Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 03Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 03

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The party in the ballroom downstairs was now in full fling. Laura had deliberately left her appearance at the celebratory ball in her honour to the last moment as to make a big an impact as possible. She was now attired in a one piece black dress, open at the back from the shoulders to just above the initial curve of her perfectly formed bum cheeks. At the front, the open cut revealed a delicious large amount of side cleavage hiding only at the last moment, the welts around her already erect nipples. She had toyed with the idea of wearing panties but had dismissed it at the last moment. Now naked under the soft fabric of her dress Laura was ready to impress the waiting crowd.

Her long brown hair fell in long straight strands down her back like a shimmering curtain hiding the hidden promise of exposed flesh of her back. The lift was a long time arriving and Laura spent her time idly surveying the corridor. A certain memory of her time at boarding school came flooding back as her eyes lingered on a cigarette waste bin situated against one wall between room doors. It had been a dare that the young Laura had been only too happy to take up. The school girls had descended in the dark of night like a pack of eager wolves, to a spot outside the Principal’s office where a similar shaped bin had been located. The other girls had held back whilst Laura had crossed over to the metal device before hitching up her night dress to reveal her firmly toned bum and bare pussy to the watching crowd. She had them clambered up onto the bin so that her vagina lips were pointed into the top opening before proceeding to take a long hissing pee directly inside. The sound of her urinating into the metal waste bin rose loudly in the otherwise quite corridor and some of the watching girls had become afraid that this would wake the staff. For her own part Laura had not cared in the slightest. The sheer thrill of being able to put on such a display for her friends and become such an exhibitionist was incredibly intoxicating. This rush of excitement was only coupled by the blissful relief coming from her bladder as emptied her much needed wee into the bin. It wasn’t so much the naughtiness of having the other girls witness her wee as it was to actually be taking a piss that would be so obviously found the next day by the teachers. All the young girls loved to pee gaziosmanpaşa escort where they shouldn’t; in the sinks, over the carpet in the dormitory upstairs, inside cups and bottles and even in their beds. However Laura was the only one brave enough to carry out such a stunt as this and having her pee in the public corridor.

The ping of the lift doors brought Laura out of her past. Shaking her head from side to side to displace the pleasing memories she took a step forward and entered the plush lift. Pushing the button for the ground floor, the doors slid shut and with a slight sense of displacement, the metal room began to descend. Laura looked at the posh carpet lining the floor. She had peed in so many lifts over time, leaving her scent for others to find and she was half tempted to stop the lift there and then for a repeat performance. There was something so intoxicating about having her private parts on display and having a gushing piss over a carpeted lift floor and she could already feel her excitement building. At the last moment she decided against it knowing instead that it could be something left as a treat for her return journey should no other opportunities present themselves at the party that night.

The remaining trip to the bottom floor saw Laura get more and more agitated. Just the mere thought of having a wee over the carpet had set her bladder in a state of readiness for release. By the time the doors once again ‘pinged’ open she was desperate with the need to pee. She exited the lift and was ready for making a mad dash to the toilets in the lobby when a young man dressed in hotel livery asked to pass by with his cargo of party food laid out on two levels of the metal trolley he was pushing. Laura’s eyes immediately settled on the large punch bowl situated at the front of the top shelf of the trolley.

“Hello” she smiled to the man whose eyes had already settled on her exposed cleavage. “I have a wonderful idea” she continued. “Why don’t I take this trolley for you and deliver it on its merry way to the party where I am headed. I certainly could do with a way of slipping into the party without drawing too much attention and this could be the perfect way?”

The young man suddenly realised that he was quite obviously staring at Laura’s boobs and with a quick cough to try and hide gölbaşı escort his reddening cheeks he nodded in agreement. Laura pushed past him, taking pains to ensure that she came into momentary contact with the waiter just enough to further distract him. The press of her hot flesh radiating through the thin garment obviously did the trick and as she pushed the trolley away from him and down the corridor she knew he wouldn’t challenge her obvious theft. Around a turn in the corridor and she was safely out of sight. Now she could proceed with her plan. She could feel her pee ready to escape her pussy lips at a moments notice and she desperately wished now that she had left her panties on as a means of secretly relieving her pent up piss. Fortune smiled on Laura as the first set of double doors she came to was unlocked and opened onto a conference room complete with a large dark oak table and matching chairs. Pushing the trolley inside Laura grabbed one of the chairs and used it to seal the doors behind her. Now the room was hers.

It took only several seconds to lift the large silver bowl containing the punch drink and place on a suitable spot on the carpet. The next few second later and Laura was hitching up her dress to around her waist exposing the curly mass of dark brown curly pubic hairs of her muff and the firmly defined roundness of her bare buttocks. She squatted over the bowl her pussy hole hovering just inches above the red party drink. One moment and her lower lips were sealed, the next they were parted to allow a thick stream of hot jetting piss to erupt outwards and spray strongly downwards into the waiting punch. Her fast flowing pee stream sprayed into the alcoholic cocktail merging with the drink adding her golden urine to the mixture of spirits and fruits already inside. She peed into the bowl for several long and delicious seconds savouring every moment of her latest wee, paying attention to every sensation as she emptied her hot piss into the punch. Then she was done, her pee hole closing as she stood up. She knew full well that she couldn’t do her entire pee into the bowl due to the danger of the guests realising what had been done. By no means spent of her piss, Laura started to walk around the room. Her initial thought was to sit at one of the chairs and finish her leak over the thick pile carpet of the keçiören escort conference room but in the end she decided that a wonderful long pee all over the table would be far more fun. She clambered up onto the dark wooden top after discarding her high heels on the floor. Once in a suitable squatting pose Laura once again began to release her waiting hot piss shower.

Instantly a long twisting stream of delicious warm, pussy piss shot outwards from her cunt and with seconds was pattering down over the polished wooden surface. Laura gasped at the sight of the pee puddle growing rapidly in front of her pissing pussy. The wax on the table top was so well finished that it give the impression that her spent wee was actually floating above the surface and this was not to mention the near like mirror reflection she had of herself with her legs parted and her piss shower gushing forth from her open pee hole that was nestled at the base of her pussy. As time moved along, Laura’s pee shower decorated more and more of the table until the first drips of her spent pee began to drip off the edge and onto the carpet. If nothing else Laura loved the idea that the hotel would never suspect a woman of carrying out such a deed as this. Peeing over objects was always thought to be a man thing with their quick and easy access to their pee tools. This made her act of piss vandalism even more intoxicating knowing that blame would fall elsewhere leaving her countless opportunities to repeat her naughty peeing fun in the future.

Unfortunately Laura’s relief finally came to and end. Leaping off the table she hurried to the thick drape curtains hanging in front of the windows. Grabbing the bottom of one end she raised it up to her crotch. She still had enough inside her to manage a quick squirt of piss over the fabric and it looked simply wonderful as her golden wee was absorbed by the material. She then used the curtain to dry her pussy lips and then let go. Another minute went by as Laura rearranged her dress back in its original manner before she moved on to return to the piss enhanced punch drink back to the trolley. Usealing the door and a quick peak outside revealed a clear coast so she grabbed the trolley handle and quickly pulled it back out into the corridor. Positioned against the wall she took once last appreciate look at the punch bowel she had recently pissed into, before moving off down the walkway. She continued on and headed to reception where she informed the night staff that she had passed a trolley full of food on her way to the party and why had it not been delivered to its desired location. After a humble apology of thanks and a promise of quick delivery Laura left the hotel reception desk and made her way to the waiting ballroom.

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