Her Secret’s Out Ch. 02Her Secret’s Out Ch. 02


Tracey had been caught after hours at work looking at spanking sites whilst masturbating at her desk, by Dan, her manager. She has been forced into accepting to be his plaything for a period to avoid humiliating departure from the HR firm she works for.

The following morning Dan was in early, and as the staff arrived there was the usual banter about the day’s work. Tracey arrived at her usual time, and the two exchanged the normal pleasantries, not a hint of what had passed between them the night before. Tracey was nervous inside for some reason, and waited on tenterhooks for the call to report to the boss’ office. Dan took a discreet look in detail at Tracey, and noticed that the flat shoes had been replaced with a small kitten heel on a pair of patent black pumps and her hemline was just showing her knees, a little higher than before.

“Mmm, her legs look as good as they did last night, that shiny nylon is new for her as well ,” thought Dan as he went to his private office. Around nine, he buzzed Tracey and asked if they could discuss a major client. At the sound of the buzz, and his request to come through, Tracey’s heart almost stopped. She blushed, though none of her workmates seemed to have noticed. After all, it was not an unusual request, and nothing was said by her colleagues when she went through and shut the door behind her. She no longer thought of him as “Mr. Crowther” since the change in the relationship from strictly business, to just strictly whatever he wanted. As she turned to face Dan, he held out his hand. Tracey looked straight at him, then eased her hands under her skirt, shimmied sensually and slid her panties down to her feet before she collected them and handed them to Dan. He could see she was embarrassed, but at the same time aroused at the scene being played out.

Tracey stood uncomfortably, unsure of what was to come. The air of the office on her naked pussy felt strange and unusual, but she was also aroused by the naughtiness of it. She wondered if she would get used to it in time, then realised that she would have no choice if that was what Dan wanted.

Having passed Dan her small, white panties, Tracey waited expectantly, saying nothing. She looked slightly flushed, as he ordered her to turn around and lift her skirt. She did so without hesitation, the role she had agreed to the previous night came naturally to her. Dan almost whistled, her ass was perfect, the straps of her white suspender belt stretched taut over her ripe cheeks. Dan thought about spanking her ass once again, but wondered how the sound would travel to his PA in the outer office.

Dan grinned to himself and reached for the intercom, even as he stroked the flesh so perfectly presented.

“Nicky, wondered if you could get my usual lunch, am going to be tied up with Tracey over a difficult client,” he said quietly to Nicky, his PA.

Both Tracey and Dan heard her put the ‘in meetings’ sign on the door before she left. Dan didn’t wait for the outer door to finish closing before he roamed again around the globes of ass flesh in front of him. Sharply he ordered Tracey to take off her skirt and bend over his knee, as he sat back in his chair. Without hesitation Tracey joined him behind his desk, bent over his knees and presented her ass for his inspection. She shivered as he teased her rear hole, then slid his finger between her cheeks to discover how wet she already was.

“Tell me, did you masturbate last night?,” asked Dan, as he stroked her smooth, firm cheeks. Tracey nodded, embarrassed again but whispering yes, as Dan’s hands continued to tease her soaking wet pussy. As embarrassed as she was, it never occurred to her to lie, and later she looked back and wondered why the easy option just never crossed her mind. Dan slipped a second finger inside her silky folds and asked what with and how many times she came.

“My vibrator, and four” was her immediate, but breathy reply.

Dan smiled. “Good, I am glad you were horny and frustrated. You will do well to learn though that I decide when you cum, with or without me, and when and where I penetrate your delightful body. Did you leave my cum on your tits when you played with yourself?,” he asked, even as he sank a third finger inside her dripping cunt. Dan’s fingers worked further in and roamed around her soft, smooth inner walls. Tracey hung her head a little as she whispered yes.

“Mmm, nice and naughty, I think we are going to get along very well. Still, four orgasms without me around means punishment. I think its 15 strokes per orgasm, that seems fair?,” Dan’s soft voice purred with anticipation. Dan reached for the flexible plastic ruler he kept on his desk and brought it down sharply onto her right cheek. Tracey yelped, and made as if to cover her ass before thinking better of it.

