First Marriage Annulled after Six MonthsFirst Marriage Annulled after Six Months


Deborah gently tugs on my arm as I pull her towards the bedroom; she didn’t want to go. I stopped in the middle of the hallway and looked at her. She cannot meet my eyes. She feels their intensity boring into her. How can she go to bed with such an intimidating man and consumate our marriage. The fear is starting to turn to anger. She is not going to do this. ” I won’t.” she said softly, surprised at the sound of her own voice. I walk closer and she hears my heavy breathing. ” You are my wife.” I said simply; cold and straight-forward.
Deborah looked away, starting to turn around. I held her hand tighter and gently pull her towards me. For her, ” gentle” wasn’t so with her frame, as she stumbled over into my chest. She gasps and backed away quickly. She is about to run but I grab her waist pulling her back to me. ” No!” She yelps as I pull her into the bedroom. I didn’t put much effort in it, as she tugs pulling away with all her might. My strength is overwhelming, and she feels a bead of sweat run down her neck as she fruitlessly struggles against my arms.

Once we were in the bedroom, I closed the door and faced her. She looks at me now, fear shadowing her face. ” Please. No.” She pleads softly, shaking her head. I did not say anything, just walked forward and placing my hands on her waist. I hungrily gazed upon her, for the first time, neck, breasts, and waist. My hands slide up and down her back as I feel the zipper holding her dress together. She can’t handle this; she pushes her hands against my shoulders with all her might. I’m taken aback by this move at first, but managed to get a hold of her before she runs for the door. ” Get away from me!” she yells as I grab her from the back. She tries to pry my hands away from her waist. I hold her closer, wrapping my arms around her. I nuzzle my face into her neck, kissing it and smelling her hair. ” Stop it! I won’t!” she attempts to yell, but the feel of my lips on her bare skin sends shivers down her spine. She can’t control it or understand what is going on – the heat is overwhelming. I continue to kiss her neck sending tingling sensations all over her body.

” St-” she attempts to say over and over, but can’t finish as I continue to kiss her. I mercifully let her go and she bolts for the door again. It is no use, she is pulled back in. I face her, with that same hungry look in my eye. I’m looking at her all over. ” I said, I won’t do this!” she cries, tears stinging with her anger. I step closer as she backs up into the cabinet next to the bed. She is trapped. I got extremely close looking down at my bride. It is too hot, she thought, it is too hot! Beads of sweat continue to trickle down her body. ” Deborah, I have the right to enjoy my wife. My beautiful-” I said, nuzzling her neck again “-wife” I finished. She struggles against me again, but feel her arms go weak as I stick my tongue out and lick her shoulder. What is this feeling? Why has she gone weak? ” I am not your wife!” she cries, ignoring the logic of her own exclamation. ” You are” I replied simply, now starting to suck her neck. Her legs start to shake and she feels herself suddenly become moist in between her legs.

“St-st-” she can not finish; her voice goes out. It is so hot. My arms find their way to the back of her dress and to the zipper. As I continue to nuzzle her neck, I unzip her dress. ” Stop it, stop it,” she whispers, desperately trying to make her quavering voice work. She is tingling all over; her body seems overtaken by emotion. I unzip the dress pulling it down. That only leaves the bra and panties. ” No!” she cries. Having me see her exposed makes her blush a deep crimson. She wraps her arms around her breasts, hoping it would make her feel more secure from his gaze. He examined her entire body, head to toe. He gazed at her shoulders, and her large bosoms, filling the corset to the brim, as if they were to burst out. Her hourglass shape made her waist small compared to her wide, curvy hips that turned into thick thighs. Her skin was smooth and a slight darker shade, unlike most other girls in the town. She was perfect to him. He wanted every single part of her.

