The taste of things forbidden is always sweetest in dark shot through with blades of pale light, Gem muses as she let the dark curtain of her waist-length curls fall over a bare, flawless shoulder.

She gazes down at the fair head bent over her knee-high leather boots, at the milky skin of the man’s shoulder that is limned and impaled by sharp slivers of moonlight streaming in through a crack in the curtains.

Makati by night is a hungry, prowling animal and, even in this anonymous three-star hotel room, there is no hiding from the scorching heat generated by the demarcation of red lights and lurid neon signs that defines Burgos Street.

“Lick faster, slave,” Gem says with a hard note in her usually soft voice, a note made harder by the sharp crack of the leather strop she smacks against his exposed shoulder. He flinches in pain, but the handcuffs are unyielding as they pin his arms behind his back. He can’t defend himself and that makes this moment all the hotter.

Anders watches the descent of the blow he can’t block and looks up at his corseted goddess, his breath hissing from the sharp crack of pain across his naked skin. He looks hungrily at the vee of well-groomed curls caught up in a pair of crotchless red lace nothings, at the cafe au lait skin peeking between the tops of her black leather boots and the black-hemmed, blood-red silk of the corset holding up the fullness of her breasts and pushing out the deep pink nipples just barely visible over the corset’s demi-cup bra. He could span her waist with his hands, Anders thinks to himself, he could cup her round, golden butt cheeks in each hand and French kiss her pussy and anus forever.

The dark torrent of her curls brushes the shoulder that had just been stropped, as if to smooth away the hurt, and he closes his eyes in ecstasy at that gentle touch of soft, ebony silk. Tonight, the power and responsibility are not in my hands, he thinks, his exquisitely turgid penis growing even harder, so hard he would hump the carpet just to come. Tonight she commands me, this almond-eyed goddess with strawberry jam on her boots.

Gem kicks him away, her four-inch spike heel bruising his chest just over his heart. She turns her back on him, almost theatrically, it seems, and she is backlit by the yellow harvest moon streaking in through the sliver of window as she walks a few steps away and bends forward slightly, picking something up off the end-table by a large armchair so that the crack of her ass opens to reveal her puckered pair of roseate holes that is fleetingly half-lit with moonbeams before she turns to face him again.

Her lithe body is limned in faerie fire, her hair highlighted in a red aurora from a neon sign as she turns and sits down slowly, willing him to watch her wet one forefinger, sucking it and licking it until his hard cock throbs and bobs up and down like a begging puppy. She rubs one hard nipple with that wet finger, and then the other. He groans, overcome with wanting to fuck, the guttural sound a plea of sorts.

“Do you want to taste me, Anders? Do you?” Gem’s questions are rhetorical, teasing in tone, with just a touch of scathing scorn. “Do you want me to whip you while you lick me? Does that get you off, you filthy, fuckwit boy?”

He nods, his mouth dry and nervous. He can feel how vulnerable his large, dancing prick is, how tight the cock ring wrapped around its base is getting as he grows harder and harder still while she tweaks his every little turn-on, flicks each secret, kinky switch in his brain with her words. Her soft, sadistic voice raises his fever higher — as each gracefully erotic move she makes does, too.

Anders feels the black leather thong tied to the cock ring go taut as she wraps the other end of the tether around one slim hand and gives it a hard tug. And another. Spreading her legs in a high, wide vee, she peeks at him with malice in her slanting cinammon eyes.

Yielding to her unspoken command, he crawls to her as fast as he can, knowing she is merciless in this, her dominion. Anders knows she is going to yank and yank until he complies or bleeds, whichever comes first.

“Suck my boot-heel, slave. Then maybe you may lick my nipples.” Her red smile is cruel and her dark eyes look over him coldly through a veil of thick lashes and he begins to shake. “Yes, domina, yes,” his voice is hoarse with lust, his green eyes flaming with the fuck-fever only she can incite in him.

Gem’s legs are spread wide, angled with the toes pointing down and her glistening, pulsing vulva is spread open like a hungry venus fly-trap. She tugs Anders forward some more, slowly this time, inexorably, so he can begin sucking on her right boot-heel and he does, he does, licking it, sucking it, smelling her arousal just inches to the left and wishing it were her pussy his tongue was touching instead of the hard boot heel in his mouth.

“Suck it the way you want to have that big cock of yours sucked. Show me how you like it done to you, slave.” Anders’ kuşadası escort frenzy of heel-sucking and licking grows at the smoky sound of her voice, at the perverted twist of her words.