“What is that?,” she asked him, and Dan told her even as he began to spank her with it. His downward swipes alternated between cheeks, the broad swathe kuşadası escort of the plastic hitting and covering all her ass cheeks, top to bottom. Dan allowed his strokes to stray onto the top of her tight thighs but stopped short of her stocking tops. He had given her nothing too hard, just enough to raise the blood to the surface and bring a warm glow to her flesh. The heat from each blow had enflamed her skin, and ran straight to her pussy, which throbbed with arousal. Dan though how hot the prostrate Tracey looked, and realised the growing bulge in his trousers would be clearly noticeable to her alongside her face.

Finally Dan administered the last swish of the ruler to the red flesh of Tracey’s ass. Tracey was breathing a little harder, and appeared close to orgasm just from the sensations and the position. Dan pushed hard into her with his fingers, and drove three into her soaking cunt. He was rewarded almost instantly, as Tracey let out a cry, then her body tensed as her orgasm started. Dan’s fingers were held in the vice that was Tracey’s cunt as the waves washed over her. The humiliating position had, for some primal reason, driven Tracey wild with excitement, but finally she finished, and Dan was still hard.

“That was such a horny display of lust, you really do like this treatment don’t you?,” and Tracey nodded as she stood up and left Dan’s knee.

“Good, but your panties stay with me, you came without asking so they remain mine. Your attire today is just perfect, a small but definite change, though I think your choice of panties and stockings could be more adventurous in time. Now suck me off before you go back to your desk, you will make sure you report in again tomorrow.”

Tracey barely hesitated, and quickly knelt down and positioned herself in the alcove under the desk. She had fantasised about doing this very thing, to this very man many times, as she lay alone in her bed, her vibrator providing a poor imitation of the cock she desired. She unzipped his chinos, opened his belt and released his cock from within his boxer shorts. She pulled the shorts a little more, and extracted his balls, bestowing a little kiss on each one before she began to lick his shaft from base to tip. Tracey worked on his rigid cock and repeated the action over and over until his flesh was very, very wet. She nuzzled his groin, briefly sucking each of his balls into her mouth before she released them and sucked his shaft fully into her mouth. Dan spread his legs further apart, and Tracey bobbed her head up and down, progressively taking more and more until his firm cock hit the back of her throat. She worked her tongue while she sucked him, fluttering it against the underside of his hardened shaft, with hollowed cheeks at every outward stroke.

Finally, Tracey heard the change in his breathing, felt the slight further swelling of his engorged shaft inside her mouth, and was rewarded as Dan clutched her head, pulling it to him and silently exploding into her, shooting copious amounts of cum down her throat. She swallowed frantically, and managed to take it all, pulse after pulse streaming into her. She continued to gently suck his softening shaft until all traces of his cum was gone. Tracey looked up, making eye contact as she kissed the head of his cock and sat slightly back, satiated for the time being.

“Mmm, thank you, that was very, very sexy… we will do that again. Now, I think you have work to do,” and with that Dan turned back to his work.

When Tracey was dismissed for the remainder of the day, she headed straight to the bathroom, sure of what she would see. As expected, her face was flushed, and her neat hair do all messed up. She rinsed her mouth, convinced everyone would smell cum on her breath but strangely reluctant to wash the traces from her mouth. She removed her make up and reapplied it neatly. Tracey’s lipstick had been smeared slightly, and thinking that Dan’s cock was now wearing a good portion of it, she smiled at the image. She ended by tidying her hair, and returned to her desk to resume her work. Unusually for Tracey she had huge difficulty producing the monthly report for which she had been asked. Her mind wandered, and she lost concentration repeatedly, frequently having to begin once again from the start. At the end of the day she was surprised to notice the time, as she had sat at her desk through tea break and lunch time, yet produced barely an hours work in the full day. Tracey turned off her pc, and gathered her belongings, before walking once again in the direction of Dan’s office, recalling for the first time in the day, that he still had her panties.

