An Obedient Boy for Katherine Pt. 02An Obedient Boy for Katherine Pt. 02


In case it’s not your kind of story… Mrs. Stewart feeds Marcus more cum, including her husband’s. Story tags: female domination, femdom, male submission, chastity, teasing, cum, cum eating, foot worship, pussy worship.


An Obedient Boy for Katherine, Part 2

Marcus stood outside the Stewarts’ bedroom, waiting to see what requirements Mrs. Stewart had for him that day. He was dressed in the sheer black shorts and the tight sleeveless t-shirt that she had chosen as his “house uniform.” Under the shorts, his cock was securely locked in the Holy Trainer chastity device that he had worn almost every day for the past month.

Throughout the month, Mrs. Stewart had continued his training, which seemed to centre around his obedient tongue being ready to please her most mornings after Mr. Stewart departed for work. Marcus still found himself working at staying calm in those moments before Mr. Stewart came out of the bedroom and saw him waiting. Their interactions were relaxed enough and there were no secrets about his serving Mrs. Stewart. It just remained a little awkward.

Living in the Stewarts’ maid suite by the garage, Marcus considered himself lucky that friends of his Aunt Bess lived so close to campus and were so generous to allow him to live there. Losing his part-time job soon after moving in, he had agreed to become a personal servant, of sorts, to Mrs. Stewart in exchange for rent and a little extra cash. That agreement had evolved until he was also her willing sexual toy and becoming their house boy. With little more than a decade separating his age from the Stewarts, and his Aunt Bess for that matter, it didn’t feel as awkward as it might have if they were older.

While he waited, Marcus held the key and chain that let him unlock the chastity cage each morning before he showered and shaved, the latter for both face and genitals. He’d gotten used to the smoothness in both areas and the morning ritual was a comfortable way to start his day. He’d also gotten used to the house uniform he wore at Mrs. Stewart’s behest. She had provided enough sets that he could change multiple times each day, after doing chores or working out, without the danger of running out of clean sets. To ensure they were properly maintained, she had arranged for their twice-weekly laundry service to clean the worn uniforms.

So far, only the Stewarts and their cleaning ladies had seen him up close wearing the sheer black shorts and top. Soon after starting to wear them, Marcus had begun cleaning his suite. It was one of his regular chores and the cleaning ladies, mother Sofia and daughter Isabella, inspected his room each time they came to the house and informed Mrs. Stewart if he was achieving their standard for cleaning. Partway through that first cleaning while in uniform, Marcus had realized that he would be in close contact with the ladies when they next inspected his room. Also on display would be his toned 19-year-old body in sheer black booty shorts and a sleeveless tee. He survived that first inspection, red as a beet from embarrassment and the subsequent ones slowly got better. Marcus was mildly impressed at how casually the ladies accepted his attire and made no remarks about it, at least not to him.

The bedroom door opened and Mr. Stewart came out on his usual beeline for the coffee maker before he headed to his car.

“She’s waiting for you,” he said over his shoulder to Marcus as he passed the waiting teen.

Marcus stepped through the doorway. Katherine was laying back on the bed holding a thick dildo in her pussy and moving it very slightly in and out. Marcus walked over and put the key on the night table within her reach.

“Strip,” she ordered, “and put your clothes on the chair.”

Naked except for the cage on his cock, Marcus approached the bed again. Katherine slid the dildo from her pussy and flipped it around to place the base on her pubic mound.

“Kiss my cock and suck my juices from the head, then I need you to lick me to orgasm.”

Marcus knew that he didn’t need to speak, only obey. He leaned over the bed and with the soft open-lipped approach that Mrs. Stewart had taught him and planted a lingering kiss on the tip of her dildo. He enjoyed that first taste of her juices and the heady scent of her arousal. Opening his lips, Marcus felt the head of the dildo slide into his mouth. He bathed it with his tongue, wanting to capture every bit of Mrs. Stewart’s flavor.

“Deeper,” she said huskily, “last time you took half of it, let’s see how much today.”

Downward his mouth went over the dildo. He adjusted the angle of his head and neck, trying to please her by taking more of it until it hit the back of his throat. Gagging slightly, he pulled back.

“Good boy,” Mrs. Stewart said, “one more try, and then lick my pussy.”