She was breathing heavily; nervous and afraid. I look deep into her dark eyes, my eyes black with intensity. I had a sharp, square jaw that looks like it is clenched, as if holding in my desire. I stoop down lifting her into my arms, placing her on the large bed. She quavers in my arms. As soon as she is on the bed, she looks around desperately for an escape. As she starts to crawl over to the other side to leap off, I grab her wrists pulling her to me. ” I want you. I will have you as many times as I want.” I said, this time softly. She yelps as I kiss her hands I’m holding by the wrists. I let go taking off my shirt. She looks away; I’m huge. She didn’t know if she can handle it. She looks at me again, as I place my shirt on the bedside table. I lean over to her on the bed, standing up. I reach down to her panties pulling them off quickly. ” Gah!” she gasps, pulling her legs together and backing away. I look down at her, joining her on the bed, towering over her. ” Ah! Stop!” She cries, trying to push me away. I’m so big on top of her; She is afraid she can’t breath. It’s too hot! she thought. I yank her bra off, fully exposing her breasts. I stop after that; I continue to gaze upon her, slowly caressing her thighs and up her waist. Her body is tingling at my touch. My large, rough fingers managed to touch her skin softly and gently. ” No,” She moans, feeling more and more wet between her thighs, which she keeps together. She tries squirming away as I place my lips on her navel, she feels weak again. She can’t take it anymore! I continue to move my lips down her navel, traveling down her body. She screams for me to stop at her pussy. I open my mouth licking her pussy lips. ” Gah!” she cries, pleasure starting to rip through her. What is this feeling? she thought.
Suddenly grabbing her thighs, I force her legs open, exposing her dripping slit. She screams and gasps. ” Don’t, stop! Don’t look at it!” She struggles, I keep a strong hold on her thighs. ” Deborah,” I moan, ecstatic from her arousal. With a hungry look I sweep down and ravished her pussy. She pulls and squirms screaming as I lick her parting pussy lips, swollen and wet with arousal. I made my way into her slit as far as I can go, getting to taste her and smell her scent. She gasps and screams, ” No!” exploding with pleasure. Her body is extremely hot and shaking. She squirms, as her body falls weak to my tongue. I’m controlling her in every way. She shuts her mouth to stop her cries of pleasure. She muffles her screams through closed lips, as the pleasure continues to build. She can not take anymore, and screams ” Uhhnnnhhh. N-n-noo.” I start to move my tongue in and out of her, licking her clitoris as I came out. What was this? Why was he doing this? She arches her back involuntarily; her body is reacting to me, at my whim. She cannot keep from moaning; it feels so…so…she didn’t know!

” Please stop it!” She gasps out, out of air. ” It’s dirty! Stop it!” She feels herself building…then suddenly her body is over whelmed with an intense orgasm. She screams as the sensations flood her senses and body as I lick and suck her roughly. I lift myself from her looking up at her sweating, heaving body. She looks down at me, as the corner of my mouth lifts up into a small smile. She swallows hard, overwhelmed by her body’s reaction to me. She is exhausted. ” Are we done?” she manages to say through Tunalı Escort heavy breaths. The other corner of my mouth lifts into a grin. She has never seen me smile before. ” Deborah,” I said with a little laugh, putting my head back down. I continue on for what seems like forever, Deborah squirming and riling as she orgasms one after another overlapping. She begs for me to stop, I wouldn’t. The heat is taking over her and she didn’t know if she can take it. I stop crawling on top of her again. My mouth is glistening with her juices. I lick it off my lips looking down at her. She met my eyes with fear and vulnerability.

” What-what are you going to do to me now?” She stutters, fear clouding her voice. I soften my expression leaning down to kiss her jaw and neck. I came up again and start to remove my trousers. She gasps at the sight of me; I’m huge in all aspects! ” Oh my God.” she cries immediately backing into the headboard of the bed, wrapping any extraneous sheets around her body. ” No, you’re too big. No! It won’t fit!” she cries in horror, shaking her head. ” Yes it will,” I said calmly. ” You’re wet enough, now.” I lean over examining my bride, wrapped barely in the sheets. She is beautiful, innocent, a virgin, and naieve, I will have her. I grab her ankles, which are snuggled to her body, pulling her towards me. ” No! You’re too big! You’re a..a monster!” I smile, knowing that I aroused her. I grab her thighs forcing them open. I press my cock tip to her pussy lips feeling my way between them. She moans and gasps, begging me to stop. The tingling sensation left her breathless. With a swift motion I push myself inside of her. She screams “Gahh! Uhh, uhh.” She gasps “It hurts! It hurts!”