He begins to feel the first pangs or orgasm send tremors through his quadriceps and obliques, through his ball-sack and lower abdomen. Gem sees it, too for he is fully in the moonlight now and his face is just beginning to contort in that old, familiar way.

Just as his cycle of release begins, it stops, painfully, suddenly, with a sharp upward tug on the cock ring and a downward yank from one of her hands on his balls to stop their jerking. Oh, God, Anders thinks, I could die of frustration. His gasp is pure anguish and Gem smiles wickedly, cruelty in every curve and line of her coldly beautiful face.

“How dare you try to come before your mistress does, Anders my darling,” Gem says in a silken tone promising a world of hurt. “I will have to punish you now. Do you know how I will punish you?” Anders shakes his head his eyes growing wide and his brain suddenly processing that he is both aroused all to heck and deathly afraid all at once.

She gives his huge cock a hard slap with a riding crop taken from behind her back and his cock quivers in pain but refuses to wilt, a red weal and bleeding abrasions rising just benath the glans. Coarse sandpaper, cleverly glued to the tip of crop, will do that. “Now, you must make me come with this in your mouth.” Gem says. She then takes hold of a fat, black two-headed dildo as long as her forearm from the table beside the chair.

“Open your mouth, slave.” Gem takes hold of Anders’ lower jaw and puts one end of the dildo in his mouth, pushing it in roughly as he opens up to receive it. “I like seeing you like this, Anders. You look good with a big cock in your mouth” she says, laughing lightly as he gags when the dildo hits his tonsils and triggers his gag reflex.

“Now, put the dildo in my cunt and push it in, as far in as you can. Using just your mouth.” With his jaw stretched to the limit, Anders suppresses his gag reflex and complies as Gem throws her head back and flings her legs over the chair’s cushioned arms.

“That’s it, my pet, fuck me, pleasure me, make me come really hard and I might just forgive you.” Her nails gouge his back as she gives voice to her demands: “Harder! Harder or I will flay the skin from your back with my nails you worthless fuck-anything cur!”

The scent of her pheromones is strong, just under his nostrils, he is choking on the hard plastic dildo but he can’t stop the surging lust setting raging fires in his loins as she grabs his head and begins to pound his head against her loins, forcing the tip of his nose to rub again and again on her distended clitoris until it squirts come on his face again and yet again.

“You’re my whore tonight Anders. You are sucking my huge cock so beautifully. Cocksucking suits you and I like screwing you in the mouth like this,” Gem says with a hard, glittering diamond edge to her words as she brings her booted legs over his back and digs the heels in hard, as if he were a worthless old nag she was spurring on into a gallop.

Anders can feel her spike heels impaling the welts left by the riding crop and leather strop and he is inflamed even further when his blood is drawn. The quick tempo of the bite of those heels dictates the rhythm moving his head back and forth as she convulses in intesifying tsunamis of come, her clitoris spitting a steady, hot stream on his face and up his nose as she rides him hard, fucks his piehole, makes him gag and takes all the pleasure for herself, leaving none for him.

Gem is pulling on the cock ring, denying Anders any of the orgasms she is taking with the considerable force of her dancer’s legs, with her brutal little hands and sharp nails, with her hard-pumping hips and wet, wet pussy as she levers herself up and down using the armchair as a fulcrum.

Her red-tipped nails are digging into his scalp and drawing blood as she lets out a long, shuddering stream of the filthiest expletives known to man (or woman) in several languages, including hers, her boots’ heels truly hurting his back as much as the metal studs on the inner seams of her boots are digging into his cheeks, cutting fine red lines into his face.

After what feels like forever, her thighs release his come- and blood-soaked face and she casually kicks him onto his back, away from her. He is, for a short while, a discarded condom on the floor, forlorn and forgotten as she gazes at the floor-to-ceiling mirror on the far wall, watching herself in her afterglow, touching herself in the half-light until her nipples and clitoris all harden again and she knows she is not sated yet. He wants to sate her, to fill her with his cock, to stuff her with more force than finesse and explode inside her hot, quivering quim.

With his seriously throbbing dick dancing frantically in the artificially-cooled air, he knows how helpless he kuşadası escort bayan is, how much he wants to use the control word (“Red,” his brain screams at him, “red!”), to stop this torture, to be permitted to come anywhere, even on the carpet or, hopefully, in her cunt. But her face shows no mercy, gives no quarter to his surrender. Then there is the problem of his inability to speak.