Marcus showed that he had been learning his lessons well as he licked Mrs. Stewart to two gentle orgasms, the way she liked to enjoy them in the morning. When she chose to tekirdağ seks hikayeleri ride his face later in the day, she often sought to be built up slowly until the earth moved for her. Marcus was still getting used to having Mr. Stewart watch sometimes when he served her in the evenings. That change had come after the few times that Mr. Stewart had reason to return to the bedroom for something after Marcus’ face was buried in Mrs. Stewart’s pussy. Marcus had been taught to lick slowly when she had to speak with her husband, and he did the same when she needed to use her phone during a licking session.

Pushing his face back from her satisfied pussy, Mrs. Stewart sat up and pulled Marcus forward for a long deep kiss. She always enjoyed tasting herself on the young man’s face. Marcus moaned as her strong tongue fucked his mouth, it was a reaction he’d never been able to suppress. Smiling, Mrs. Stewart pulled back.

“I sucked Charles’ cock this morning, could you taste him on my tongue?”

Marcus’ eyes widened as he tried to determine if he had.

“No, probably not, then,” she continued, “we’ll have to try that kiss again right after he fills my mouth with cum. Anyway, stand beside the bed please.”

Marcus rose and stood beside the bed as Mrs. Stewart swung her legs over the edge to sit on the side of the mattress. In a well-rehearsed ritual, Marcus stepped forward between her spread knees. She took the key from the table and inserted it in the internal lock cylinder holding the chastity cage closed.

“Have you been a good boy, Marcus?” she asked playfully.

“That is for Mistress to decide,” he replied, an answer it had taken him a few tries before finding one that satisfied her.

Marcus waited to see if she would unlock the cage and let him cum. The change from jerking off three or four times every day to being allowed to cum not even every day had been more of a mental challenge to accept than a physical one. But he did accept it, and these moments where he waited for her to decide on his fate were deliciously tantalizing.

Mrs. Stewart smiled. She pulled the lock cylinder from its recess and, working quickly, removed the tube of the chastity device and the ring that circled Marcus’ cock and balls. As she often chose to do, she gently massaged his balls while watching his cock grow to hardness, leaving it untouched until it was full and throbbing.

“Where shall I let you cum today,” Mrs. Stewart mused.

Since the first time that she had milked his cock to spurt all over her full breasts, Mrs. Stewart had been inventive in her choices. The one essential element was that each time Marcus was allowed to cum, he was expected to lick up every drop without complaint. Marcus had adjusted quickly to this requirement, knowing that it would bring his lips and tongue in contact with his beautiful Mistress’ toned and tanned body.

He had coated her breasts with cum more than a few times, and also her toned stomach and had even covered her pussy with cum to be lapped up. Mrs. Stewart had occasionally rolled over and let Marcus stroke himself until he spurted all over her back, on the cheeks of her ass, or even been confined to filling the crack of her ass with his cum. Each time, he submissively lowered his lips to the mess he had made and cleaned up every drop.

Sometimes, when Mrs. Stewart was in a hurry to start her day, she would milk Marcus’ creamy load into her hands, and have him suck each finger clean. She had also explored having his fresh come covering her legs for his attentive tongue and lately had enjoyed having that cream sucked from her sexy toes. She giggled over that when she told Mr. Stewart during their afternoon catch-up over a glass of wine. She told her husband about it in detail as Marcus refreshed their wine glasses and said she would certainly be trying a cum-covered foot worship session again.

Marcus stood still, feeling his cock harden as Mrs. Stewart held his balls firmly. He dared not imagine how she might take his cum because he would invariably be wrong. To his surprise, he watched as Mrs. Stewart leaned forward and took the head of his cock between her lips. Marcus moaned, his knees trembling, as she softly sucked the head of his cock and used her free hand to stroke the shaft. It was one of his fastest orgasms in weeks.

With a tight grin, Mrs. Stewart sat back up on the edge of the mattress. She pointed at the floor and Marcus knelt in front of her. Leaning forward, she drew Marcus close for a kiss. As she had trained him, Marcus opened his lips to accept her kiss and was surprised as his own cum slid from her mouth into his. Marcus moaned against Mrs. Stewart’s lips as she held the kiss until all of the cum had been passed and she knew he had swallowed it. The sexual intensity of that kiss left Marcus trembling in submissive delight. Mrs. Stewart smiled broadly at his reaction.

“Well,” she said cheerily, “that was fun. I may have to try that again.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Marcus whispered.

