Subject: Terry Gets Spanked at Sports Camp This story is the property of the author, and may not be reproduced in any form without his permission. All participants are 18 or older, and no suggestion of underage sexual activity is intended. ================================== Terry Gets Spanked at Sports Camp We were in the locker room after practice – Terry, the best-looking, most popular kid on the team, was standing in front of me, head down in shame and submission. The whole team was standing around watching as I reprimanded the naked stud – he had fucked up once too many times. I asked the sexy naked teen muscle-boy what it would take to make him behave, and he dropped his head and licked his lips nervously. His cock, which had been semi-hard the whole time, rose to a full erection. “Uh, well, at home my brother spanks me.” He glanced up at me shyly and my own cock throbbed and hardened. The thought of this awesome muscle- boy lying naked across my lap while I spanked his firm bare ass was incredibly arousing. “I see,” I said. “And does he use his hand or something else?” I couldn’t imagine that spanking this young stud with just my hand would get any reaction from him. “Uh, well, he starts with a switch or a paddle and uses that until my ass is good and sore, and then he uses his hand.” He glanced up at me nervously, and I could tell there was more, so I said nothing, just looked at him expectantly. “Uh, and usually he ties my hands behind my back so I can’t struggle too much.” I waited. “And he gags me so I can’t make too much noise.” “I don’t think we need to worry about noise,” I told him, looking at the boys standing around us. We were at our Summer Sports Camp, alone in the woods kızkalesi escort at least fifty miles from anyone else. “And I’m sure a couple of your teammates will be glad to hold your wrists and ankles to keep you in place. Any volunteers?” I heard a chorus of voices as every boy in the room raised his hand and called out “Me, sir, I’ll do it.” I looked around and saw that every boy in the room had a full erection now, most of them as hard as only horny young cocks can get. The ones who had started to dress had pushed their pants and shorts down far enough to free their hard cocks, and most of the boys were masturbating as they watched and anticipated the show they were about to see. A few boys were fondling the naked bodies and hard cocks of their neighbors, and Toby, the towel boy, was on his knees sucking the huge hard cock of the team captain. “Alright, Peters and Cox, you get the job. Andrews, go cut me a good switch from a bush or tree outside.” When Andrews returned – he brought four switches of different sizes, so I could choose – I picked one long and flexible enough that it would deliver a good hard cut. I decided for the switching it would be most effective to have my victim across a bench rather than on my lap, so I instructed Peters and Cox to grab Terry’s ankles and wrists and make the boy stretch out over one of the locker room benches with his legs on one side and his arms on the other, balanced on his stomach, his huge hard cock sticking out towards the floor. He looked very sexy like that, held helpless naked and vulnerable. I spent a couple of minutes adjusting the naked stud, and fondling his naked body to get him hot and horny and desperate tarsus escort for release. I probed his vulnerable virgin asshole with my fingers and was rewarded with several deep moans of pleasure -he wanted it bad. Then I squeezed his balls hard enough to make him grunt with pain, but his cock stayed hard so I played with it until he was panting and gasping and ready to cum. Then I positioned myself and took a few practice swings to get the feel of the long thin switch, then delivered ten good hard cuts to the boys ass and upper thighs. He yelped loud and long after each one, and I saw his huge hard cock spurt each time the switch hit his ass. He loved this. I regretted that the switch left such welts, as I would not be able to continue this way without causing serious damage. But after the ten he was crying and sobbing and begging me to stop, so I sat on another bench and instructed his captors to get him up and stretch him across my legs for the next part of the punishment. “Please sir,” he begged, sobbing, “that’s enough, I won’t fuck up again!” But his hard cock told me he needed more. Peters and Cox forced him face down across my legs and held his wrists and ankles tightly. He was struggling a little, but couldn’t break their grips, and was totally helpless and vulnerable. Once he was stretched naked across my lap I fondled the boy’s naked ass for a while, tracing the lines of the welts from the switch as he whimpered and cried. I fondled his ass cheeks and had the boy holding his legs spread them as wide apart as they would go to expose his crack and tender virgin boy hole, which I probed gently with my fingers and soon had the helpless stud cooing with desire anamur escort and horny need – his cock was leaking sticky precum onto my legs and the floor. Then I spanked his bare ass with my hand as hard as I could, taking care to place each strike on one of the large red welts from the switch and I was rewarded with loud yelps of pain. The boys standing around were all masturbating now, and some of them were trading hand jobs as they watched. I told Brad Martin, the one with the largest cock to fetch some Vaseline from the trainers room, and when he brought it I worked a large gob of it up the yelping young victim’s tight hot ass, then lubed Brad’s cock with it as well and had the prisoner’s captors stretch him over the bench again and told Brad to fuck the boy. He obeyed willingly, kneeling on the hard concrete floor and placing his huge blunt cock head against Terry’s tender opening and shoving slowly until it popped in – the boy yelped in pain but I told Brad to proceed and not hold back. He fucked the boy hard for about ten strokes then lost control and shot his load up the kid’s tight hot ass – I didn’t blame him, I was near to shooting myself without even touching my cock and indeed most of the boys watching started cumming as soon as Brad shoved that huge hard piece of meat up Terry’s tight hot rear. And as Brad made his last thrust, his cock spurting hard, Terry started cumming too, from the spanking and fucking he had received, his huge hard cock spurted gallons of hot cum on the floor as he shouted in ecstasy, begging Brad to fuck him more and harder. I let all the rest of the team have their turn at the boy’s ass then, and he came three more times getting fucked. Finally I fucked him myself forcing a fifth orgasm from his huge piece of fuck meat, as he begged for more and harder. Then I gave the exhausted muscle-boy several enemas to clean him out, then rubbed soothing salve on his sore ass and told the team to help him to bed. I’m sure most of them fucked him again that night.

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