Drugged and usedDrugged and used


Kate bent down and took yet another picture. She was definitely a sight to behold, long legs, toned stomach that was exposed from her crop top, a round ass that was shown slightly from her booty shorts and CC sized breasts. She was about 5’2 and extremely beautiful. Three times a week every week she would go into town and take pictures of anything that caught her eye, but today, she caught someone else’s eye. Micheal watched her go by, taking picture of stores, cars and people, and couldn’t help but notice her large breasts and firm ass. When she was about to leave, Micheal followed her. As Kate started to walk home she noticed Micheal following her, she walked down the street, quicker and turned a sharp corner into an alley that would lead her into a mall court. She started to run and broke into a cold sweat, then she realized that the opening was blocked by dozens of boxes of stock. She tried to find somewhere to hide but found nothing. Slowly Micheal approached, and when he finally got to her, all he did was offer her a ride home. Katie sighed with relief as she agreed because her house was several miles away. Once in the car Micheal kindly offered Kate a water bottle and engaged small talk. She slowly relaxed and drank the water Micheal offered her and leaned back. She drank the whole bottle since she was so dehydrated from being in the sun all day, and soon she became incredibly horny. She looked over at Micheal accusingly “you drugged me!” She shouted. He didn’t say a word. Then Kate noticed how huge his bulge was. ignoring her insatiable hunger for sex, she looked out the window. She suddenly realized they weren’t going to her house, but somewhere completely different. She tried to escape the moving car but all the doors were locked. Within a minute they arrived at a large mansion, Ankara bayan escort and Micheal courteously opened her door, then grabbed her arm with a grip she couldn’t ever escape. He lead her inside and ripped off her top, exposing a red bra. She screamed and covered her breasts and ran from the man, but he quickly caught up and pinned her onto the nearest piece of furniture. He started to kiss her passionately and the drugs took over. She couldn’t resist his lips and suddenly she found herself rubbing his bulge. He carried her to his room and removed her shorts, revealing a thong matching her bra. Micheal had huge muscles and was 6’3, Kate was no match for him. One hand fondling her breasts, one hand pinning her down, and he began pulling off her thong with his teeth. There being revealed was her beautiful pink mound, completely bare with not a hair in sight. He took off his pants and restrictive shorts, and there, semi effect was the biggest cock she would ever see. 12 inches and only semi erect, she gaped at its monstrosity. Micheal took this to his advantage and quickly put his cock into her open mouth. Soon, needing more than just a quarter of his cock in, he pushed his cock down her throat until he was about half way, her gagging turned him on and he slowly pushed another three inches in. As he became harder she had to find another angle to accommodate him, because she knew he wasn’t about to pull out. As soon as she was in a better position, he started to mouth fuck her until she uttered a muffled scream. He started fondling her breasts and pinching her clit until she had her first orgasm. He laughed and pinned her to the bed, and positioned himself at her entrance, then she screamed and tried to escape. “What the hell?!” He shouted. “Before you try and fuck me….. I’m a virgin” she Escort bayan Ankara admitted. He laughed in amazement then yet again, tried to enter her hole. When Kate realized there was no escape, she stopped struggling. She was extremely wet, but Micheal couldn’t fit the head of his cock into her tight virgin hole, he was three inches wide. He grabbed both her shoulder and pushed until he felt a pop, as his head finally fit inside. Kate screamed of pure pain from her pussy being stretched out for the first time. “AGH FUCK” he screamed, she was the tightest he has ever felt, slowly, he pushed himself in, half an inch at a time. At only five inches she started to scream louder than she did when he first entered her. He covered her mouth, even though there was no one around for miles. Then thrust the rest of his cock into her pussy as hard as he could in order to get it over with. He moaned because of how tight she was and began thrusting slowly. He pinched her nipples and that made her hit her second orgasm of the night. Her walls rippling against his cock sent him over. He began to shoot rope after rope of him cum into her love hole, She tried to squirm free of Micheal when her climax finally subdued once she realized what just happened, but she was too tight around him to be able to slip off. He laughed and held her down as he pulled out, another loud pop as his head left her pussy hole gaping, which quickly closed back up. He stuck two fingers into her and scooped out some of their juices and forced it into her mouth, soon she started sucking diligently and became thirsty for more. He told her to get on top of him and ride him cowgirl style, and she agreed with pleasure, the drugs started to finally really kick in. She stood on her knees just above his shaft and levelled it to her hole. She Bayan escort Ankara slowly started to sit down on it and felt it painfully, but pleasurably push up inside her. She started to moan of ecstasy and when she was finally stretched out a bit more, she began to fuck him faster. When he felt his balls tighten, he told her to get off.with some force his head came out of her pussy. She knew what he wanted and obediently knelt in front of him. He shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth, on her tits and a cross her face. Mouth completely filled with cum, she sat there waiting her next command. He looked her straight in the eye and simply said “swallow”. It took two gulps to down it all, but she happily obeyed. That’s when he decided that just her vagina wasn’t enough. He decided he wanted her ass. Kate sat on top of him and he aimed his cock where he wanted it. Though he came twice, his cock was still as hard as a diamond and now was 13 inches long. Slowly she sat down and instead of feeling him penetrate her pussy, she felt a sharp pain in her rectum. She screamed out with surprise as he pushed deeper into her ass. She was tighter here than her pussy was so Micheal had to put his entire weight into shoving his cock in. At only four inches he became frustrated and pulled out. He then pulled apart her ass cheeks and put his mouth to her hole. He breathed in the musk then stretched her hole as cars as it would go then began to spit into her ass to lube it. She moaned from the pleasurable feeling as spit dripped into her rectum. He then forced her into the couch doggy style, grabbed her shoulders then pushed his entire cock into her ass as Kate screamed from pain and pleasure. As soon as he began to thrust she had her next orgasm and her knees started to give way. Micheal wa shaving none of that. He held her up by her breast and fucked her into a continuous orgasm that lasted seven minutes before she passed out. The next morning. Needless to say. Kate was not going to be going anywhere.

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