“Oh, you are welcome, my dear boy. Now go get yourself cleaned up, caged, and off to start your day.”

Throughout the day, on his walks to and from campus, while sitting in his classes, and after returning home, Marcus caught himself running the tip of his tongue around his lips as he imagined the feel of that kiss. Each time he focused on that memory, he felt his cock throb in its cage.

Back in his room after classes, Marcus stripped off his street clothes in preparation to don his house uniform. Before doing so he hopped in the shower to make sure he was clean all over in case Mrs. Stewart called for him. He checked the time and knew that Mr. Stewart wouldn’t be home for another hour and that he would be required to be ready to serve wine soon after his arrival. While he waited, he slipped into a clean set of shorts and a top and opened a textbook to review with the day’s lecture notes.

Marcus’ mind was pulled back out of his books by the sound of the garage door as Mr. Stewart arrived home. Waiting until he got in the house and past the maid suite where Marcus stayed, Marcus padded down the hallway and into the kitchen. As he passed the door to Mrs. Stewart’s home office he saw that the closed door still had a “do not disturb” sign on the handle. In the kitchen, Marcus set two wine glasses on the counter and ensured there was an open bottle with sufficient contents ready to fill the glasses for the Stewarts.

Mr. Stewart appeared first. He came out of the bedroom suite barefoot, wearing a casual slacks and a vintage 1950s bowling shirt with bold red and blue front panels. He nodded approval at Marcus who held up a wine glass in inquiry and slid into his usual space on one of the large low sofas to wait for his wife to join him. Marcus delivered the glass of wine to Mr. Stewart and returned to his place to wait.

It wasn’t long before Mrs. Stewart came out of the hallway and rounded the corner like a force of nature.

“Those bastards,” she exclaimed to no one in particular, and continued once she saw her husband, “Headquarters won’t accept that plan I’ve been working on for two weeks unless I change things to please that prick in Marketing, and I do not report to him.”

As she spoke, Mrs. Stewart’s hands were busy unbuttoning the blouse she wore. She stripped it off and dropped it on the nearest chair. Reaching behind, she unclasped the white lace bra she wore and exhaled deeply as she unpeeled it from her breasts to toss it aside with the blouse. Standing there in a grey calf-length pencil skirt and heels, she massaged her breasts with both hands while Mr. Stewart and Marcus watched.

As quickly as her emotions had burst, Mrs. Stewart was back in control. Releasing her breasts, she picked up her blouse and bra and headed for the bedroom suite. She spoke as she headed through the door.

“Pour my wine please, Marcus, I will be right there.”

Marcus poured the second glass of wine and walked around the counter to place it on the table closest to Mrs. Stewart’s usual spot.

“Well,” said Mr. Stewart, “it a good thing she doesn’t stay mad, or need someone to take it out on because I’d let you have that duty.”

Marcus, unsure how to respond to that, left it with a simple, “Yes, sir.”

Mrs. Stewart reappeared by the time Marcus had returned to his spot in the kitchen. He usually found that the Stewarts would let him head back to his room after he refilled their glasses. Mrs. Stewart wore a simple flowing sleeveless dress that reached mid-thigh. Too loose to reveal much, Marcus’ mind still toyed with the possibility that she wore nothing under it. Taking her seat, she took up her glass and had a quiet sip before she was ready to engage with her husband.

“So,” Charles said with a grin, “enough about your day, would you like to hear about mine?”

Katherine held up one finger, “Just a sec.”

She drained her wine glass and set it down.

“Marcus, may we please have refills?”

“Yes ma’am,” Marcus said quickly as he grabbed the wine from the fridge.

As he poured, Mrs. Stewart turned in her seat and stretched her legs out on the long, low, sofa.

“After you have put the bottle away,” she instructed Marcus, “come back here. I want you to massage my feet.”

Marcus returned and sat at the end of the sofa. He lifted Mrs. Stewart’s feet into his lap and began softly massaging.

“Mmmmm,” sighed Katherine, “go ahead, tell me about your day Charles.”

“Well,” Charles began, “we hired that new executive receptionist. She’s quite pretty, and it turns out she was a champion snowboarder in college. So now the boys want to organize a retreat in the mountains for the whole office because they think they can impress her on the slopes.”

Katherine laughed, “Competitive testosterone, mountains, and a new girl to show off for. That should prove disastrous.”

“Thank you, dear,” Charles said with a chuckle, “I will let them know the family insurance expert recommends against the excursion.”