I push harder driving my cock deeper at her words, making her scream more. ” No!! You’re too big! You’re too deep!” Her back arches, as she feels her pussy stretching to accomidate my cock inside her. I start thrusting in and out of her slowly, going deeper with each thrust. Her eyes widen as I tear her hymen pushing myself all the way in. ” Ahh!” she moans. ” It hurts!” She can’t believe something so big is inside of her. She is stretched. She feels she is splitting in two. She is very wet, as I glide in and out of her. I continue to thrust slowly and deeply. She is left breathless, unable to tell what is pain and what is pleasure. Her orgasm is building up slowly. Suddenly, I grab her thighs tighter thrusting in and out of her harder and rougher. She screams as the pain intensifys. I’m slamming into her harder and rougher, she is being lifted from the bed with every thrust. ” John!” she screams my name. This only arouses me more, as I went faster. Suddenly, she screams, her orgasm crashing into her. It surges throughout her body; the most euphoric feeling she has ever experienced. I have not reached mine yet continuing to slam into her, occasionally grunting. “You’re so so tight,” I grunted. ” You’re beautiful.” She is gasping with each thrust, her breasts bouncing with each stroke. I’m watching her body shaking and writhing with each thrust, becoming more and more aroused.

” I’m almost there,” I groan and finally orgasm, leaning in deeper spewing my semen into her. She feels filled up to the brim moaning at the sensation. I’m releasing for long time, filling her more, until it spills out of her. I keep myself inside of her until I went limp and then slide out. I look into her eyes, tired and satisfied. I collapse on top of her. She feels she is suffocating, I made sure not to lean all my weight on her. We stayed that way for a while, panting and heaving and sweating. I finally got up and sat up, leaning against the bed post. ” You’’re very…” “Hmm?” She said reluctantly, meeting my eyes before looking down again. I smile ” But you’re…you’re too big for me!” I lean in kissing her neck, ” You will learn to accept my cock. You will learn to be available to me 24/7.” I said into her short brown hair. ” You’re beautiful,” I moan, kissing down to her breasts. I grab her breast squeezing it, as I suck her breasts and kiss them. She tries to pull away, as my hands are firmly on her back. She tries not to moan, muffling it with closed lips. A cry escapes as I gently bite her hard nipple. ” Mnnuhh” she moans as I continue to suck on her. She lets her arms down from mu shoulders as they accidently brush my shaft. She immediately pulls away. This beginning of a long night.

I get up from the bed leaving the bedroom, Deborah gets up struggling to walk to the bathroom to shower, cleaning the blood and cum from her body. She shuffled towards the door trying not to make much noise. Walking is almost unbearable. A harsh ache is throbbing between her legs, she is sore from the hard rough fucking I had given her. She concentrated on the door, telling herself over and over that it is her exit, her freedom. Finally she made it to the door, and silently put her head against the door to listen for any sounds.
Nothing. Nothing at all. This will be an escape, from both the monster holding me here and the painful memories of what happened earlier. A sound at the door shatters her thoughts. Quickly she looks up seeing me leaning against the door with a sly grin on my face. Shrieking she quickly crosses her arms over her chest. My deep chuckle bounces against her head and fear coils in her belly.
” So modest. Another trait that makes you irresistible.” I cooed. Deborah feels the heat rise quickly to her face at the way I’m looking at her. ” You wanted to see me?”I ask. Deborah looks to the floor, She says: ” Well I want an annulment of our marriage immediately. I’m moving out immediately.” Hearing the click of the door lock, she looks up as I walk quickly towards her.

My tone creates a fierce anger that whips through her. Her cheeks flushed in frustration at my cool tone. Deborah suddenly snaps out of her trance, furious with herself for entertaining the thought that I’m attractive. Gritting her teeth she stared defiantly into my eyes. ” You bastard. Burn in hell.” This elicited laughter from me as I move towards the bed. My hands made quick work of the buttons on my shirt as I stripped it off revealing my chest. Deborah looks away, afraid that she might like what she sees. She hears a squeaking and looks up quickly to see that I had gotten on to the bed with her. Deborah sucks in her breath quickly moving as far away from me as possible. I grin at her again and start moving towards her. She jumps up, forgetting that she is trying to cover herself attempting to move off of the bed. Before she can make it I caught her wrist pulling her back on. I place my other arm around her stomach pulling her hard up against my chest. ” Still so reluctant. Aren’t you the least bit curious about what I was going to do?” I whisper in her ear. She starts struggling harder against me, attempting to get the hell away from me. This only made me laugh harder. My laughter and her helplessness both infuriates and disheartens her. Deborah came to realize that the only time she will get out of my arms is when I wanted her to. This thought gives her the courage she needed to continue to struggle.