When Dan had watched Tracey take his orders and do exactly as asked, he thought just how much a turn on she was, and what a turn around this now presented. He knew what had happened could not be shared, but he realised she was turning out so much naughtier, more kinky than he would have ever imagined. When she kuşadası escort bayan sank to her knees and took out his cock it was almost too much. He had been in ecstasy as her mouth worked on his flesh, her talented tongue sliding around and creating unimaginably arousing sensations through to his balls, even as she took them in her mouth as well. The sight of her semi-naked, well spanked body, red lips around his throbbing member was eventually too much and he had cum hard. He had re-lived time and again how he had filled her mouth with spurt after spurt of hot juices, realising she managed to suck it all down. His cock had been left with the smudges of red lipstick around it, and he kept them on all day as a personal reminder.

Though Tracey seemed to concentrate on the report she had to write, Dan had noted it took her longer than usual. It was surprising then when, at the end of the day, she popped her head around Dan’s door as he was about to leave. Dan was preparing to be away after lunch the following day for a couple of days, and had planned on seeing her before he went.

“Err, hi.. Dan. Is there anything… you want to return to me?,” Tracey had stumbled as she put her head around his office door late on. Dan was aware of others in the main office, and reminded Tracey that her panties were his, but seemed to hesitate and then said, “There might be a way you could redeem them. Meet me in the lift in five minutes.”

Tracey looked relieved and nodded, agreeing she would like to have them back. Dan hurriedly packed away and the two of them walked to the lift together, their office on the fifth floor of an exclusive block of real estate. Most people had gone so they got a ride on their own. Dan suddenly surprised Tracey, and pressed a different button to what was expected, heading them up to the 10th floor first. Tracey looked round, concerned, wondering what was going on. As the lift moved off Dan reached to embrace her, and then found her pussy with his right hand. Tracey was almost embarrassed by how wet this made her, she flooded almost instantly as she felt his fingers tease her pussy lips apart. Working first one, then two fingers into her pussy as the lift made its way up to the 10th floor Dan felt Tracey start to relax as her juices flowed again. Driving his fingers in and out, he was just getting into a rhythm when the lift reached its destination.

Dan moved away, and Tracey smoothed her skirt down at the front. The doors opened at floor 10, but no-one got in so Dan pressed this time for the ground floor and stood again behind Tracey as the doors closed. Lifting up her skirt from behind he played with her firm, smooth ass cheeks and again found her damp pussy with his fingers. The lift stopped at the 6th, and Dan stayed his hand. Whilst no-one from their firm worked on that floor the doors opened. Dan stayed behind Tracey, two of his fingers still sunk deep inside her pussy. She tensed slightly as a smartly dressed lady got in, but she stood close to the lift doors and the lift, and its three occupants continued down, two joined together silently and most intimately by Dan’s fingers buried in Tracey’s dripping, wet pussy. Tracey was on tenterhooks, wet with excitement but nervous of being caught and publicly humiliated, though even this added a frisson she never knew was a further turn on.

The lady left the lift on the 2nd floor, and as the doors closed on just the two of them again Dan leant in, pushed a third finger into her now flooded pussy, and whispered that he thought she was amazingly cool and adventurous. He reached around with his other hand and returned her panties, even as the lift glided to a halt at the ground floor. Finally Dan eased his slick finger out of her cunt and smoothing her skirt down as the doors open he licked his finger as they walked out together. Tracey was barely speaking, hiding her panties in her smart jacket pocket. Dan smiled a good night and suggested they meet briefly in the morning for her briefing before he had to leave town for a couple of days. Tracey hesitated, and asked “May I ask you a question?”

He nodded, and they walked slowly over to Tracey’s parked car, for all the world a manager and one of his team discussing clients. Tracey was a little embarrassed at first, and shuffled from foot to foot before she plucked up the courage. Finally she blurted out, “Would you mind if I masturbated again?,” blushing as she asked permission for something she could easily do and not tell him! Dan nodded, and let her know that he was pleased she asked. His only condition was that he wanted her pussy hairless when she handed him her panties the following morning, and promised that he would be checking with his tongue. He turned to head for the train, leaving Tracey to muse on her task.

