I can talk to about us.”

“Still, Ricky, I’m not sure he always acts in your, or our best interests.”

“You might not say that when I tell you about a suggestion he had.” Ricky said that with a knowing smile, that heightened my hope and curiosity.

Ricky then regaled what my dad had said. Dad knew my nature and that I could be a bit flighty. His suggestion, I had to admit, had merit and even a fair bit of attraction.

My dad said we should consider threesomes, so we both could satisfy our extra needs, or more accurately mine.

It made sense and I warmed to the idea. Just a pity that Çanakkale Escort my dad had come up with the idea and I did worry that he might want to be the first participant.

Looking back, I realised he already had been involved. That night he came to our room and Ricky sucked him in front of me. Did my dad now want to go further?

I spent the next couple of weeks transitioning to Ricky’s place. It wasn’t that I had a lot of stuff, I just needed to balance study time and work until Ricky found a replacement for me in the bar.

One evening, as I arrived to start my shift, Jess was in an excited mood.

“Ricky’s doing an interview in the back office.”

“So? Why get so excited.” I asked her.

“The guy’s fucking gorgeous, man. Tall and blonde, late 20’s I’d say.” Jess gushed.

“I thought Rolf was the love of your life?”

“Ach, we’re too different. I love to stay in, cuddle up and you know……”

“Oh, I know Jess.” I smiled knowing that she loved cock. Jess continued.

“Rolf wants to involve other guys, even other lassies. I’m no’ having that, I’m a traditional girl at heart. Another thing, he likes to party too much. By the time we get in, I’m too tired to fuck.”

“Oh Jess, there are times I wished I could fancy you.” I smiled.

“Fuck off, you patronising bastard!” Jess said in her inimitable tone.

My mind was now turning its little cogs, trying to fashion a way to get into Rolf’s pants. He had said he owed me one, after I set him up with Jess in the first place.

Could I work a plan so that he would take part in a threesome with me Ricky, or would I just be my selfish norm.

The next thing, Ricky appeared with his arm round the shoulder of the blonde guy. I guessed he’d got the job.

Jess was right, he was gorgeous. I couldn’t help but feel a touch of jealousy.

“Hi, I’m Tony, you must be Ryan?”

He held out his hand for me to shake.. It was warm but not clammy. Strong but not uncomfortable. I wanted to drop to my knees.

“Ricky tells me you’ve just got engaged, congratulations!” It sounded a heartfelt comment.

“You’re not homophobic then?” As usual, my mouth worked before my brain.

“Nah, live and let live, I say.”

“Maybe we can all go and get to know each better.” I ventured, winking at Ricky.

“Not sure what my wife would say about that.” Tony said with a laugh.

So, straight and married. I loved a challenge.

That day, at the zoo, I was chatting to Rolf at our lunch break. It was the first time our breaks had been the same in a month.

I said I was sorry that things weren’t working out with Jess.

“Yeah, looks like I’m trying to find that elusive thing. A good experienced fuck but also one that is willing to try new things.”

I pretended to be ignorant of what Jess told me.

“New things, what are you getting at?” I said innocently.

“I fancy some group sex. I even said another guy could come, just to please her.”

“Ah, Jess is a one man lady. Maybe too boring for you.”

“Don’t get me wrong, she is a good fuck, really loves cock. That is why I thought my plan would work.”

“Well, I have one suggestion, Rolf.” I tried to keep a light tone, so as not to scare him off.

“Go for it, my friend.”

“Remember you were grateful to me for setting you up with Jess in the first place?”

“Is this you calling in that favour?” Rolf said warily.

“Well, yes and no. Çanakkale Escort Bayan How do you fancy double the attention and also have fun?”

“Go on, I’m interested.” Rolf’s reply made me sure of success.

I told him about the agreement that Ricky and I had come to. That threesomes would be a good way to stop me from straying.

“So, you want me to agree to both of you pleasuring me? He said with a grin on his face.

“Yes, we both would suck you and you could fuck as both if you want.”

Rolf was quiet for a minute, as he sat deep in thought.

I was on tenterhooks, awaiting his decision.

“Okay, Ryan, why not? I love having my cock sucked, so two of you fighting over it would be good and I do love to fuck a nice arse. That is one thing Jess would not do.”

I was delighted, I could have kissed him but reckoned that was one thing He wouldn’t go for.

“Wait until I tell Ricky, he’ll be so excited.”

That night, I completed my studies early, in my new home and decided to create a mood, for Ricky coming home. I lit candles, put on his favourite Motown music and made myself ready for his return.

Tonight was going to be the night that I finally claimed Ricky’s arse and let him know our first threesome was on the cards.

Ricky arrived just after midnight. He had trusted Tony, the new guy, to lock up. Ricky wasn’t worried as Tony had a home and wife and kids to go to. Any funny business and he couldn’t exactly hide.