” Get your hands off of me you toad!” I went from chuckling to full laughter. ” Toad? Did you honestly call me a toad? I think that may be one of the worst insults I have ever heard. I knew I was going to like you, love.” Deborah opens her mouth to reply when the sensation of me running my finger over her clit made her breath catch in her throat. She went rigid in my arms. ” Ah. That got your Escort Tunalı attention didn’t it love? I love how responsive you are, how after just four hours, I own your body.” My words chills her. Why is it that when he touches me I stopped my struggles? Desperate to get the upper hand she twists her head towards me. ” Own my body? What the hell? The reason I stopped moving was because you freaking raped me four hours ago and I happen to be sore and sensitive down there. Now stop molesting me you pervert!” ” Oh, I see. It’s because you are still hurting. Well I think I can help that.” I murmured seductively against her neck. I begin to move my finger in slow circles around her clit, while kissing and nipping her neck. She arches her back in an attempt to push away from me but I follow her movements continuing my assault on her senses. She can’t fool herself into thinking she didn’t enjoy this torment. My hands feel so good. Her breath came faster, as she tries to control it.

This can’t be happening. Deborah doesn’t understand. Why? Why after all I had done to her, does she still responses to my touch? She hates this, She hates me. Suddenly my hand strokes her clit faster and I start teasing her pussy. I sweep my hand over her slit but never travels inside. She bites her lip to keep from moaning. She renews her struggles. Deborah needs to get out of my arms. She refuses to lose to me again. I laugh softly beginning to playfully nip her ear. This angers her more as she swore under her breath. She slams her elbow into my gut and tries to get up. My grip loosens a bit and she jumps up. Her small victory is short lived because as soon as she is up my hand has a vice like grip on her wrist. ” Let go! You’re hurting me!” She yelps. I yank her arm hard slamming her back against my chest. ” You’ll pay for that love. Never forget that you are mine. I can make you do anything I ask. We are married.” ” Why can’t you get it through your thick head that you will never be able to manipulate me into doing whatever you want, you sick bastard!” She yells in frustration. The fact that I seem so confident in my ability to control her sent fear traveling down her spine. I settled back against the bed’s headboard, once again securing my arm tightly against her stomach. I place my hand on her pussy. A tears run down her face as I resume my stroking against her clit. Soon her breath came fast again; I stroke harder, and begin sucking on her neck. Deborah whimpers softly desperate to have this tormenting end. Suddenly I slip a finger inside her pussy. A low moan escapes her lips. Her cheeks reddened in shame.

” Please stop. I don’t want this. Please, please. Don’t do this.” I continue to move my finger in and out of her pussy, soon adding another. Her body welcomes the sensation, as she tries to fight the feeling that coils in her belly. She refuses to enjoy this again. She begs me to stop, I ignore her pleas continuing my assault on her pussy. Soon I had four fingers moving rapidly in and out. Deborah closes her eyes and her head tips back. Again she is going to lose the fight. ” Please…” “Please what love? Continue? Stop? Tell me your desire, and I might give it to you.” I place my thumb over her clit. The new feeling makes her shudder. Deborah hears a moan from her lips. She tries to get her thoughts together but every rational thought she has evaporates as she is consumed by the pleasure she feels. ” Stop… please stop…” As she said it, she isn’t sure if it is really what she wants. This realization shocks her as more tears streams down her face. ” Stop what? This?” I ask mockingly as I roughly slam my fingers into her pussy. This new force sends pain searing through her sore tender flesh and she cries out. ” Yes! Yes! Please stop! Pleeease!”

” Offer me anything. Offer me whatever I want and the pain stops.” I whisper into her ear. Desperate for relief she caves in slumping against my chest. ” I’ll…. I’ll do it. Yes. Anything you want. Just please…. Stop…” I withdrew my hand from her pussy. Deborah sighs, but isn’t sure if she is relieved or disappointed. I stood up pulling her up with me. ” Hm. I don’t own your body huh? I can’t make you say anything? Right… Well, love, I’ll just have to think about what I want that anything to be, now won’t I?” Shocked she looks into my eyes. Deborah can’t believe she had just promised me anything. My touch controls the words she spoke. Was she insane? How could she have let that happen? Deborah narrows her eyes turning away from me. She breathes deeply willing herself to become angry. Her head is more level when she is angry. She looks back at me, a small smirk travels across my face. ” Bastard.”