The double-headed dildo is still stuffed down his mouth and throat, blocking his pleas, and he is gagging just to breathe, his legs spread in an awkward sprawl beneath Gem’s pressing hands. He is bound so that no hand signals can be made to stop Gem, either.

Rubbing her clitoris and fingering herself as she watches Anders’ face contort with the need to ejaculate, watching him try to get his load off by rubbing his cock against the leg of the end-table, Gem knows she isn’t done with Anders yet. Not by a long shot.

She yanks Anders away from the table, pulls the dildo out of his mouth and looks at his come-slicked face, her eyes glowing with dark fire as she watches him struggle against the cold steel of the handcuffs binding his wrists, his knees spread wide apart as he kneels on the floor and she kicks him forward so his ass is up in the air.

Her eyes sweep upward from his heaving scrotum and puckering asshole all the way to his begging eyes as he struggles to heave uprisht again and suck in air enough to beg her for release and she clamps one merciless hand over his mouth and pushes him backward onto the floor.

“No, darling slave, you cannot come until I say so,” she whispers into his ear, her tongue tracing light, tormenting curlicues over the pink shell of his ear and her sharp, white teeth nipping his earlobe, detonating a quick burst of pain as her nails scratch a light trail from his shoulders to his chest and she flicks his nipples, making him groan out loud.

“Fuck me, for Pete’s sake! Fuck! Screw me and let me come, my domina, please… Eat me, beat me, fuck me suck, me… Just let me come!” The desperate sob in Anders’ voice is so strange to his ears. He’d never, ever begged like this in his life.

He’d never begged and he felt the humiliation wash over him as she backhanded him, hard, leaving his already bloody, stinging cheek red and bruised and his body so turned on that his anger at the pain Gem is causing has turned into a purely undiluted, primal sexual motivation.

“No. Fuck me,” Gem commands him as she straddles his face, her knees digging into his shoulders, holding down his arms. “Fuck me with that tongue, white boy. Suck my hard, hard clit and make me come. Keep making me come until I decide you may orgasm. Or not.” She kneels above his head, letting him look at her vulva as she gazes at his aching phallus and jumping balls.

She puts a forefinger in his mouth, fucking his mouth with it, and he wets it slowly, sucking it noisily, licking it softly, beggingly. She spits on his cock with perfect aim, her warm saliva sliding down the long, hard shaft, taunting him for it is not as hot as her mouth would be and he needs that heat. He needs it so much he would do anything to get it. He shivers with that small pleasure anyway.

Shuddering, he cannot help but comply as Gem lowers her well-trimmed and very wet crotch firmly onto his face and lightly rubs the tip of his turgid prick with the forefinger she had made him lick and suck.

“If you want this cock ring to come off, you’re going to have to earn it,” Gem says, grinding her hips so that her cunt is just above his mouth and the tip of his aquiline nose is brushing her clitoris, causing the wetness of her pussy to overflow and drip on his lips.

He begins to suck her frantically, tongue-fucking her for all that he is worth as she begins a rough hand-job on his swollen, bruised and abraded member. “That’s it, slave, suck me. Fuck me. Eat me. Lick me faster. Suck me harder. Keep going until I come. Keep going until I say you may stop.”

Her juices are in his mouth and the nails of her left hand are digging into his balls as she jerks his cock off with the her right. Her tongue is flicking the tip of his cock and her lips are teasing him, wrapping lightly around the red, red cock head. He could die, if only she would let him come, he could die happy right now.

Anders’ hips are thrusting up now, seeking to enter that hot little mouth, but Gem is wise to his tactics, and she raises her head just out of reach and presses her cunt down on his face even harder as her thighs tremble in another orgasmic wave.

Gem’s luscious red mouth and flicking tongue stay firmly out of reach of the rest of his throbbing, aching phallus and her fingers are now off his cock. Her right hand is on the flat, hard muscles of his belly and he feels a slick, hard thing poking at his exposed anus. The only thing touching his rock-hard prick now is her maddening tongue, flicking lightly, slowly, stoking his need for release without giving any satisfaction at escort kuşadası all. Oh, God, he thinks, she’s not going to do that… But she does, with a smile and a casual chuckle that would shame the Marquis de Sade.