“You’re welcome, dear, try not to break your own leg trying to impress her, at least not until I’ve had a chance to seduce her.”

“As you wish, my love.”

Mrs. Stewart raised her free foot until her toes could tease Marcus’ nipples to hardness through the thin fabric of his shirt. The touch broke his concentration on massaging her foot and she used that opportunity to instruct him.

“I think your pretty mouth can be put to work too, Marcus.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied softly and obediently raised the foot he held to his lips.

Marcus drifted into a level of subspace as his world was reduced to the massaging and oral worship of Katherine’s feet. He barely heard the conversation the Stewarts had as he applied himself to the service he was providing. It wasn’t until Katherine pulled her feet from his grasp that he looked up at her. Her broad smile indicated that she knew exactly how easily and deeply he could drift into that state.

“Before you tidy up and go to your room, Marcus,” Mrs. Stewart said, “I have decided that in the mornings when you come to see me, you will no longer wear your shorts or top. I want you to present yourself wearing only your cock cage. Is that clear?”

“Uh…,” Marcus faltered in replying as he glanced over at Mr. Stewart who carefully ignored him, “yes ma’am, I understand.”

“Good,” said Katherine as she stood, “Charles, now that I have been turned on by a very nice toe-sucking, I would like you to come to the bedroom and fuck me like you mean it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Charles as he put down his wine glass and rose to follow his wife to the bedroom.

Marcus returned the wine to the fridge and made sure there was another bottle chilling since the open one might not be enough for their drinks the next day. He washed, dried, and put away the two wine glasses and did his habitual straightening and wiping down of the kitchen area. Back in his room he lay down and let the memory of worshipping Mrs. Stewart’s feet fill his imagination. He’d never thought of himself as having a foot fetish, but perhaps it was more about whose feet they were, he decided.

The following day, Marcus had a full day of classes on campus. The morning after that, rounding on 48 hours since his last orgasm, he waited outside the Stewarts’ bedroom door wearing only the chastity cage and holding the key as usual.

The door opened and Mr. Stewart appeared. It was a rare day that he was in a suit instead of business casual, he paused in the doorway to straighten his tie. As he did he took a few seconds to look Marcus up and down.

“That exercise program she has you on is giving good results Marcus, keep it up.”

“Thank you, sir,” Marcus said as the blush rose in his cheeks from having the older man check him out like that.

“She’s waiting for you, enjoy your treat,” Mr’s Stewart said as he headed for the kitchen to grab his coffee.

Marcus entered the bedroom to find Mrs. Stewart laying on her back on the bed. Her legs were spread wide and the fingertips of one hand idly traced in random patterns over the stomach and breasts.

“Take off the cage, Marcus,” she said in a calm but firm voice, “and kneel between my legs. I want you to cum all over me, add your cream to Charles’ for me.”

“Yes ma’am,” Marcus replied.

With practiced movements, he had the cage off and set aside in record time. He crawled between Katherine’s spread legs and moved forward to position himself on his knees close to her open pussy. He licked the palm of his hand and wrapped it around his hard cock. He was already stroking when his brain caught up and he realized what mixing their loads of cum would mean. He was still expected to lick up all of his own cum.

“I want you to cum for me, Marcus,” Katherine said in a husky whisper, “cover my stomach and tits with your hot cream. Give me a big load of boy cum. Cum for me…”

Marcus groaned as the intense desire to cum he always felt when released from the cage combined with the sensual instructions he was hearing. He trembled as his orgasm took over his body and the first thick spurt of cum reached the top of Katherine’s cleavage. In slowly lessening intensity, he shot four or five more heavy spurts and a few smaller dribbles over the top of Katherine’s pussy.

Katherine had pulled her hand out of the way of the flying shots of cum but soon returned to idly mixing the two loads together with her fingertips. She smiled as she tasted the tips of her fingers.

“I think you have a mess to clean up,” she said softly.

“Yes, Mistress,” Marcus whispered as he lowered his lips to Katherine’s pussy to start.

Slowly he licked his way up Katherine’s torso, cleaning up the mixture of his own and Charles’ cum that covered her stomach and breasts. With a final lick to capture away a droplet that was on the base of her neck, Marcus began to move to one side.

Katherine stopped him by holding his head near her own. She drew their lips together and she kissed him deeply, tasting the remains of the cum on his lips and chin.

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