Deborah turns from me running to the door, hoping to find the door ajar. Her senses are overwhelmed. She blinks her eyes rapidly to clear them and to find an exit but she is too slow. Deborah hears movement right before she feels my body slam against her. She topples
against the door, I grab her roughly pulling her to the bed. I force her to bend over landing on her stomach on the edge of the bed she woke up in. Deborah curses loudly beginning to struggle wildly hoping to throw me off. I only laugh grabbing her wrists. In one hand I pin them down. I use my other hand to grab a piece of cloth resting on the edge of the bed. With brute strength I pin her body down and quickly tie her wrists together in a matter of seconds. Tears streaming down her face as she accepts her defeat. ” Well love it looks like I have to change my plans for you tonight. Your disregard for our marriage and my authority cannot go unpunished. You ready to submit?” Before she said anything I kick her legs open, exposing her pussy. Shocked by the cool air between her legs, Deborah instantly tries to close them. ” No, no, love. They remain open.” I chided, putting my knee between her thighs. My casual tone frightens her. Deborah can’t understand how I acted like this is a normal situation to be in. Her frantic thoughts are interrupted as she feels my cock push against my bruised pussy lips. Deborah gasps squeezing her eyes shut, waiting for the unbearable pain to begin again. As I slowly push myself in she groans. Surprise gripping her as she realized this didn’t hurt nearly as bad as she thought it would. Just as she is adjusting I chuckled.

” You are so wet, love. I love that you are so turned on by my dominance and need.” This comment made her arch her back in disgust. She begins to struggle again, unaware of how her movements are affecting me. I let out a moan withdrawing my cock from her tight pussy. Deborah sighs in relief then cries out a moment later when I slam back into her. Her hands grip the sheets in front of her as I slam into her. The pain is back, it isn’t as severe as eairler but it still hurts like hell. She screams as I pick up my pace. She hears the wet sucking sounds of her pussy clenching around my cock as I thrust in and out. The sensations are overwhelming and soon she feels her pussy walls growing taut. She tries to fight off the orgasm she knows is coming. Deborah didn’t want to let me win again. When she feels my hand flick her clit, she knows she has lost the battle. I thrust in and out of her fiercely stroking her clit rapidly. Her stomach muscles grow tight as she closes her eyes in defeat. A moment later she is thrown into a blinding orgasm. Her hands gripping the sheets so hard her knuckles turn white. Deborah writhes and bucks overwhelmed by the feelings traveling down between her open legs. Her toes curl and she stiffens. Tunalı Escort Bayan

A minute later I joined her in her orgasm. Deborah feels me pour my seed into her pussy. After I’m finished I collapse on top of her. We both lay panting. My weight is heavy on top of her, she feels my cock still lodged deep between her thighs and she burns with anger. Deborah wanted to throw me off of her but she is too exhausted to gather the strength to struggle against me. I move up to her ear and nibble on it gently before murmuring in her ear. ” Again, love. You haven’t earned the right to rest yet. We’re doing this again.”
The very thought made her groan into the bed. Deborah flopped back onto the bed, utterly exhausted. I laid on top her breathing heavy. Her pussy still spasming from the last over powering orgasm Deborah has just suffered through. I brought her so many times that she lost count. Her body aches, and shakes. Now I’m lying still on top of her again, she hopes that I’m finally tired. I lift my head, my eyes piercing the darkness. A small smirk spreads across my face. ” Was it good for you, love?”

Deborah glares at me disgusted with my smirk, arrogant attitude and my inhuman ability to completely recover from the hours of sex I forced her to endure. She can’t move, her body is stiff as she feels a harsh ache and soreness between her legs, even though my cock is no longer sheathed deep within her pussy. I, on the other hand, appear to have energy to spare. My unfathomable stamina irritates her to extreme levels. Deborah opens her mouth to tell me exactly what she thought about my escapade, but my hand ran over her mouth, smothering any icy remark she might have made. ” Shhhh. You’re tired, love. Don’t answer. I could tell by your moaning that it was a more than satisfying experience.” My eyes dance with mischief and my smirk widened. As much as she hated me, hated what I’m doing to her, she cannot deny that she screamed in satisfaction the entire time. At first she tried to fight it, but soon she lost the will power. She hated that too. Why can’t she stop me from pleasuring her? Why won’t her body listen to her mind’s shrieks of protest?