Before he can protest or struggle, the two-headed dildo slides violently into his asshole, its entry made easy by the cocktail of cunt-juices and saliva on it. Anders’ eyes go wide in shock. He is an ass-virgin no more. But the brutality of the loss of that cherry has turned him on even more than it hurt — and it truly hurt like hell. Oh, God, I think I’m going to be gay, Anders thinks to himself in dismay as the pleasure of the dildo reaming his ass drives him almost out of his mind. But, my God, it feels so damn good having her fucking wreck my asshole to bits with that dildo while she licks my cockhead…

“Keep fucking me with that tongue, man-slut,” she commands him in that hard, dominatrix voice that makes him want to come even more, especially now that the dildo is banging his prostate and making his cock even harder, making his explosion that much more imminent.

Her tongue flicks the head of his cock again, tracing wet circles about the glans and licking around that almost unbearably sensitive hole at its tip as she shoves the dildo even harder, in and out of his ass, picking the penetration up to a frenetic pace, like a piston working overtime. “I want your tongue in me that deep,” Gem gasps in a ragged voice. “I want you to fuck my cunt with your whole mouth the way I am fucking your ass with this dildo or I will stop and leave it in you all night.”

Shaking hard and frantic for an orgasm, he ups the pace and sucks Gem’s clit harder, making her scream the basest obscenities he’d ever heard as she slaps his thighs with one hand and keeps up the rhythm of his ass-fucking with another.

She’s cresting a big one, he senses, barely noticing it when she stops slapping his thighs and starts releasing the cock-ring. I need to keep pleasing her so she’ll let me come, Anders thinks, his aching tongue and mouth working hard to implement that directive.

He feels a jolt as she comes and engulfs his cock in the heat of her mouth, sucking hard, like it was an ice-cream cone on a midsummer’s day and she was dying of heatstroke. He feels the beginnings of his orgasm as she shoves the dildo ten inches into him, flips a small switch on it to make it vibrate at its highest rev. Then she pulls his balls down hard, stopping the release of his come yet again.

“Oh, Gods of war, domina, let me come, please, keep fucking me in the ass with that dildo if you want, but let me come.” His begging is the truest thing in his life right now.

“Oh, no, slave,” Gem says with a voice made rough by lust and made steely by wrath. “You will not come that way. I have not had enough fun with you yet.” She rolls him over on his face, grabs a handful of his golden hair and yanks his head back, pulling him to his knees as she unlocks the handcuffs.

Gem licks that sensitive part where his neck and shoulder meet and takes a hard nip that makes him quake in that place where pain and pleasure intersect violently, like the meeting of tectonic plates.

He cannot come because her hold on his balls is that firm, that unyielding, and she has them very well in hand indeed. “You’re my bitch, blondie. Remember that. You do only what I tell you to do. You live to give me pleasure. That’s all you are now, a sex toy. My sex toy.”

She is kneeling on the backs of his calves and pushing his legs apart with the pointy black toes of her boots as she reaches down for the dildo slipping out of his ass to resume the merciless rear-ending she had been giving him.

He starts to call out to whatever gods would have mercy on him, crying incoherently, begging again for release. “You like being my bitch?” Gem puts a leather-encased knee into his back, arching him like a bow as she thrusts the dildo into him again and again, faster, harder and deeper as he moans and groans from both the pleasure and the pain. “You do, my dog. Your body says you do. Look at that cock of your dance.” Gem’s laughter grates on Anders’ already raw emotions and tears begin to stream down his face. “You are such a slut. You’re a whore. You’re my man-whore.”

With a final flick of her tongue to his ear, Gem releases Anders’ hair and stops him from coming again by squeezing his balls just up to the beginning of another wave of pain. His cock swings and throbs and he is hard-pressed to hold back a new stream of tears as a tortured, incoherent groan is pulled out of his very soul.

Anders begins to fall apart, his civilized self disappearing in that haze of pain and lust that leaves only one’s animal instincts. Then the dildo is whipped out, the wet, sucking sound telling him that he is her bitch, forever. He breathes deeply. Oh, God, my dick just won’t quit, he thinks to himself, even after a throrough ass-fucking. I’ve got to get myself fucked by that woman, get my dick up her pussy, or I’ll go insane.

Gem releases his hair and balls and resumes her seat in the chair, her legs spread open and her cunt glistening wetly with his saliva and her come, fluids she is wetting her forefingers in as she watches his anguished and bloodied face with a happy, red smile.

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