As the two colleagues parted company, Tracey immediately took her mobile phone from her bag, and rang her usual salon to arrange a wax session for as soon escort kuşadası as possible. They agreed to see her in only 40 minutes time. She wriggled back into her panties, and started to feel a little embarrassed when she realised she was wearing stockings and suspenders. Along with the heels, not her normal working attire, this was definitely not what she would normally wear for an appointment at her salon.

Regardless of the consequences, or what others might say, Tracey had her first full wax. She couldn’t help but blush slightly when the beautician held a mirror between her legs to show her the result. The redness will fade overnight, she was assured. All Tracey could do was to wonder if the redness from her face would be gone by then! “But at least I can masturbate,” she thought as she made her ruffled and flustered way home.

Tracey woke early the following morning, excited at what the day might bring. She had slept fitfully, tossing and turning and replaying all of her encounters with Dan. Deep down she started to acknowledge, that while their intimate relationship began with his threat to expose her, it felt like it had already rushed far past that. She had begun to hope that together they could explore all of her fantasies. She also was beginning to understand that she would never have the courage to explore them had she not been cajoled into the situation, and this almost felt like relief, a way of achieving her goals that she would not have considered had it not been forced upon her.

She slid her fingers down her body, almost fascinated with her newly denuded mound. The increased sensitivity was amazing, and he stroked herself gently, the lips of her pussy parting, as she delved with her fingers deep within, and gently teased herself to an amazing solo orgasm. Coming round, Tracey quickly showered and carefully selected her lingerie, shivering slightly with the knowledge she would be handing her panties to Dan before long. She finished dressing and headed into the office, collecting a take away coffee en route. When she arrived at her desk, she was hit by the mental image of how Dan had caught her there. Even though the other managers knew nothing she struggled to clear the images and retain composure before she saw the boss again.

That morning Dan arrived at the office early again, though some of his managers were already in. He noticed that Tracey was one of them, and they nodded amiably and made pleasant chatter amongst what Dan viewed as a very good team. He reminded them that he was going to be out from the end of the morning for the rest of the week so he asked for individual meetings before heading off. He knew this would include Tracey, and planned to have her last.

By the time Tracey went into Dan’s office Nicky, his PA, had already gone to the conference ahead of him, and the outer office was quiet and vacant yet again. As the door closed behind Tracey she looked across at him. She had dressed as instructed, her hemline the same as the day before, the shoes with that slight heel that gave a hint of her perfect legs Dan knew he was about to get up close and personal with. On cue Tracey reached under her skirt, slid off her knickers and handed the flimsy black silk garment to him.

“How are you feeling? Are you happy with our arrangements?” Dan asked Tracey, smiling at her slight discomfort.

Tracey nodded, “Yes, Dan. Though it feels odd and uncomfortable at times, and I confess, a little scary and out of control its actually what I fantasise about. The movies and websites I am watching and browsing, this is what I think I have been working towards”.

“I am glad its what you wish for, as you are pleasing me,” Dan responded, reassuring her this was a good thing. “Though there is a control you have surrendered, and we know why, we do still have something in common, the desire to please.”

“Now, I should check out if you have done as I asked,” Dan continued and guided Tracey to his chair, settled her in before he lifted her legs wide and splayed them over the chair arms. Her glorious legs and pussy were now exposed and available. Dan almost whistled, thinking what a delicious sight she presented. Her stocking covered legs were slim and toned, and stretched wide and lewdly for his pleasure. He could see her pussy was now so smooth, but he knew he needed, indeed wanted, to check. This lewd position was one that made Tracey want to squeeze her eyes tightly closed, but for reasons she still did not understand, she watched Dan as he appraised her bare cunt.

Kneeling between her legs Dan started to lightly stroke the tops of her stockings and the pale flesh of her thighs. As Tracey started to moan he leant forward and ran his tongue gently over the bare flesh above her pussy lips. Mmm, it felt silky smooth, his tongue glided over the mound, found the nub of flesh of her hidden clit and played with it before he moved deeper. He began slowly, delicately, to lick the juices from the outer lips of her soaking wet pussy. Dan’s mind was alive with the possibilities, and to him Tracey tasted divine. He felt her excitement rise as her hips started to gyrate in the chair and he lapped over and over again at the honey that flowed from her now widespread pussy lips.

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