Deborah turns her head away. She didn’t want to look me in the eye; however my satisfied sigh made her curious enough to look back at me. ” You have a lovely ass, Jules. Something I will very much enjoy conquering.” Her head flew up and her eyes widened. She renewed her struggles. ” Please, oh no. Please no. I can’t. Don’t do it. Please. Please don’t.” She whimpers. My finger traveled down from her pussy to her ass, I stop at its entrance and begin stroking it. ” But Love, it’s my favorite.” Her eyes begin welling up again. This violation is something she knew she couldn’t take. ” Please, I swear I’ll do anything else, just don’t take my ass.” ” I believe we already played that game Love. You lost, and this is my prize.” I sigh with content. ” However there is another option. Though you may like that idea even less.” Without thinking I answered. “Fine, I’ll do it.” The thought of me leaving her ass alone is enough for her to agree. Afterwards she thought her uninformed agreement will lead to a worse fate. Unfortunately she is correct. I chuckle to myself. I sigh and bend down to capture a nipple. Pulling it upwards, I suddenly let go moving to her neck. I then start kissing her neck, moving back to her breasts. When I reach them, I again took one of her nipples in my mouth sucking on it. Nipping it lightly I move to the other, doing the same thing making her shudder involuntarily. I travel down towards her sore pussy. Reaching it I lick her clit, causing her to shudder and moan. I look up at her winking. Deborah blushes crimson, and burns with anger. I continue licking and occasionally nipping her clit. This is driving her wild. She bites her lip to stop herself from moaning, but she can’t hold it in anymore. She groans and wriths in ecstasy.

I shift and she feels my cock on her pussy. A bit of hope flares in her. Perhaps I’m not going to claim her ass? These thoughts are lost quickly as I thrust in sharply. Deborah drew in a quick breath, and tries not to enjoy the sensation. I thrust a couple more times and then pull out. She is shocked to find out she feels disappointed. Before she can think that one over she feels my cock at her ass. She went rigid. I laugh quietly, and throw her a triumphant glance. ” You didn’t think I forgot did you? How could I deny you what you asked for, Love?” Deborah grits her teeth as she feels me begin to push inside her ass. Her ass tightened and she whimpers, overcome with pain. It hurt so bad. I continue to inch my way in, making her scream and buck. It is excruciating. ” Relax, Love. It will make this easier for you.” Deborah glares at me through teary eyes. ” Easy for you to say, you heartless bastard.” However she did take my advice and tried relaxing her ass. A moment or two later she feels my balls against her ass and knew I’m completely inside of her. I slowly slide my cock out of her ass and than back in again. Deborah continues to writhe in pain. She can’t get used to the feeling. She wanted me out of her.

Again she feels me slide out of her. This time she didn’t feel me right away, sighing with relief. But suddenly she feels me ram my cock inside of her. This amplified the pain, ripping a scream from her. I continue to thrust brutally inside of her, lacing the pain with a bit of pleasure. She sucks in air, attempting to get her mind off the horrible pain. Deborah hears me groan, as I increase my pace. At this point she feels her stomach muscles tighten. She recognizes this sensation and knew an orgasm is building up. Her pussy walls begin tightening and twitching. She tries to fight off the orgasm; she didn’t want to enjoy what I’m doing. I continue to increase my speed, breathing heavy. She knew I’m close to coming, when her own orgasm hit her. She arched and strained against me as tingling pleasure radiates through her body, making her clit twitch madly with pleasure. She moans and shudders consumed with satisfaction. During her mind blowing orgasm, she vaguely hears me moan as I reach my peak. I thrust hard into her a couple more times before entering into my own orgasm. When she feels my last few thrusts and my seed pour into her, she is plunged into another intense orgasm that is almost painful. When the pleasure stops surging through her exhausted sore body, she struggles to catch her breath. I pull out of her and lay on top of her, nuzzling her neck. She arches away from me, but can’t move very far. I follow her limited movement and continues to nuzzle her.

” You are so hot and tight, Love. It could drive a man crazy.” Deborah blushes more than she had already as she realized I threw her reluctant words back at her. I kiss her neck tenderly and roll off of her. Putting my arm around her stomach pulling her closer to me, my lips touching her ear. She struggle to get away from me, but my arm keeps her in place. I reach to my side pulling the covers of the bed over myself and her. ” You unsympathetic freak!” She shrieks. Deborah feels miserable and used, but being forced to spend the entire night with me and at my mercy is far beyond her tolerance levels. Tears threaten to slip out of her, she blinks them back. She is tired of crying. Forcing herself up she crawls to the center of the bed and curls up, finally letting her exhausted sore body sleep. ” Good night, Love. I will give you an annulment in six months. Until then I expect you to be available 24/7 for my sexual needs. You will have your tubes tied so you can’t get pregnant. I will also give you a check.” I breathed into her ear. With one last kiss I lay my head down next to hers. Deborah will never forgive me.

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