I was wearing a short silky, burgundy, gown that hid nothing. I let him enter the lounge and take in the efforts I’d made.

“Oh Ryan, I know what you’re after.” He said softly, putting his arms round my back and gently stroking.

We kissed for a couple of minutes until I invited him to open my gown.

My cock was straining at the leash. It was like it could sense its next prey. I was struggling to keep a tender lid on things, as all I wanted was to fuck Ricky’s arse from here to Kingdom come and back again.

Ricky held and pulled at my cock as I unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his belt, me kissing him passionately at intervals.

I pulled his briefs down and pushed him onto the bed and he kept his legs up, giving me a view of the prize.

Like a wild animal, my face was buried between his cheeks. My tongue started to lick Ricky’s hole and the skin around. I loved that he was moving his body to try and maximise the feeling

I could feel that my cock was rock-hard and ready.

Ricky lay with his hands holding his ankles above him. My cock rubbed against his hole, teasing him and threatening him with my power.

I made an initial push, a small one but did not get the reaction I expected. There should have been more resistance. Instead, he was tight but did not feel virginal.

I’d had a couple of first-timers in the past and knew what I should have been expecting.

I tried to focus. This was the first time I’d fucked him, granted but someone had beaten me to it.

I could tell he was still very tight but not intact.

It raised my fervour and I gave up any show of tenderness and fucked him as hard as I could manage.

Ricky was groaning out loud now but taking it.

Eventually, as much to relieve my balls as anything I fired a hot load of cum deep inside him.

Ricky moaned as he felt my cum splash inside him and there was pleasure in his face but I knew that everything wasn’t right.

I dismounted Escort Çanakkale and lay with my back to the cold white sheet. I remained silent.

“What’s wrong Ryan, didn’t I do it right?” Ricky asked in a pleading tone.

“Of course you did it right, you’ve had practice!” My response was venomous.

“Only the once, I promise.” Ricky said, desperately.

“So who was it? Out with it, no point in keeping it all a secret now.”

Ricky was obviously reluctant. Then it dawned on me.

“Douglas. That blood father of mine.” I stated rhetorically.

Rick nodded, shame all over his face.

“How the fuck could do let it go that far? He told me you only sucked him in the RAF.”

He looked at me and dropped his voice.

“It wasn’t back then, it was more recently.”

“How recent?” I could feel my blood beginning to boil.

“When your parents stayed, that’s how recent.” Ricky spat out, angry with himself.

I was not just shocked but so angry, both with Ricky for letting my dad get his own way but so much more angry at my father for, once again, getting in there ahead of me.


“Why? When? How?” I fired questions at Ricky without giving him any time to answer.

Eventually, I burned myself out and just waited for some answers.

“Ryan, it’s not an excuse but Douglas seems to have a hold on me. I can’t resist his advances. I want to, God knows I want to.”

A lot of the anger I held towards Ricky disappeared at that moment. I knew what he said was true. My dad had always been power-crazy and loved to control people. Witness my mother. There is no way she could love him but he held a power over her.

“You were working at the zoo and your mum was having a long relaxing bath. Me and your dad just started chatting and as it so often does, you come into it.”

“Was that engineered by you or my dad?” It was the important question.

“Your dad. He wanted to know about our sex life, habits, were we taking care, the whole package.”

“Then what.” I asked tersely.

” I did kind of say I was a little nervous about anal sex.” Ricky blushed.

“Is that when he made his move? I said through gritted teeth.

“Yes, he said it would be better for both of us, if I was ready and prepared. He made it sound as if he was doing us a favour.”

“Oh he would’ve. He’s totally full of himself.”

At that moment, all I held for my father was a deep loathing. That and a gnawing pity for my mum, who surely only stayed with him because of me.

I didn’t want to know the sordid details but Ricky felt the need to get it off his chest. My dad had lubed his cock and taken little time in forcing his way in. Ricky said his mind was numb as it happened, he wasn’t thinking about who was fucking him, which would explain how he was with me earlier.

My dad gave one concession, he didn’t cum inside Ricky’s arse, just sprayed over his cheeks after withdrawing.

His parting remark said it all about my dad.

He said “leave it, Ryan can have a snack later.”

Ricky was deeply ashamed and realised how much he’d hurt me.

I couldn’t really take the moral high ground after my antics.

We sat in silence for a few minutes. I broke it by sarcastically laughing a comment.

“Well, that didn’t quite go as planned.”

Ricky looked at me, unsure how to react and slowly gave a thin smile.

“Let’s sleep on all this, there’s a lot to process. Don’t worry, I’m not using the spare room!” I tried to sound cheery.

Ricky hugged me and we settled down, me being spooned by him.

I stayed awake for hours, trying to work out if I could carry on with Ricky, not because I didn’t love him but because my dad would always have an influence. Could we survive his interference?

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